A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 2120 - Do You Think… I Still Have The Chance?

Chapter 2120 Do You Think… I Still Have The Chance?

Cubes of cucumber were added to the spicy escargot. The cucumbers were refreshing, and were Mag’s favorite.

The refreshing and spicy escargot was extremely addictive together with chilled beer.

It was apparent that Eiffie was not able to take much spice. Although she kept drinking water, she still could not help taking in deep breaths.

Mag poured her a large pint of beer, and dropped two ice cubes in.

“Is this the new alcohol you brewed?” Eiffie asked Mag in shock as she looked at the golden bubbly liquid in front of her. The liquor’s aroma wafted over.

“No. This is beer I bought from Mamy Restaurant. I am rather close with the owner of Mamy Restaurant, so I bought a barrel for myself,” Mag replied.

“Beer?” Eiffie muttered softly. The sting on her lips was so intense that she could not help but take a big gulp of the drink.

The cold and sweet beer entered her mouth, extinguishing the fire inside. It was almost as though she could hear the hissing sound of the flames being put out. The stinging sensation was immediately alleviated by more than half. It was a cooling sensation that made one shudder. How thrilling

On top of that, there was a light fragrance lingering in her mouth after swallowing the liquor. However, that fragrance would disappear quickly. It was very refreshing. “This liquor is good!”

Eiffie could not help but praise the liquor in front of her.

The golden color, the transparency, and the white foam hanging on the wall of the cup made it look elegant and unique.

Eiffie picked up her glass, and drank another mouthful. This time, she did not swallow immediately, but savored its taste slowly.

This liquor was refreshing and smooth, but also rich. The alcohol was sweet, and the entire liquor blended very well and gently. After swallowing, a slight bitter taste lingered, but it was enjoyable. The amount of skill required to control that balance deserved a standing ovation.

“Good liquor.” Eiffie placed her glass down, and observed this pint of beer in front of her again.

Although it was not hard liquor, this beer still had a remarkable taste and texture.

If it went for the liquor-tasting event, it might just win a prize. “Good liquor indeed.” Mag nodded. He was the one who brewed it. Of course it was good.

Lunch might be a feast, but everyone still wiped the dishes clean.

Eiffie and Mala helped to clear the table.

Mag called Mala over to the kitchen to test her.

How do you test culinary talent? Eiffie thought to herself as she stood at the kitchen door curiously. She was thinking if she should take part as well. Perhaps she was just lacking a good mentor.

“Since you’re so interested in Mamy Restaurant, you must know how this eggplant with garlic sauce is made, right?” Mag said to Mala.

“Mm-hm. I’ve already memorized the recipe.” Mala nodded. “But I’ve not made it before.”

Mag took out a few ingredients from the refrigerator, and placed them on the kitchen counter, saying, “I have all the ingredients here. Just make the eggplant with garlic sauce for me based on what you understood.”

“Straight away?” Mala was rather surprised that her test was to make the eggplant with garlic sauce.

“Yes. There’s no use memorizing the recipe. You will only know how much you’ve mastered it after you make it.” Mag nodded. After teaching Mala how to light up the stove, he stood at the side with his hands behind him.

Mala looked towards the door, asking for help.

Eiffie clenched her fist, and cheered her on before she dashed away. Without her backup, Mala turned away. She took in a deep breath, and closed her eyes to recall the recipe for the eggplant with garlic sauce. After that, she washed her hands and started preparing the ingredients.

Mag stood at the side, watching without saying a word throughout.

Other than being a little nervous, Mala’s actions were rather swift.

However, she had to have learned from a terrible teacher, for her cooking style was very wild. She held a cleaver like it was a hay cutter.

The eggplant was cut unevenly, and Mala probably realized that as she even took the effort to refine it, but that caused the size difference to grow bigger.

Mag sighed to himself. Just the basics alone would take ages to train.

After that, Mala started cooking. She poured oil into the hot wok, and added chili broad bean paste…

The cooking process did shock Mag.

Mala performed way better than he had expected. She did rather well, be it on the timing to add the ingredients or the amount of seasoning added.

It was worlds apart compared to her cutting skills.

It seems she was misled.

Mala looked at Mala, who turned off the fire and plated the eggplant with garlic sauce, thoughtfully.

Other than the fact that the size wasn’t uniform, the dish in Mala’s hands did look rather like the eggplant with garlic sauce. Mala looked at Mag expectantly, and said, “Give it a


“There’s no need for that. Your hand shook a little when you were adding the seasoning, so you’ve added a little too much salt. You did not stir-fry it in time, so there’s a little burnt smell. The eggplant is not cut into pieces of equal size, so the texture would be bad,” Mag said calmly. Mala’s expectant expression froze. She pressed her lips together, and her eyes went red as her tears fell uncontrollably.

“Mr. Hades, have you always been this strict?” Eiffie smelled the fragrance, and thought that Mala must have succeeded. However, she did not expect Mag to criticize her so badly.

“No, he has always been very gentle to big sisters,” Amy said with a shake of her head.

“Is that so?” Irina looked at Mag with a seeming smile.

“Do you think… I still stand a chance?” Mala asked with grievance as she tried to hold her tears back.

Mag smiled and shook his head as he said, “No, you’re hired.”


Mala’s eyes widened as she looked at Mag with her mouth open in disbelief.

“But I am rather curious about one thing. Did you learn your cooking from an executioner? What a suave style.” Mag looked at Mala curiously.

“I learned it from…” Mala turned to look toward the door.

Eiffie, who was rather happy for Mala, froze upon hearing that. She looked rather awkward as she said to Irina, “I suddenly thought of something I had to do. Thank you for the warm lunch invitation. I’ll be going first.”

“Mm-hmm. Goodbye.” Irina nodded slightly.

Eiffie left quickly with her face flushed red. If Mr. Hades was to find out that her culinary skills were so bad, it would be very embarrassing

Mala turned back and shook her head, saying, “I learned it from a butcher, not an executioner.”

Mag smiled. He knew whom Mala probably inherited her culinary skills from.

“However… Can I really learn cooking from you?” Mala was still in a little disbelief.

“Yes. But before learning how to cook, you have to learn how to cut.”

Mag took out a pile of potatoes and carrots from the refrigerator. After that, he took a cleaver from the knife holder, and turned his wrist. The cleaver danced in the air.

A minute later, Mag kept the cleaver. The potato skin fell, and a cute little bear appeared, looking rather similar to Ugly Duckling, which was sleeping on the counter.

“Wow… Impressive!” Mala’s eyes widened, looking as though she found a new land.

It was the first time she knew that cleavers could be used that way!

“Having good cutting skills is the start to cooking. Today, we will start from learning cutting slices. Look at how I hold the knife…”