Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 910: Alliance

Chapter 910: Alliance

There was not a single empty seat on the entire open ground. Dozens of various-sized people were present, some were old men with white hair over their heads and some were well-endowed women. Of course, most of them were young men in their thirties. The only thing that was the same was that they were emitting an expert aura from their bodies. Even though they were sitting quietly, they were not people whom others could underestimate. Most of those who were able to sit in this place were experts and factions that possessed a great reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ In this place where strength was respected, even the seating arrangement was determined by strength.

On the left and right side of Han Feng sat Mo Tian Xing from the Black Emperor Sect and Old Ying Shan who had fought with Xiao Yan for the ‘Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva.’ At this moment, the two of them had shut their eyes. They ignored the surrounding people. Their calm and indifferent manner caused ordinary people to be afraid of striking up a conversation with them.

With the strength of these two people, no one dared to have any objection to them sitting in the leader’s seat. Other than the Old Ground Demon Ghost, who had already been destroyed, it was likely that these two old fellows were the strongest within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Of course, the size of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was quite large. No one knew if there was some old demon, who had never shown himself, hidden within the deep mountains or ancient forests. After all, some genuine expert in this world always liked to do such a thing.

Below Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan were some of the leaders of renowned factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Some of these people had a good relationship with Han Feng while others were remaining neutral. However, due to the influence of Han Feng and his strength, they had no choice but to come and join this so-called Grand Gathering…

Other than some of the experts from the Demon Flame Valley beside Han Feng on the leader’s seat, there were also some familiar faces. The so-called gold-silver elders were the ones most recognizable. These two fellows had a grudge with Xiao Yan because of Han Feng. It was natural that they were extremely willing to join the Demon Flame Valley the moment that they got Han Feng’s invitation. They knew Han Feng extremely well. Although this fellow was ruthless and vicious, he was indeed skilled in medicinal refinement. One would not lose out by following him. Moreover, the current Han Feng was already an elite Dou Zong with a strength that far exceeded them. Hence, these two old fellows were not opposed to submitting to him. Instead, they were somewhat joyful that they had found support.

“Ke ke ke ke, Please forgive me if there is any delay in inviting everyone to come this time around.” Han Feng smiled and chatted with some familiar faces before raising his head to glance at the sky. After which, his gaze swept over the open ground, opened his mouth, and faintly laughed.

The somewhat noisy open ground immediately became quiet when they heard Han Feng open his mouth to speak. Numerous gazes turned to the main character today, Han Feng.

Han Feng appeared to enjoy being the focus of attention. His face carried a smile. A moment later, he finally said, “Ke ke, the main reason I have invited everyone here today is to discuss some matters with everyone. I think that everyone should understand that the ‘Black-Corner Region’ has always been at odds with the Jia Nan Academy. The number of ‘Black-Corner Region’ people who have been killed by the Jia Nan Academy’s Law Enforcement Unit each year is not a small amount. Hence, both parties do indeed have some enmity that cannot be reconciled.”

“I think everyone seated here should have heard about the matter some time ago. The Demon Flame Valley’s Ground Demon ancestor has been killed by the Jia Nan Academy.” Han Feng’s face was somewhat dark when he spoke until this point. Some of the experts from the Demon Flame Valley also had faces that were filled with a dark and dense fury. Currently, the Demon Flame Valley and the Jia Nan Academy had a blood feud. Both parties wished to destroy the other.

Everyone in the open ground exchanged looks with each other. Their faces changed a little. They had indeed heard this news. However, they still felt shock when they heard it personally from Han Feng. The Old Ground Demon Ghost was an ultimate expert who was at the seven star Dou Zong class. He could be said to be an existence that lacked an opponent within the entire ‘Black-Corner Region.’ It was unexpected… that he ended up being killed by the hands of the Jia Nan Academy.

The hands of Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan who had been expressionless and acted indifferently, also involuntarily trembled under their sleeves when they heard these words. Fear flashed across their eyes. Their information was naturally even keener than an ordinary faction. Hence, they also understood what exactly happened back then…

“It is unexpected that Old Qian and Old Bai, these two old demons, are hiding in the Inner Academy. This Old Ground Demon Ghost can be said to have collided into the tip of a spear. However, it is rumored that this old fellow was first seriously injured by a frightening Dou Skill that Xiao Yan had used. Otherwise, with his strength, it should definitely not be a problem for him to flee even if he could not defeat Old Qian and Old Bai… looks like this little fellow hides very deeply…” Mo Tian Xing’s hand caressed the warm teacup and muttered to himself.

“If not for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, the old me really doesn’t wish to place my intention on that little fellow… that fellow is clearly the type who acts like a harmless pig to eat a tiger.” Old Ying Shan also knit his brows slightly as he used a soft voice, only audible to him, to sigh.

“The strength of the Jia Nan Academy has far exceeded our understanding. Moreover, they have always disliked the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Currently, the Demon Flame Valley has been badly hurt by them. I will say something awful. If they were to strike another faction presently seated, it is likely that none of us would be able to stop them. Moreover, there is still that so-called ‘Xiao Gate.’ Its founder Xiao Yan is someone from the Inner Academy. This faction is clearly in cahoots with the Jia Nan Academy. Under the support of the Jia Nan Academy, the strength of Xiao Gate ridiculously expanded. If the Demon Flame Valley had not stepped forward to stop them in the past, it is likely that the limbs of Xiao Gate would have already intruded in front of everyone…” Han Feng’s dark and solemn voice slowly resonated over the open ground.

