Chapter 946: Han Chong

A wild wind carried grains of sands as it swept through a reddish-yellow desert.The whining sound of howling wind faintly emitted threads of a dark coldness. In this kind of somewhat desolate place, one would be hard pressed to find another human. There was only an endless sandy wind, carrying the sounds of a howl. No tree existed in this area. The dry environment made it difficult for both vegetation and animals to survive. Only pale-yellow wild grass was able to tenaciously live in this desolate place. Under their tiny leaves was an extremely well developed root system that an ordinary person would have difficulty imagining. Their dozens-of-meters-long roots extended deep underground in search of a precious water source. The herdsmen in the desert called them Halii Ya, meaning divine gift. This tenacious vegetation was finding a way to maintain its life.

A wild wind blew past a patch of pale-yellow wild grass in the desert. The wild grasses were bending their bodies. A dark-black human figure was revealed among them.

The clothes on the human figure were tattered and fresh blood covered his body. He was breathing through his nose was extremely weakly. If his chest had not be rising and falling, it was likely that people would have mistaken this for a corpse that had been tossed in the desert.

This corpse, covered in fresh blood, suddenly trembled after being quiet for a long while. His tightly shut eyes slowly opened. The corner of his mouth was involuntarily pulled to form a bitter smile when he heard the howling wind in his ears. Just where the hell did that damn Wormhole send him?

The human figure that appeared like a corpse was Xiao Yan, who had fled the Wormhole. He had not immediately appeared on the ground when he had fled into the light circle back then. Instead, he had been violently mistreated by the Spatial Strength within the silver storm, that had become unusually wild and violent, before being spat out like garbage…

Due to his body having been ruthlessly ravaged by the Spatial Strength, the current Xiao Yan was suffering from a serious internal injury. He did not even possess the strength to stand up. It had already been nearly a day since he had been spat out. He had been lying like a corpse for the entire day, slowly absorbing the natural energy and carefully refilling his greatly damaged body.

Xiao Yan’s finger touched his Storage Ring with much difficulty and a medicinal pill appeared. It was slowly placed into his mouth in a quivering manner. After doing this simple action, the interior of Xiao Yan’s body suddenly emitted waves of pain, causing some cold perspiration to surface on his forehead. If not for the ‘Heavenly Flame’ protecting his body, it was likely that his body would have been torn to pieces when faced with that wild and violent Spatial Strength… however, despite this, he was still unlucky enough to enter this seriously injured condition.

“As long as I recover a little Dou Qi, I will be able to heal my injuries. After which, I will refine some medicinal pills and should be able to gradually allow my injuries to be completely healed… hopefully, I will not be unlucky enough to meet a roaming Magical Beast. Even an elite Dou Zong can’t do anything to me. Thus, it would be really difficult to accept it if I ended up becoming the food of some Magical Beast…”

Xiao Yan slowly muttered in his heart. He sensed the warm medicinal strength that was spreading around his body. A tiredness once again surged into his head, causing him to gradually shut his eyes. When he was shutting his eyes, he seemed to vaguely hear a noise, an exclamation…

The next time Xiao Yan woke up was because of an intense bump. That bump caused the bones in his body to appear as though they were falling into pieces. The painful feeling expelled the tiredness in his head. After which, he struggled to slowly open his eyes.

A huge ceiling entered his eyes. Xiao Yan’s finger gently rubbed the spot under his body as his gaze swept around him. Immediately, he understood where he was. He was in a carriage. In other words, he had been discovered by a passerby on the grass.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over his body and discovered that the traces of blood had been wiped off. Even the tattered black robe had been changed by someone. The current him was wearing extremely coarse linen clothes.

Xiao Yan looked at the clothes on his body and was stunned for a moment. After which, he suddenly recalled something and hurriedly rubbed his right hand. He only heaved a sigh of relief upon discovering that the Storage Ring was still there.

The curtain of the carriage was pulled apart while Xiao Yan sighed in relief. A eye-piercing light scattered in. Immediately, a middle-aged man with a somewhat strong build appeared in Xiao Yan’s sight. He parted his mouth and smiled when he saw that Xiao Yan had awoken. With a somewhat honest and straightforward tone, he asked, “Little brother, have you woken?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the middle-aged man. Although he was seriously injured and the Dou Qi within his body was empty, his Spiritual Strength was still as powerful as before. He immediately saw through this person’s strength. The peak of the Dou Ling class. The step to the Dou Wang class was only a short distance.

“Ha ha, our convoy discovered you in a deserted grass patch. Originally, we thought that you wouldn’t survive after seeing your injuries. Unexpectedly, you were able to wake up…” The middle-aged man smiled to Xiao Yan and said, “I am called Han Chong, a deacon of the Han clan of the Tian Bei City. This time around, I coincidentally had a mission that made the convoy pass through this deserted desert. That’s when we ended up discovering you. It must be said that you are really lucky. There are frequent wolf related disasters within the desert. These beasts are all fierce fellows. Even a normal Dou Shi isn’t their match, and many experts have been eaten by them. If they had discovered you, it is likely that you would have been left as a pile of white bones.”

