Abyss Domination

Chapter 143 - A Crying Girl

Beside the bonfire.

Soran held the feather-light girl and placed her by the fire. Because she could not be seen with the naked eye, Soran could only put her far away from the fire. Invisibility was a level 2 spell, but Greater Invisibility was a level 4 spell. The effects of the two spells were very different. Unless Soran took something off her, that item would remain invisible. This was one of the most commonly remembered spells of many Wizards. Wizards above grade 3 almost exclusively used Greater Invisibility.

This spell was so powerful that it did not break even when the user was attacking. It would only show a blur of motion.

Some even regarded this spell to be too overpowered.

Soran couldn’t look through Invisibility, nor the ability to break Invisibility, so he could only continue enjoying his crab leg.

After about half an hour later, the girl next to him did not show any signs of waking up. Soran was getting impatient, so he reached out and pinched the invisible girl’s nose, then he squeezed twice heavily on her chest.

There was still no response.

Soran raised his hand and gave her a face a slap. It wasn’t very hard, but it still wasn’t enough to wake her up.

Soran was not sure if it was because of supernatural factors, but he had already checked her whole body and had found no wounds. Now there were only two questions before him.

Whether he should leave her here or take her on the road with him. If Soran left her here, then picking her up in the first place would have been pointless! But waiting for her to wake up was also not an option!

There was no way of identifying her right now, and the addition of several buff spells made her even more suspicious. Soran figured she must be trouble.

Staying here for a long time was also dangerous!

Soran hesitated a little but began to do his thing. As a Rogue, he was good at wilderness survival. He began to erase all traces left by them, including where she first appeared. The Frost Kingdom was special because of this: tracking in this snowy realm was much more difficult than the southern regions. As long as he erased the traces he left behind, it was basically impossible for anyone to track him. It took him a while to clean up, and then he also completely extinguished the bonfire and covered it.

After that, Soran picked up the invisible girl and started to make the treacherous journey toward the icy mountains.

The more powerful the monster, the more dangerous of a place they lived in.

Dragons usually would not go to the plains for no reason. They usually lived on high cliffs and mountains; they were flying creatures anyway. It was impossible for someone to deal with these creatures if they did not enter the mountains since the dragons rarely went to open plains for hunting. The snow-covered road was somewhat difficult to walk on and Soran could not walk fast with a woman in his arms. He even had to erase the footprints he left behind.

The snow that fell from the skies covered everything in no time.

Soran reached over and touched the girl’s nose. Her breathing was still stable. She either had a very good body or had special equipment. However, the right side of the face was slightly swollen; Soran didn’t know if it was because of his first slap, but he did not use much strength. Since her face swelled up so easily, the girl in his hand must have been very spoiled.

Soran had now walked for half a day.

Soran did not know how far he had gone, but he knew he had gone into the snow-covered mountains. The sky was getting dark so he found a leeward place to set up camp. The wind was so strong in the mountains that Soran could even hear the roars behind the rocks. Soran began to take things out to make camp and put the girl who was still unconscious in the corner. Soran was not sure what kind of spell the girl had that could last so long. He even had the idea of peeling off her clothes to figure out who she was.

Soran set up a bonfire.

Then he took out some water and drank a few mouthfuls. Remembering that the girl next to him must have not drunk any water for a day, he reached out and touched her head. Then he opened her mouth and carefully poured some water in.

“Cough, cough!…”

There were faint coughs, then a mix of colors appeared. The girl who had been invisible for nearly a day had finally shown her original appearance.

She did not seem very old, maybe only around 15 years old.

The girl was wearing a very delicate long skirt. There were many beautiful embroideries of exquisite craftsmanship on it.

Her long eyelashes were very beautiful and her skin looked very white and delicate; she was obviously a girl with high esteem. The only thing out of place was the red marks on her right face: five clear fingerprints and slightly swollen cheeks. Soran was a little embarrassed to see this because he really didn’t use much strength.


