Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 936: Earth Demon Puppet Revealing its Might

Chapter 936: Earth Demon Puppet Revealing its Might

The silver-colored human figure, that had suddenly appeared, attracted everyone’s eyes. A punch defeating such a powerful lightning bolt? It was likely that even an ordinary elite Dou Zong would have difficulty achieving this.

Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor were the fastest to recover from the permeating silence. Their gazes focused intently on the human figure with a glaring silver glow within the lightning. They ended up frowning slightly a moment later. This was because they discovered that they were unable to sense the aura of that figure. At the very most, they were able to sense an extreme force within it.

Despite this force being powerful, it revealed some stiffness to it, appearing as though it had lost its intelligence…

“This is…” Su Qian’s gaze stared intently at the silver-colored human figure. A moment later, he inhaled a deep breath of air and slowly said, “This is that so-called ‘Sky Demon Puppet?’ Xiao Yan has actually refined it?”

A strange glow also flickered in the Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty eyes. She nodded slightly and softly said, “However, from Xiao Yan’s cry earlier, it does not appear to be the ‘Sky Demon Puppet,’ but an Earth Demon Puppet…”

“I have also read that Puppet Skill back then. The puppet is divided into three categories, Sky, Earth, and Man. It is likely that the puppet Xiao Yan refined is the Earth class…” Su Qian mused for a moment before speaking with a slight change in his expression. “It is unexpected that just an Earth category is already so powerful. Just how strong would be the highest category ‘Sky Demon Puppet’ be? Don’t tell me that it could contend against an elite Dou Zun?”

The Little Fairy Doctor shook her head. Her pretty eyes watched the silver-colored figure as she said, “With the help of this puppet, it is likely that we will not need to intervene…”

“Looking at its strength, this puppet should be at least around a five star Dou Zong. It should not be a problem dealing with a Pill Lightning that is more than halfway finished…” Su Qian also nodded and agreed with her.

Xiao Yan sat down on the rock platform while the Little Fairy Doctor and Su Qian were conversing. He rubbed away the blood trace on the corner of his mouth while exhaling some coarse breath. With his current strength, it was already not easy to forcefully receive so many Pill Lightning. Unless he used the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame, it was likely that he would not be able to endure all of it.

Xiao Yan sensed the chaotic lightning strength randomly wiggling within his body as he sat on the ice-cold rock table. The corner of his mouth involuntarily twitched a couple of times. These damn energies had entered his body when he had made contact with his Dou Qi earlier. However, it was fortunate that the interior of his body was protected by the ‘Heavenly Flame.’ Hence, they did not cause much harm. Nevertheless, the special numbing effect of the lightning strength still caused Xiao Yan to feel as if his entire body lacked strength. Even the circulation of his Dou Qi had become much more weary.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and forcefully sat cross-legged. He raised his somewhat pale face and looked at the black mass of dark clouds in the sky. Silver light flashed in the dark clouds as rumbling thunder slowly spread, causing one’s mind to be uneasy.

“This damn Pill Lightning should be almost over already, right? As long as I endure another couple of rounds, I will have successfully endured it…” Xiao Yan pulled at the corner of his mouth as he slowly spread his hands. A thumb-sized purple-red medicinal pill was reflecting a somewhat demonic-like luster under the silver flashes. Xiao Yan was able to sense a majestic and mysterious life force within this medicinal pill…

“Little thing, I have suffered quite a lot of hardship for you…” Xiao Yan bitterly laughed and muttered to himself while looking at this Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill.


While Xiao Yan was muttering to himself, the cloud layer once again churned in the sky. A banging thunder sound exploded.

“Is it about to come again…” Xiao Yan brows were slightly knit as he sensed a swiftly agglomerating majestic lightning bolt within the cloud layer.

Chi La!

An enormous silver-colored pillar suddenly broke through the restraints of the cloud layer. The glaring light, at that instant, caused the dark Inner Academy to appear just like it would during daytime.

The lightning strength contained in this enormous silver-colored lightning bolt was even more frightening than any previous times. According to Xiao Yan’s estimation, it would be difficult if First Elder Su Qian were to forcefully receive this strike.

“This Pill Lightning is indeed frightening. Moreover, this is only the Pill Lightning that is formed by a tier 7 medicinal pill. If it is tier 8 after it or even tier 9… that kind of Pill Lightning would possess the strength to destroy the world, right?” Su Qian stood in the sky and looked at the enormous silver-colored lightning. It lingered in the sky before using a falling meteorite-like stance to smash down. He ended up involuntarily letting out an exclamation.

The Little Fairy Doctor nodded slightly. Her pretty eyes were locked on the enormous silver-coloured lightning bolt. The lightning strength contained within it had already reached a frightening degree.

“Earth Demon Puppet, go!”

Xiao Yan looked at the enormous silver-colored lightning, that reached in a flash, before a low cry was transmitted from his mouth.

