Chapter 863: A Big Battle Begins

Han Feng’s cold cry filled with killing intent broke the stiff atmosphere of this region. The experts from the Demon Flame Valley and Black Emperor Sect unleashed their soul-stirring killing intent at this moment. Their gazes were dark as they glared at Xiao Yan’s group. Moreover, both parties even took the opportunity to separate a portion of their experts to head off the experts from ‘Xiao Gate’ and the Jia Nan Academy who had appeared in the sky.

The experts from the Demon Flame Valley and the Black Emperor Sect that remained this time around were the core strength within their factions. Their individual strengths were all quite great. If one were to talk about the situation in this place, it appeared that they were a little stronger than ‘Xiao Gate’ and the Jia Nan Academy experts. Hence, despite having dispatched some experts to deal with Xiao Li’s group, the number of experts who remained still far exceeded that of Xiao Yan’s four people group. Moreover, all of their auras were great and drawn out. Clearly, they were the elites among the group.

Few words were exchanged when the group that had gone to block Xiao Li’s group collided with the latter before both parties directly erupted into a chaotic battle. Powerful Dou Qi ripples that contained dark, cold killing intent created gorgeous energy fireworks low, deep explosive sounds in the sky.

A cold smile surfaced on the corner of Han Feng’s mouth as he watched the intense battle that had erupted in the sky. His gaze was immediately turned to Xiao Yan’s four man group as he faintly said, “This is the territory of the Black Emperor Sect. It does not benefit you by dragging things out. Therefore, you should hand over the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. This way, I might still let all of you off.”

“You are actually saying such words despite your character. Looks like you do not have much hope of swallowing us.” Xiao Yan softly laughed. His gaze glanced at the experts from ‘Xiao Gate’ and the Jia Nan Academy who had been stopped, but his face did not appear overly worried. Han Feng and Mo Tian Xing had planned to gather their core strength to deal with the four of them. Hence, the people who had gone to stop Xiao Li’s group were not very strong. This group not only did not gain the upper hand in this battle, but had faintly fallen into a disadvantage. It appeared that they would not be able to block for long.

Of course, Xiao Yan himself naturally did not place his hope on Xiao Li’s group. The crucial part of this battle was still on the side of the four of them. Should any accident happen to them, the experts from ‘Xiao Gate’ and the Jia Nan Academy would not have the ability to turn the situation around.

The smile on the corner of Han Feng’s mouth became denser in the face of Xiao Yan’s soft laughter. He had a clear understanding of the latter’s character, and knew that the other party would definitely not easily hand over the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. He immediately became too lazy to exchange unnecessary words. After exchanging a brief glance with Mo Tian Xing, Han Feng nodded his head.

“Fang Yan, you will lead the second and third Elders to deal with Xiao Yan. With the combination of the three of you, it is likely that you will even be able to barely fight against a Dou Zong. This should not be a problem, right?” Han Feng turned his head and spoke to the red-haired First Elder Fang Yan with a deep voice.

Fang Yan smiled when he heard this. He nodded and said, “Mister, please be reassured that the old me will definitely snatch the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva.”

“Do not be careless. This little fellow has some extremely powerful Dou Skills. Back then, I suffered great losses…” Han Feng frowned and reminded.

Fang Yan smiled once again and nodded. He had naturally heard quite a lot of rumors about Xiao Yan. The battle result of the latter in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ back then was something he had heard numerous times. Hence, his heart would naturally not possess much underestimation. However, if he were to join hands with two Demon Flame Valley Elders, he still had some confidence in dealing with Xiao Yan. After all, the strength of those two were close to the peak of the Dou Huang class. Moreover, they worked well together. With the three of them, the chances of victory against Xiao Yan, who was a mere four star Dou Huang, should be above sixty-percent.

“I and Elder Qi will deal with that purple-haired little girl.” Mo Ya laughed behind Mo Tian Xing.

“Yes.” Mo Tian Xing randomly nodded. He did not issue any reminders. If Mo Ya and Qi Shan joined hands, there would hardly be anyone who was a match for them in the Dou Huang class. It should not be much of a problem dealing with a little girl. Although he knew that this little, purple-haired girl was somewhat strange, strange did not necessarily mean strength…

“Let’s attack, don’t delay any longer…” Han Feng gently waved his hand, and spoke with a faint voice.

A cold, powerful aura suddenly surged out from Han Feng’s body after his last words sounded. Under this trembling aura, one could see that some dark clouds had suddenly begun to gather in the clear sky. In an instant, the warm sunlight that scattered down from the sky was isolated.

Han Feng’s gray robes flapped in the wild wind while a bright-redness gradually surged in his eyes. His dark gaze shot to Su Qian, “Old fellow, we have not met for a couple of years. Today, allow me to see if you are still like you were back then!”

Su Qian’s expression did not change even a little as he sensed his aura being locked onto by Han Feng. His body moved and he slowly flew out. He immediately paused a short distance from Han Feng and faintly said, “It is unexpected that the Pill Emperor who shook the ‘Black-Corner Region’ back then has actually turned into this state that is neither human nor ghost. Although I do not know what method you have used in order to transform into your old appearance after occupying another person’s body, the current you does not possess the same demeanor from when you were the Pill Emperor.”

