Abyss Domination

Chapter 195 - Chapter 8 Greater Invisibility

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The surface of the sea was utterly quiet.

The Deadman’s Voice sailed quietly, and beside Soran, was a sluggish Naga Siren. She was quite satisfied seeing Soran startled when the Ghost Ship appeared. After the order was commanded, the Deadman’s Voice suddenly trembled. Afterward, the ship’s deck started to split apart. The formless undead were swimming in the hull, and then the entire ghost ship began to sink slowly. Seawater came in from all sides. Then, a cable flew over as if it were a long snake, wrapped around Soran’s arm.

The first wave of seawater came crashing in!

Soran’s figure shook a little, and his entire body entered the sea.

The Deadman’s Voice was sailing on the seabed. One could see a variety of marine life in its surroundings. The Drowned Undead were scattered around the deck, maintaining the operation of this ghost ship. The Naga Siren looked around with satisfaction and immediately said: “This ghost ship will be on standby. When the group of betrayers return, you will ambush them from the bottom of the sea.”

“Understood.” Soran gently nodded his head.

It seemed like the worldly control of the Goddess of the Depths might have been more powerful than he had thought it would be.

Not only had the Goddess gotten herself involved with the Life Domain, but she was also involved in the Death Domain.

Even though it’s limited to just the sea, the things that she was conspiring for might have been too much, wasn’t it?

What was it that she wanted?

Soran suddenly felt the resemblance to the Queen of Spiders.

Because the places where his activities were, were not by the sea. Hence, he did not know much about the Goddess of the Depths. But, he did know that she was always working within the boundaries of the sea. Basically, not many Gods would be able to threaten her. Even if she lost her Divine Powers and became a Saint, how many in the world would be able to kill her in such a vast territory in the sea?

But, she seemed not to have made any heaven-shattering moves, had she?

Being a God that had the sea as their core, the Goddess of the Depths did have a limitation. That was, no matter what she did, her faith could not be spread to the mainland.

That was because she had been under constant suppression by the Storm Lord!

Soran sensed a conspiracy brewing. But, he did not know what the Goddess of the Depths was aiming for.

Outside the Sea Temple.

Soran’s figure emerged from the shadows and left without a trace.

The Storm Lord’s core believers were located in the Soros Island’s tropical rainforest areas. There, natural storms occurred very often. Although Port Tylon had a temple by the Storm Lord, those that were able to be mobilized could not contend with the Sea Temple. After all, the Port Tylon was an offshore island. It was naturally considered part of the sea. All the Storm Temple could mobilize were basically just those indigenous believers. After being disrupted by the Sea Temple, they did not even have the capability to help the Port Tylon for their patrols.

The news of the Throat Cutter was still spreading.

A sense of unrest was still brewing in Port Tylon. Many pubs were discussing who the formidable throat cutter was.

There were even people who swore with their guts that the Throat Cutter was a legendary Assassin!

Even the Sea Temple might have thought that Soran was close to being a legendary Profession. Hence, they were trying to rope him in, to borrow his strength to deal with those betrayers. After all, after Soran attained the legendary Energy Absorption skill, he still managed to retain most of his strength. For the locals, this would be perceived as a fighting prowess that was definitely above quasi-legendary.

Although there was a large number of Legendary Professions, they were very spread out to many different areas!

The whole Port Tylon, even though being a transit point for the coastal trades, had only two to three of such caliber and that was inclusive of the Temple’s Priests.

What Soran did not think of was that he even managed to get a Legendary Rating.

“Throat Cutter’s Appearance [Local Rumors]: In early November of 1675, at Port Tylon, you accepted the mission of the Sea Temple and cleaned up those businessmen who betrayed their beliefs. In this battle, you have killed a lot of enemies and caused panic in Port Tylon. The rumors of the Throat Cutter started spreading in the Port Tylonand and have gradually spread towards the coastal areas. It would not be long before many other people near the south coast to hear about the legends of the Throat Cutter. [Legend Rating +1]”

It seemed like legendary fights were not the only way to attain more Legend Ratings.

The Demigod Vampire should have been using these methods to spread fear and made himself known by the people through spreading local rumors.

There was no need to demand Legend Ratings for now. The higher the Legend Ratings, the higher the possibility of attracting other people’s attention. Soran currently had no intention of standing on the platform and flexing his prowess against other forces. Naturally, he would not actively pursue the Legend Ratings. It would still take some time for the Betrayers to return. It would take around a week or two to travel to-and-fro from Port Tylon and Soros Islands. They set-off about a week ago, and Soran would now have around seven to eight days’ time to prepare.

Regarding preparations, that would naturally be for handling high-grade Sorcerers!

