Abyss Domination

Chapter 310 - Star Realm Gate

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Belt of Giant Strength.

It was a legendary belt of Strength made of the skin of the Frost Giant king. It allowed the wearer to have the Strength of an adult Frost Giant. It was the best belt of Strength of the material plane. If you wanted better equipment, you could only find them in other places. The complete Belt of Giant Strength should be two pieces, namely the “Belt of Giant Strength” and “Glove of Giant Strength”. However, the Glove of Giant Strength was destroyed in a legendary battle. That was why a legendary wizard enchanted it and upgraded the Belt of Giant Strength from a grade 1 legendary item to a grade 2 legendary item.

Thus from then on, the Belt of Giant Strength was the only item left!

In the past, the two items would increase one’s Strength by 4 points respectively, which together could increase the user’s Strength by 8 points, reaching a maximum of 22 points. Equipped with this legendary item, an ordinary adult man with 10 Strength could immediately become an unparalleled warrior with 18 Strength. The Belt of Giant Strength, after enchanting, had become a grade 2 legendary equipment, and the increased Strength had become 6. Unfortunately, only the belt was left.

Gloria looked at Soran then said, “Try it.”

Soran took a look at her, then untied the belt on his body to put on the Belt of Giant Strength. He took off the Ogre Strength Gauntlet on his arm. This kind of rare grade equipment could not stack its effects; after wearing the Belt of Giant Strength, the Ogre Strength Gauntlet would become useless.

These were the requirements of buffs.

There were three parts: equipment that could increase Strength, spells that increase Strength, and the self eruption of Strength.

The first was equipment like the Ogre Strength Gauntlet, Belt of Giant Strength and so on. These kinds of items could not have their effects stacked and had certain restrictions. The second was spells. For example, Soran initially used Bull’s Strength, then Vivian would cast Draconic Strength on him. In this case, the effect of Bull’s Strength would be covered by Draconic Strength; just like how the Belt of Giant Strength would shadow the effects of Ogre Strength Gauntlet.

As for the last type, eruption of Strength.

This could only happen on Berserkers and Barbarian.

Soran’s “Slaughter form” seemed to belong to this kind too, so it could be stacked with equipment and spells.

“Ka Cha!”

Soran slowly buckled his belt, and as he put on the grade 2 legendary item, he immediately felt a strong heat all over his body. He tried to pick up a cup beside him, but he accidentally crushed it because of its great strength. After a while, he relied on the coordination ability brought by his Dexterity to control the suddenly increased Strength.

This was the greatest legendary grade item!

That was because the effects it gave were constant. As long as the user wore it, the user would always have this power.

Item Type: Belt of Giant Strength

Item Grade: [Legendary (Grade 2)]

Description: This is a legendary item with a long history. Its birth seems to have originated from a defeated Frost Giant king. At first, it was made into the Glove of Giant Strength and Belt of Giant Strength by an Archmage. However, one was destroyed in a legendary battle. After that, some people used the destroyed equipment to remodel the Belt of Giant Strength and further enhance its Strength. In the inside of this belt were printed texts – “The last king of the Frost Giants”.

Requirements: None.

Effects: Strength +6, to a maximum of 22. (The Strength of an adult Frost Giant.)

Soran flipped the belt out.

Sure enough, there were some texts on the inside “The last king of the Frost Giants”.

Gloria looked up and down at Soran with satisfaction. She even walked around him; not to see the effect of the belt, but to see if it fit him. It had to be said that women were really strange creatures. Such legendary equipment should be worn even if it didn’t fit well.

“It fits you well!” Gloria nodded satisfactory, letting a smile out.

Soran moved a little and found that it fit very well. It wouldn’t affect him during combat. But when he was about to say something, the whole wizard tower vibrated, followed by a little shaking.

Both of them reacted swiftly.

Gloria’s figure almost disappeared in an instant, and then appeared near the window. At the same time, magic aura appeared on her body, which seemed to have activated more than three protective energy fields. Soran’s reaction was not too far behind. In his palm, a legendary curved sword suddenly appeared. Then, he leaped to the left of the room, holding curved swords in both hands to protect Gloria’s side.

From this moment on, their cooperation was quite implicit.

The wizard tower was still slightly shaking. Both Gloria and Soran became worried because now the whole wizard tower was still shaking. Dust fell from the ceiling. Both of them knew the defense ability of the wizard tower. It was absolutely a big event that was happening right now.

“It’s not an enemy attack!”

There was a crystal ball in Gloria’s palm. She touched it gently then she frowned and said, “It’s a vibration from the ground!”


Soran looked at Gloria puzzled. The two of them had strange expressions.

Could it be an earthquake?

But just as they were puzzled, the shaking of the wizard tower became more violent, followed by a strong magical aura at the top of the astrological platform.

“The Honourable Eye of the North is summoning us!”

Gloria reached out and touched a crystal button on her chest. Then a white light appeared in the palm of her hand. Soran and she appeared again on the top of the observatory platform.

“It is an earthquake?”

Soran looked at the city and saw cracks appearing on walls.

This surely was a massive earthquake.

And the intensity of the earthquake was quite high. Houses had collapsed in distant cities, but the scattered villages had no casualties because they were wooden roof or thatched houses. But the tremor of the earth still made many people feel scared.

“Gloria! Activate the Arcane Lock!”

A hoarse old female voice was heard from the observatory platform, followed by a hazy phantom, a white-haired witch. The most remarkable feature was her eyes, almost all of which were white. She had a certain impression of Soran because she was the most powerful witch in the north.

The legendary Eye of the North!

Facing the command from the Eye of the North, Gloria activated a magic array of the wizard tower almost without thinking much, and then a light column rushed to the sky!

One ray, two rays, three rays…

Soran looked afar and saw the appearance of ray columns. The rays of light crossed in the sky and formed some sort of formation.

“Silver Moonlight [Arcane Lock]!”

An unbelievable amount of explosive power expanded.

It was still daytime, but a full moon had appeared in the sky. All the beams of light under the full moon constituted a mysterious lock, covering a considerable area. This was a secret lock in legends. It was also the most powerful move of the witch council. It was the secret lock array inherited and preserved from the ancient Silvermoon city that was destroyed after the Arcane Empire. Soran remembered that it once killed a Saint incarnated by a weak deity. However, it only activated a few times over hundreds of years.

“Activate the Arcane Lock defense!”

The Eye of the North looked quite serious. She looked at the sky with her pale pupils, and her voice was hoarse, “enemies are invading! All members of the witch council above grade 4, follow me to the star realm! ”

“Astral Projection! [Legendary spell]”

“Star Realm Door! [Legendary spell]”

A gate with strange light appeared in the center of the array, and all the wizard towers were included in the protection of the Arcane Lock. Then there was a virtual shadow of their souls. The soul projection of the Northern Eye appeared in the sky like a giant woman. With the emergence of more magic auras, other soul projections began to appear around her.

These were the legendary witches!

They cast legendary spells with just a raise of their hand. Before Soran could make sense of the dazzling changes, he saw that Gloria also wanted to go through the light column. It seemed that she planned to project her soul to the star plane as well.

At that moment, Soran almost didn’t think much about it. He reached out and grabbed her arm. He wanted to tell Gloria how dangerous the star realm was. But when he saw the determination in Gloria’s eyes, and he could only sigh helplessly. Then Soran held her hand, interlocking fingers with her; they stepped into the light column connecting to the star realm together. Gloria was greatly touched.

The two of them froze at that moment!

Then two souls came out of their bodies; shooting toward the Star Realm Door as lights.

Since Gloria was determined to go, Soran could only join her.