Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 891: Qian Bai Two Elders

Chapter 891: Qian Bai Two Elders

The two gray-colored human figures had appeared without the slightest forewarning. Xiao Yan had not sensed anything before his eyes saw them. This sudden unexpected change had also caused his changing hand seals to pause a little. He was silent for a moment as his eyes glanced at the large fireball. Finally, he involuntarily cried out in a stern voice, “Two sirs, the fireball is about to explode. Hurry up and leave!”

Having heard the reminder from Xiao Yan’s cry, the two gray-robed figures beside the enormous fireball slowly raised their heads. Their old and experienced eyes calmly glanced at Xiao Yan. This random glance caused Xiao Yan to realize that the intensely churning wild and violent medicinal strength within his body had actually calmed down…

Surprise involuntarily surfaced in Xiao Yan’s eyes as he sensed this change within his body. They were able to suppress the revolting medicinal strength within his body from such a great distance. This strength… was it not too unnatural and frightening? Just who were these two mysterious gray-robed experts? Since when did such frightening experts exist in the ‘Black-Corner Region?’

While Xiao Yan was feeling shocked in his heart, Su Qian, Han Feng, and the others who had withdrew some distance had also discovered the existence of the two mysterious gray figures. They were startled. It was awhile later before Su Qian appeared to have suddenly recalled something. A wild joy swiftly surged up into his eyes as he softly muttered, “These old fellows, who will not die… they are finally willing to intervene.”

“First Elder, they are?” A couple of Inner Academy’s Elders behind Su Qian asked with some surprise. Although they did not sense any strength from the bodies of the two mysterious figures, they could vaguely sense a kind of unusual pressure covering their hearts and souls.

“The Guardians of the Jia Nan Academy…” Su Qian slowly said, “However, if the Jia Nan Academy is not faced with a situation of life and death, they would never intervene. Fortunately, this time around… otherwise, this Inner Academy…” Some fear involuntarily surfaced on Su Qian’s face when he spoke until the end.

“Guardians?” The eyes of the many Inner Academy Elders flickered as they looked at the two gray figures while they muttered softly to themselves.

The two mysterious gray figures did not respond even a little to the many gazes that shot from all directions. They withdrew their gazes from Xiao Yan. After which, they focused on the enormous fireball in front of them. Shock flashed across the rippleless old-well-like eyes of theirs as they sensed the destructive force contained within. They exchanged looks with one another and two pairs of shriveled hands slowly extended from their sleeves. After which, they slowly formed some strange seals.

Numerous intense spatial ripples suddenly spread from around the bodies of the two gray figures following their actions. With the ripples, the space around them had become extremely distorted. It was as though it was filled with a countless number of folds, giving it a twisted appearance. One’s sight was directly distorted by it.

The spatial ripple became increasingly intense. In the end, two strange dark-black glows slowly appeared on the gray figures. Immediately, two shriveled fingers gently floated through the air. After which, everyone was shocked to discover that the space where the enormous fireball had been located at appeared as though it was suddenly torn by a large invisible hand. A huge spatial crack quietly appeared…


A voice that had experienced many vicissitudes of life slowly resounded over the place as a frightening wind suddenly appeared in the sky. Immediately, it gently pushed the enormous fireball, that contained a destructive strength, into a bottomless black spatial crack.

The frightening temperature in the sky immediately fell when the last corner of the enormous fireball entered the spatial crack. Two deep black glows on the fingers of the two gray figures slowly flickered. One could see the enormous spatial crack swiftly begin to close. Within less than a minute, the spatial crack completely recovered. The sky had once again become as smooth as a mirror…

The two gray figures finally sighed in relief after doing this. Even though they had joined hands, such a large-scale manipulation of spatial strength was not as easy as they had imagined. If the fireball’s strength had not already caused many tiny cracks to appear in space, it was likely that they would have had difficulty tearing such an enormous line to chase the fireball into.

Even though this was the case, this act of theirs had also caused everyone in the sky to descend into a dull state. Tearing space by simply raising their hands and expelling the destructive fireball into it. Just what kind of unnatural and frightening strength did one need in order to do this? It was likely that even the Old Ground Demon Ghost would have difficulty reaching this level. Just who were these two mysterious gray figures?

Xiao Yan in the distant sky also heaved a great sigh of relief upon seeing the fireball being expelled. If the fireball were to continue swelling as it pleased, it was likely that the Inner Academy would cease to exist. At that time, he would become the culprit who had destroyed the Inner Academy. This was definitely something similar to a nightmare for him. It seemed that he would really have to think thrice if he wanted to use this frightening ‘Extermination Fire Lotus’…

Of course, this ‘Extermination Fire Lotus’ was formed from the merger of four kinds of flame. Currently, half of the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ he had absorbed back then had been used. If Xiao Yan were unable to find another replacement in the future, he would only be able to use it one more time. Moreover, whether he would succeed again or not was unknown. This ‘Extermination Lotus Flame’ that he had relied on his strength to successfully unleash had also been filled with luck.

