A Monster Who Levels Up

Chapter 93

Kim Sae-Jin spent his time sparring with and taking care of other Orcs together with Kim Yu-Rin, here in the village. Since Orcs were naturally drawn towards powerful individuals, so in his eyes, she had become quite a charming woman, which led to him forgetting about the passage of time; and it was already very late at night when they finally separated.

"Oh yeah~. It's all good…"

The clear illumination from the full moon high up on the dark and cloudless night sky coolly bathed the ground below.

While savouring the brilliance of the falling moonlight, Sae-Jin moved his feet. The light seemed to linger on with every footstep he left behind.


And before he knew it, his dazed stroll brought him back to the villa. There seemed to be an aura of loneliness creeping around this huge house with all of its lights off.

He grabbed the door handle and slowly pushed forward.

*SFX for noisy hinges*

Past the cold, indifferent noise, he saw the wide open living room. Now that he saw it in the darkness, he realised just how unnecessarily huge this place was.


When he closed the door, he sensed a person's presence, towards the living room's couch. Was she pretending to be asleep, or did he wake her up just now? Grinning slightly, he approached Yu Sae-Jung on the couch.

"…Are you awake?" (Sae-Jin)

Yu Sae-Jung didn't even budge, her face deeply buried in the cushions of the couch. Since he could hear her heartbeat increasing rapidly, she was indeed faking it, but was she angry at him being so late?


Unfortunately for her, Sae-Jin simply chose to go to his room instead. He didn't feel like humouring her at all if he could help it…

"Eu-eum… Oppa, you came back?"

At the same time, Yu Sae-Jung slowly raised her head up. She pretended to be woken up just now by keeping her eyes half-shut, while reaching out and holding his wrist tightly.

"Were you asleep?" (Sae-Jin)

"Mm. Because, the guy who said he'd be back by 5… hadn't come until 1 in the morning, you see."

He sat down on the couch and while smiling apologetically, brushed her hair.

Maybe the moonlight pouring down in the darkness was to blame, but for some reason, she looked especially pretty today. On top of this, she even exuded this unfamiliar sensuality as well. Half-open eyes, deeply blushing cheeks, and most of all, a very suggestive attire she had on. She was wearing only a thin one-piece night gown and whenever she moved her body, Sae-Jin could spy on the sight of her unexpectedly rich cleavage.

"…Why were you so late? You said you'd be home early." (Yu Sae-Jung)

Inside this darkened room, she continued to speak, her voice sounding weak.

"There was this thing I had to take care of, and I ended up being a little late." (Sae-Jin)

"It's not 'a little' but 'a lot'. Let's get that straight." (Yu Sae-Jung)

Yu Sae-Jung complained as she interlocked her fingers with his. Since he felt apologetic, he didn't offer any resistance, and she kept on playing with his hands.

"By the way, Oppa. Did you know? It's already been over two years since we first met."

As if it came to her just now, she mentioned this fact 'in passing'.

"It's been that long?" (Sae-Jin)

"We met during the early spring, 2nd year of high school, and I'm twenty now, so yeah, it just about checks out."

After thinking back for a bit, Sae-Jin suddenly broke out in short laughter.

"I remember now. You were quite rude back then. You seemed so expectant but when I introduced myself as a Hunter, your face became really distorted…"

"N, no way… I, I may have behaved like that before, but I was naïve back then. Now, I'm a lot… different? I get to hear a lot nowadays that my personality has changed, you know? It's all because of you, Oppa."


? Hmm…"

He feigned falling into a deep dilemma, and sure enough, Yu Sae-Jung began throwing a tantrum, telling him to stop teasing her.

"What? Your first impression of me was that I was an impolite girl?" (Yu Sae-Jung)

"No, an impolite rich girl."


And so, from those simple and ill-timed words, the pleasant memories began to bloom brightly in their minds.

When the two of them met for the first time, when they went out on a hunt together, when Kim Sae-Jin 'revealed' his identity to her, etc, etc… Time quickly flowed as they talked and soon, they had arrived at the day of Yu Sae-Jung's coming of age ceremony.

