Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 826: Bidding

Chapter 826: Bidding

The sudden action within the hall caused quite a number of people to be startled. Their faces turned into sparkling ones when they clearly saw the person who had extended his hand to stop Xiao Yan. They immediately used pitiful eyes to look at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s gaze calmly observed the large hand placed on the box of the ‘Jade Bone Fruit’. He quietly sighed in his heart, “It really ended up in this manner…”

Ever since these five jade boxes were taken out, Xiao Yan had a feeling that it was likely that his attempt to exchange for the medicinal ingredients would not be as smooth as he had thought. In the end, his thoughts had really come true…

Xiao Yan vaguely turned his head. He looked at the large red-faced man who stood behind him, and faintly knit his brows.

“Ke ke, Old Qi, this mister is the first to bid… isn’t this act of yours not quite following the rules?” Owner Yao’s heart sank when she saw the red-faced elder extend his hand. However, she forcefully smiled as she spoke.

“What is Owner Yao saying? This place originally gets one to bid. The highest bid will take the item. Why does it matter who is first?” The large red-faced man spoke with displeasure when he heard this.

Owner Yao could only bitterly smile and nod her head when she heard him say this. Her heart quietly cursed, “It is naturally not a problem if you really bid a high price to exchange for such an item. However, you’re a shameless old man who always use some underhanded tactics.”

Old Qi was naturally unaware of Owner Yao’s quiet curse. His gaze shifted and paused on Xiao Yan before smiling and speaking in a somewhat courteous manner, “Ke ke, this friend, the old me is Qi Shan. I am currently refining a medicinal pill that requires a ‘Jade Bone Fruit’. Can this friend part with it? What do you say?”

Although Qi Shan was speaking in a negotiating manner with his mouth, the large hand that was holding the jade box did not relax even a little. Instead, it even moved it slightly toward him.

The pitiful expression of those gazes in the hall that were looking at Xiao Yan became even denser when they heard Qi Shan open his mouth to speak. This pitiful fellow actually ended up competing with this old fellow Qi Shan. Who in this Black Emperor City did not know that this old fellow liked to bully others with his strength?

Xiao Yan was silent for a moment in front of the many gazes. His hand immediately pulled the jade box that contained the ‘Jade Bone Fruit’. After which, he slowly pulled it to a spot in front of him and smiled toward Qi Shan. He said, “I’m sorry, Coincidentally, I also require this ‘Jade Bone Fruit’. Therefore, I’m afraid that I cannot part with it.”

An instant silence appeared in the hall the moment Xiao Yan’s words sounded. A surprise even flashed in the pretty eyes of that Owner Yao. She did not think that this man, who appeared quite young, would dare to openly reject Qi Shan’s request.

Qi Shan’s expression clearly stiffened slightly within the hall that had become quiet. A gloomy look immediately surged in his eyes. His gaze slowly turned towards Xiao Yan, gave a superficial smile and said, “Ke ke, the young people these days are really extremely bold and reckless…”

Xiao Yan ignored the ridicule in Qi Shan’s words. He turned his head towards Owner Yao and laughed, “Please take a look at these three medicinal ingredients and let me know what kind of medicinal pills I need to exchange for them.”

Owner Yao gradually recovered from her shock. She hesitated for a moment upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. She whispered, “Mister, do you really plan to do this? Offending a tier 6 alchemist who is the top alchemist of the Black Emperor Sect for a ‘Jade Bone Fruit’ is not worth it.”

Although Owner Yao’s words were a reminder to Xiao Yan, they were also informing Xiao Yan about Qi Shan’s identity without making it obvious.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly in the face of her good intention. He spoke in a noncommittal manner, “This ‘Jade Bone Fruit’ is also very important to me. I will not give it to anyone today. Therefore, Owner Yao, please tell me what item is needed to exchange for it.”

Owner Yao exchanged glances with the white-haired, old man beside her after seeing Xiao Yan’s insistence. She could only nod her head and reply, “These three medicinal ingredients among the highest quality medicinal ingredients in our Thousand Medicinal House. They are extremely expensive. If Mister Yan wishes to exchange for them, please hand over a tier 5 medicinal pill.”

“A tier 5 medicinal pill, huh?” Xiao Yan mused slightly when he heard this. He quietly calculated and found it was not considered extremely expensive. The medicinal pills that were refined from these three medicinal ingredients were about the 6th tier or higher. Hence, their value was not inferior to a tier 5 medicinal pill.

“Hei, trying to learn from others to exchange medicinal ingredients when you don’t have any ability…” Qi Shan immediately let out a cold laugh when he saw Xiao Yan deep in thought. He immediately turned his eyes to Owner Yao and said faintly, “I recall that one can place a competing bid in this Pill Exchange Gathering right? If this brat is unable to take out a tier 5 medicinal pill, this old me will exchange for them.”

Owner Yao and the surrounding people revealed shocked faces when they heard that Qi Shan was actually willing to use a tier 5 medicinal pill to exchange for them. This old fellow was actually this generous today?

“In the Pill Exchange Gathering, the medicinal ingredients will end up with the one who bids the highest price.” Owner Yao hesitated for a moment and glanced at Xiao Yan as she replied.

