Chapter 950: Mysterious Strong Person

The pale-black ashes slowly drifted down from the sky before forming a thin black-colored layer that covered the surface of the ground. This unusual scene caused a chill to rise within everyone’s heart. No one knew just what had happened. Even with the strength of Xia Mang, he could only just stand and watch as many poisonous snakes suddenly turned to ashes. Even he was completely unaware of the reason for the unexpected change.

A strange silence covered the gorge. A countless number of poisonous snakes on both sides of the gorge appeared to have sensed an uneasiness. Their bodies were tensed up while an irritable hissing was repeatedly emitted from their mouths, causing the atmosphere within the valley to become much darker and colder than before.

Han Chong’s group looked at each other. They immediately slowly stepped back the convoy and protected Han Xue at their center. Their alert eyes were locked on Xia Mang in the sky.

The silent atmosphere continued for a moment before Xia Mang finally recovered. His gaze was somewhat hesitant as he swept over the place. It landed on Han Xue attractive lovely face and his eyes once again turned fiery hot. Clenching his teeth, he once again emitted a sharp hissing sound from his mouth. The countless number of poisonous snakes on both sides of the valley hesitated a little upon hearing this hissing sound before a fierce glow flashed across their eyes. They twitched their bodies, which became just like many sharp arrows that emitted a ‘xiu xiu’ sound as they shot over to the convoy.

Seeing the poisonous snakes launching another attack, Han Chong’s group quickly summoned their Dou Qi. However, before they could attack, the mysterious ‘bang bang’ sound once again rang across the sky. A countless number of fireballs appeared before swiftly being extinguished like the epiphyllum flower. Finally, the snakes turned to dust that slowly scattered down.

A wild joy surged into the eyes of Han Chong’s group upon seeing this scene. At this point they could guess that there was someone secretly helping them…

“Xiao-jie (young miss)…” An excitement surfaced on Han Chong face as he looked at Han Xue and softly uttered.

Han Xue gently waved her hand. Her pretty eyes slowly swept around her, but she did not discover the slightest trace of anyone. Immediately, her brows were slightly knit together. Could their luck really be this good? They were actually able to meet an expert who would lend them a hand at such a moment?

Her pretty eyes wandered before suddenly and unexpectedly pausing on a carriage a moment later. That place… was where Xiao Yan was located.

Han Xue’s long eyelashes blinked gently when her sight paused on the carriage. Before she could think deeper, Xia Mang’s dark, cold voice was transmitted from the sky.

“May I know which expert is here? I am Xia Mang. Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way. However, the matter today is a private one between these fellows and I. Friend, please do not intervene.” Xia Mang’s eyes swept across the sky as he cupped his hands together.

Xiao Mang’s voice slowly reverberated though this gorge. However, there was no reply. Just when he was feeling somewhat frustrated, an elderly voice spoke in a concise manner.

“Get lost.”

The sudden elderly voice appeared to have descended from the sky before lingering beside everyone’s ears. At this moment, the joy within the hearts of Han Chong’s group grew denser. There was indeed an expert helping them…

Han Xue’s pretty eyes turned away from the carriage where Xiao Yan was located when the elderly voice sounded. They swept to other locations, intent to find this mysterious expert.

“Do you really wish to fight because of these useless people?” A fierce glow flashed across Xia Mang’s eyes. However, he did not dare to attack because of the strange scene from earlier. All he did was speak in a sinister manner.

“If you do not get lost within ten breaths, you will die!”

The owner of the voice earlier once again gave an extremely concise reply to Xia Mang’s words. Even Han Chong and the others could hear a faint cold laugh and ridicule from the voice. It seemed to be mocking Xia Mang for being overconfident of his strength.

Xia Mang’s eyes became gloomy after being treated so rudely twice. He was able to act as he pleased in this place for many years not because there were no experts who wanted to kill him. Instead, it was because this mountain range was really too large and there were a countless number of snake holes within it. As long as Xia Mang transformed his body and entered the deep mountains, finding him would be an extremely troublesome matter. It was due to this that this fellow’s fierce name had gradually become stronger.

A dense coldness flashed across Xia Mang’s eyes, but nothing could be discerned from his face. Instead, he cupped his hands in all directions and said, “Since friend insist on protecting them, Xia Mang shall give you this face today…”

Xia Mang had just reached his last word when a cold glint erupted from his eyes. His feet immediately pressed against the empty air as his body flashed like jade-green lightning. Within the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Han Xue. Powerful Dou Qi surged out at this moment and an enormous air flow shook Han Chong’s group until they swiftly stepped back.

“Little girl, hardly any woman whom this grandpa fancies can escape.”

Xia Mang laughed lewdly as Dou Qi surged. He immediately grabbed at Han Xue. The swiftness of his speed was something that Han Xue could not dodge with her strength. Hence, she could only watch as the other party’s claw landed on her shoulder.