"And when Oppa tried to take advantage of me…" (Yu Sae-Jung)

"Mm? Oh, uh, at the time I was…"

"Let me finish first. Back then, I said I'd wait until Oppa truly likes me from the depth of your heart and left, right? I was such a world-class moron back then, you know?" (Yu Sae-Jung)

She then stopped her words, and as if she had decided on something, got right next to him while swallowing down her saliva.

"That night when I was leaving, I was like, I am so cool, can't you see… But, from the following week since then, I've been regretting it. Every night when I try to sleep, I regret what I've done, I kick away my duvet, and then regret that instead… Oppa knows this too, don't you? That I like Oppa a lot. I just couldn't stand it when I think about that great chance I messed up."

As the atmosphere turned a bit 'strange', Sae-Jin ended up scratching the blameless cheeks of his; meanwhile, Yu Sae-Jung took a deep breath.

"That's why, I'm going to say this out aloud. I really, really don't think I can wait for Oppa anymore. Can't you just help me somehow?"

"Well, look. I'm exaggerating a bit but I dream of dreams with Kim Sae-Jin in them seven days a week. And in them, when Kim Sae-Jin hates me, it turns into a nightmare, and if he likes me, then it's the sweetest dream there can be."

Kim Sae-Jin didn't say a word while hearing her calm and composed confession - because, he could definitely sense her ardent feelings for him contained within her trembling voice.

"And when Oppa meets with another woman, even though I don't say anything, things become really difficult for me. I struggle to fall asleep that night, and I have nightmares, too."

While she gazed at him, Yu Sae-Jung did her best to disguise her restlessness with a smile.

"…So, that's why, can't we… maybe start seeing each other? I… I heard from Hye-Rin Unni that people do fall in love while dating."

As she peered into his eyes, her heart beat away like crazy in her chest.

"Even if Oppa is not ready, I'll… try harder. Honestly… isn't it true that you won't find other woman like me anywhere else, right?"

She cautiously and clearly spoke all the words she wanted to say to him until now during this opportunity.

However - Kim Sae-Jin maintained his silence. And Yu Sae-Jung's body quivered from the fear of being rejected.

A thick silence descended on the living room, accompanied by the heavy moonlight.

Five minutes passed by, and then, ten.

Yu Sae-Jung could not endure this silence anymore, and so, completely disregarding whatever consequences there could be, threw herself aggressively into his arms.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and planted her lips on his. Although she had jumped in without a thought for what would happen next, her lips were still quivering from that fear of rejection.

But fortunately for her, Sae-Jin did not push her away. No, he gently wrapped his arms around her waist, instead. That gave her the confidence and ever so slightly, she slid her tongue between his lips.

Their tongues intertwined, wetting each other's mouths.

Unlike Yu Sae-Jung who only learned about romance through novels, Sae-Jin was much more accomplished with his kisses. Of course, he too didn't have any experience, but he simply let the instincts of the Lycanthrope, the creature well versed in the pursuit of all things pleasurable, take over the proceedings.

While their lips were locked tight, he touched her through the gown. He felt the silkiness of her skin and the perfect curvature of her body through the thin fabric. As expected of a Knight, her body was firm and smooth.

"Ha, ah…"

She breathed out restlessly and actively writhed her body, so he could touch her even more. And before long, the hand touching her gown began to dig into her bare flesh.


The more he desired her, the more she clung onto him. She breathed hotly near his ear, as if to fan the flames of his urges even more.

And to show that she had succeeded, Sae-Jin's suddenly became a lot more harsher. He didn't simply undress her, he ripped the thin gown off and then began leaving behind his marks all over her bare flesh as if he was conquering her.


She felt a great deal of pain, as if an untamed animal was biting her, but she endured it. But even such pain was temporary. Her awakening body replaced all the painful parts into zones of pleasure.

The time, two in the morning. When the moon was at her highest; when, allegedly, people would be at their most vulnerable mindset.

