48 Hours a Day

Chapter 429 - I’ll Do It Alone

Chapter 429 I’ll Do It Alone

“Who wants to tell me who’s fault this is? A few minutes ago, our lovely target was still working in this natatorium. When we got here, he is gone.”

The technicians were all extremely nervous right now, knowing all too well that the newly appointed boss wasn’t someone easy to get along with. Abu’s slightly swollen face was the best proof of that. He pretended to be serious, but everyone saw the creases between his eyebrows. They almost laughed out loud.

“Who else can you blame? If you didn’t waste our time, we should have arrived here a few minutes ago, and Edward wouldn’t have run.”

In the end, Scarlet turned out to be the one to give him an unceremonious scolding.

“Let Zero seek out individuals entering and exiting the natatorium in the past few minutes, and look for the most suspicious person.”

Immediately, the technicians started working, fingers furiously tapping away on their keyboards.

The coffee-mug man looked helpless. “Can’t you see? There is a traitor among us! Someone leaked our plan to our enemies. If the traitor is not found, how are we supposed to carry out our plan?” he scowled

“It doesn’t matter. You go ahead and look for whoever it is. I’ll be here alone, doing whatever needs to be done,” Scarlet replied with that chilly undertone.

She walked to the last truck and asked the driver to open the door. At the same time, the technician chipped in, seeming slightly happy. “I found it! Just three minutes ago, Edward got on a blue Dacia Sandro, and they passed us,” he said in excitement.

“Very well, send me their location,” Scarlett said, then got onto the truck.

“Are you serious? They’ve been gone for a long time now. If they are smart enough, they’ll abandon the car. How are you going to track them down and capture them then?” the coffee man frowned.

The moment he finished his sentence, he saw a motorcycle jump out of the truck, doing a wheelie and rushing forward at an unimaginable speed.

“-Dodge Tomahawk, the fastest bike-like vehicle produced by Chrysler Automobiles in the United States. Taking after a Batmobile, it came equipped with a Dodge Viper 8.3-liter V10 engine, churning out a healthy 500 horsepower. Coupled with its four wheels, it could reach a terrifying speed of 676 kilometers per hour.”

Since a bike was a lot smaller than a car, it was also nimbler and more maneuverable in the city. The rider, however, had to be skillful enough to dodge all the obstacles in its path. In the blink of an eye, Scarlet’s figure disappeared from everyone’s eyes. “Hehehe, did you see that? This is the ‘ability to execute’ that I’ve always emphasized,” the coffee man said, “If all of you possess such zeal and enthusiasm, we could easily take out ten Edwards. Okay… next, those who know where Edward was before this, come to the natatorium with me. I want everyone to… have a little swim and relaxation.”

A sneer appeared on Abu’s face after he heard what the boss said. However, his smile froze at the corners of his mouth when he saw the demon-like figure turning and looked at him.

“Abu, let’s start with you.”

“Who are you?” Edward in the rear seat asked.

Zhang Heng informed him at the natatorium that he wasn’t from Black Nest. Edward too did not doubt it since Black Nest didn’t need to conceal their identity. It was also why Edward followed Zhang Heng into the car without asking a single question. Now that the two of them were finally safe, Edward went ahead and asked what was on his mind.

Zhang Heng handed Edward a communicator, to which Edward frowned, “You may not know that Black Nest is constantly monitoring every corner of this city. They only found us because of this thing over here. They have erected a server in the area, and as long as the sensor detects the analog signals, they will be intercepted. We know that it’s not limited to only cell phone signals, radios, and other electronic devices. An Al system will be analyzing all this information.”

“It doesn’t matter. The line has been encrypted,” Zhang Heng said.

Edward took the communicator and listened to it. A familiar female voice could be heard from the other side of the communicator.

“Brother, are you all right???” “Leah? Are you here too?!”

“Yes, Luke and the 01 Guerrillas rescued me from Black Nest. It was all rather thrilling, but fortunately, we are all fine. But the person who’s been taking care of you… got killed by Black Nest. .”

“Sorry for getting you involved in this dangerous matter,” Edward apologized.

“No, you are just doing the right thing. The ones who should be sorry are those who make the world even worse than it already is,” Leah said.

Edward was silent for a moment. “I made a mistake,” he said, “When they recruited me, they promised to use my technology and their capital to make the world a better place. I believed them, but the results are completely different from their original promise. This is my fault, and I must correct it myself.”

“Don’t worry; we’ll fix it together.”

Zhang Heng drove the Dacia Sandro into a parking lot. Once he received Edward’s coordinates, he set off immediately to prevent the Black Nest from getting there before him. He did not have time to make too many plans, telling Semiprime that he would meet him on the second floor of the parking lot. Semiprime would drive a new car there to replace this one, and when all that was done, the three would leave together in the new car.

Zhang Heng received news that Semiprime had reached the designated location half a minute ago. Hence, he drove the car to the second floor below the basement. When he saw Semiprime waving at him from a distance, Zhang Heng stopped the car, and Edward was about to open the door.

“Stay in the car,” Zhang Heng said sharply with a frown.

After that, Zhang Heng opened the door of the driver’s seat, and he heard a rumbling sound coming from the entrance, like a giant steel beast roaring. The sound became louder and louder.

Zhang Heng then said to Semiprime on the other side, “Get down and hide.”

Out of nowhere, a hideous-looking bike-like vehicle appeared in front of the three of them, and the woman in red raised her submachine gun. Once she pulled the trigger, a rain of bullets started flying in all directions.

The glass shattered, and Zhang Heng rolled over to the concrete pillar next to him. The woman on the bike was fixated on shooting Zhang Heng. Immediately, she directed her weapons to the back seat of Dacia Sandro.

Her goals and intentions were obvious. As long as Edward was dead, the winner of this round would be decided. There was no need to fight with other players.

The next moment, she detected a threat approaching her. She focused her strength at her waist and jumped off the Dodge Tomahawk. At the same time, she threw away the submachine gun in her hand and drew the katana to deflect the incoming arrow. Zhang Heng did not stop there. He shot three arrows in one go, but Scarlet managed to dodge all of them with her incredible skills and inhuman reflexes. The expression on Zhang Heng’s face remained unchanged. He drew the Paris Arrow from his quiver and put it on the bowstring.