Abyss Domination

Chapter 211 - Slaughterer Transformation

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Killer whales were one of the dominant species of the sea creatures.

They even fed on Great White Sharks. Except for those sea monsters that mutated, there were very few sea creatures that could ever threaten their existence. In the sea, even Weresharks and Nagas would not easily provoke killer whales. Although their sea creature level was only two, their body size could reach about 10 meters in adulthood. The school of killer whales that were small in number and even preyed on sharks and Kou Tao. They possessed higher intelligence compared to other creatures.

A small group of killer whales would dare to face a large octopus. This sea monster in front of them would have had no problem handling it single-handedly.

Soran’s figure remained in the air.

The huge killer whale directly overturned most of the clippers, and even the warship was hit and shook a little. Many pirates on the deck attacked it, but the arrows and long-ranged weapons could only pierce its skin and got stuck in the fat. Large sea creatures were born with 12 basic life points. After having their unique attributes deducted, they would still be left with a life force close to a grade three Barbarian. Soran thought that the killer whale in front of him was still useful, and did not let its life force get depleted by directly facing the attacks.

The killer whale gradually sank to the depths of the sea.

The sea reduced the power of arrows and long-ranged weapons, and it began to hunt the unlucky people who fell into the sea.

People started panicking on the deck.

But at the command of the Narwhal, the Gunners began to take their positions. Most of the pirates were involved with alchemic weapons, but their advancement was only equivalent to those around the 19th century. The high-end alchemy technology was rarely popularized, and various forces would not allow pirates to master those types of dangerous weapons because it could be used to attack the city. Soran’s locked onto Narwhal in front of him. He was a strong fighter, but he seemed to have a special bloodline. His skin was a little wrinkled like a Fishman.

A mixed-blood human.

Pirates liked to try the taboos and Narwhal, that was in front of them, had a small amount of intelligent sea creatures’ lineage.

The other party was quite alert.

Ever since Soran’s figure disappeared, he was even more alert to his surroundings. Both his hands tightened their grip on his weapons at the same time. This was a high-grade profession. His profession level was around level 16. Although he has yet to ascend into the legendary domain, he was still a tough opponent to handle. He had accumulated a lot of fighting experience. He was constantly on alert of his surroundings as if he had prior experience in fighting someone who could hide. [Knowledge (Creature): Kou Taos were able to see through invisibilities.]

Legendary professions were more scattered.

Among the pirates, the only ones who have reached the legendary domains were the pirate kings of their respective sea territories. So as long as Soran could kill Narwhal, that was in front of him, the rest could be considered defeated and would have scattered.


A slight noise was heard.

The sound of Soran’s landing on the deck was soon covered by the sounds of the frightened pirates in panic. He paid a little attention to the surroundings and then controlled the killer whale to collide with the pirate ship from the bottom of the sea. The ship immediately shook. Then, Soran took the opportunity to move at a high speed and went directly to the back of the enemy. His curved sword cut through with invisible cold light and stabbed the heart of Narwhal.


Soran’s figure was exposed a little.

The other party had normal outerwear, but Narwhal wore a lightweight tungsten steel armor. Because of pirates’ fighting circumstances, they seldom wore heavy armors. Mainly because they needed to be agile when fighting on board the ships, and at the same time, it was already very difficult for them to swim when they fell into the sea wearing an armor. This tungsten steel armor seemed to be extraordinary equipment. It belonged to a type of half-body armor. Its protection ability was almost comparable to that of full-body armor. As the pirate leader of Snake Island, Narwhal’s equipment seemed not bad.

“Go to hell!”

When Soran’s figure showed was exposed a little, Narwhal roared, and found his position immediately. At the same time, he wielded a long sword and swung horizontally, which made a crescent moon-like slash. The other party’s attack power was fierce. After roughly locking onto Soran’s position, he continuously slashed mercilessly, not giving any chances at all. Even if there were other pirates in front of him, Narwhal did not bat an eye. He just slashed with sword mercilessly rushing over. The pirates who blocked the route of advancement were killed without knowing why they died. They were cut down by Narwhal on the spot. Fresh blood and intestines spurted everywhere, and at the same time, that started to expose some shallow footprints bit by bit.

“Haha! You can’t escape now!”

Narwhal did not know why would a Wizard choose to fight close combat with him, but he knew that this was his chance to kill the other party.

He suddenly roared and exploded into a whirl.

—– “Slam!”

—– “Combo Slash!”

Narwhal’s area of attack was not limited to Soran alone, even his subordinates nearby were killed by him. More and more blood stained the deck, and Soran’s footprints were more and more obvious when he moved at high speeds. Although the effect of his high invisibility was still there, the fresh blood had already exposed his position. He was not able to step on the puddles of blood without leaving any traces.

—– “Sword Form — Tidal Slash!”

