Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 768: Explode!

Chapter 768: Explode!

The hand seal landed on Yan Luo Tian’s chest as Xiao Yan’s face suddenly became cold and stern. A majestic, wild, explosive energy suddenly surged out from his palm. Finally, it completely poured into the latter’s body from all directions.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” Thunder-like explosions suddenly resounded over the sky in front of a countless number of gazes. A frightening energy ripple which was visible to the naked eye could be seen. Two human figures erupted from the intervening point before being wildly launched in seperate directions.

Yan Luo Tian’s face became extremely ugly the instant the seal pressed onto his chest. He did not expect that Xiao Yan would be able to rely on his Dou Huang class strength to actually unleash such a powerful Dou Technique attack!

Although he was caught somewhat off-guard, Yan Luo Tian was still a genuine elite Dou Zong no manner how one put it. With his extraordinary ability to maneuver energy, the surface of his body unleashed a bright-golden light the instant that the powerful force surged out from Xiao Yan’s palm. Dense gold-colored goose feathers appeared before finally forming a golden goose feather armor that firmly covered his chest area.

The powerful force in Xiao Yan’s palm arrived as expected the moment the gold goose feathers appeared.

Gurg! Gurg! Gurg! Grug! Grug!

Even though Yan Luo Tian had summoned out a golden goose feather armor at such a critical juncture, it was still unable to block all the strength after receiving Xiao Yan’s full force attack at such a close distance. There was still quite a lot of wild and violent force that shattered the golden armor and firmly imprinted itself onto Yan Luo Tian’s body. His throat immediately felt a sweetness as a mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily spat out.

This mouthful of fresh blood from Yan Luo Tian had just been spat out when it immediately stirred an exclamation from a countless number of people below. The three large empire alliance’s army stared at Yan Luo Tian with stunned looks. Why did this elite Dou Zong spit out blood after having exchanged blow for barely a few minutes?

The faces of the two Mulan Elders in the air above the alliance’s army twitched when they saw this scene. Their faces immediately contained a cold smile as they quietly scolded that Yan Luo Tian deserved it within their hearts. They had already said that this fellow was not an ordinary expert Dou Huang. Yet Yan Luo Tian had actually dared to rely on his agility to come into such close contact with Xiao Yan. The former really seemed to have too much face to throw aside.

Compared to the stunned three alliance’s army, the fortress, which was originally quiet, had erupted into an earth-shaking cheer. At this moment, the fear that originated from the sect leader of the Poison Sect had become much weaker because of this scene.

“This fellow. One can really find no flaws in his palm. He also did not drag things out.” Hai Bodong and the others carried a smile as he praised repeatedly.

“Little bastard! You little bastard!”

Yan Luo Tian immediately lost a great amount of face when he heard the clear cheer from the fortress. A furious curse was yelled out. Golden colored glows immediately surged from his body before forming over ten sharp golden thorns on his shoulders, arms, elbows, toes, knees, and over ten other places. Yan Luo Tian appeared to be a fully armed hedgehog with the addition of these pricks.

“Brat, this ancestor (refers to a Dou Zong) will definitely viciously break your finger off one after another!” Yan Luo Tian’s eyes were filled with fury as he grit his teeth and yelled out.

The enormous wings on his back flapped after his voice sounded. Yan Luo Tian rushed toward Xiao Yan. The sharp gold finger sword that was formed pierced toward all of Xiao Yan’s fatal points. In his fury, Yan Luo Tian seemed to have forgotten the instructions that the white-haired woman had given him earlier.

Xiao Yan hurriedly withdrew just as the furious Yan Luo Tian approached. However, Xiao Yan’s speed and that of the latter were similar. Hence, it was extremely difficult to completely throw the latter off his tail. They had just exchanged a couple of blows but the clothes on his body had become completely fragmented by the golden thorns that densely covered the other person’s body. Numerous bright-red blood traces appeared on his body. The blood intersected with one another, looking somewhat savage.

Xiao Yan once again dodged the attack of Yan Luo Tian in a somewhat miserable manner. He suddenly clenched his hand while facing the ground. The Heavy Xuan Ruler that had landed on the ground after being snatched away by the three Mulan Elders earlier transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky. Finally, it landed in Xiao Yan’s hand.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Xiao Yan hurriedly waved the enormous ruler’s body after the heavy ruler enter his hand. It blocked Yan Luo Tian’s wild, violent attacks. However, despite having the heavy ruler to block him, the waves of powerful strength that followed the ruler and were transmitted over also caused Xiao Yan’s hand to nearly become numb. A crazy elite Dou Zong was really too troublesome. This was especially the case for such a person whose body was filled with long thorns.

Xiao Yan, who looked to be in a dangerous situation under the wild and violent attack by Yan Luo Tian in the sky, caused everyone in the fortress to raise their hearts once again. At this moment, the fight between Medusa and the sect leader of the Poison Sect had become increasingly more intense. If Xiao Yan were to be defeated by Yan Luo Tian, it would definitely cause Medusa to reveal some opening by feeling worried. At that time, it was likely that the sect leader from the Poison Sect would take advantage of her opening and attack.

“Xiao Yan, you must hang on!”

