Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 916: Collecting Fierce Spirit

Chapter 916: Collecting Fierce Spirit

The sudden appearance of the glaring light nearly overshadowed the sunlight from the sky. Quite a number of people were stunned because of this unexpected change. Numerous alarmed gazes were thrown to the sky.

Xiao Yan’s fist had made blatant contact with the fierce spirit. However, the strange glow that had erupted from the white-colored ring was just like a barrier that completely blocked the frightening force on the fierce spirit’s fist. After which, a wave of powerful suction force surged out of it!

The suction force appeared very suddenly but it was extremely swift and powerful. It was just like a whirlpool rotating at an incredible speed. The source of the swirl was the small snow-white ring.

The suction force had just appeared when it targeted and covered the fierce spirit, still spreading its violence. At this instant, the fierce spirit that originally only had killing intent began to show fear. Its body trembled as it tried to escape the region of the suction force. The miserable screech that was emitted from the fierce spirit contained a craziness and terror.

However, the aim of the fierce spirit escaping did not succeed. Tian Huo zun-zhe within the ring appeared to have the full intent of obtaining it. An unusually strong glow erupted and the suction force grew by a couple of times. The fierce spirit began to emit waves of frightened cries. Its body was just like a wild beast that was pressed under a rock as it struggled to flee.

On top of feeling a joy in his heart, Xiao Yan involuntarily also felt shock as he watched this fierce spirit come closer and closer to the ring despite trying its best to escape. It was unexpected that Tian Huo zun-zhe was able to display such a skill in his condition. It seemed that he did hide something from Xiao Yan. At the very least, he was not without any ability to protect himself as he had claimed…

Xiao Yan has to admit that he would have difficulty suppressing a spirit at the Dou Zong class in such an easy manner. Although, one could not exclude some unique skills of dealing with the fierce spirit that Tian Huo zun-zhe possessed, any kind of technique still required some self-preservation ability. Although Tian Huo zun-zhe might appear to be in a weak condition, anyone who dared to reveal an evil intention to him would likely find that the unlucky one was themselves…

While this thought lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart, Protector Xuan in the sky also felt something regarding the situation of this fierce spirit. He immediately let out a furious roar as he changed the seal formed by his hand. Powerful Spiritual Strength surged out of the black fog!

The resistance of the fierce spirit became increasingly strong with the intervention of Protector Xuan. In the end, it began to gradually withdraw from the range of the suction force!

“Xiao Yan, lend me a hand!” The powerful glow continued to erupt from the ring. However, in the face of the resistance of two Dou Zongs, even Tian Huo zun-zhe was ultimately unable to resist them. A voice subsequently sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan’s heart tightened upon hearing this. Although he saw that Tian Huo zun-zhe had held back a little, he was still no match for the combination of the fierce spirit and Protector Xuan. He swiftly asked, “How can I help you?”

“Transfer your Spiritual Strength into the ring!”

Tian Huo zun-zhe did not say anything unnecessary at this critical moment as he swiftly replied.

Xiao Yan’s expression was solemn as he nodded. His eyes were immediately shut slightly as a powerful Spiritual Strength spread out from between his brows. It immediately surged into the snow-white ring in an unceasing manner. The originally somewhat ancient jade ring had recovered its original white luster as it emitted a faint glow.

With Xiao Yan’s support, the suction force erupted from the ring immediately multiplied by a couple of times. After just having taken a couple of steps back, the fierce spirit staggered under the suction force that had erupted. Its body unsteadily pounced forward. However, in the next instant, it hurriedly maintained a strange stance and resisted with all its might. At this moment, its distance from Xiao Yan was merely half a meter. Xiao Yan could even sniff the wild violence its body gave off…


The black fog around Protector Xuan in the sky churned intensely. It faintly revealed a furious face of panic. The strange suction force had an exceptionally powerful effect on Spiritual Strength. Even after joining hands with the fierce spirit, Protector Xuan could only endure the battle. Moreover, this kind of stalemate gradually turned in the favor of Xiao Yan when he gave the ring more Spiritual Strength.

This scene in the sky was also absorbed in the eyes of everyone below. All of their faces immediately became stunned. They did not know what was happening with the strong glow. However, they could hear from the somewhat flustered and exasperated voice of Protector Xuan that his current situation was not very good…

Quite a number of people’s heart felt an absurd feeling when they thought about this. Two experts of the Dou Zong strength were actually being manipulated by a little Dou Huang brat? Although everyone knew that Xiao Yan was different from an ordinary Dou Huang, the fierce spirit and Protector Xuan were both genuine elite Dou Zongs no matter how one put it. If the two of them were to join hands, it was likely that not a single person present would dare pat their chest and say that he could contend with the both of them alone.

At this moment… Something that even these elite Dou Zongs present were unable to do was being done by this black-robed, young man in the sky in front of everyone’s eyes. This scene did not allow anyone to not feel shock within their hearts.