The living room couch became stained with the odd heat and saliva as two people sought to fill the void.


He opened his eyes. No, his eyes opened by themselves. A woman had woken him up after continuously squirming within his arms.

The world was still dark outside the window.

Kim Sae-Jin looked down on the naked figure in his arms and let out a long sigh. The memories of the deed itself was a bit of blur, but the sensations remained still so real. In the end, his desires won over his reasoning.

'Oh, well…'

However, he quickly shook away the feelings of regret. What's done was done already. Of course, the effects of the full moon had played some part in the things unfolding this way, but really, he had an inkling that things might turn out this way - yet, still ended up setting himself up.

And well, wasn't Sae-Jung a wonderful woman, to begin with? She was pretty, had great abilities, and not to mention, her background could be called the best in South Korea.

'…But why is she making that face?'

A loose smile broke out on Sae-Jin's face.

Yu Sae-Jung's face that showed how happy she was left a deep impression on him. He could tell that she was definitely asleep, yet there was a thick smile on her lips, and he even heard her rhythmic breathing that somehow sounded as if she was singing. Looked like she was enjoying a really good dream…

That appearance of hers proved to be quite alluring, so Sae-Jin embraced her real tightly. However, a pair of soft sensations directly touching his skin ended up activating his instincts once more.

Again, she was still in a deep slumber. As it was her first time, she must've been exhausted, but… he was thinking that, since she looked so happy, doing it one more time wouldn't be a problem at all.

He assumed a slightly crooked smile and began twisting his body bit by bit. It was time for the second round to begin.

As an aside, Yu Sae-Jung did wake up in the middle and in an unbridled panic, ended up scratching the hell out of his back.

Since then, three weeks went by.

During these three weeks, Sae-Jin got to know intimately just how being newly-weds felt like. They ate together every day and also, made love regardless of time every day as well. Now that he was no longer held back by constraints, he jumped on Yu Sae-Jung whenever he got the chance. So much so, she even stopped counting how many times they did it in a day.

Whenever his instincts took over, he pulled her in like a violent wild beast, but she welcomed him with a wide open smile, instead.

And so, the three weeks of honeymoon came to an end with them becoming official 'lovers' and Kim Sae-Jin left behind a slightly saddened Yu Sae-Jung to make his return.

The thing was, no matter how hot, three weeks were sufficient enough for the news to cool down. Stories related Sae-Jin had gradually faded away, and eyeing this opportunity, he let the proverbial bomb go off.

The information on Kim Hahn-Seol and his backers - Chaebols and National Assembly members - were exposed to the public. And so, the powerful momentum of the winds of revenge began to gather slowly.

- I stake the life I've lived until now - all those reports in the media are untrue!!

Kim Hahn-Seol and his backers showed off the expected response - a categorical denial. They were acting like this with the belief that they could escape out of this predicament - but that was because only a part of the information had been revealed to the public yet. The more they struggled, the deeper their graves would become, however.

"Miss Yu Baek-Song, have you seen the news?"

- "…"

Yu Baek-Song didn't say a word. She was probably trying to remain respectful towards the superior officer she had been taking orders from until now.

"It'll be troublesome for me if you don't reply. After all, I only started this matter because of you, Miss Yu Baek-Song."

- "Hey, why are you saying this thing is for me? I…"

"Let's discuss the details later on when we meet up, as I'm quite busy at the moment. When can we meet?"

- "Huh? Uh, I'm also busy nowadays, so…"

"You don't have anything lined up for July 14th, no? Let's meet on that date."

He could hear her hold her breath over the line. Since he had installed a ton of spyware as well as inserted a few spies in the midst of the SID, finding out about this much wasn't a problem at all.

- "No, no wait, that's not…"

"Ah, I just received another call. Hold on a sec. I'll call you back some other time."

He confirmed the name shown on the LCD screen and hurriedly changed his conversation partner.

- "Oh, Mister Kim Sae-Jin. It's a relief that you answered your phone. I'm Kim Hahn-Seol. I saw that important announcement three weeks ago with great interest. I have to say, that sure was something else."