Xiao Yan’s cry had just sounded when the Earth Demon Puppet’s knees were bent slightly. Suddenly, the figure was like a fiery arrow, borrowing the propulsion force from a string as it shot toward the enormous silver-colored lightning with a bang.

The Inner Academy immediately emitted numerous exclamations when they saw that the Earth Demon Puppet had chosen this head-on collision.

With the speed of the Earth Demon Puppet, it appeared under that enormous lightning bolt within the blink of an eye. His fist was once again tightened, and a fiery-red-colored energy flowed from the Monster Core in its body. Finally, the energy swiftly wrapped around its hand, causing it to appear like a flame…

The Earth Demon Puppet clenched its fist tightly and once again launched an ordinary punch without any hesitation!

A sharp sonic boom sound immediately appeared in the air when the punch was thrown. Numerous frightening wind ripples swiftly spread out like waves of water from the surface of the fist.


The fist that contained the frightening force landed on the enormous silver-colored lightning. At this instant, the lightning solidified because of it. After that instant, an explosion, that appeared to have gone off deep within everyone’s spirits, sounded before spreading across the sky in a soul-stirring manner…

The enormous silver lightning slowly collapsed in front of many stunned gazes. Those with sharp eyes discovered that spider-web-like dark-black spatial cracks had appeared at the spot where the Earth Demon Puppet’s fist landed. They involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of cool air.

While the lightning crumbled, the Earth Demon Puppet was also similarly violently smashed down from the sky by that enormous strength. It smashed into the Inner Academy with the sound of trembling ground. Soon after, however, the silvery body of the Earth Demon Puppet once again flew out before someone could go and investigate. It was suspended above the rock platform, forming a human wall of defense in front of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when he saw the Earth Demon Puppet received the enormous lightning so valiantly. His gaze swept over its body only for his eyes to immediately narrow.

At this moment, the entire body of the Earth Demon Puppet was emitting a silver glow. There seemed to be some faint lightning flickering under this silver glow. The silver-colored glow was extremely pure, but Xiao Yan clearly recalled that the surface of the puppet’s body still contained some mottled spots when he had refined it…

“That silver lightning strength seemed to have unwittingly exposed some of the mottled impurities within the Earth Demon Puppet’s body…”

The refinement of the puppet used its color to identify its category. The purer its color, the stronger its actual strength. If there was a classification within the same category, the Earth Demon Puppet when it was just successfully refined back then could, at the very most, be considered at the middle level. However, after the refinement by the lightning strength, it gradually advanced to a higher level!

“This thing… really appears to be quite good…”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was slowly lifted into an arc. He raised his head and looked at the lightning in the dark clouds with heated eyes. He wondered whether the Earth Demon Puppet would be able to reach the peak of the high level if it received all of them.

This thought of Xiao Yan had just appeared when the silver glows in the sky flickered once again. Seeing this, Xiao Yan laughed and said, “Continue to attack!”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s orders, the Earth Demon Puppet did not hesitate even a little. It once again shot its body into the air, paused in the sky, and violently threw punches, colliding head-on with the silver lightning!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of exploding lightning repeatedly resonated across the sky. The silver glow emitted from the body of the silver-colored figure, however, grew brighter and brighter in front of stunned gazes…

This kind of continuous head-on collision continued for around half an hour or so. The lightning strength within the dark cloud layer in the sky was greatly reduced. The dark cloud gradually ceased churning. Its color had also slowly become paler… clearly, this Pill Lightning was over.

Following the paling of the dark clouds, the pressurizing feeling that had covered the entire Inner Academy completely dispersed. Quite a number of people sighed in relief and appeared to have been alleviated from a heavy burden when the first rays of sunlight rained down from the sky. There was really too much pressure under nature’s might…

The Earth Demon Puppet once again rushed down and appeared in front of Xiao Yan when the dark clouds paled.

Xiao Yan glanced at the Earth Demon Puppet, which had turned extremely silvery and shiny without even the presence of the slightest impurity on it. A satisfied smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth. He waved his hand and returned it to his Storage Ring. After which, he took out a jade bottle and carefully placed the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill into it.

Only after completing all of this did Xiao Yan fully heave a sigh of relief. His hand gently rubbed his chest and muttered to himself, “What can the strength of lightning do? With my ‘Heavenly Flame,’ there is nothing that cannot be refined. Since all of you dare to barge into my body… you shall help me breakthrough to the seventh star level!”

Xiao Yan slowly shut his eyes after his voice sounded. Both of his hands swiftly formed the training seal.

During this period of pill refinement, Xiao Yan had relied on the so-called ‘Pill Spirit Realm’ to swiftly reach the peak of the six star Dou Huang level. All that he needed was a small opportunity for him to breakthrough. Originally, he had thought that he would have to wait for another period of time for this opportunity. In the end, the lightning strength that had barged into his body had unexpectedly given him this opportunity…