“Big brother Han Chong, thank you for rescuing me.” Xiao Yan spoke with great gratitude when he heard Han Chong’s explanation. Although he was able to gradually recover a little Dou Qi, if he were to continue lying on the ground, he would not be able to summon his Demon Puppet to protect himself, and no one could be certain whether something would happen during these one to two days. Hence, he really owed this Han Cong a favor for rescuing him.

“It’s fine. When we are outside we should lend a hand if we can. Nothing bad will come from it.” Han Cong smiled as he replied. His gaze swept over Xiao Yan’s body and said, “Moreover, this is all that I can do. I am also helpless when it comes to your injuries. If we arrive in Tian Bei City, it will be possible to invite an alchemist from a medicinal shop to help treat you. However, it would require quite a large amount of gold coins. An ordinary person would really have difficulty affording it. The arrogance of alchemists is really too great, but no one dares offend them. Even the clan leader of my Han clan would have to be courteous when facing those fellows.”

Xiao Yan merely smiled. His injuries were not a problem. Although they were extremely serious, it was basically commonplace for Xiao Yan, who frequently suffered such injuries. As long as he was given some time, it would not be a problem for his injuries to completely heal. This was likely a good thing of being both a warrior and an alchemist. An opponent that could not be killed was the most frightening.

“That’s right, big brother Han Cong. May I inquire if this is the Central Plains?” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before abruptly asking. He did not wish for himself to waste his time to pass through the Wormhole only to end up being randomly thrown to another location on the continent.

“Yes, this is the northern region of the Central Plains.” Han Cong nodded his head. He immediately asked with surprise, “Is little brother Xiao Yan not someone from the Central Plains?”

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed. He did not hide anything as he briefly spoke about the matter of the Wormhole.

“So you met with a Space Storm. No wonder your injuries are so serious. However, you can be considered lucky. There are very few people who are able to escape alive after meeting a Space Storm within a Wormhole… our Han clan has a guard platoon that was swallowed by a Space Storm when they were passing through a Wormhole back then.” Han Cong finally came to a sudden understanding after hearing Xiao Yan’s words. He immediately smacked his mouth and exclaimed.

“The northern region of the Central Plains… may I know which region the Pill Tower is in?” Xiao Yan mused for a moment before continuing to ask.

“The Pill Tower huh. Ha ha, it is naturally at the middle region of the Central Plains. Everyone in the Central Plains knows about it. However, the northern region is somewhat far from there. Even if you were to use the Wormhole, you would need to make quite a few transfers along the way.” Han Chong said.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He did not know where the Little Fairy Doctor’s group was. However, it was likely that nothing had happened to them. He inferred that the reason the Spatial Strength turned wild and violent when he entered the silver circle was likely because of the enormous Spatial Force that had struck the exit earlier. The Little Fairy Doctor’s group had already successfully exited before that dangerous Spatial Strength appeared.

“Ha ha, brother Xiao Yan, you should stay on the carriage a little longer since you have just woken up. It is still quite the distance to Tian Bei City. If you have any needs during this period of time, you can call me.” Han Cong looked at the quiet Xiao Yan and thought that the reason for the silence was due to his injuries. He ceased disturbing Xiao Yan as he smiled at him. After speaking, he turned around, pulled open the curtain, and walked away. Xiao Yan was able to see that there were quite a number of carriages around when he had pulled open the curtain. Clearly, this was a convoy.

The interior of the carriage became quiet after Han Chong left. Xiao Yan leaned on the wall of the carriage as thoughts flashed through his mind. Now that he had been separated from the Little Fairy Doctor’s group due to an accident, the most important thing was to recover from his injuries. Otherwise, it would likely not be safe walking in this region where the strong were as numerous as the clouds.

“There is still a very long time until the Pill Gathering of the Pill Tower. If my injuries are completely healed, I might be able to roam this Central Plains a little and inquire about the ‘Hall of Souls.’ I will also have to find that extremely good friend of Yao Lao, Feng zun-zhe… of course, perhaps I will also have to find the time to head to the Burning Flame Valley to see if I can obtain the final two changes of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change. Those would be a great use to me.” Xiao Yan softly muttered to himself. Immediately, his eyes suddenly became much brighter. “Additionally… I will also need to inquire about the mysterious clan behind Xun Er… the current me is soon approaching the requirement that Xun Er had set back then.”

These thoughts flew through Xiao Yan’s heart. A moment later, he let out a long breath. He rubbed his forehead and sensed the empty feeling within his body. His teeth were involuntarily clenched together in a violent manner as he forcefully moved his disobedient legs into a cross-legged training position. His hands formed the training seal as he slowly shut his eyes. Regardless of what happened, recovering his strength was the most important matter. This was especially the case when he was in such a foreign place…