Abyss Domination

Chapter 210 - A Sudden Counter-Attack!

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Soran returned to the cabin.

He was not interested in wasting too much time on these pirates because they were only part of the plan. It was impossible for these old-timer pirates to be the real core power for Soran. It was like how a good soldier could not become a veteran ruffian. These guys were used to swaying with the wind, they were definitely not reliable in crucial moments. Soran frowned and took a cloth to wipe the gore off his boots. Then he turned around and looked at Adele, who was his assistant in controlling the pirates.

If she was not even able to handle such trivial matters, it seemed like she would be due for a change in the future!

A row of data emerged in front of his eyes:

“Betrayers Sea Battle [Folklore]: In the middle of November 1675, the betrayers of the Chamber of Commerce plundered a large amount of gold from the indigenous people, thus attracting the various forces to come to contend. You helped the Sea Temple to take away the important offerings. In this battle, you met the Son of Dagon, Hydra, the Storm Lord and other legendary creatures. There was a legend of a ghost ship, and a small number of survivors started to expand along the coasts. The rumor about the throat cutter seemed to have reached you as well. [Legend Rating + 3] ”

The Legend Ratings only appeared now?

Was it because the survivors of the legendary sea battle just spread the news or the fight between the Son of Dagon and the Deep-sea Hydra just ended?

Soran felt that both were possible.

But since the news had spread, then the sea battle must have had ended.

It seemed that the Sea Temple has indeed reaped a lot of benefits. He didn’t know whether the Son of Dagon was killed. Soran didn’t think so because it was too difficult to kill these giant sea creatures. There were some things that were beyond his ability, and Soran was not interested in interfering too much. His main focus now was to deal with the pirates.

The famous pirates had accumulated a lot of wealth and would have had warships too. There was a saying in those days—if you killed a group of pirates, you would have enough capital for one to start a maritime trade.

That saying was spread in pubs for a long time!

Soran’s first source of wealth was going to be from these pirates. Naturally, these famous pirates would have a big ship that could sail across the seas.

Snake Island was an island inhabited by snakes. It was originally a deserted island, but it developed gradually after being occupied by pirates. The pirates set up a camp here as their base camp and transit station. At the same time, they also participated in the black market. There have been many owners here. The current pirate leader was Narwhal, a fierce and powerful guy. There were hundreds of people under him. He owned a warship and several clippers, definitely a fat sheep that was nearby.

Soran would have to eliminate him!

Soran would then have the capital to build a fleet, as well as the financial resources to commence trading.

The two pirate ships gradually headed towards Snake Island. Since they did not pull up their flags, they pretty much looked like a merchant ship.

Soran was resting in the cabin.

After almost half a day, he suddenly felt the ship shook a little. Afterward, he heard people shouting from the outside.

“Pirates! Enemies!”

“Prepare for battle!…. You trash!…. Get ready to fight!…”

Soran suddenly opened his eyes, and then came to the deck at an astonishing speed. Adele was standing on the bow of the boat, beside the newly promoted half-elven youngster. It was the young man who was roaring. It seemed that he had already adapted to his new identity very quickly. The pirates on the deck were a little flustered. They were are all rusty sailors. The really good ones had already been recruited by others a long time ago. Most of them had the strength of grade two or so.

“It’s Narwhal!!!”

A middle-aged pirate, who had only one ear, cried out in a frightened voice: “It’s Narwhal’s warship! He knew we were going to deal with him, so he came to deal with us first! ”

Soran frowned at the words.

He took a look at Adele beside him, noticed the astonished expression, and said in a cold voice, “Shut up! They just happened to come and rob us! ”

This was Narwhal’s territory.

His pirate ships were mainly engaged in nearby activities, robbing long-distance fleets and sometimes collecting tolls. It seemed coincidental that they just met each other.

“Seems like they have delivered themselves to us!”

Soran squinted his eyes slightly and landed on the mast. Then he looked at the approaching pirate ship with a Narwhal’s sign on it. There was only a single warship on the other side, and the others were clippers that could only sail near the shallow sea. There were dozens of people on the warship, and there were forty or fifty people below. They had hooks and ropes in their hands, which were all prepared for the upcoming battle. The pirates were so excited that they seemed to think of Soran as a fat sheep.

