Abyss Domination

Chapter 321 - Dragon Dismemberment (3)

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“Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

“Sword Form [Horizontal Slash]!”

“Shadow Strike!”

What should Soran do when the red dragon was hit by the Giant?

Without a doubt, he had to take advantage of this time to do as much damage to the enemy as possible, and then drag the red dragon into a state of serious injury. The dragon’s vitality was amazing. Soran didn’t get close to the upper body of the red dragon because he believed that the most powerful red dragon was not so fragile and would still be able to attack.


Wailing sounds were heard.

The wailing was from the injured dragon. The arm of the Giant who got attacked by the dragon was directly clenched by the red dragon. Even if the Giant had a strong natural armor, the bite from the red dragon almost broke her bone. The bite force of the dragon was quite amazing. In fact, it was because of the dragon’s many abilities in other aspects that it was easy to overlook the bite force of the dragon, but Soran remembered how deadly the dragon’s bite was because his arm had been bitten off in the past.

In the end, he could only beg a high-grade priest to cast [Limb Restoration]

The attack of the Giant was finally interrupted. The red dragon opened its mouth and held on to the opponent. Meanwhile, it struggled to get up. With its huge size, the battle scene was a bit like the battle of dinosaurs in the Jurassic era. If Soran was accidentally crushed by any one of them, he might have died on the spot.

Soran still couldn’t handle ten tons of weight!


A stream of blood shot out.

Soran, with a serious expression, stabbed with his curved sword while carefully avoiding the sweeping dragon tail and the body of the red dragon. Without special dragon killing weapons, it was inconvenient to fight against the dragon. Whether it was a dragon killing sword or spear, they were all legendary equipment specially designed to effectively attack the internal organs of the dragon.

However, he still had a method!

Soran broke the scales of the red dragon with a curved sword, cut into the enemy’s body along the muscle tissue, and then cut off the tendon tissue of the red dragon.

A row of data appeared:

“Combat understanding!”

“You’ve gained a better understanding during battle! You’ve gained part of the information of Sword Form [Cut Tendon]!”

“You’ve gained a better understanding during battle! You’ve gained part of the information of Sword Form [Carve]!”

Two rows of data appeared.

However, Soran didn’t have time to see this moment because he relied on the strongly curved sword’s [Legendary] ability to successfully cut the dragon’s tendon and blood vessels. This kind of attack was impossible for him before because he didn’t have such accuracy in the past. But now. with this new ability, his attack on the enemy had become more accurate and deadly.

“Sword Form [Cut Tendon] (Combat ability): through special combat skills, you can cut the enemy’s tendons, which can greatly reduce the combat ability of ordinary enemies. It’s also effective against some supernatural creatures. The enemy must make a compulsory test of Constitution. Otherwise, it might fall into a state of paralysis, disability, and other negative states. ”

“Sword Form [Carve] (Combat ability): Through special combat techniques, the enemy’s blood vessels will be cut, which will cause the enemy to bleed more, and it is possible to lose too much blood in a short time and die. ”

Hot dragon blood splashed on the ground.

Soran was all bloody because he had just cut off the hamstring of the red dragon and an artery in its body. Although for supernatural creatures, their strong Constitution would prevent them from dying, it would still make them bleed more. The dragon blood on Soran came out when he hit the artery accurately. He clenched his curved sword and worked along the leg muscles of the red dragon. In a few seconds, he cut off more than 300 pounds of dragon meat.

The scene was a little frightening!

Where Soran’s curved sword passed, pieces of flesh fell down. At last, the white bone could be seen around the leg of the red dragon.

The Giant seemed to have recovered a little from the red dragon’s attack. As a legendary witch, she decisively chose to give up her arm. Immediately she grabbed the red dragon’s neck with her remaining arm and turned over to ride on it. The neck was its weak point. After holding the dragon’s neck, they would have a hard time getting up.

Soran seemed to be in a wonderful state!

It wasn’t a breakthrough, but he did get a lot of improvement in combat skills.

A row of data appeared again:

“You’ve gained a better understanding during battle! You’ve gained part of the information of Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”


The long and thick dragon tail wiped in with the whistling wind. The tail directly wrapped the Giant’s neck with amazing flexibility, then pulled her down on the spot. The red dragon roared angrily. It flapped its wings and tried to turn over to get up at the same time. The challenge rating of an adult Giant was the same as that of a young dragon, so sometimes in the wild, the Giants would fight with dragons.

It wasn’t rare to see a fight between giants and dragons.

That was why there was also a battle skill inheritance about dealing with giants in the red dragon’s genes. It took a deep breath after shaking off the Giant, and then it suddenly opened its mouth to spurt a hot dragon breath.

The power of ice filled the air.

While the dragon’s fire raged.

The red dragon struggled to get up, but suddenly its body shook. Its huge body fell to the ground. At this time, people noticed that the right thigh of the red dragon had lost more than 500 pounds of flesh; white bones could be seen. The red dragon felt the pain of being attacked, but it never thought that the enemy would do so much damage.

Soran was carving the red dragon.

Even though he could not deal critical damage, he had carved one of the legs of the dragon. He even attacked the dragon’s wings twice with Sword Form [Spinning Strike].

“Ow, Oh, Pang!”

The red dragon spread its wings and tried to get its balance back, but one of its legs was carved up.


As his figure moved around the red dragon, more and more wounds were found on its legs. Large pieces of flesh were cut. The dragon scales seemed to have lost their function and were broken accurately by Soran again and again. With a small wound, Soran could make it larger and larger.

That was why after Soran ended his second round of attack large areas of white could be seen on the leg of the red dragon. Most of the creatures that could fly had to kick before they took off. The red dragon could barely stand, so it would have a hard time trying to fly.

Its body was swaying.

The blood loss, Soran’s attack, and the Giant’s attack had gradually dragged the dragon to a state of near-death.