Chapter 995: Old Acquaintance

Xiao Yan ceased hiding after seeing that he had been discovered. He revealed himself, swept his gaze over the black-clothed man, and said, “I am only passing by. There is no need to be anxious.”

The eyes of the black-clothed man coldly studied Xiao Yan. The other party’s age seemed to be a little younger than him. However, based on his sharp senses honed from having fought with others for many years, the man could vaguely sense a slight dangerous feeling from Xiao Yan. His heart was slightly startled. Although he clearly knew that those who could arrive at this place at such a time definitely had some skills, there were not many who could cause him to feel a little danger.

“I am Tang Ying from the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion. You seem a little unfamiliar. May I know which faction do you belong to or which clan do you come from?” The black-clothed young man cupped his hands to Xiao Yan as he inquired. He had heard about a little of the experts from the younger generation within the Central Plains. However, this was indeed the first time whom he had seen the person in front of him. Therefore, he had asked in a more detailed fashion. It was right to ask a little more when one roamed the world. The worst were those people who do not know their limits and think that their father is the strongest when they are nothing. Fortunately, this Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion Tang Ying was not such a person. Otherwise, he might well end up being finished in this place. That would be a pity to his half a lifetime of training and the great expectations from his faction.

“Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion?” Xiao Yan felt startled in his heart when he heard this name. It was unexpected that this person was someone from the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion. Moreover, the name Tang Ying was one that he had heard of when he had been outside of the mountain range. He was also a young, talented person who was comparable to Miss Feng from the Wing Lightning Pavilion.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before cupping his hands together and replying, “Xiao Yan.”

“Xiao Yan?”

A shock expression appeared on Tang Ying’s cold face when he heard this name. He looked at Xiao Yan and said, “The Xiao Yan who has recently had a fiery hot conflict with the Wind Lightning Pavilion?”

Xiao Yan smiled and mentioned casually, “It is merely a little conflict.”

Tang Ying’s eyes involuntarily changed a little when he heard direct acknowledgement from Xiao Yan. He was naturally aware of the conflict between Xiao Yan and the Wind Lightning Pavilion during this period of time. Even if his ability to break through the Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation placed by the three Elders was really due to him borrowing the strength of others as the rumors had said, it was still quite outstanding. Looking at it this way, there was another strong opponent in the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool competition this time around in addition to the people from the other three pavilions.

“A small conflict would not be able to draw out an old demon like Fei Tian.” Tang Ying also did not seem like a talkative person. After randomly saying some words, he did not wish to stay any longer. He said, “Now is not the time to chat. Hopefully, I will be able to meet you at the Heaven Mountain Stage. At that time, we might be able to work together.”

Tang Ying did not wait for Xiao Yan’s reply after saying such words. His figure moved and he swiftly entered the dense fog. He disappeared within the blink of an eye.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head upon seeing that this fellow was walking so quickly. These fellows seemed to possess a cautious mind. Xiao Yan wanted to walk together with a person who knew the way, but the other party seemed to be unwilling to contribute his resources to be shared. However, it made sense when Xiao Yan thought about it. If there was one additional person who reached the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, there would be an additional competitor. Who would want to find an opponent for themselves for no reason…

“But what is this Heaven Mountain Stage that this fellow mentioned? Ugh, this place is really foreign to me and all the information is indeed hidden…” Xiao Yan frowned. He let out a soft sigh as his toes pressed on a tree branch. His body was just like a large bird that plunged down. Finally, he also charged into the dense fog.

Xiao Yan also lost the ease that he had felt earlier in the subsequent journey because the strength of the Magical Beasts around him was gradually growing stronger. Moreover, quite a number of Magical Beasts were quite troublesome to deal with. Even though Xiao Yan relied on his Spiritual Perception, he was still unable to successfully escape all of them. Naturally, he had no choice but to fight. Hence, his speed was greatly reduced.

However, Xiao Yan had no other choice. He did not have a path and it was impossible for him to come to this place without relying on the flow of energy to act as a signboard. The Heaven Eye Mountain Range was incomparably vast. This, along with the lingering fog, made it appear just like a maze.

The number of people around decreased the deeper Xiao Yan headed into the mountain range. Xiao Yan had only met two others after Tang Ying. These two people were quite strong with the both of them being at the Dou Huang class. They were engaged in an intense battle with a rank 6 Magical Beast when Xiao Yan discovered them. However, it was clear that these two people’s perception was not as sharp as Tang Ying. Hence, they did not discover Xiao Yan’s trail. All they did was roughly observe their surroundings before quietly leaving.

Time also swiftly flowed by while Xiao Yan was charging ahead. Following the change in the weather, the visibility within the forest was gradually reduced. In the end, one could not even see one’s five fingers. Following the arrival of night, the Magical Beast within the Heaven Eye Mountain Range seemed to have become more activity. Numerous beast roars repeatedly sound before reverberating across the mountain range.

