Abyss Domination

Chapter 274 - The Twin-Towers

Chapter 274: Chapter 87 The Twin-Towers

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The eastern sea route.

Three ocean freighters appeared in front. Sailors on the deck could be seen vaguely, but because the distance was too far, they all looked like little black spots. The half-elf officer took down the delicate spyglass with a grim smile, then made a gesture towards the back. Immediately a fast ship was put down. Most pirate ships were about speed. Fast ships were narrow and couldn’t hold things, but they were very useful for intercepting cargo ships.

“Get close to them!”

The half-elf officer’s expression was a little excited, “Gunner ready! Catch up! Others get ready to board the ships! ”

Since getting the information about the eastern voyage and having the exact information, the half-elf chief had been preparing to rob them. Other then the goods on the ship, the craftsmen from the East were also very important. There were craftsmen that Soran needed. After half a day’s recruitment in the port Tylon, the City of Wealth and Shipwreck Bay, he still could not find the craftsmen needed. He heard that Adele Isabella had gone to deal with another task assigned to her by Soran.

As the first mate who had always wanted to be the number one fighter under Soran’s command, he naturally hoped that his ability to complete tasks could be better than that of the red-haired female pirate.

To win, he mobilized the elite of port Tylon, Shipwreck Bay and Snake Island at the same time.

Soran took part of the elite but still left some behind.

“Trying to run?”

The freighters noticed something wrong. It seemed that they intend to run around and escape. The half-elf smiled a little bit and said in a deep voice, “Where can you go on this sea? This south coast is under the control of the Throat Cutter. It’s no use even if you run! ”


“Raise the black flag! Prepare for battle!”

A black flag was hung up, and the pirates shouted excitedly. The cargo ship in the distance was a little flustered, but they began to prepare calmly, which surprised the half-elf. But it did not matter. Recently, Soran’s men have grown greatly as more and more pirates want to join them. There were nearly a thousand men at Shipwreck Bay. A small number of casualties, them, were acceptable.


Soran went into deep thought after hearing Vivian’s suggestion.

As a previous legendary Rogue, he naturally knew how dangerous a wizard tower was, let alone the one leftover from the period of the arcane empire. From the location of the wizard tower, Soran suspected that it was a double tower masterpiece of an Arcanist. The so-called Twin-Tower masterpiece was to build two wizard towers at the same time. One was based on the material plane while the other was based on the shadow plane. These two wizard towers echo each other, and as a channel to connect and develop the two planes.

Their ultimate form.

It would be the legendary flying castles, as the two towers would float to the skies and connect.

Soran had explored a lot of relics. This kind of double tower masterpiece was common in the ruins of the Arcane Empire. Because the great arcane masters were very afraid of death and very cautious; they were afraid that someone would use the shadow plane as a platform to find their weakness. That was why they built another wizard tower in the shadow plane. They were quite rich anyways.

Soran’s judgment was with proof!

The location of the two sorcerer towers was similar, and there were strange energy fields in the area of the material plane. It seemed that after the collapse of the sorcerer tower on the material plane, there were still some relics under the ground. There were also symbols of preparing to make it float. Other than that, the wizard tower built in the current era would not have large areas of underground space, only in the period of the Arcane Empire would they build large underground compartments.

If it really was a wizard tower of the Arcane Empire, then Soran would have to be very careful for one reason.

The wizard tower of the Arcane Empire did not have Steel Golems as their standard guards. Instead, they used the legendary “Arcane Construct Puppets”!

Soran liked to call them as [Arcane Mechs]!

The technology of puppet and Golems had been passed down from ancient times. This technology had its peak and downs, its peak was in the Naise era, the Seiyin era, the Arcane Empire era, and so on. There were also quite a lot of low periods, such as the current technology of the Golems. Soran had fought with some of the most formidable Golems in the underwater remains, so he was quite afraid of them.

In simpler terms, it would be like asking someone to fight a tank with a sword.

“Gloria huh?”

Soran looked at Vivian and nodded softly, “it would be a lot easier if she could be invited here. I just don’t know if she would like to come to such a remote place! ”

Vivian rolled her eyes after hearing Soran and replied with a joyful manner, “Sister Gloria certainly would like to come over. We’re here! Besides, if this really is a wizard tower left over from the period of the Arcane Empire, there must be a lot of very precious materials in it, as well as the Arcane Empire magic. Sister Gloria would be very eager to acquire this knowledge! ”

It would be best if she could come.

The Avatar Crisis had been brewing and fermenting. It would not be long before Queen of Spider’s plan would start. She would be the first group of deities to come to the material plane. Soon, the drows would gradually appear in the eyes of the world. In Soran’s memory, there would be no safe place on the mainland. The territory of the witch in the north would also be affected by chaos, and the Abyss devils and demons from hell would take advantage of it. If Gloria stayed in the north, it may not be as safe as the outer islands.

Soran was actually quite concerned about her. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to bring her over!

After all, he couldn’t directly say that the world was going to change. That the world was going to collapse; all the gods would fall down and fight. The mountains and rivers would collapse. The demons would slaughter everything in their path while the devils would stir up all kinds of discord, and finally almost smashing the whole world to pieces. If he said that, Gloria would think that he had gone mad.

Soran didn’t care about too many people.

Although he had become more ruthless and crueler, he still hoped to be able to keep the people he cares about around him—so as to protect them when necessary.