Hai Bodong and the others clenched their fists tightly. Their eyes stared intently at the battle in the sky. Their hearts would tremble a little each time wounds appeared on Xiao Yan’s body. They also knew that despite Xiao Yan being able to fight with an elite Dou Zong after displaying all his strength, that was under the precondition of him going all out until he was quite badly injured. This kind of exchange was similar to him staking his life.

The poor situation that Xiao Yan was in was also sensed by the two people in the other battleground who were focusing on his side. Their faces changed slightly. However, they could only clench their teeth violently when they looked at the other party’s eyes. Their attacks immediately became a little more vicious.

These two women were currently being vicious people. It was natural that their fight was exceptionally risky. Their vicious attacking methods caused even some of the audience to feel a chill over their bodies as they watched. In this world, women were indeed more frightening than men when they became fierce.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Five sharp golden thorns violently hooked onto the heavy ruler as a savage look flashed across Yan Luo Tian’s face. He suddenly twisted his hand and the heavy ruler rotated suddenly, escaping from Xiao Yan’s hand.

Yan Luo Tian’s body moved in a strange manner after he had struck the heavy ruler aside. He appeared in front of Xiao Yan and viciously slammed his knee into Xiao Yan’s lower abdomen.

A pale-whiteness surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face upon receiving such a heavy blow. Traces of blood flowed down the corner of his mouth as a ruthless glint flashed across his eyes. He clenched his fist tightly and ferociously smashed it into Yan Luo Tian’s waist.

A punch in exchange for a knee. The silver glow under Xiao Yan’s feet flashed and he immediately left behind an afterimage as his body shot back.

“Can you escape?”

Yan Luo Tian had sensed it the moment that Xiao Yan disappeared. A savage laugh sounded and his body once again curled into a strange arc. Those goose wings on his back were flapped and his body suddenly disappeared. The next time he reappeared, he was actually already behind Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan immediately sensed something when Yan Luo Tian appeared behind him. However, he did not have the time to use the Three Thousand Lightning Movement to flee this time around. Yan Luo Tian’s fist was ruthlessly smashed against his back.

“Grug! Grug! Grug! Grug! Grug! Grug! Grug! Grug! Grug!”

This punch caused a mouthful of fresh blood to be spat out from Xiao Yan’s mouth. His figure also fell toward the ground. Seeing this, Yan Luo Tian smiled viciously and flapped the gold colored goose wings on his back as he suddenly charged toward the falling Xiao Yan.

The fortress immediately let out numerous shocked voices upon seeing this scene. Hai Bodong’s group also had pale faces. Could Xiao Yan hold on?

“Old Hai, all of you should prepare to act and rescue third brother!” Xiao Ding’s expression was dark and solemn while he softly cried out.

Hai Bodong nodded. Snow-white ice wings swiftly appeared on his back. After which, he suddenly rushed out and charged toward the position where Xiao Yan was located in a lightning-like manner.

Xiao Yan fell swiftly through the air. Wild wind whistled by the side of his ear while his eyes were tightly shut. His entire person appeared to have fallen into an unconscious state. However, if one were to listen carefully, one would discover that his voice was softly urging, “Soon, it will be ready soon!”

The bright-golden goose wings extended out, appearing extremely spectacular. Yan Luo Tian looked at Xiao Yan who was within close proximity and the ferocious smile in his eyes became denser. This little Dou Huang brat had actually caused him, an elite Dou Zong, to spit out blood and become injured in front of everyone. This was no different from publicly giving him a slap, causing him to have difficulty enduring. Therefore, he would capture this fellow no matter what before torturing him properly.

Hai Bodong who was hurrying over watched Yan Luo Tian, whose speed was so fast that it was terrifying. His face was unusually ugly. He clenched his teeth and raised his speed in an attempt to hurry over and rescue Xiao Yan.

Yan Luo Tian’s wings were flapped from such close proximity. His body suddenly plunged while his hands ruthlessly grabbed at Xiao Yan’s head.

However, just as his hand was about to make contact with Xiao Yan’s head, the latter’s head suddenly turned and dodged it.

Xiao Yan’s sudden dodge also caused Yan Luo Tian to be surprised. Was this fellow not already unconscious? His surprise lasted for only a short instant before a hatred flashed across his eyes. His leg ruthlessly kicked toward Xiao Yan’s back.

The leg was wrapped in a golden light as it tore open the air. It was just about to strike its target when Xiao Yan suddenly turned his body and glared at Yan Luo Tian with a ferocious grin. He swung his hand and a palm-sized three colored fire lotus suddenly shot toward the latter.

Hai Bodong, who was rushing over, saw the fire lotus the moment that it was tossed by Xiao Yan. Surprise immediately surged within his eyes. He hurriedly paused his body before rushing back toward the fortress with all his might. Only after seeing this scene did he realize that Xiao Yan had been deceiving everyone earlier. His aim was to give himself the time needed to agglomerate this frightening fire lotus.

Xiao Yan’s body swiftly fell toward the ground after throwing the fire lotus. His eyes were filled with ridicule as he enjoyed the stunned Yan Luo Tian. His hand seal was formed as he softly spat out from his mouth, “Explode! Explode! Explode! Explode! Explode Explode Explode Explode…”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

An earth-shaking terrifying explosion immediately sounded. At this moment, a frighteningly wild and violent energy swept over the sky like a tornado!