Chapter 752: Advancing to the Dou Huang class!

Xiao Yan, who was in the valley, suddenly opened his eyes the moment his spiritual body turned into nothingness. Cold perspiration covered his forehead. His eyes contained a faint shock. He could guarantee that the place that he had seen earlier with the help of the spiritual fire imprint that his teacher had left behind was definitely that mysterious ‘Hall of Souls’!

The cave emitted a somewhat anxious and heavy breathing sound. A long while later, it finally gradually disappeared. Xiao Yan wiped off the cold perspiration that covered his forehead. He sat down on a rock behind him and fell deep into thought.

The extremely large hall from earlier should be the extremely mysterious ‘Hall of Souls’. Xiao Yan could only attribute his ability to enter that place and have a peep around due to the spiritual fire imprint that Yao Lao had left behind. The frightening spirit that had appeared amid the shattered space should be the guardian of that ‘Hall of Souls’. Xiao Yan was also uncertain about whether he was the leader of the ‘Hall of Souls’. In any case, the only thing he knew was that even though his strength had greatly soared, he was still no match for that mysterious expert.

“This ‘Hall of Souls’ does indeed have many strong people. From the looks of the terrifying spirit earlier, it is likely that even Protector Wu would not be able to compare with him…” Xiao Yan muttered softly. A moment later, he rubbed his forehead and sighed in relief within his heart. No matter how bad the situation was, he, at the very least, knew that Yao Lao was indeed still alive!

There would definitely be a chance as long as Yao Lao was still alive!

“Teacher, wait for this disciple…” Xiao Yan slowly clenched his fist. A determination surfaced within his eyes. He stood up and inhaled a deep breath of air. The powerful galloping torrent-like Dou Qi within his body gradually expelled the chill that remained within his body. The current him was already a genuine elite Dou Huang. Moreover, he was still young. As long as he was given enough time, Xiao Yan believed that the next time he met the frightening spirit within that ‘Hall of Souls’, he would not end up like this time around where he was defeated without even having any ability to retaliate!

Xiao Yan slowly expelled the distractions within his heart. His body moved, and slowly walked toward the entrance of the cave, which was still firmly blocked by rocks. A moment later, he slowly opened his palm and gently placed it on the rocks. His mouth suddenly said, “Break!”


A loud sound immediately resounded the moment Xiao Yan’s cry rang out. Rock fragments shot out from the cave in all directions. The mountain cave was once again opened amid the dust that spread all over the place!

Xiao Yan slowly walked out. He narrowed his eyes and ignored the glaring sunlight. His body stood at the cave’s entrance as he spread both of his hands to allow that warm sunlight to shine on his body. A warm-feeling filled all of his limbs and bones, causing Xiao Yan’s face to gradually relax.

Xiao Yan stayed still basking in the sunlight for a long while before walking out. His gaze swept over the deep parts of the valley, and immediately paused on that enormous purple-colored light cocoon. Although he already knew that this girl’s evolution had yet to be completed when his Spiritual Strength had spread, he could not help but shake his head when he saw it with his own eyes. It was really not easy for this girl to advance in rank.

“Where is Cai Lin? Did she leave?” Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly. His eyes shifted from the light cocoon and swept in all directions. While he was speaking uncertainly to himself, his sweeping gaze saw a scroll on a huge rock not far from the light cocoon.

Xiao Yan beckoned with his hand and sucked the scroll into his palm. He slowly opened it with some doubt as his gaze slowly swept over it. A moment later, he frowned intently and whispered, “It is actually because something has happened to the Snake-People Rack. However, according to what she wrote, she would return once again after settling the matter. Don’t tell me that she has yet to settle it even until now?”

Xiao Yan’s expression also changed slightly when he thought of this. Even with Medusa’s strength, she was unable to swiftly settle the matter? It seemed that the trouble that the Snake-People Race met with this time around was indeed quite troublesome.

Xiao Yan stored the scroll into his storage ring after gaining an understanding of the entire matter. He looked at the light cocoon by his side and helplessly shook his head. He said, “Forget it, allow me to protect you for a period of time. Otherwise, I would also feel uneasy leaving now. Coincidentally, I have just broken through to the Dou Huang class and will still need some time to train the Dou Qi within my body…”

Once he said this, Xiao Yan’s body moved and appeared on a huge rock in the valley before he slowly shut his eyes.

Xiao Yan had smoothly exited his retreat and had successfully advanced to the Dou Huang class. However, he did not leave by himself after taking little Zi Yan into consideration. Instead, he chose to remain in the valley to take care of Zi Yan. He would also use the opportunity to grind and get used to the Dou Qi within his body that had greatly soared…

Time still quietly flowed by within the valley. However, the current valley was undoubtedly more lively compared to before. The origin of this liveliness was naturally the destructive sound that was created around the valley while Xiao Yan trained his Dou Qi.

Time swiftly flowed through one’s fingers amid this training of Xiao Yan’s strength. Without realizing it, another half a month had past. That light cocoon, which was completely void of activity, finally changed in a way that caused Xiao Yan to rejoice during this period of time. Not only did the light on the seals on the surface of the light cocoon become increasingly more dense but there was a slight crack line faintly spreading. The crack lines also emitted beads of purple glow.