“However, the Demon Flame Valley is currently in a battered shape and would have difficulty contending with Xiao Gate in the future. Having lost the restraints of the Demon Flame Valley, Xiao Gate will swiftly expand. At that time, the ones who will be harmed will be everyone seated here.” Han Feng smiled faintly and continued, “Of course, if any one of you thinks that your sect possess an expert that exceeds the strength of ancestor Ground Demon or can contend with the Old Qian and Old Bai demons from the Inner Academy, you can naturally choose to ignore all I have to say. Otherwise… you can only choose to submit to Xiao Gate or be destroyed in the future!”

Some uproar was successfully stirred from Han Feng’s alarmist words. Xiao Gate was a faction that had rose during the last few years. Most of the old factions did not wish to accept such a new faction within their hearts. Asking them to submit to such a faction was quite a difficult task.

“May I know what kind of plan mister Han Feng has to deal with this?” A human figure suddenly stood up and asked when everyone was in an uproar.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Han Feng after hearing the words of this person. Since Han Feng had opened his mouth, it was likely that there should be some matter he was getting at. Anyone who could make a name for himself in this ‘Black-Corner Region’ was not a fool. They naturally understood that Han Feng would not spend a great effort to summon them all to this place just to scare them.

Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan glanced at the human figure, and ridicule flashed across their eyes. It was really not easy for Han Feng to enact this show…

Han Feng smiled when he saw the gazes being gathering on him again. He first obscurely threw a satisfied gaze to that human figure. After which, he arranged his clothes, and smiled as he said, “With the strength of the Jia Nan Academy and Xiao Gate, it is likely that not a single faction in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ is able to contend with them alone. Therefore, in order to protect one’s safety, one would have to abandon any prejudice and form an alliance to fight the enemy together!”

“An alliance?” Most of the people present understood Han Feng’s intention after hearing this phrase. Everyone knew that the Demon Flame Valley had a blood feud with the Jia Nan Academy as well as Xiao Gate. Currently, the Demon Flame Valley was seriously battered. If the other party were to launch a campaign and attack, it was likely that the Demon Flame Valley would be eliminated from the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ However, if the Demon Flame Valley was to join with the many factions in the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ it would mean that over half of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ would be joined together. It was likely that even the Jia Nan Academy and Xiao Gate would not dare be reckless.

“Sect leader Mo and Old Ying Shan are in agreement with the matter regarding the formation of an alliance. This also provides the greatest protection to everyone. After all, who will not be afraid in the future with Xiao Gate looking on menacingly by the side?” Han Feng spoke in a faint voice as he looked over the open ground which had become much quieter.

Numerous gazes turned to Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan when they heard this. These two people possessed a great reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Moreover, the two of them were genuine elite Dou Zongs. If these two agreed to this alliance, the strength of this alliance would likely be somewhat frightening. Thus, they really need not be afraid of the Jia Nan Academy and Xiao Gate…

Of course, things might be put in such a manner, but those seated were not ordinary people. It would be difficult to reach this stage without having some tactics. The ‘Black-Corner Region’ was chaotic and divided. Even those seated might drink and have fun now only to turn around and lead their men to destroy the entire faction of the other person. No one submitted to each other. Could an alliance be formed in this manner? Should it be called an Internal Conflict Alliance? Or perhaps a Fratricide Alliance?

Moreover, since it was an alliance, there must be an alliance chief. The person for this commander’s position was really difficult to choose. After all, who did not want to take it?

“Ke ke, the matter of the alliance is only a suggestion of mine. Whether it succeeds or not depends on everyone here.” Han Feng played with the teacup in his hand and softly laughed, “However, if Xiao Gate were to really come seeking power, it would be best that everyone quickly surrender and submit if they do not wish to die…”

The faces of quite a number of people changed after Han Feng’s words sounded. Their brows were knit. Xiao Gate’s expansion was incredibly fast. This was indeed a thorn in many people’s heart. However, they lacked the will if they were to asked to fight against Xiao Yan now. After all, no one could ignore the powerful strength of Xiao Yan displayed in front of them.

“*Clap* *clap*!”

While everyone was considering the trade off, a clear applause suddenly sounded within the open ground. Immediately, a clear laugh was transmitted to everyone. “Chief Han really understand the times. According to what you have said, should the current you not led everyone to kneel and surrender now?”

The sudden laughter caused everyone to feel shocked. They immediately turned their heads and their eyes swung toward the entrance of the open ground. A large group of people with fierce auras all over their bodies were slowly entering. Leading the group was a black-robed, young man, who was wearing a smile as he slowly walked in…

“Xiao Yan?”

As they looked at the black-robed, young man, almost everyone seated instantly recognized this extremely renowned young. All of them let out an involuntary cry. The cry carried some panic as it resounded over the area.

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s face, which was covered with smiles, had instantly turned into a vicious and sinister one…