Chapter 822: Entering the City

Anyone who possessed knowledge about the wall’s material would be able to discover that the surface of this city wall was actually covered by a layer of extremely rare ‘Black Mirror Rock’. A city wall that was molded from such a material had the unique ability to reflect some attacks. It was quite a good choice to be used as a city wall even though this thing was quite rare. Yet, this Black Emperor Sect was actually able to use it to cover the walls of the city. Such rich foundation caused not only Xiao Yan but also the Little Fairy Doctor by his side to sigh in amazement.

“It is indeed expensive…”

Xiao Yan turned his gaze to the human crowd where fierce auras repeatedly passed. He let out a sigh from his mouth. He could not help but feel somewhat curious. He had met quite a number of people with great strength during his journey to this place. Moreover, by the looks of their route, it was obvious that they were heading to ‘Black Emperor City’. With so many strong people, who possessed fiery, odd tempers, being gathered in such a city, it was likely that the subsequent days in this city would not be calm.

Chaos was a peculiar atmosphere that this ‘Black-Corner Region’ possessed in great quantities. No matter how strong a faction was, it was impossible to completely stop the formation of this kind of chaos. The people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ ignored any order or rules. The size of one’s fist was the most important truth!

Xiao Yan laughed out loud as these thoughts flashed in his heart. He did not discriminate against chaos. He knew that as long as one possessed sufficient strength in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, that person would be an exalted individual.

Xiao Yan let out a soft cry from his mouth before grabbing Zi Yan, who was looking all over the place, and pulling her to his side. He softly said, “You better be obedient after entering the city. There might be plenty treasures in it, but if you randomly act like you did in the past, you will definitely invite an endless amount of trouble. Do you understand?”

Zi Yan could only depressingly acknowledge with an ‘yes’ when she saw Xiao Yan’s solemn expression.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yan waved his hand. He pulled Zi Yan, smiled at the Little Fairy Doctor by his side, and took the lead to walk toward the city’s entrance.

The Little Fairy Doctor nodded slightly when she heard this. Her grayish-purple eyes carelessly swept over the passersby around who were repeatedly throwing their gazes over. A wintry expression suddenly appeared in her pupils, causing a feeling of danger to be raised in the hearts of these people. All of them hurriedly withdrew their presumptuous eyes.

The Little Fairy Doctor only let out a cold snort as she sensed the gazes swiftly withdraw. Her exuberance was slowly being withdrawn into her hand. As long as she moved her five fingers, this path would immediately become one void of life except for those individuals who were strong.

The Little Fairy Doctor only quickened her soft steps and followed Xiao Yan after withdrawing her hand. Although she was no longer cold, indifferent after following beside Xiao Yan during this period of time, that was only on the precondition that she was facing Xiao Yan and his friends. If it was an ordinary passerby, the Little Fairy Doctor would have total disregard for their lives. It was fine for her to take them. If one killed too many, one would naturally feel numb to the loss of human lives. The numbers who had died in the Little Fairy Doctor’s hands during these years had likely reached a figure that was difficult to count. It was already extremely difficult for her to suppress that cold and indifferent feeling in front of Xiao Yan…

The coldness on the road quietly scattered after the Little Fairy Doctor turned around and left. Numerous gazes were filled with alarmed as they looked at the graceful figure far in front. They immediately wiped off some cold sweat. It was unexpected that this woman was not an ordinary person. Fortunately, they did not boldly step forward earlier. Otherwise…

A chill surged out of the hearts of these passersby as they recalled her emotionless eyes that stared over them. They felt as though they had been stared at by a poisonous snake.

This woman was someone that they could not offend.

Xiao Yan’s group walked down the slope and traveled for some distance before the enormous city gates appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s eyes. A long human queue was formed outside of the city gates. A nosiness spread from this place, causing one’s ear to feel a slight pain.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyebrows bunched together as she looked at the many men gathered together. They had naked upper bodies that revealed their scars all over. Being in possession of a slight obsession for cleanliness, she did not like such a situation.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and swept over the entrance of the city almost like he was aware of the Little Fairy Doctor’s concern.

“Hei, this woman is really juicy. It has been a long time since I have seen such excellent stuff.”

“He-he, that little girl is not bad too. That small face is really likable…”

“Hai Zi, you have such a body yet you like little girls. The young lady from the last time died because of you. How unlucky.”

A lewd ear-piercing laughter was suddenly transmitted over as Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the situation at the city’s entrance.

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his gaze from the city’s entrance. His eyes were calm as he followed the voice and glanced over, only to see ten plus burly-looking men gathered together. Those lewd gazes repeatedly swept over the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan. The surrounding queuing people involuntarily emitted laughs riddled with deeper meaning when they heard the lewd laughs of this group. Being able to see such beautiful women, who were pleasant to the eyes, having their liberties taken during this harsh wait would be considered a good way to pass their time.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s expression did not change because of this. Her delicate hand grabbed Zi Yan, who displayed a furious expression on her small face as her eyes looked toward Xiao Yan.

“Let’s go…”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into a strange smile. However, he did not go and fight with these burly-looking men as everyone had expected. Instead, he turned his head and smiled to the Little Fairy Doctor before pulling Zi Yan to walk to the city’s entrance.