“This is a ‘Wind Walking Pill’ which is a tier 5 medicinal pill. After consuming it, one’s speed will soar for a short period of time. It can definitely preserve one’s life if one is being chased.” Qi Shan coldly laughed. He immediately took out a jade bottle, placed it on the table as he spoke.

Owner Yao was slightly startled. She carefully received the jade bottle and handed it to that white-haired, old man beside her.

The white-haired old man glanced at the luster of the medicinal pill within the jade bottle before sniffing the medicinal fragrance. He nodded and faintly said, “It is indeed a tier 5 ‘Wind Walking Pill’. However, its luster is not considered top grade. It seems that the person who was refining it was a little too impatient when doing so.”

“Hee hee, old man Yan’s eyes are indeed as sharp as ever. However, you cannot just rely on eyesight if you want to advance to the 6th tier.” Qi Shan laughed when he heard this. He immediately said, “Since the medicinal pill has completed its examination, these medicinal ingredients should belong to me, right?”

His large hand seized everything after his voice sounded, pulling over the three jade boxes in front of Xiao Yan.

However, his hand had just extended when another hand stopped him. A faint laugh was emitted, “This senior seems to be a little too impatient, no? I have not even said anything.”

Qi Shan’s eyes turned slightly cold. His eyes were slowly raised. They met with a pair of dark-black pupils. His voice slowly became impatient and cold. “Brat, you should always step back when things are looking good. It is best that you know how to keep a low profile when doing things in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Otherwise, it will not benefit you.”

Xiao Yan smiled when he heard this. He said, “Thank you for your reminder. However, I have also said that I will not give up these medicinal ingredients today.”

Xiao Yan’s hand moved after his voice sounded. A jade bottle was taken out before being placed on the table. He softly said, “Dou Spirit Pill, a tier 5 medicinal pill. I think that everyone here knows of its effects, so I shall not say anything more regarding this.”

An uproar suddenly erupted within the large hall the moment Xiao Yan’s voice sounded. Everyone’s gazes carried a thread of shock as they stared at the jade bottle on the table. A Dou Spirit Pill. This medicinal pill could be considered extremely well-known no matter where it was placed. If the Wind Walking Pill that Qi Shan had taken out earlier was considered a low grade pill within the tier 5 category, the Dou Spirit Pill could be considered a genuine high grade one!

Moreover, the Wind Walking Pill belonged to the category of depleting types of medicinal pills. Its value was undoubtedly worlds apart from the Dou Spirit Pill which could directly raise one’s strength forever.

Hence, no matter which direction one looked at it, the two of them did not have any room for comparison.

Owner Yao and Old Yan behind her as well as Qi Shan by the side were all startled upon seeing that Xiao Yan had actually taken out a Dou Spirit Pill. It was a long while later before a wild joy that was difficult to hide surged onto Owner Yao’s face. A Dou Spirit Pill might be considered a tier 5 medicinal pill, but if one was to discuss its value, it was comparable to even some low grade tier 6 medicinal pills!

“Impossible. How can this brat take out a Dou Spirit Pill?”

Qi Shan by the side furiously questioned. Even with his current pill refining level, his success rate of refining a Dou Spirit Pill did not even reach fifty-percent. Moreover, he was the main alchemist of the Black Emperor Sect. When refining such a medicinal pill, he would naturally need to hand it over to the sect first. If one were to really talk about it, his wealth was not as envious as many people imagined. At the very least, he might indeed be in possession of one Dou Spirit Pill, but… he would definitely be unwilling if he was asked to take out such a medicinal pill in exchange for these three medicinal ingredients.

Not many people were bothered about Qi Shan’s furious cry. The white-haired, old man who was called Old Yan was the first to pick up the jade bottle. After which, he carefully poured out a round jade-green medicinal pill from within.

Surprise gradually surged into Old Yan’s eyes as his gaze cautiously swept over this medicinal pill. A moment later, that surprise turned into a solemness.

“Old Yan, how is it? Is there any problems with the medicinal pill?” Owner Yao carefully inquired. Her heart immediately pounded hard when she saw Old Yan’s manner of studying it.

“No…” Old Yan gently inhaled a breath of cold air. There was a rare heat in his tone, “It is indeed a Dou Spirit Pill…”

The uproar within the hall became even fiercer when they heard this. The face of Qi Shan began to alternate between green and white. He did not expect this young brat, who appeared to be only twenty odd years old, to actually be able to take out a medicinal pill of such a tier.

“Moreover… the high quality of this Dou Spirit Pill is something the old me has seen for the first time after so many years. This luster, this pill fragrance… Based on my experience, even some tier 6 alchemist who do not have the help of a special flame would definitely be unable to refine a medicinal pill with such a luster.” The words of Old Yan that followed caused quite a number of people in the entire hall to gently inhale a breath of cold air.

Everyone present, including Qi Shan, was clearly aware of the eyesight of the Thousand Medicinal House’s Old Yan. Even someone like him, a person who was extremely picky about medicinal pills, ended up giving this Dou Spirit Pill such a high evaluation. Its quality… looks like it had reached quite a frightening level.

Everyone in the hall inhaled a breath of cold air. The shock in the gazes they used to look at Xiao Yan grew more dense.