The call was from Kim Hahn-Seol. He sounded quite relaxed for a guy whose dirty laundry was hung out to dry for all to see.

"…Yes, well. Thank you."

Kim Sae-Jin also maintained his calm.

- "Huhuh. And that is why, shouldn't we reschedule the cancelled meeting? After all, with the revelation of some unsavoury matters, it could not be helped at the time, no? For you, I've readied quite a few nice little presents, you see."

Kim Sae-Jin stayed silent.

He just had realised it - Kim Hahn-Seol's 'neutral' aura he felt back then was actually this - he was the type of a person who would readily burn his bridges without hesitation if it meant fulfilling his ambitions.

- "Keum. This is actually a secret, but well, I was never really convinced of you being implicated in the tax fraud from the very beginning. Such things don't appear on the surface unless someone wills it, no? That's why I asked one of my close associates to look into the matter."

That was how this man was able to sell off his so-called comrades. Kim Hahn-Seol probably had felt in his bones, that now was the time he changed the ship he was sailing on.

"…Is that right?"

- "Indeed. And it's definitely a political manoeuvring, this whole ordeal. Since I've uncovered those behind this plot, why don't we meet and share this info…"

Sae-Jin let this rather well-composed pleading enter one ear and flow out the other while carrying a cold smile.

Just how many people did Kim Hahn-Seol betray in this manner as this guy climbed up to his current position?

Hearing this man talk, whatever little speck of sympathy Sae-Jin had disappeared. So, he said some non-committal replies and hung up the phone.

*SFX for the doorbell chime*

As soon as he ended the call, someone rang his doorbell.

*SFX for a door abruptly opening*

Even before he could say, "who is it", Yu Sae-Jung opened the door and lightly walked into his house.

"Mister Kim Sae-Jin? Your lover has arrived~."

Kim Sae-Jin let out a long sigh and stood up, all the while thinking, Is she trying to cause a scandal or something?

With the awakening of the ruler of all Vampires, the Vampire Lord, there was no longer a leeway with the time anymore. The decision on who would fill the role of the future ruler of the species had to be made before the current, dying Lord kicked the bucket. And before even that could happen, they had to connect all three Dead Fissures within the Monster field together.

Now pressured by the lack of time, Bathory had no choice but to do something quite rare. And that was to combine the might of her House and that of the 'el Las' House and its leader, the kid named 'Thsironen'. (TL: 트시로넨)

"Hey, kid. Let's be honest here, there isn't enough time for us to wait for you to grow up. So, although we're working together, the position of the Lord shall…" (Prillani Bathory)

"Let's discuss that matter later. As the heads of our respective Houses, we are on the equal position here, after all." (Thsironen el Las)

Bathory gritted her teeth. Honestly, this little tyke was…

"First of all, you can't connect the portals because you don't have the artificial heart anymore, right? While the date our Lord has spoken of is fast approaching as we speak." (el Las)

"…Well, technically, it isn't exactly like that, though?" (Bathory)

"Does that mean you don't need the aid of my people, then? If that's the case, I'll be on my way." (el Las)

"…Now hold it, right there. For now, I'll listen to what you have to say."

The skin and hair that were paler than palest white, and the pair of blood-red eyes that contrasted such paleness - possessing such appearance that even other Vampires would find creepy, Thsironen maintained composure even in front of Bathory.

"For now, those Nosferatus are the most suspicious ones so let's combine our powers. Then, we open the portal, and then, we wait for the next command of our Lord. Thankfully, the Lord will be able to extend his life by another six months or so. Let's decide on the rest after everything's been resolved." (el Las)

Bathory's forehead creased. It was like, as if this little tyke had the ambition of becoming the next Lord, and thus, this boy was proving to be difficult to deal with.


But there was very little she could do, at least for now. Even if it was for a short while, she needed a helper, after her truly incompetent foolish servants had messed up everything.

Also, if she didn't like the way things were going, then…

'I'll just kill this little f*cker.'

Bathory lightly nodded her head.

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