This action of Xiao Yan immediately aroused some disdainful booing from the surroundings. The ‘Black-Corner Region’ looked up to the strong. A person who acted like nothing had happened after his women were being humiliated was something that others saw as extremely shameful.

“Ha ha…”

The ten plus large men were initially startled when they saw Xiao Yan’s actions. They began to wildly laugh. However, the bodies of these ten plus people strangely solidified just as their laughter sounded. Immediately…

“Bang! Bang!”

A low, deep explosion sound suddenly appeared. Immediately the nosiness in this place ceased. Everyone’s eyes were stunned as they took in the sight of where the large men used to be. Clusters of black soot appeared with no explanation. A moment later, the surrounding circle immediately pulled back as though they had seen a ghost. Quite a number of people recovered soon after and their shocked gazes swept toward the back of Xiao Yan’s group while they walked toward the city’s gate. Waves of chills rose within their hearts as they recalled the strange scene from earlier. They no longer dared to emit even the slightest sound, afraid that the unusual scene from earlier would happen to their bodies.

This strange situation swiftly spread along this human chain. Numerous gazes of astonishment quickly glanced at Xiao Yan, who was slowly walking toward the city gate. Everyone hurriedly took a couple of steps back wherever he passed.

Xiao Yan’s group ignored the surrounding shocked gazes as they walked toward the city gate. He immediately headed for a purple door at the entrance. There were over a dozen large men in a pale-yellow armor standing extremely straight there. The powerful auras that were emitted from their bodies caused the people queuing by the side to be afraid to approach. They could only depressingly wait for the human flow by the side to slowly advance.

The direction in which Xiao Yan’s three man group was headed was clearly this purple door. Seeing this action of his, the surrounding gazes immediately revealed surprise. That large door was something that the Black Emperor Sect had reserved for the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to use. One could forget about entering from this door without the strength of a Dou Huang. Could this young man who appeared around twenty odd years old be such an expert?

Xiao Yan’s three man group stopped in front of the purple door while being observed by the surrounding gazes. The ten plus fully armed men suddenly shot their sharp eyes over. The laugh of an old man was immediately transmitted from behind.

“Ke ke, these friends, this entrance is specially arranged for an expert Dou Huang to enter. Please turn around if you has not reached this mark.” A yellow-robed, old man, who was holding a tobacco stem in his hand, slowly walked out. His narrowed eyes weighed Xiao Yan’s three man group before he laughed out loud.

“How can you identify whether the person who arrives is an expert Dou Huang given your strength that has not even reached a five star Dou Wang?” Xiao Yan glanced at the old man before speaking with a smile.

The eyes of the yellow-robed old man coagulated slightly. A messenger hurriedly ran over before softly saying something in his hear. Upon hearing the report of this messenger, the former’s eyes swept over Xiao Yan’s body with a stunned expression. A moment later, he waved his hand and dismissed the messenger. He politely said with a smile, “This mister. May I know your name? Which faction are you related to?”

“Yan Xiao, a free person.” Xiao Yan faintly replied.

“Ke ke, mister Yan Xiao, I think that you have also come to the Black Emperor City because of the auction right?” The eyes of the yellow-robed, old man flickered slightly as he laughed after hearing Xiao Yan mention his name.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan randomly nodded. He immediately frowned and asked, “May I enter?”

“Ke ke, naturally, you may…” The yellow-robed, old man hurriedly nodded his head. He took out a green-colored waist plate and handed it to Xiao Yan before speaking with a grin, “Mister Yan Xiao, the Black Emperor City is currently suffering from the trouble of being too full. It is quite difficult to find a place to stay. However, our Black Emperor Sect has specially prepared a place for the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to stay. As long as mister takes this plate to the ‘Black Emperor Pavilion’ at the center of the city, there will be someone who will arrange a place for you to rest. Most of the people who can stay there are experts with some reputation in the ‘Black-Corner Region’…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes moved when he heard this. He received the tablet in passing before smiling at the old man. After saying ‘thanks’, he led the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan at a slow walk through the purple door…

“That’s right, mister Yan Xiao, those people whom you killed earlier might be some dregs, but they belong to the Kui Wolf Gang. You should be a little careful.” The yellow-robed, old man suddenly spoke when Xiao Yan’s group was about to enter the purple door.

“Thank you for your reminder…” A faint voice was transmitted from the distance before Xiao Yan’s group completely disappeared in the shadows of the city’s tunnel.

The yellow-robed, old man narrowed his eyes as he observed the disappearing backs of Xiao Yan’s group. He immediately waved his hand and beckoned a messenger over. In a soft voice, he said, “Head to the sect and inform the Elder about these people. With such strength, it is impossible for them to be completely unknown. The situation in the Black Emperor City is currently complicated. Nothing must go wrong…”

“Yes sir!’ That messenger respectfully replied before quickly turning around to leave.

That yellow-robed, old man’s tobacco stem gently patted his arm as he narrowed his eyes. His mouth muttered to himself.

“Yan Xiao? The interior of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ does not seem to possess a young expert Dou Huang of this name… hei, this fellow is quite mysterious. I’ll let the Kui Wolf Gang test the waters first…”