Han Feng’s expression at this moment was also unnaturally ugly. The cold smile that had surfaced earlier because of Xiao Yan’s arrogant act had slowly stiffened since the strong light appear. No matter how he thought he was unable to think of what Xiao Yan could rely on to block the fierce spirit and Protector Xuan.

Han Feng knew that Xiao Yan’s fire lotus Dou Technique was extremely powerful. However, the latter was clearly not using that kind of Dou Technique at this moment. However, the appearance of Protector Xuan and the fierce spirit… caused his heart to gradually sink. The overwhelming confidence from earlier had been significantly reduced.

Mo Tian Xing by the side glanced at Han Feng without leaving a trace. A gloating expression flashed across his hearts. He had long said that one could not use common sense to deduce what Xiao Yan would do. If one became enemies with him, various unexpected changes would cause one to have difficulty defending. Actually, a guess had already appeared in his heart when Xiao Yan had decided to meet the fierce spirit and Protector Xuan head-on. With his understanding of Xiao Yan, acting without thought was not something that this cautious fellow would do.

“It is fortunate that I did not get involved. Hee hee, the old me should just treat this as watching a show. It is best to avoid participating in this kind of situation where the victor is unknown…”

Mo Tian Xing’s footsteps slowly withdrew as he laughed within his heart. This position was not far from the mountain wall. He would be able to leave at the first instance should any unexpected event occur. This careful old fellow was actually still considering his retreat path even at such a moment. He was indeed worthy of being a cunning old fox who had lived for so many years…

“Old Ying Shan. Do it. Kill Xiao Yan!”

A cold cry that was filled with killing intent sounded within this tense atmosphere. Immediately, Han Feng’s figure suddenly shot to the sky and approached Xiao Yan within an instant. He clenched his fist and a sharp longsword that was agglomerated from Dou Qi surfaced from it. The longsword shook, carrying a clear sword hum as it violently pierced toward Xiao Yan’s neck.


The longsword had just moved when a cold snort sounded beside Han Feng’s ears. A graceful and moving figure appeared beside Xiao Yan. Her hand was extended and it immediately grabbed the longsword. Grayish air erupted and a powerful corrosive strength instantly corroded the longsword into nothingness. After which, a palm struck out!

Wind moved along with the palm and a thread of faint stench appeared with it. This wind drifted toward Han Feng, appearing to be completely void of any strength.

Han Feng’s expression was solemn as he faced this seemingly powerless palm. His toes pressed against the empty air as his body swiftly flashed back and dodged it. He swept his eyes sinisterly under him, only to see that Old Ying Shan, who was a little slowly to act, had also been delayed by Su Qian. His heart involuntarily let out a curse.

The Little Fairy Doctor struck and forced Han Feng back one blow at a time. She did not step forward and attack. Instead, she stood beside Xiao Yan. Her cold gaze remained locked on Han Feng.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s white dress gently fluttered as she stood in the empty air. Her alluring graceful figure was vaguely visible underneath it, appearing quite enchanting. Her long snow-like hair extended to her narrow waist, a waist one could encircle with an arm. By combining this with her grayish-purple eyes, an unusual magical charm suddenly appeared and caused an unusual flicker to appear in the eyes of quite a number of people…

This magical charm, however, caused the current Han Feng to be extremely furious when it appeared in his eyes. He clearly understood that the Little Fairy Doctor was a little stronger than him. With her protecting Xiao Yan, it was going to be difficult for his attack to succeed.

When he thought until this point, Han Feng could only throw his gaze to the spot where Protector Xuan was located. Currently, all he could was hope that the latter could stop Xiao Yan’s unusual tactic. Otherwise… today…

A frightening low roar was transmitted from within the cluster of black fog after this thought flashed across Han Feng’s heart.

“Dammit, what are you planning to do?”

Han Feng’s heart immediately became chilled when he heard this roar from Protector Xuan. His gaze slide toward Xiao Yan, only to see the fierce spirit in front of him swiftly approaching him. After which… a chewing sound appeared. The spirit was absorbed into a white-colored ring on Xiao Yan’s hand under that intense light!

“It is that ring that is doing this trick?” Han Feng’s heart immediately became surprised when he looked at the ring. However, with his strength, it was difficult for him to sense Tian Huo zun-zhe hidden within it.

One could see the black fog around Protector Xuan churn intensely when the fierce spirit was absorbed into the ring. It swiftly became pale. A mere moment later, it revealed a black figure. At this moment, the figure was somewhat blurry. One could even sense a kind of illusionary feeling when looking at it. Its aura had also become much weaker and more chaotic compared to before…

Clearly, after the fierce spirit, which had a spiritual connection with Protector Xuan, was captured, the former had suffered a nearly fatal blow. His spirit was greatly wounded and the damage could be described as miserable. This point was something that one could tell from how difficult it was for the black fog to continue to hide his body…

With Protector Xuan’s current condition, it was likely that even Xiao Yan would be able to capture him. One could tell… this Protector Xuan was currently… crippled!