“Wha!…. Whales!….”

Unknowingly, someone shouted, then everyone else was quiet for a while, then the sound of someone throwing away their weapons was heard, and he cried: “It’s Narwhal!… He’s here in person!… We should surrender!… Maybe he’ll let us go!… Otherwise, everyone would be nailed to death by him! ”


Soran frowned as he glanced at the guy that was so frightened, then lifted his finger and shot an Arcane Missile.

A corpse just fell to the ground.

There was a huge shadow at the bottom of the sea. It looked like it was about 20 meters long. It was a kind of whale that Soran could not have recognized. It looked like a killer whale, but it had a much fiercer presence, but it was definitely not a sea monster. A huge sea creature appeared in front, which may have grown to its present size for some other reason.

— “Fly!”

Soran added another spell immediately, then looked at Adele beside him, and said in a deep voice, “Shut them up and prepare for the fight!”

These guys could not be relied on.

But at least they could not let the enemy directly take away the warship. This group of trash needed to be used to at least gain enough time for Soran.

Adele slightly nodded and said in a coquettish voice: “Pick up your weapons!”

“Trash!… Prepare to battle!…. Pussies!… Pick up your weapons! Or else, I’ll cut off your heads!…”

This woman was definitely fierce.

Other than Soran having suppressed her, she was hot-tempered in the eyes of the rest.

Because she was also an Amazonian woman.

Soran’s figure soared, and at the same time, he added an Invisibility spell on himself. For the time being, he could not use Greater Invisibility, because the real battle hadn’t begun. His figure flew, and gradually went closer to the huge shadow beneath the seas. As he got closer and closer, Soran’s expression became more and more serious. When he could see the huge whale thoroughly, a strange light suddenly appeared in his eyes.

— “Dominate Sea Creatures!”

A flash of dizziness hit Soran.

Soran seemed to have felt a will to resist, but it was nothing at all. He then controlled the consciousness of the creature in front of him.

Domination success!

Soran’s lips curled with a sly smile. His figure appeared because of using this ability. As he was in the air, he shocked and scared many pirates. In the distance, “Wi…. Wizard” could be heard. But what made them even more afraid was that at the back, they could only see the huge shadow in the sea began to float upwards, and directly appeared on the surface of the water. Soran fell descended and stood on the whale’s head.

“Hows is this possible!?”

The large group of pirates was glaring with their eyes bulging out, almost going unhinged.

A fierce-looking pirate on the deck of the warship was staring in disbelief, muttering: “How could it be! How could he have controlled my pet! ”

Soran glanced at the enemy in the distance.

Then he pointed with his finger, and the huge whale at his feet began to turn around. Then rushed towards Narwhal’s clippers.

I like this feeling!

There was a smile on Soran’s face. His hair, which had not been cut for a long time, was blowing in the wind. The huge whale began to accelerate and directly ran into the ten-meter long clipper. The huge whale was like a shadow approaching. In a moment, it overturned the nearest clipper, and then the water tumbled and impounded, killing some of the pirates instantly.

“Run! Get off the ship!”

It was not known who shouted but the fastest pirates have all jumped into the sea.

But this was just the beginning of a nightmare!

Soran’s figure disappeared again, and he flew up at the same time. The huge killer whale rolled over, then dived into the sea. After continuously overturning a large number of clippers in the area, it opened its mouth and swallowed the unlucky ones jumping into the sea.

This was the sea!

If anyone wanted to kill the killer whales in the sea, based on their strength, they would be dreaming.


“Kill them all! Kill Narwhal!…”

There was a howl of excitement on the warship in the distance. It was absolutely impossible for this trash to fight in a direct battle. But if they were to fight those already disadvantaged, these guys would definitely be able to fight harder and harder. Soran, after controlling the killer whale, directly turned the situation around. Even an idiot could see that the power of the Wizard was immeasurable.

“Get ready to fight!”

Adele raised her long sword, her long red hair blowing in the wind. She looked gorgeous and full of heroism. She cried: “All the spoils of the enemy belong to all of you! Anyone who dares to take a step back, I’ll personally kill him! ”

Another howl resounded.

It seemed like she also knew a thing or two on how to inspire the fighting spirit of this group of veterans.