The Rossad Chamber of Commerce’s backing was the Duchess. She came from an ancient family of Sorcerers. These families were often very powerful. Having accumulated over generations of wealth and power, they should not be underestimated. The Naga Siren gave Soran information, three obvious targets that were Sorcerers. But because he had never seen them in action, he was not able to determine their Sorcery levels. Sorcerer families would naturally produce more Sorcerers. But, one could not eliminate the possibilities of a Wizard. High-grade Sorcerers could be very dangerous enemies. Soran had to take this matter with the utmost care.

It seemed like the Sea Temple had given him quite a number of helpers. But in reality, these helpers could only be used to handle low-level fighters.

The Undead Sailors aboard the Deadman’s Voice were only grade two or three at max.

They could be used to deal with ordinary men and low-grade Professions, but they would not be able to threaten high-grade Sorcerers. If the enemy had a Priest of a higher grade, a single ‘Dispel the Undead’, and more than half of the Undead Sailors would be gone. Only those high-level Naga Siren Banshees and Undead Weresharks would be able to fend against the power of Dispel the Undead. Ultimately, the real fighting capabilities would still be on the Deadman’s Voice ghost ship. It held the key to eradicate all the enemies, which was the Deadman’s Voice Cannon.

It would not be easy to deal with a high-grade Sorcerer!

Hence, the Sea Temple did not prepare a bunch of trash because they would not even be able to stand in front of a high-grade Sorcerer. They would even directly expose that the Sea Temple was the instigator behind all these.

Everybody knew that this deed was highly likely done by the Sea Temple. But this incident could never be directly presented with sufficient evidence.

It would be a hidden battle for the temple!

Soran returned to the hotel. After the stripping magic incident, the Amazonian women were more well-behaved. Especially after the rumors of the Throat Cutter. Their facial expressions towards Soran had been more afraid and even respectful. They must have suspected that Soran was the Throat Cutter in the Legends in their hearts, but there was no evidence to prove that it was indeed Soran. Regardless of whether he was or was not, the backer for the Throat Cutter was the Sea Temple. They were one of the more ancient powers of Port Tylon.

Even before Port Tylon became one of the cores for trade, the Sea Temple’s influence was already prevalent on the island.

Not everyone was a devout believer.

Most of the people did not wish to have their lives embroiled in a temple’s fights unless they were presented with an irresistible deal.

The Sea Temple’s influence had already started deteriorating. The networks accumulated over the years in Port Tylon had been suppressing the Storm Temple. Unless Soros Island had a Storm Priest that was of a Bishop-level, or a legendary-level Stormlord to help support them, the Storm Temple in Port Tylon would continue to be suppressed by the Sea Temple. Because this place belongs to the jurisdiction of the Goddess of the Depths.

In the room.

Vivian’s small body was suspended in the air.

Soran raised his hands and patted his forehead. He gently carried the little in his arms and placed her on the bed.

Even though he had a strong will, but it had not reached the peak state of yesteryear’s training. Dealing with the Dread Lord’s consciousness would not only require a strong and powerful will. At the same time, it needed a relentless vigor where one would not rest until either party died. Having walked barefooted for a thousand miles in the frigid Frost Kingdom, Soran not only strengthened his own will, but also his own vigor. That was the power of faith.

That was the vigor that he was missing now!

Without the same willpower that had erupted after being pushed to the point beyond desperation, he would not have enough confidence to be able to extinguish the Dread Lord’s consciousness.

That was why he still needed to wait for a chance.

Soran needed at least an eighty percent chance before he could make his move!

The room quickly returned back to normal.

Soran sat beside Vivian and stroked her hair. The little girl’s breathing was calmer after he had returned. Those things that were suspended in the air had all returned back to the ground.

Yesterday’s battles had gained quite a bit of Slaughter EXP. Although the enemies were not that powerful, the number of people made up for it over time. Soran received 15,000 Slaughter Experience points. These experience points weren’t enough to raise his Shadow Dancer’s profession level, but it was enough to raise his Wizard level to level 7. After he raised his Wizard level, he would be able to attain a Level 4 Spell Slot, to either keep a Wizard’s most important ‘Stoneskin’ or ‘Greater Invisibility’.

Without a doubt, Soran’s choice would be [Greater Invisibility]!

Because he had a legendary item Elemental Stone (Earth) on him, this equipment would be able to be used to cast ‘Stoneskin’ once every three days. Hence, it would be able to temporarily satiate the need for protective spells. Furthermore, he had already learned Invisibility. While learning Greater Invisibility, he would be able to reduce the time spent on analyzing the spell combinations. Furthermore, ‘Greater Invisibility’ was more useful compared to other same grade placement spells. It could be considered one of the top spells to enhance a Rogue’s prowess!

The most important point of all.

It would be when a person attacked while using the Greater Invisibility, they would not manifest. Soran would be able to fight his opponent while he was invisible!

He had waited for this spell for a very long time.