“You are seeking death!”

Xia Mang’s hand had just landed when a cold cry that contained killing intent suddenly sounded. Immediately an invisible energy ripple merged with the space in a lightning-like manner. An instant later, it exploded strangely on Xia Mang’s chest.


A low, deep explosion sounded, but it did not cause even the slightest energy collision. Nevertheless, over half of the Dou Qi that permeated Xia Mang’s body immediately scattered. An enormous force exploded on his chest and the wild violent strength blasted the scales on his skin until they were drenched with fresh blood. Xia Mang’s body hurried away.

“Protect xiao-jie (Young Miss)!”

The invisible attack forced back Xia Mang. Seeing this, Han Chong’s group hurriedly swarmed forward. They swarmed and surrounded Han Xue. Their gazes were viciously staring at Xia Mang.

Han Xue’s pretty eyes stared at Xia Mang, who had been left in such a miserable state with just one attack. A monstrous wave was raised within her heart. She knew that despite this fellow being loathful, his strength was not weak. Adding to the fact that his original form was a Magical Beast with exceptionally strong defensive capabilities, he did not expect that he would end up in this miserable manner without even having seen his enemy… just how frightening strong was the person who had attacked him? It was likely that they would hardly find such an expert even within the entire Han clan.

Xia Mang continued stepping back over a hundred steps. Only then did he stop his body with a shocked expression. He wiped off the blood trace on the corner of his mouth, looked all around him, and involuntarily cried out loud, “Spiritual Strength? You are an alchemist?”

Xia Mang had finally recognized this invisible strength upon contact. That was clearly the Spiritual Strength that alchemists specialized in. That kind of spiritual attack was also clearly the skill that an alchemist was most adept at.


The owner of that voice ignored Xia Mang’s exclamation. A cold snort was emitted and an invisible Spiritual Strength once again rippled in the air. Immediately, it contained a thunderbolt like momentum as it violently shot toward Xia Mang.

Upon sensing the spiritual attack that was heading over once again, the scales all over Xia Mang’s body stood on end. The terror on his face also became denser. In the end, he finally let out a sharp cry, turned around, and transformed into a dark-black figure that fled miserably into the mountain forest in front of the stunned gazes of Han Chong’s group. He completely vanished within a couple of flashes.

Xia Mang genuinely sensed a bone-piercing killing intent within that spiritual attack. He knew that if he stayed any longer, the owner of the Spiritual Strength would definitely slice him into pieces of snake meat. Being able to survive in this place for so many years, Xia Mang clearly knew just who to offend and who not to offend. Offending such an expert for a beauty was really not worthwhile…

After Xia Mang fled, the countless number of poisonous snakes on both sides of the gorge immediately turned around and fled like mice. Even the dozens of enormous snakes blocking the road went all out to flee into the grass. Within a short couple of minutes, the gorge, which had been firmly blocked, had become empty. This scene caused Han Chong’s group to feel stunned.

“Dammit… these fellows are really practiced in fleeing for their lives. It looks that they have frequently been chased after by people…”

No one knew who said these words amid the silent atmosphere that caused everyone to laughed out loud. The loudness of the laughter appeared to be an attempt at spitting out all of their earlier shock.

After laughing, Han Chong patted his chest. He had really took one turn above the tip of a blade. Fortunately, nothing had happened.

Han Xue’s ice-cold, pretty face defrosted slightly at this moment. She immediately raised her head and cupped her hands respectfully toward the sky. “This junior is Han Yue from the Han clan. Elder, thank you for lending a hand today. Is it possible for you to reveal yourself so that this younger generation can remember you in my heart?”

“The old me has merely coincidentally passed by. There is nothing to see. Go…”

A faint old voice was slowly transmitted from the sky, making it difficult for one to find its actual position.

After the voice sounded, that mysterious expert seemed to have left. Not even the slightest noise was emitted.

The quiet surroundings caused Han Xue to sigh disappointedly. She waved her hand and a clear moving voice was emitted from her small mouth, “Let’s continue our journey.”

Han Chong’s group hurriedly nodded upon hearing this. After which, they spread apart and continued to protect the convoy in their midst. A wave of cracking sounds appeared and the convoy advanced once again.

Han Xue had also returned to her own convoy after the convoy started to move. An unknown feeling caused her to suddenly throw her gaze to the carriage where Xiao Yan was located when she was boarding her own carriage. A moment later, she finally knit her brows, and mocked herself. Her toes pressed on the ground and her lovely body leaped back into her carriage.

Xiao Yan, who was seated cross-legged in a carriage, slowly opened his eyes when Han Xue returned to her carriage. He held his chest and coughed intensely while smiling bitterly. His injuries had yet to completely recover, but he had already maneuvered his Spiritual Strength to fight with others. It was a little tough on him…