Abyss Domination

Chapter 144 - Among The Mountains

The sky soon became dark.

The girl seemed really hungry and ate even more than Soran. Soran kept quietly barbecuing beside her until the girl was full, then slowly asked, “What’s your name? And who are you?”

“My name is Anna.” The girl hesitated then said, “A noble in Arendell.”

Soran looked at her and said slowly, “Ordinary nobles can’t afford to wear the clothes you’re wearing. Are must be a royal member of Arendell? From what I know, Arendell is a special kingdom with very little powerful nobles. Secondly, there were also only two members of the Royal family. One of them is the eldest princess who is about to ascend the throne, and the other is her sister.”

“Legend has it that the eldest Princess in Arendell is a very powerful Fatespinner. That’s why you’re probably her sister?”

“The elder Princess probably wouldn’t be in such a state!”

The girl named Anna stared at Soran in great surprise, and murmured, “I knew you must be a great adventurer! They told me you must’ve been a fool to be passed out in the snow…

“You’re right…I’m the younger Princess of Arendell!…unfortunately I’m not as powerful as my elder sister, I’m just a mere human!…”

Soran didn’t want to tell her too much about why he passed out in the snow that day.

He looked at the girl in front of him and said slowly, “Arendelle is one of the most powerful kingdoms in the Frost Kingdom and the elder Princess is one of the few legendary Sorcerers here. The people who attacked you must have been not stupid. According to the norms of this world’s royalties, your guards must have been at least graded 3 or above. Considering this, the people who could force you to this state must have at least been a legendary realm profession!”

Anna’s mouth was wide open without her even noticing, she then muttered, “Wow, you’re amazing.”

Soran stared at her expression, but his face became more and more worried. He murmured, “Local legendary professions wouldn’t attack you, or they would suffer. I’ve heard stories about your sister. They say that she could destroy a city with her bare hands if she was angered. That’s why the people who attacked you must have been outsiders! Someone with evil intentions!”

He paused and said slowly, “All I want to know now this, was there a Drow among those who attacked you?”

The girl was in disbelief and muttered, “How did you know we encountered Drows?”

I knew it must’ve been related.

Soran played with the campfire in silence and had a worried expression. He then murmured, “That’s the Chosen of the Maiden of Pain. When I came here, I encountered traces of their activities. I guess only those bastards dare to attack the younger Princess of Arendell. If anyone else did it, they would be dead in an instant; the elder princess could make everything in a thousand-mile freeze over.”

Anna hesitated, stared at Soran and said, “My sister is a very nice person, very gentle, very kind. She never abuses her abilities, nor would she do anything terrible like what you said. She will not harm innocent people.”

Soran didn’t reply to that.

He looked at the strong winds outside and said slowly, “What’s your plan now?”

Anna was hesitant for a moment, then looked up at Soran and said, “Can you send me back to Arendell? I will definitely repay you! My sister would also give you the reward you deserve, she might even give you a title! ”

A title?

Soran laughed and shook his head, “No, not now at least.”

“Since those believers of Torture dared to attack you, it is absolutely impossible for me to take you back easily. I don’t even stand a chance if we encountered the Chosen; They are more powerful than the legendary Wizards. Besides, if I hadn’t guessed wrongly, the roads to Arendell must be watched by their people. If you show up, they would definitely attack you! ”

“Unless of course your elder sister personally came to bring you back.”

Anna was somewhat sad and muttered, “I don’t even know what’s happening at my sister’s side. The bad Drow said that my sister could not save Arndell if she saved me!…”

“All I remember was that my sister used ice to trap the Drow which helped me escaped.”

“I don’t even know how Arendell is right now!… I hope the people there are fine!”

What a kind girl, Soran thought.

Soran looked up at her and said slowly, “It’s not entirely impossible to send you back. It’s just that you can’t take the normal road for now.”

The girl looked at Soran with hope in her eyes as soon as she heard what Soran said.

The girl’s eyes were pure, and she seemed to be a girl who had not experienced much of the world. Soran slightly looked away from her eyes and said, “Now is the time when they are most anxious. Those degenerates would be desperately looking for you. That’s why we’d better not leave here for some time. Then when they expose themselves, your sister should be able to clean them up.”

“After some time, I’ll think of a way to bring you across the mountains and along the sea, back to Arendell.”

The girl believed in him and gently nodded her little head.

