Chapter 765: Eagle Cry

Hai Bodong and everyone else on the fortress were stunned for quite a while before they let out a heavy sigh of relief. Their hands rubbed their foreheads only to discover that it was covered in cold sweat.

“This little fellow… he is too reckless.” Hai Bodong swallowed a mouthful of saliva and spoke with some fear still lingering in him.

Jia Xing Tian bitterly laughed as he said, “When does he not exceed others expectations when he appears? The young people now do indeed have a striving attitude… if it was me, I would definitely not do such a thing.”

Xiao Ding, who was seated in a wheelchair, heaved a sigh of relief at this moment. His tensed body seemed to become weak as he leaned against the back of the chair and sighed. “This battle today is finally settled.”

Hai Bodong and the other few people nodded their heads upon hearing this. The reason that the three Mulan Elders were frightening was because they were comparable to an elite Dou Zong when they joined hands and used the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’. However, one of the three Elders was seriously wounded by Xiao Yan. Naturally, it was difficult for them to use the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ to its maximum ability. Once one effect was lost, the remaining two Mulan Elders were merely two people at the peak of the Dou Huang class. They no longer possessed the capital to act arrogantly.

With Xiao Yan’s strength, it would definitely be much more relaxing for him to deal with two Elders at the peak of the Dou Huang class compared to an elite Dou Zong despite him having been injured. Moreover, the most important point was that he had not only delayed the three Mulan Elders but he had also crippled one of them. In which case, there would no longer be anyone going to interfere in the other battleground between Medusa and Yan Luo Tian. Given Medusa’s strength, defeating Luo Yan Tian was only a matter of time.

Once the three Mulan Elders and Yan Luo Tian failed today, the danger that the Jia Ma Empire faced would not only be immediately relieved, but they might also have the capital to cause the three sects to suffer terrible losses.

The eyes of everyone on the fortress could not help but reveal a wild joy when they thought of the arrival of that day. During this one year, they had been beaten by the three sect alliance until they could no longer raise their heads. If they were to continue losing, losing their country and hope was a fate that everyone would face.

The one who had overturned such despair was the young man in the sky who dared to use his life to engage in an all out battle!

He had used his life to gamble and obtain a chance of survival for the Jia Ma Empire. He had also gambled and won the avoidance of the ending where everyone would have to leave their homes!

Yue Mei’s delicate hand covered her red lips. Her alluring snake pupils flickered while revealing a shock that was difficult to hide. The lightning fast battle earlier had attracted the attention of a countless number of people and had similarly raised her heart to the highest point. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan had finally stood with the stance of a victor at the end of this battle, which was filled with ups and downs.

“This fellow… no wonder her Majesty would trust him so much. He actually possesses some ability…” Yue Mei muttered softly. Her eyes studied the black-robed, young man in the sky who had a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. A haughtiness that a young man ought to have was faintly present between his brows. An unusual fluctuation surged within Yue Mei’s heart. Who could have imagined that the young man back then, who was chased by her until he was forced to flee in a miserable manner, had actually become the owner of the strongest faction within the Jia Ma Empire and the idol that was respected within the hearts of the Jia Ma Empire people.

This growth speed was really too quick. It was so fast that it left one dazzled.

The battleground where Medusa and Yan Lou Tian were located paused the moment the tiger-headed Elder fell from the sky after being seriously injured. The latter’s eyes drifted immediately and his expression immediately became unusually ugly. He furiously roared, “You three old fellows from the Mulan Valley have actually been turned into such a state by an expert Dou Huang? Didn’t you tell me that you would finish him off within ten exchanges?”

Medusa acted differently from the furious Yan Luo Tian. Joy flashed in her eyes because of this. She raised her pretty pupils and looked toward the black-robed, young man in the distance sky, who was now standing with his hands behind him. Some warmth sparkled in her eyes. The young man whom she could kill with a raise of her hand a couple of years ago had grown to an extent where he could fight with an elite Dou Zong without anyone realizing it.

At this moment, even someone as haughty as Medusa could not help but admit that the gap between Xiao Yan and her was swiftly narrowing at a speed that left one speechless. At a certain time in the future, he might truly surpass her!

At that time… according to the unofficial rule that had been past between Medusas over the generations, the husband of the Queen must have a strength that was even stronger than her!

A faint redness appeared on Medusa’s cold, indifferent, bewitching face when she thought of this. This instantaneous moving look caused the furious Yan Luo Tian on the opposite side to violently swallow a mouthful of saliva. This woman… she could be said to be a bewitching demon to a man. If the other party’s strength was not as strong as it was, he would definitely forcefully abduct her regardless of what happened.