A couple of rushing wind sounds were transmitted over while Xiao Yan felt as though he had put down a heavy burden. Immediately, Su Qian, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the others appeared beside Xiao Yan. After seeing that Xiao Yan was not badly hurt, Su Qian finally waved his hand and softly said, “Follow me. Don’t randomly say anything.”

Su Qian’s body moved after he spoke and he swiftly rushed to the two gray figures in the sky. Xiao Yan hesitated a little behind before he dragged the Little Fairy Doctor along and followed.

“Ke ke, Old Bai, Old Qian, thank you both for intervening today. Otherwise, it is likely that this Inner Academy would cease to exist…” Su Qian cupped his hands to the two gray figures and smiled after appearing in front of them.

“Little fellow Su Qian, you are really not competent in your job as First Elder. If the Inner Academy were to really suffer such a great calamity, it is likely that you would have difficulty compensating for it even if you were to die ten times.” A gray-clothed elder looked at Su Qian before he frowned and chastised in a calm yet somewhat stern voice.

“Two old sirs, today’s matter is entirely caused by Xiao Yan. If you wish to blame someone, Xiao Yan shall bear the burden. It has nothing to do with First Elder Su Qian.” While Su Qian was smiling bitterly, Xiao Yan, who had hurried over, quickly spoke up.

The two gray-clothed elders’ calm water-like eyes slowly swept over Xiao Yan. Surprise suddenly flashed across their eyes. They opened their mouths and said, “You… you are the young man who controlled the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ back then?”

Xiao Yan rubbed his head in the face of these two elders who actually remembered him. Finally, he nodded.

“I recall that you seemed to be a mere small Da Dou Shi when we met you back then. You have actually reached this level within a short few years… the Jia Nan Academy has finally produced quite a good student. If that old fellow Mang Tian Chi knew about this, he would likely be proud.” A gray-clothed elder clicked his tongue as he spoke.

“Moreover, it seems that there is more than one kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ being controlled within your body. Being able to stably merge a couple of ‘Heavenly Flames’ within one’s body. Such a Qi Method would be considered unrivaled. Little fellow, you should be more careful when you head out to train in the future…” The other gray-clothed elder’s gaze was also somewhat surprised as he slowly spoke.

“This little fellow has learned from the both of you.” Xiao Yan naturally did not dare to slight these two ultimate experts of unknown origin. Therefore, he hurriedly replied.

“Huh?” The two gray-clothed elders nodded slightly. Their roaming gazes suddenly paused on the Little Fairy Doctor beside Xiao Yan, and they involuntarily exclaimed a little.

The Little Fairy Doctor involuntarily became cautious as she sensed the gazes of the two gray-clothed elders. The Dou Qi within her body flowed quietly.

“He he, it is unexpected that I would actually be able to meet an owner of a ‘Woeful Poison Body’ after so many years. It is really surprising.” A gray-clothed elder laughed softly.

“Unfortunately… every owner of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ eventually ends up with a similar fate…” The other gray-clothed elder sighed somewhat emotionally.

Su Qian rolled his eyes upon hearing the three of them converse. He said to the two gray-clothed elders, “The both of you should not scare someone after you just appear. If the both of you had appeared earlier, such a matter would not have happened. The both of you should be extremely clear about the strength of the Old Ground Demon Ghost. What can I do to him if he wants to come and find trouble? If Xiao Yan had not stepped forward, no one knows just what the current situation would be.

“All of you are merely sleeping managers. The headmaster has not returned once after many years and the both of you have hid yourselves until one cannot even see your figures. Such a large academy relies entirely on me to manage.” Su Qian’s resentment was extremely dense when he spoke until the end.

The two gray-clothed elders could not help but become a little embarrassed in the face of Su Qian’s reprimand. They had indeed lived peacefully during these years without needing to worry about anything. They immediately emitted a dry cough and said, “Didn’t we also experience this back then. It is not so easy to be the First Elder… However, is that old fellow not back yet… This is indeed extremely irresponsible. It has been about a decade since he left, right…”

“If I had known this back then, I would not have taken over your post…” Su Qian groaned somewhat regretfully. After which, he turned his head to Xiao Yan and said, “You can call these two Old Bai and Old Qian. They were also the First Elders of the Jia Nan Academy a long time ago. Now, they have retired and are enjoying life.”

Xiao Yan hurriedly greeted the two of them when he heard this.

The two gray-clothed elders waved their hands, indicating that there was no need for all these greetings. After which, they slowly said, “The Old Ground Demon Ghost, huh? We have also not seen each other for many years. It is unexpected that we are actually able to meet today, don’t you agree?”

The two people’s gazes strangely turned to an empty space not far away when they finished speaking. A strange smile hung on their old faces.