From the looks of the situation, it seemed it would not be long until Zi Yan broke out of the cocoon.

A black-robed person was suspended in the air above the valley. At this moment, his hands were swiftly forming complex hand seals. The seals were being formed at an increasingly faster rate. In the end, some afterimages even appeared.

Xiao Yan’s expression was solemn as he looked at the flying seal in his hand. A flushed redness appeared on his face and some dense perspiration formed on his forehead. The exhaustion of Dou Qi because of this hand seal was quite frightening.

The flying hand seals suddenly paused at a certain instance while Xiao Yan cried out, “Sea Flipping Seal!”

The cry sounded and Xiao Yan’s hand stiffened on a strange arc. His hand suddenly pushed toward the sky. Following the pushing of his palm, a majestic Dou Qi surged and swiftly covered Xiao Yan’s hand. A layer of jade-green film quietly agglomerated within this majestic energy!

A strange jade-green cuticle swiftly wrapped around Xiao Yan’s hand. An instant later, a jade-green crystal clear hand imprint the size of a hand suddenly shot out!

This light imprint appeared to be molded from a jade-green crystal, appearing extraordinarily beautiful. However, the majestic energy that was contained within it was extremely shocking. One could see that even the air where it flew through would become distorted. The air was pressured into a clear concave arc.

The crystalized green light imprint flashed across the sky. Finally, it collided with the layer of spacial lock. A loud earth-shaking sound was immediately erupted. A wild wind suddenly surfaced and one could see numerous water-wave-like ripples forming and swiftly spreading from the area where the spatial lock was located. A moment later, this spatial lock that Medusa had created with all her strength had been broke by Xiao Yan! A ten-foot-wide hole was created!

Xiao Yan raised his head and looked at the distorted space. He finally let out a long sigh. Being the second seal of the ‘God Seal Skill’, the might of this ‘Flipping Sea Seal’ was indeed even stronger than the ‘Open Mountain Seal’. It was indeed worthy of being a powerful Dou Technique that required one to be an elite Dou Huang in order to practice. Xiao Yan had spent most of his time during these two months on practicing the ‘God Seal Skill’. However, this was the first time that he was able to successfully unleash it. Despite this being the first time and was still imperfect, it already possessed such might. One could imagine just what kind of strength it would have once Xiao Yan practiced it until he reached complete mastery.

Xiao Yan had experienced the difficulty of this ‘God Seal Skill’ when he had begun practicing the ‘Open Mountain Seal’ back then. Hence, he was already mentally prepared. He could barely be considered to have reached the stage where he could use the ‘Open Mountain Seal’ as he liked. On the other hand, he had not even reached an initial mastery of this ‘Flipping Sea Seal’. It might be difficult for the skill to have much impact when he fought an enemy in the future.

“Looks like I need to practice it properly. If I meet any elite Dou Zong in the future, this ‘Flipping Sea Seal’ might be able to achieve a surprising result…” Xiao Yan clenched his hand and muttered softly.

“It is already getting late. I shall train until here today…” Xiao Yan raised his head to look at the sky before laughing softly. His body had just landed when the entire valley violently shook!

Xiao Yan was also surprised when he sensed this sudden tremor. His gaze immediately shot down. That purple-colored light cocoon in the middle of the valley was emitting a bright, strong light at this moment!

“Is she about to successfully advance?” The sudden scene that appeared caused the surprise in Xiao Yan’s eyes to become increasingly more dense. There was finally activity from this girl.

Following the more intense light from the light cocoon, a slight cracking sound finally appeared. Immediately, the tiny crack lines that covered the light cocoon immediately burst apart. Countless rays of bright-purple radiated from the crack lines and shot to the sky. Fortunately, there was the spatial lock still there to block it. Otherwise, this unusual activity would definitely have attracted plenty of attention.

More and more crack lines appeared. In the end, a layer of the large cocoon shell was suddenly shed. Following the shedding of the first piece, a chain reaction seemed to have occurred on this light cocoon. The light cocoon swiftly cracked apart, and a purple-colored light pillar suddenly rushed to the sky before colliding with the spatial lock. The spatial lock emitted ripples one after the other.

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the enormous purple-colored light pillar. By relying on his eyesight, he could vaguely see a blurry human figure within the light pillar.

The light pillar was maintained for a moment before turning pale. A moment later, it completely disappeared. The human figure within it also appeared in Xiao Yan’s line of sight.

The human figure which that had appeared was completely naked. A faint purple glow lingered over her body causing her to appear to possess a magical charm. Long, smooth purple-colored hair scattered down and landed on her lovely protruding buttocks. Which part of her matured body that protruded from the front and the back was a style that the little girl from back then possessed. Looking at the somewhat matured, yet cute appearance, this was surprising the little Zi Yan who had grown big!

“This is Zi Yan?”

Xiao Yan was stunned as he looked at this girl whose figure was matured. It was completely chaotic. It was difficult to imagine that the little girl would develop so well and become so attractive…