The continuous attacks pushed Soran. He couldn’t hide anywhere, and also made the other frightened pirates avoid that area. It was as if they were afraid to die by their own leader’s sword. Narwhal seemed to have launched a certain kind of spell ability. He might have other professions in lower levels, or it might have been because of the spell-like ability brought forth by his bloodline. With his single stroke split, the tidal like energy surge appeared, which seemed to be the unique ability of the Kou Tao fighters.

Dang dang dang!

Soran was eventually backed into a corner. He wielded both of his swords to defend against the enemy’s attacks.

At the same time, his figure got exposed a little.

Soran silently looked at the enemy in front of him. It seemed that he did not expect that the enemy would have forced him to show himself in such a way. It was a difficult role to deal with. The huge force from the sword made Soran slide back on the deck. As he stamped on the door of the cabin, his figure gradually became translucent, and the effect of Greater Invisibility decreased.

A wave of arrows shot over from all directions.

Soran’s skin changed with a speed visible to the naked eye after casting Stoneskin. Afterward, he groaned in a low voice, bent over and shot up 10 meters into the air.

The enemy had him surrounded!

The fighting rhythm seemed to have been lost. Soran found that in the situation of fighting more than ten enemies alone, things could still go down south.

One person challenging a group was still very dangerous!

However, the situation was still under his control.

Soran took a deep breath in the middle of the air, and when he opened his eyes, his pupils had already turned scarlet red. Bones in his entire body started cracking profusely, then his body enlarged. His muscles were firm like marble sculptures, and while in the air, he could use his strength to twist his body and even swung his sword at an enemy nearby.


A corpse was slashed from his shoulder to waist. There was a slight layer of frost on the body when the Legendary Curved Sword, Icingdeath, was withdrawn.

—- “Slaughterer Form!”

At the moment when Soran became a Slaughterer, Vivian suddenly levitated in the distance. She was still sleeping, but there was a strange tattoo on the side of her face. Her beautiful long hair was flowing in the wind, surrounded by an incomparably powerful energy field. Everything in the room levitated, and her petite body stayed in the mid-air. A strange grin appeared on her lips.

—- “Whirlwind Slash!”

While in the Slaughterer Form, Soran’s Strength increased by 20 points and Dexterity increased by 25 points, he was a slaughtering machine. His curved sword could be seen swinging around with cold glints. His translucent figure under a hazy cover, was as if he had multiple after-images with high-speed movements. This was an ability that only Legendary Rogues could possess. The legendary level dexterity points would have added 25 points to Extraordinary Agility. The Slaughterer Form provides him with a total of 10 bonus attribute points, equivalent to 20 profession level free attributes.

15 seconds!

When Soran swung his sword at Narwhal in front of him, there were already six bodies behind him, half of which were beheaded and the other half were horizontally cut in half.

Attacking with this sort of Sword Forms needed strength to support!

Narwhal, who had forced Soran to retreat continuously at first, was filled with fear. All he could see were weak sword glints that were barely visible to the naked eye. Their strength was almost equal, but his dexterity completely suppressed him. If it was not for the Extraordinary Tungsten Steel Armor, Narwhal would have had his stomach ripped open within the first round of attacks. But now his injuries were also increasing rapidly. There were many places where the armor could not protect him. He had already attained five scars through the skirmishes.

A string of data frantically emerged:

“Used Behead to attack!”

“Behead successfully!… Target eliminated!… You learned something in battle!…”

“You acquired Combat Skill [Sword Form: Behead]”

“Use Waist Chop to attack!”

“Waist Chop successful!… Target eliminated!… You learned something in battle!…”

“You acquired Combat Skill [Sword Form: Waist Chop]”

“Defend successfully!”

“You learned something in battle, you have acquired Ability [Dual-wielding Defence]”

“You learned something in battle!”

“After continuously slaughtering, you have acquired experience for the [Dual-wielding] Ability.”

“Once the ability has accumulated enough experience, you will learn a new Ability.”

Soran was unstoppable in the Slaughterer Form. He attacked Narwhal at such high speed and reaped the lives of other pirates nearby. In a short amount of time, there were already more than ten bodies around him. Narwhal was covered in blood. Although with the armor protection, there was not a fatal wound, it had also caused him to accumulate injuries overtime. Narwhal gasped violently, his eyes were filled with fear and despair. As he noticed that the enemy was a profession close to the legendary realm, and there was no hope for him to win!

—- “Sword Form: Spinning Strike!”

Soran’s figure suddenly rushed out and twisted at an amazing speed. It was the same move used by Adele-Isabella at the beginning. With the Curved Sword, Icingdeath, glint with a cold light, Narwhal’s head flew straight up and landed with a bang. Soran’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He kicked the headless corpse in front of him, and revealed a bloodthirsty smile and turned to look at the other pirates.


Not knowing who knelt first, the pirates threw away their weapons. Their eyes were filled with fear and despair. They shivered under Soran’s glare, knelt on the deck one by one and buried their heads deep in the ground.

They were scared.

They were fearful.