Abyss Domination

Chapter 209 - A Cold Soran

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When Soran left the Sea Temple.

The others treated him with a different attitude. In the past, the guards who did not even bother about him now bowed slightly in respect towards him. These were the fighters who served Gods. Their task was to protect the Sea Temple. Unless there was any special situation, only Naga Siren could mobilize them. These were the regular armed forces that belonged to the temple. Sometimes they would replace the local laws and act according to the rules of the temple.

Soran was now labeled with the Sea Temple’s insignia.

Anyone who wanted to go against him would have to gauge the Sea Goddess’ power. But with power came responsibility. If it was needed, Soran still needed to contribute to the Sea Temple.

The Sea Goddess would not have given him such a reward for no reason!

Soran did not need to worry that much. If one had a chance to eat, he should eat his fill before talking afterward. The Sea Goddess was different from the other Gods. She didn’t have that many enemies. In the sea, she was close to being the only superpower—other than the little friction with the Storm Lord. As for other gods, unless their territories were somehow overlapping with the seas where they would have a hostile relationship with her, otherwise most of them were neutral. The biggest enemy of the Sea Goddess was in the abyss, unlike many enemies of the other Gods.

This was also one of the reasons Soran accepted after much consideration. At least, the acceptance of the God’s Blessing would not have a bunch of enemies emerging out of nowhere.

It was a widely known fact that patrons were well received by their enemies’ believers. They would be delighted to kill the patrons at any given time.

This could be exchanged for a higher standard of sacrificial ceremonies!

Soran went to see Vivian for a while.

The little girl was still in deep sleep. But after sensing that Soran was back, she relaxed quite a bit.

Her conscious was only able to sense the world outside she couldn’t wake up at the moment.

Soran sat on the bedside and stroked Vivian’s hair then he leaned over to kiss her forehead. Subsequently, he started to prepare a lot of things. Now that he had received the blessing of the Sea Goddess, his plan could be accelerated. But currently, there were two most important points. The first point was to absorb the divinity to strengthen his strength, and through that divinity, improve his attributes as soon as possible. The second was to support Adele to become the pirate leader near the Shipwreck Bay, and build a fleet using her strength, and get the passive ability of [Slaughterer] at the same time.

At that time, he would be able to try and absorb the Divinity of Fear, and maybe Vivian would wake up.

The night descended.

Soran put away the complicated magic scroll and stretched his neck. Then, he took off his clothes and took Vivian into his arms. The little girl seemed to breathe slower and more relaxed. Soran kissed her lovely cheek with a smile and murmured, “Soon you will wake up! It won’t be long!”

“Once we have our forces, we can head for the Overseas Islands.”

“At that time, you can also rely on the power of the elemental spirits to strengthen your divinity. So that even if the divine power of fear increased, you will not be affected by the will of the Dread Lord.”

Overseas Islands.

People, wealth, power.

Once there, it would allow Vivian and him to attain a source of divinity and even cultivate the first group of believers. If Soran’s plans succeeded, he would be able to provide Vivian with a stronger foothold. At that time, even if they were to go against the Demigod Vampire, Vivian would not have had any issues. Regardless of the Son of Fear, or even a Demon Lord of the Abyss, no one would be able to stop Vivian’s rise!

The road to Godhood.

Without a doubt, Vivian had more talent than him. She had more room to grow compared to Soran!

Afterall, Soran needed to start from a mortal and climb up step by step.

The daylight barely shone.

Soran’s figure appeared near the harbor. In front of him was the serious Adele-Isabel, and the sailing pirates she had recruited last night. As the daughter of a former pirate head, she had her channel. It was very easy to recruit people. After all, she had been familiar with the ways of doing so ever since she was a child. There were enough people in Port Tylon, but the men she recruited seemed to only be able to be sailors in Soran’s eyes because most of them were ordinary people.

In other words, strong ordinary people. There were even those who lack arms and legs.

Soran had no expectations of the people he recruited overnight. He just looked at them coldly and said, “Let’s go. We don’t have much time. ”

If one wanted to rise in a short time, naturally, it needed to use the power of the Sea Temple.

Although Soran could not continue to be in control of the Deadman’s Voice, he borrowed another warship from the Sea Temple.