The girl opened her eyes slowly. When she saw someone was in front of her, she moved back dramatically, and her eyes showed obvious fear. When she noticed Soran approaching, she jumped forward without hesitation then opened her mouth and bit him on the arm. Even though she seemed petite and exquisite, she was even stronger than Soran. She threw him directly on the ground, and then she bit his arm. Soran frowned with pain. He thought about hitting her head with the hilt of his sword, but wasn’t sure if that was a good idea; He was afraid that she would only wake up after a long time. The only thing he could do was to reach out his finger and pinch the girl’s nose.


When the girl could not breathe through her nose, her mouth began to relax a little. Soren moved his hands in a flash and opened her jaws to free his arm. Originally, he planned to break the jaw of the girl, but considering that she might just have been a bit confused, he showed a little mercy.

Soran figured that this girl had no fighting experience.

Because no one would bite the enemies arm in defense. The better option would be the throat!

Are you a puppy?

The girl was shocked by Soran’s moves. She was just about to rush over again and looked like a cat that was going to puff its fur desperately, but suddenly she saw something. She looked at Soran’s curved sword. Then she said in a tone of disbelieve, “You! It’s you! Did you save me? Do you remember me? You passed out in the snow that day! I brought you back to the city!…”

The girl’s words were incoherent and her expressions and gestures were a bit funny.

But Soran still understood the meaning of it and was somewhat surprised. “It was you who sent me back to the city that day? What a coincidence?” Soran exclaimed.

The girl seemed to want to stand up, but she frowned and sat back down; it seemed that the sudden cool down of emotions had made her lose her strength. In a rather weak voice, she said, “When I saw you in the snow the other day, I sent you to the city for treatment. I was going to take you with me, but Mother Grenna disagreed…”

“Mother Grenna…she…she is dead!… Carlos… Keynes…they are all dead!…”

The girl said with sadness and depression in her eyes. Tears trickled down from her big beautiful eyes. Her shoulders shook slightly and she began to sob involuntarily. Soran frowned slightly and figured that this girl must have had plenty of trouble. However, he still carefully walked over, reached out, and patted her on the back.

Soran’s comforting seemed to have made things worse. The girl suddenly fell into his arms and cried loudly, looking like a pitiful little cat.

Those who said that a girl looked pretty when they cried must be crazy; the girl was basically a mess of tears and snot.

After crying for some time, the girl gradually calmed down.

Her eyes were red and swollen, and it seemed rather pathetic. Soran’s chest was wet, because of her sobbing and her nose almost bursting into tears. There was absolutely no beauty in this, only pity. Soran’s sympathy for the weak was within his morality, and Soran obviously had his own moral standards in mind.


The girl apologized in a choking voice as she looked at the bite marks on Soran’s arm.

The bite marks were caused by her and she used quite a lot of strength. If it hadn’t been for Soran’s speed, she could have bitten a piece of flash from Soran’s arm.

The girl reached out to wiped her cheeks and the tears on her face. She seemed to have felt her slightly red and swollen face, but she said nothing and only sat on the ground in low spirits. At first glance Soran knew this must have been a privileged girl; she probably never had to witness so much blood before. As a result, when she encountered such a major event, she could not bear it.

“It’s okay.”

Soran didn’t know what to say at that moment. He patted her on the shoulder and said, “I’ll get you something to eat first. You’re probably hungry too.”

“You can tell me more after you’ve eaten. Since I’ve already saved you, I’ll try my best to help you too!”

The girl raised her little head, with her red eyes that still had a glimmer of hope. Her voice choked and she said, “Thank you… Thank you!…”

Soran seemed rather quiet.

He knew by intuition that things weren’t easy and that there would be a lot of trouble if he got involved in such things. He took out the ingredients and began to cook them over the fire. Then he looked at the girl next to him. Every detail told him that she was a very noble girl and that the people who attack her were not some average gang.

Soran was not a very compassionate person. However, since the girl had saved him, he couldn’t just leave her there. Not even Soran was that heartless.

He was a man of principles.

Soran cut down a section of the king crab and asked, “How did you recognize me? I probably looked worse previously right?”

The girl started to cry again and couldn’t control herself for some time. After a while, she raised her head and said, “Your…you sword…”

Soran’s sword was definitely not common.

It was very rare to find weapons that had the Elven fish scale pattern in the Frost Kingdom; the fish scale pattern itself also gave an aesthetic look to the sword.