Abyss Domination

Chapter 196 - The Source of Chaos

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The sky slowly became dark.

Soran stood up and listened to the noise outside, vaguely hearing the screams of men. This group of Amazonian women took over more than half of the prostitutes in Port Tylon. When they got involved in the gray areas, they were more brutal than men. They even controlled other taboo businesses such as prostituting handsome men. Their business even extended to the cities near the southern ports.

Many aristocratic women, who were old and lonely, would need some interesting entertainment. There were even many aristocratic widows on the South coast who would have male slaves. They chose men on the slave market as if they were cattle. These slaves were domesticated by cruel means, and also involved mental triggers and so on. In the end, the trained slaves were very docile.

This was somewhat similar to the ancient Romans.

The torture was still happening downstairs.

Soran’s hearing was much better than before, so from time to time, he could hear a faint wail from the basement. The Amazon women seemed to have had some fights with the locals. Recently, it seemed that many people have been tortured and the bodies were disposed of through special channels; thus the hotel seemed calm on the surface. Soran was a little worried about getting involved in their clashes with local gangs, so he was wondering whether to move to the sea temple.

The Naga Siren priest could easily settle both of them safely. The sea temple was pretty powerful.

The screaming stopped momentarily.

Soran heard the voice of women swearing vaguely, it seemed that the prisoner had died because of excessive punishment. Then there was the sound of the basement door opening, followed by three footsteps. One of the woman’s footsteps were heavy and she must have worn heavy armor. The standard Amazonian women soldiers were heavy infantry, and these women dared to clash with heavy cavalry on the battlefield.

Soran was not interested in their affair. He closed the window and began to research magic.

A row of data appeared:

“The profession Wizard is now level 7.”

“Received 25 [DEX 20+ (INT 20-10)*0.5] Skill Points, HP increased by 10 [Profession HP 4+ (CON 21-10)*0.5].”

Soran undoubtedly put his skill points into Literacy. Currently, his highest basic skill was Literacy, which had reached 185 points. Most levels were improved by skill points, and a few were increased by reading books. Soran had acquired a good understanding of words, customs, geography, and religion of human society. Although he could not reach the level of scholars, it was undoubtedly very easy for him to become a teacher in an aristocratic family.

At present, secular knowledge could only raise Literacy to about 250 points at most. To continue to level up, a person would need to learn divine knowledge, magic knowledge, supernatural knowledge and knowledge of planes.

Among them, if someone wanted to raise their Literacy to 350 points, one must have an abundant knowledge of the plane!

That means a person would have to engage in plane travel.

Many wizards traveled the different planes. One of the most well-known groups were the [Star Trekkers], they were the most literate and had traveled to many planes.

The [Star Trekker] wasn’t a profession. It was only a background ability.

Something like a title.

Soran calmed his mind down, then took out a thick stack of white paper. He started to analyze the ‘Greater Invisibility’ spell model. He had acquired the spell through the sea temple; the priest thought he would need it for battle and did not expect Soran to memorize it. Soran didn’t trust the Naga Siren priest very much, so he didn’t let her know too much about herself. The priest probably didn’t know that he was a Wizard too.

The priest even thought he was a quasi-legendary assassin because Soran liked to use poison.

Poison was a favorite among the assassins.

Multi-professions were the easiest to disguise. There used to be wizards disguised as fighters, or fighters disguised as wizards.

Soren remembered a non-Aboriginal figure.

He gave people the impression that he was a Wizard, but when he pulled out his sword, then people realized he was also a Sword Saint.

He was a powerful and dangerous fellow.

With the super explosive power of a sword saint combined with Stone Skin defense plus a few comprehensive support spells, the combat effectiveness in some aspects was more powerful than Soran’s transformed status!

Unfortunately, that guy died early.

This fellow challenged more than 10 same grade enemies, but a Dimensional Anchor spell finally lead to his death.

He challenged twelve and killed more than half of them.

A brilliant achievement. Unfortunately, they all died too early. Soran didn’t remember any sword saint that had lived for a long time. Even the legendary sword saint worshipped by many was eventually besieged and beaten to death at the wars of golems.

Maybe it was because the legendary wizards couldn’t stand the fact that the sword saints could slash through their Greater Energy Shield easily.

If there was a sword saint among the enemies Soran had to face, he would probably kill the sword saint first.

Their existence was a threat!

Stacks of white paper were now filled with dense symbols, and Soran was buried in the analysis of the magic model. Level four spells were the more difficult spells; if he hadn’t learned Invisibility in the first place, he probably wouldn’t have a clue now. Greater Invisibility was a multi-model combined spell. The biggest difference between Invisibility and Greater Invisibility was that the former would lose its effect when the user launched an attack.

However, Greater Invisibility would still be effective even after the under attacks.

This meant that it was a very difficult spell to learn. It was much more difficult than other level 4 spells. Soran could only slowly split them up, and sketch out independent models of the spell to analyze it. After the initial analysis of the magic model, Soran’s progress began to accelerate gradually, because the model of Greater Invisibility was built upon Invisibility.

Invincibility was a single layer spell, while Greater Invisibility was a multi-layer spell; meaning it would recast the spell after every attack.

It was a high-end spell circuit system.

The border of difficult spells began here. The difficulty of learning level 4 spells and above would increase linearly. Eventually, it would even extend to the fields of astrology, planes, space and so on.

The night passed soon.

Soran rubbed his forehead and stood up; the sun was starting to shine.

He picked up a thick stack of white paper and turned it over. Then he destroyed some of it. He only learned about 10% of the magic model. Although it would certainly speed up with further research, he didn’t have much time. Soran looked at Vivian, stroked her cheek, then got up and went downstairs.

The smell of blood filled the air.

Soran noticed a wound on the Amazonian guard’s arm which wasn’t there last night.

There was a fight.

Because he focused on researching magic, Soran reduced his perception to his surroundings. It seemed that the women had fought against some forces last night.

The prostitution business always had competitors.

Especially when the Amazonian women had taken so much business; they were bound to attract envious eyes.

Soran simply grabbed something to eat and went back to the room. He was not interested in meddling in their business. Soran ate something, carefully fed Vivian some water, and began to re-study the magic model. At first, Soran tried to feed Vivian food. Unfortunately, she didn’t need anything but water. Her face was still ruddy and she didn’t feel hungry at all.

Vivian was greater in this aspect!

She was now able to control her consumption through powers; that was a sign of legendary…

Time went past bit by bit.

Soran was busy studying Greater Invisibility, and occasionally the Naga Siren priest would give him a message. He even went out several times during this time. The Amazonian women seemed to have engaged in a battle with a local force as there were sounds of killing and fighting in the streets at night. Soran’s move to destroy the Rossad Chamber of Commerce seemed to have triggered a new round of power shuffling in Port Tylon.

Since then the Amazonian women had gotten a larger territory and had killed several people.

Some people seem to have foreseen that the Rossad Chamber of Commerce would never recover, so many forces were grabbing their share of trade. Even when the two groups were of the same temple, they would fight at this time for the territories.

Soran had killed quite many people that night.

But his killings were nothing compared to the territory wars which occurred after that.

There were even some small skirmishes at sea.

Chaos was starting.

The guards finally couldn’t tolerate it anymore. They warned each of the large parties to keep things orderly on the surface. Thus the killings occurred at night.

Soran, of course, didn’t care how many people died.

He only cared for the fact that he would be learning Greater Invisibility within the week and the news that the Rossad Chamber of Commerce ships would be coming back.

It seemed like the time to utilize the ghost ship!

Soran would intersect them at their return and kill all the people on board!