His first step was to get the ship back and then attack the other pirates in the Shipwreck Bay directly, using the simplest and most violent way to quickly improve his strength. At present, these sailors would be eliminated soon. Soran knew what kind of people pirates were. These guys were all despicable and were known to yield to force but never a soft approach. As long as your fist was big enough, they would know what was respect and humility. As for those who did not obey, Soran would never be soft when he reaped his head.

Half a day passed quickly.

Adele’s recruits immediately came into play. Seeing another pirate ship undoubtedly made these guys, that were muddling at the bottom, a little excited. Some that were more familiar with each other started to whisper amongst themselves.

A night’s time.

Adele had not yet been able to establish any authority in the eyes of these people.


A fierce pirate with three fingers missing took a rather bawdy look at Adele’s well-endowed chest, then he said with a smile: “Now we have two boats! What should we do next? Should we not start robbing other easier and fatter prey? ”

This was an old pirate.

He had been around for a long time, so he had gained a little prestige. It seemed that there were his helpers on board as well.

When he spoke, many others began to respond as if he were the captain. This guy was a little complacent, and he took a provocative look at Soran. It seemed that Adele did not say much when she recruited them. This rather satisfied Soran. He did not need these trashy pirates to know who he was. He just needed them to respect him by themselves.

Adele’s expression turned a little ugly, as her gorgeous face showed a trace of anger. She placed her hand on the handle of her sword and said in a deep voice, “We are going to Snake Island!”

A Captain had a Captain’s dignity.

This dignity did not necessarily need kindness, but it certainly needed to be revered. She had not yet been able to let the pirates in front of her understood the meaning of reverence.


The fierce pirate’s face changed greatly, and said in disbelief, “Are you crazy? That’s Narwhal’s territory! We would be eaten up in the blink of an eye with such little numbers! ”


“You might even be caught by them… Tsk tsk!… Captain, I know you want to restore the glory of Tiger Sharks!… But you should also consider your strength!… When we have enough wealth and manpower, we can then consider taking on the other pirates! ”

The tone of the other party became rather unfriendly and seemed to be even less respectful.

The other pirates on the ship also seemed to have ugly expressions. They knew what the Snake Island naturally meant as old-timers. With the strength of these people, they would die. Soon, some people began to make noise. More than 70% of the pirates were questioning Adele’s order. Only a few people looked on coldly on the fence. One of the youngsters who seemed to have half Elven blood looked towards Soran contemplatively, and it seemed that Soran’s strength was the strongest.

He was the real leader!

Adele’s face turned cold. She pulled out her weapon and seemed ready to use fresh blood to maintain her captain’s prestige.

However, Soran was faster than her.

Soran gently raised his fingers, and several Arcane Missiles appeared at the fingertips. Then, the fierce pirate in front of him flew with a blood cavity having appeared in his chest.

When handling this sort of trash, just an Arcane Missile was enough to instantly kill him!

“Wi…. Wizard!…”

Onboard the pirate ship, sounds of gaspings could be heard. A wizard’s overpowering strength was revealed in an instant.

Even Adele’s gorgeous face was full of shock because Soran did not seem to have used magic when he subdued her. She just found out that Soran was a Wizard. She always thought that Soran’s invisibility was through a magic scroll or some special item. She never thought that he was a wizard, and seemed to have a high profession level.


Soran was dressed in a dark red cloak, and the others could not see him. But, this did not seem to have affected his deterrence, and there was even an unknown fear. He swept his eyes around the people in front of him with cold eyes. It made many people tremble a little and even took a step back. His face was cold and dignified, and he went directly to the fierce pirate who was still alive, and then his head was smashed with one foot.

Parts of red and white splashed all over the place. The strength of his foot made the deck shook for a while, and a crack appeared on it.

Soran stopped.

He frowned and looked at the gore on his shoes, then looked at the others coldly. Finally, his eyes fell on the silent half-elven youngster who was looking on coldly at the side. Then he slowly said, “From now on, you are the first mate of this ship.”

Without much nonsense.

Soran frowned as he looked at the bunch of trash in front of him and said: “I will cut off Narwhal’s head and plunder the wealth of Snake Island. Those who follow me would be rewarded. The rest, go to hell.”

“Set sail! Let’s go!”

“Anyone who doesn’t obey would end up like him.”

Soran did not have the mood to waste too much time and saliva on this trash. He just needed to kill those who disobeyed since their only purpose was to operate the ship!