Su Qian’s words caused Han Feng’s expression to instantly turn dark and solemn. Becoming this state that was neither human nor ghost had been a thorn in his heart. He immediately clenched his teeth and replied in a savage manner, “You old fellow who will not die. The reason I ended up in this manner is all thanks to you people. As long as I, Han Feng am alive, I will not allow all of you to live in peace!”

Han Feng was basically roaring at the end. Ferocity and Savageness covered his face and a somewhat powerful illusory energy surged from his body in all directions. His body moved and in an instant, he appeared in front of Su Qian in a ghost-like manner. A hot wind carried a frightening explosive force as it ruthlessly smashed toward the latter’s chest.

The air was distorted where Han Feng’s palm wind passed. Even the invisible air was torn by it until an arc was formed just above Han Feng’s fist.

Su Qian’s expression changed when he sensed Han Feng’s fist wind. His sleeves finally became as hard as metal. They carried an icy wind that heavily collided with Han Feng’s fist.


A spiraling wind swept out and emitted a hissing sound in the sky when the fist and sleeve made contact. Han Feng and Su Qian took a couple of hurried steps back. Their bodies immediately flashed. Once again, they pounced violently on each other like fierce tigers that had descended the mountains and had become entangled. Waves of shocking force and energy explosions sounded.

A cold glint flashed across the eyes of First Elder Han Feng and the two Elders when they saw Su Qian and Han Feng descend into an intense battle. Immediately, their gazes turned to Xiao Yan and let out a cold laugh. The three people formed a triangular shape and slowly approached the latter.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes rotated upon seeing Fang Yan’s action. However, before she could do anything, a human figure flashed in front of her. Mo Tian Xing smiled when he appeared. “Your opponent is me. Don’t get distracted because of someone else.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes glanced indifferently at Mo Tian Xing, her delicate small mouth was lifted into a strange arc. Threads of grayish-purple fog quietly seeped out from her clothes…

Fang Yan and the two others had already surrounded Xiao Yan while Mo Tian Xing blocked the Little Fairy Doctor. When Fang Yan saw Xiao Yan’s calm manner with his arms crossed over his chest, he involuntarily laughed, “I have long heard about the impressive manner of chief Xiao in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ back then. Meeting you now, I can say that heroes that appear are mostly young. However, the three of us old fellows shall offend you today.”

Although Fang Yan’s face was a friendly one, there was not the slightest smile in his eyes. Only a frigid feeling and a dense killing intent were present.

Xiao Yan merely glanced at Fang Yan randomly in the face of his words. He spread his arms as he stretched his lazy waist. He clenched his fist and an enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler flashed and appeared. Xiao Yan smiled and said, “You need not say such useless words. Simply relying on your mouth is not sufficient if you want to snatch the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva from me. Moreover…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly became sharp as his Heavy Ruler quietly moved with him. It carried a hot pressurizing wind as it violently swung behind him without Xiao Yan turning his head.


A clear metallic sound exploded behind Xiao Yan. Immediately, a black figure took a couple of steps back before stabilizing himself. His hand that held a large blade trembled while his gaze looked at Xiao Yan’s back with a solemn expression. This second Elder of the Demon Flame Valley had not expected Xiao Yan’s reaction to be this strong.

“Moreover… show me your true ability. This kind of sneak attack tactic is useless against me. Your Demon Flame Valley doesn’t really rely on this to survive in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, does it?” After forcing that Demon Flame Valley’s Elder back with a random attack, Xiao Yan parted his mouth and smiled to the First Elder. He revealed his white teeth that caused one’s heart to feel a chill.

“I have frequently heard that chief Xiao’s razor tongue does not lose to his fighting strength. After meeting you, I see that you do live up to your reputation…” Fang Yan let out a mocking smile. Immediately, the smile on his face gradually turned dark and cold while he slowly said, “I heard that chief Xiao is in possession of a ‘Heavenly Flame’. The old me really wishes to know if the man-made ‘Heavenly Flame’ that my Demon Flame Valley makes is able to compare with your ‘Heavenly Flame’!”

Fang Yan suddenly cried out loud after his voice sounded. “Second brother, third brother!”

TL: Note that the brothers does not mean blood brothers but rather used because they are from the same sect

The second and third Elders from the Demon Flame Valley immediately responded when they heard Fang Yan’s cry. Their bodies immediately withdrew a short distance. After which, their hand seals quickly moved. Three pale-grayish flames suddenly curled and rose from their bodies. Immediately, the flames began to respond to one another. A moment later, they escaped from their hosts and flew out. Finally, they agglomerated together at the middle of the three individuals…

Within a short half a minute after the three pale-grayish colors merged, a grayish-brown ‘Heavenly Flame’ slowly rose to the sky.

The temperature of this place suddenly rose following the appearance of the cluster of grayish-brown flame. Even the space around that flame began to show signs of some distortion. The temperature of this kind of flame seemed to be very close to the degree of a ‘Heavenly Flame’.

Xiao Yan raised his head and studied the cluster of grayish-brown color in the flame. Surprise flashed across his eyes and he muttered with some interest, “Is this that so-called ‘Flame Creation Skill’…”