Soran stirred the campfire to make it a little more vigorous, and then said, “You have a good rest first. I am guessing you’re pretty tired already. Tomorrow we’ll be going into the mountains and may encounter some trouble.”

The girl looked at her with unsure eyes and said in a soft voice, “Why are we going into the mountains? Aren’t we staying put here?”

“No.” Soran shook his head then replied, “I have some things to do.”

The girl obviously had a curious mind, she blinked her eyes and asked further, “What are you going to do up here? There’s no place for anybody to live in!”

Soran gave her a glance and replied calmly, “To slaughter dragons.”

The girl’s eyes lited up for a moment, then asked in a surprised tone, “Slaughtering dragons? There are no more dragons in the Frost Kingdom, right? They were afraid of my sisters and was said to have all fled to icy islands far away.”

Soran was slightly shocked.

It seems that the legendary elder princess was stronger than I’ve imagined. No wonder there were no dragons in the Frost Kingdom. Were they really frightened away by the elder Princess?

How powerful is this legendary Fatespinner?

“Ice Quetzalcoatlus.”

Soran stoked the ambers and said, “I want to kill some to train myself and at the same time make some money.”


The girl fumbled to find something for a moment, then she cried and said, “My bag is lost!… There’s a lot of valuable stuff in it!…”

She looked at herself, then with a heavy heart took off a ring and a pair of earrings. She then said, “I’ll give these to you first.”

“They are from my mother…so could I buy them back with money once we’re back?”

Her voice was somewhat nervous, and she looked slightly funny.

Soran turned to look at her and smiled, but instead of reaching for the things, he slowly said, “Keep it with you. Since you saved me, I should repay you the favor. Maybe your destiny really shouldn’t be like this!”

Soran had heard much about the elder Princess but had never heard about the younger Princess. He wondered what would have happened to her if she hadn’t encountered him.

The Battle of Ice and Snow.

It began after the elder Princess went berserk and froze everything within a thousand-mile radius; turning the land into a frozen hell.

It can’t be because of her right?

There was a possibility.

Since there were only two royal members in Arendell, the younger Princess might be her sister’s only relative.

“Thank you… Thank you!…” The girl silently took back the ring and earrings. She then looked up at Soran with a grateful smile and slowly she said, “You are a good man.”

Soran’s hand trembled for a bit.

Then, he looked at the girl with frustration and said in a serious tone, “I’m not a good person. I’ve killed more people then you’ll ever meet!”

“I’m only helping you because you’ve helped me.”

“And please don’t say that phrase to me, it’s bad luck in my home town.”


“You better rest up, we have a long way ahead of us.”

The girl did not seem to understand why a grateful phrase would make Soran react in such a way. But still, she sat down without complaint and whispered, “Liar!… You’re just trying to frighten me!… You don’t look like the bad guys who killed a lot of people!…”

Soran had a scholarly look and was a Half-Elf.

The girl had obviously not believed Soran.

He must be like one of those heroes that stayed in dark but still upheld justice. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have saved me, right?

Did he really kill a lot of people?

The girl was tired. Soon she felt sleepy and laid on a flat rock and slept.

Time went by slowly.

Soran took out the magic scroll and began to analyze it. The cold wind outside was whistling. Occasionally, he would stop and listen, and then continue his research.

Around midnight, the sleeping girl had a frightened expression. She muttered something in her sleep, then she suddenly woke up and shouted, “No!” No!… Don’t kill her!…”

Soran put down the scroll, looked at her and asked, “Had a nightmare?”

The girl was slightly confused. After some time she nodded her head and asked timidly, “Can I sit beside you?”

Soran nodded his head.

The girl slowly walked over, and carefully sat beside Soran; her expression still somewhat scared.

Soran reached out and touched her head, then gently patted her back to comfort her.

Seemingly reassured, the girl looked at the scroll in his hand and leaned her head on Soran’s shoulder. Time passed quickly, and the girl unconsciously grabbed the corner of Soran’s clothes with her finger, and her little head was resting on his knee. Her breathing gradually became even, and she was obviously asleep.

Maybe she was really tired.

It must have been difficult for a princess to have experienced such a terrifying event.

Soran opened the magic scroll once more and would occasionally look at the sleeping girl.

It was the first time a girl other than Vivian had slept on her knees.

The wind outside blew ferociously.

He felt that a storm must be brewing in the Frost Kingdom!