Abyss Domination

Chapter 141 - The Elder Princess

Group Hold was a level 7 spell.

All the guards outside had professions above grade 3. Those who could make them feel nothing must have used some unique technique to Instant Cast. Instant Cast Spells required an additional three Spell Levels, which meant that the difficulty of this Instant Cast ‘Group Hold’ spell was equivalent to a legendary spell. When the middle-aged woman discovered the anomaly, she was immediately sure that they were dealing with a legendary Wizard or Priest.

Some special Priests were also able to cast Group Hold.

The middle-aged woman didn’t even have time to do anything. Several dark shadows flew out on both sides of the road. The guards, who were above grade 3 or even up to grade 4, watched the enemy cut their throats. They were killed by enemies who were not their opponents at all in normal circumstances. The covert legendary spellcaster must have had a high level, and the tough Test of Will brought about by the strength of the spell basically overwhelmed the whole team of high-grade melee professions!

They stood still and couldn’t move, so they were slaughtered by the enemy like chickens and dogs, piercing their hearts and cutting their throats.

The bloody slaughter swiftly ended outside the carriage.

The middle-aged woman’s reaction speed was very fast. She almost immediately retracted and opened a scroll. Then she grabbed the beautiful girl next to her and prepared to take her away. As a princess of Arendell, she would have extremely expensive Teleportation scrolls that could be used to escape in times of crisis. Such scrolls were prohibitively expensive, costing tens of thousands of Gold Derahls just for scribing the scroll alone. The cost would even double if it were long-distance Teleportation.

But the next moment the middle-aged woman’s face became very stiff because the magic glow on the scroll sparked for a while and then disappeared.

“Dimensional Lock!”

The enemy had already made all preparations and had blocked all the dimensional spaces in the vicinity before they made their move.

“Your Highness Anna.” The middle-aged woman, with a serious expression, pulled two daggers out and whispered in the girl’s ear, “I’ll stop them later. You get out of the carriage and run toward Waterdeep, the city lord is a friend of Arendell and there are legendary professions there.”

The girl’s beautiful face was slightly pale. As she opened her mouth to say something, the middle-aged woman activated equipment that made her figure disappear in place.

“Greater Invisibility!”

“Greater Haste!”

“Greater Grace!”

“Greater Energy Shield!”

“Greater Mage Armour!”

Five successive magic glows emerged in an instant and the girl’s figure also completely disappeared. The middle-aged woman had no time to say anything more. She rushed out of the carriage to face the enemy and cold ice burst from her surroundings. Sharp blades of ice cut the enemy into pieces. Then electric arcs jumped in a crackle; the electric arc visible to the naked eye paralyzed all the enemies within thirty feet, and their skin became charred. The middle-aged woman’s body and hands were extremely agile. The dagger in her hand cut an enemy’s throat in an instant, and then she leaped to kill the second enemy.

The door of the carriage moved slightly.

But nothing could be seen, just like a breeze. It was as if something had left, but there were no footprints on the ground.

Suddenly a ray of magic shot through the air toward a blank area.

The middle-aged woman shouted loudly. Suddenly, a magic glow appeared on the button of her dress; in the next moment, she moved three meters to the side and blocked the ray with her body.

She immediately became oddly stiff!

A masked killer thrust a dagger at the middle-aged woman’s heart but was stopped just thirty centimeters away.

An Energy Shield.

The spellcaster, who had been hiding in the dark finally came out. Her whole body was covered by a black cloak. The position of her ears was slightly higher; that was the characteristic of the Elves, whose ears were much sharper than the Humans. The spellcaster also had a viper whip around her waist. She frowned and looked at the air in front of her. Then she rushed forward in that direction and cast True Seeing on herself.

There was an unclear figure who was trying hard to run away appeared in front of her,

“You can’t run away!”

The spellcaster’s mouth had a sinister smile. Then, a high-grade Dispel Magic broke the middle-aged woman’s Energy Shield. In the next moment, the spellcaster rushed toward the escaping girl at an alarming speed. It was not easy to escape from a legendary spellcaster. Even other legendary professions would find it hard, let alone a Human girl.

The distance between was reduced at a shocking rate.

The girl who was buffed by many spells had just escaped more than a hundred meters. Then, the spellcaster behind her appeared in front of her. With a stroke of her finger, she broke the protective shield and said in a magnetic voice, “Power Word: Stun!”

The girl stiffened immediately.

She was as motionless as a delicate doll, and only her beautiful eyes could turn slightly, revealing signs of despair.