Yan Luo Tian’s eyes had just paused on Medusa’s face for a moment when he suddenly sensed an ice-cold gaze suddenly shooting over. A thought struck him and he saw that Medusa on the opposite side was staring intently at him. A dense killing intent filled her eyes. Clearly, Yan Luo Tian’s earlier presumptuous weighing up had stirred the killing intent of this temperamental Queen Medusa.

Yan Luo Tian immediately felt somewhat uneasy upon being looked at by the poison-snake-like gaze. He was just about to move when a cold glow shot over explosively, intending to remove both his eyes.

“Leave your pair of dog eyes here!”

Yan Luo Tian was slightly angry as he sensed the vicious attack of Medusa. This woman’s heart was indeed not just ordinarily vicious. It was likely that he would not dare to sleep in the same bed with such a pretty female snake, that carried a poison, even if he really managed to gain her.

Yan Luo Tian’s body moved while he held this thought within his heart. Although he clearly knew that he was no match for Medusa, as the sect leader of the Gold Geese Sect, he was naturally unable to simply withdraw in front of the countless number of gazes.

During the time that Medusa and Yan Luo Tian fell into another intense battle, the tiger-headed Elder, who was falling to the ground, was received by a couple of flying rays of light among the army outside the fortress. After which, they hurriedly withdrew into the large army.

Xiao Yan’s gaze indifferently observed the tiger-headed Elder who was received. He felt somewhat regretful. It was unexpected that the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ formed from the agglomeration of two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’ was still unable to take his life even with such a close proximity explosion. However, it was fortunate that the Elder had suffered extremely serious injuries despite not dying, and would not be able to fully recover within a short period of time. Moreover, even if he managed to be cured, he would definitely suffer some sequelae that was difficult to remove. After all, the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ was not some ordinary Dou Technique that was easily thought of.

Xiao Yan slowly shifted his gaze up before finally pausing on the two Mulan Elders on the opposite side. A cold smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth. Having lost the collaboration of the formation, the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ had clearly begun to suffer a great discount. Within such a short period of time, the two beast heads on the Elders’ body, that were agglomerated from blood-colored energy, had become much more illusionary.

Although the beast head was somewhat illusionary, this did not hinder the two Elders from throwing a vicious look toward Xiao Yan. Clearly, having their ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ being broken by a Dou Huang class brat in front of so many people had caused them to lose all their face. When they returned to the valley in the future, there would be some people who would say nothing in front of them, but would definitely quietly mock them behind their backs.

All of this ridicule that they were about to receive was given by this black-robed, young man in front of them.

“You two, I wonder if this ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ of yours is still effective after you have lost one person?” Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at the ugly faces of the two Mulan Elders and laughed.

“A brat who only knows some unorthodox methods. You merely have temporarily good luck. What is there to be proud about? That palm earlier was not nice right?” The bear-headed Elder clenched his teeth as spoke.

“It is still alright. I am able to endure until I finish off the both of you.” Xiao Yan carelessly laughed. This little injury was completely different from the battle with Yun Shan back then.

“Arrogant brat. Even though we have lost one person, the two of us are enough to take you down. Once you are captured, we will ruthlessly turn all the bones in your body into powder and see if you can still run so quickly!” The lion-headed Elder’s voice was filled with viciousness.

Xiao Yan merely shook his head when he heard these vicious words. They were but two people at the peak of the Dou Huang class who were quite strong. Although they were a little troublesome from his point of view, the two of them could not be said to be difficult to deal with.

Xiao Yan’s face did not change. The Dou Qi within his body began to swiftly circulate and the seal in his hand had also suddenly changed. A complicated handprint left behind numerous afterimages as it flipped and flew.

The two Elders from the Mulan Valley hurriedly became focus upon seeing Xiao Yan using his hand seals. After having suffered such a great loss earlier, they would truly be considered fools if they were to underestimate Xiao Yan again.

Xiao Yan watched the actions of the two old men with a cold smile. The change of his hand seal became increasingly quick. With his current strength, he would definitely be able to cause these two old fellows to suffer if he unleashed the ‘Open Mountain Skill’ with all his strength.


A sharp eagle cry suddenly resounded over the sky just as Xiao Yan’s hand seal was about to suddenly erupt. Finally, it reverberated over this area in a mighty manner.

The faces of everyone present other than Xiao Yan changed slightly upon hearing this eagle cry. The expressions of Hai Bodong and the others on the fortress also turned unusually ugly.

“Isn’t she recuperating? Why has she appeared again?”