This kind of environment was extremely unsuitable for traveling. It was likely that even Miss Feng, Tang Ying, and the others who possessed a map would stop traveling at this time. An entire day of traveling and fighting with Magical Beasts would have exhausted them. If they did not take the opportunity to quickly recuperate, it was likely that they would have difficulty enduring the rest of the way to the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

Xiao Yan also hesitated in the face of this kind of terrible environment to travel. However, after musing for a moment, he clenched his teeth. He only rested for a moment before beginning to travel.

Xiao Yan was clearly aware that he had used a trick by relying on sensing the flow of the energy. However, this would definitely widen the gap between him and those like Tang Ying. Ever since he had met Tang Ying during the day, Xiao Yan was unable to discover Tang Ying’s figure regardless of how quickly Xiao Yan traveled. It was likely that he was much further ahead…

Hence, if Xiao Yan truly wish to catch up to those fellows, he needed to travel during the night. This might be quite dangerous, but it was fortunate that by relying on his Spiritual Perception, Xiao Yan could try his best to reduce the level of danger…

Xiao Yan’s feet violently stomped on a tree branch. The powerful and fierce force caused the large tree to violently tremble. His figure had also transformed into a blurry black shadow, swiftly shuttling through this dark forest.


A figure suddenly flashed within the dark forest where one could not even see one’s fingers. Immediately, a palm was violently imprinted on the body of a Magical Beast hidden to the side. The force surged out and shook the beast until it heavily collided against a tree trunk. It had lost its life before it had the time to let out a roar.


A human figure gently landed on a tree branch amid the darkness. He let out a rough breath and a Moonlight Stone was lifted. Warm light was emitted, and was immediately reflected by the surrounding fog. However, Xiao Yan’s young face was revealed with the help of the light.

The night journey was much harder than Xiao Yan had expected. Quite a number of powerful and cunning Magical Beasts were hidden in the darkness. They were just like hunters waiting for their prey to deliver themselves to them. If Xiao Yan did not have the help of his Spiritual Perception, it was likely that at least over ten injuries would have appeared on his body. The danger of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range had exceeded his expectations.

Xiao Yan took out a medicinal pill and stuffed it in his mouth as his gaze glanced at the the corpse of the Magical Beast a short distance away. He quickly sat crossed-legged. Traveling through the night had exhausted him. Additionally, fighting with those troublesome Magical Beast along the way had used up quite a bit of his strength.

Xiao Yan only slowly opened his eyes after resting for nearly half an hour. He once again sensed the energy flow in the mountain range, and there was a little joy in his eyes. The feeling of the flow was becoming increasingly obvious. Clearly, Xiao Yan was getting closer to that location.

“I should put in more effort. Hopefully, I will be able to catch up to those fellows before morning arrives…”

Xiao Yan licked his mouth and quietly laughed. His body moved, transforming into a black figure that once again entered the dark forest…

Xiao Yan did not spend much time resting during the night. Most of it was spent traveling. However, this bitter journey was not without effect. There were a total of five to six people who were overtaken by Xiao Yan during his journey. These fellows were involuntarily a little stunned when they saw his human figure shuffling through the darkness. This person… was a little too bold.

Xiao Yan was unconcerned about the shock in these people’s heart. He was able to sense the light within the forest was gradually becoming much brighter. Clearly, night was gradually withdrawing.

When the sky gradually brightened, the Magical Beasts, which were unusually active at night, also gradually withdrew. The beast roars in the mountain range had also weakened.

Xiao Yan landed gently on a gigantic tree. His hand grabbed at the empty space in front of him. The powerful energy that was contained within the fog caused his face to reveal his shock.

“The density of the energy in this place is incredible. No wonder it is able to form a mysterious thing like the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. It is likely that this place is already in the deepest regions of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range…” Xiao Yan softly muttered. He immediately braced his attention. Looking at this, it seemed that he was about to arrive at his destination.

Xiao Yan parted his mouth. His face also involuntarily revealed a smile that seemed to have placed a heavy burden down. He was just about to move when his ear suddenly moved. The faint sound of blades colliding as well as energy exploding was transmitted over from a spot not far to his left.

Xiao Yan’s gaze glanced toward his left before it was quickly withdrawn. He had seen a lot of similar situations along the way. Xiao Yan was not a saint and did not spend the effort to help each person he passes. With a shake of his head, Xiao Yan moved his toes, and continued forward.

However, the instant he was about to move, a moving lady’s cry penetrated through the fog and was transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ears. Immediately, his figure, which was about to flash away, completely stiffened!

This voice was moving and wonderful. It was likely that its owner was a beauty. Moreover, Xiao Yan was not unfamiliar with this voice. He even felt that it had stirred a particularly deep memory!