A scream burst out not far away.

The middle-aged woman was stabbed in the heart by a masked man. Then, her head was cut off with a knife. The head rolled out five or six meters before the headless body fell to the ground with a thud. Although the girl could not move her body at all, the girl seemed to have heard something. Her lips moved slightly, but there was no sound coming out. Drops of tear had fallen from her beautiful big eyes.

The enemy was too overwhelming!

She did not even have the slightest capability to retaliate. This was how weak mere mortals were against legends.

“Kill all the others.”

The spellcaster with the black cloak looked at the girl in front of her and ordered, “Bring her with us!”

More than a dozen masked people appeared in the vicinity one after another. Some of them took off their black veils and showed their scarred faces. These people looked around coldly, and two of them reached out and grabbed the girl in front of them. However, when they reached out to grab the girl, all of a sudden the snow around them started to move. In a flash, a woman who looked very similar to the girl appeared; except for their hair color, the both of them had very similar features.

She was like a very powerful high queen appearing; with her figure oddly suspended in the air. She raised her hand and pointed ahead,

“Ice Finger!”

The two masked enemies near Princess Anna became stiff all over in an instant. A little ice particle spread from their hearts. In a blink of an eye, ice-covered their entire bodies, and soon they became two ice sculptures standing in place.


The beautiful girl seemed to have been freed from the spell. She sobbed and rushed to her sister in front of her, but she fell through her sister’s figure. The figure of the woman suspended in the air blurred for a moment then was surrounded by the flying snow and ice once more. The woman reconstructed her body and looked sternly at the Chosen of Maiden of Pain.

“Anna.” The elder princess, who was full of anger, did not turn back, but murmured, “Quickly get out of here. I’ll come to see you in a minute.


The elder princess did not appear as herself but as a formation of ice and snow.

The beautiful girl seemed to be aware of this. Gritting her teeth, she quickly fled towards the front. The masked enemies around there immediately rushed over, but just as they moved slightly, the ground diffused into a sheet of blue ice. The Maiden of Pain believers, who had the power of a grade 3 profession, all suddenly frozen into a series of ice statues.

In an instant, all the believers had lost their lives!

“Pak, pak.” The Chosen of the Maiden of Pain clapped her hands and looked at her with some surprise and amusement: “You truly are worthy of the name legendary Princess of Arendell!”

“The most powerful Fatespinner in history!”

“Even your icy embodiment already has abilities close to a legendary spellcaster. No wonder the Frostmaiden would ask me to deal with this girl.”

“Well then.”

“You should have felt something right? Somewhere in Arrendell, the power of cold is spreading!”

The elder princess’s face changed slightly. She raised her hand and instantly ice spread through her hand. In the next moment, the snow and ice around her moved like a storm, turning into numerous ice blades all around. Without even having the chance to dodge, or use Teleportation, the sky had been swiftly covered by the ice blades.

“Tat, tat, tat…!”

An invisible Energy Shield emerged, blocking tens of millions of ice blades hurling toward the Chosen one. The ground was full of deep ditches as the ice blades struck down around a hundred-meter radius.

The Chosen one of the Maiden of Pain slowly took off her cloaks and showed a scary face as there was a scar on the side of her face. Her skin was black and her pupils were red. It was also easy to tell that the Chosen one was a Drow from the Underdark. As the Chosen one of the Maiden of Pain, she did not seem to be afraid of such attacks. Instead, she looked up at the girl who was escaping and slowly said, “How many more times can you perform such spells? If you stay here, Arendell will soon become a dead city!”

“I’m really curious.”

“Will you choose to save your sister? Or the thousands of people in Arendell?


The most prosperous city in the Frost Kingdom. Its superior geographical position, proximity to the sea, had attracted countless caravans and an endless flow of ships that had not stopped even when it was the cold winter.

Somewhere on the other side of the sea, a girl in a white dress appeared slowly. The sea she had walked on was frozen to ice, her long silver hair flew in the wind, and the place she had traveled had been covered by snow.

The layer of ice spread at an alarming rate!

The whole sea near the port of Arendell was completely frozen. In the next moment, the busy workers on the wharves were frozen stiff in place, and then they were covered with ice and frozen into ice sculptures.

The girl gazed blankly ahead and looked up at the top of Arendell’s castle as she stepped onto the dock.

The top of the castle.

A woman that looked almost like Princess Anna, but also had silver hair stood in the snow. In front of her was a mirror made of ice. Inside the mirror was a Drow with a creepy smile.