Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 744: Zi Yan’s Advancement

Chapter 744: Zi Yan’s Advancement

The lethal poison that was hidden all over the valley appeared to have received a command as it completely vanished after the Little Fairy Doctor left. This caused Xiao Yan, who wanted to undertake a retreat within it, to quietly sigh in relief. He also knew that the former was currently not that kind girl from back then. Moreover, her poison skill was unique and unpredictable. Although he still believed within his heart that she would not really kill him, it was a troublesome matter if he were to make contact with these lethal poisons. This point was something that Xiao Yan had clearly felt when he helped Nalan Jie expel the poison in the latter’s body back then.

Xiao Yan dispatched a messenger bird to the capital after he had settled down in the small valley. He briefly accounted for the position he was located in order for Xiao Ding and the others to be able to send someone to look for him should anything happen in the future.

After accounting for everything, Xiao Yan searched this small valley in detail. The size of the valley was not very big but the various rare medicinal ingredients that grew within it caused even the current him to be a little moved. It was unexpected that this little valley grew so many rare medicinal ingredients within it. If this news were to spread to the outside world, it might caused many alchemist’s eyes to turn red with envy. After all, the attraction of rare medicinal ingredients to an alchemist was not much weaker than medicinal formulae and medicinal cauldrons.

Xiao Yan originally intended to chase all those Magical Beast within the valley away. However, Zi Yan hurriedly stopped him. She knew that Xiao Yan was about to undertake a retreat. These Magical Beast might become her playmates during this period of time.

Xiao Yan naturally did not insist on having his way since Zi Yan liked them. Moreover, he thought that if the valley possessed these Magical Beasts, they would coincidentally be able to achieve the effect of protecting it. Should anyone accidentally enter this valley, these Magical Beasts, which could be considered extremely strong in the eyes of an ordinary person, would be enough to frighten them off.

After he had settled down in the valley, Xiao Yan opened a small-sized cave deep inside it. After which, he gathered medicinal ingredients for nearly three days before carrying a heavy storage ring and entered into the cave. Of course, this time around, he was not undertaking a retreat but was refining medicinal pills.

The quantity of medicinal pills that he was currently refining was quite great. Not only did he promise to give old Yin Gu and the two others three ‘Mighty Huang Pill’ as a reward but he also needed to help Xiao Li, Lin Yan, and the others refine ‘Dou Spirit Pills’ All of these were not ordinary medicinal pills. Refining them was not only troublesome but would also exhaust time. However, these were obviously not reasons that would be able to stop Xiao Yan from refining pills.

Xiao Yan had also instructed Zi Yan and Medusa to avoid leaving the valley as much as possible before he entered the cave. The energy within the valley was much denser than the outside world and one would be able to achieve double the effect with half the effort by training here. Moreover, there were many spiritual medicines in this place. If Zi Yan were to suddenly begin advancing her rank, this place would be able to provide the greatest amount of guaranteed energy to her.

The big and small woman might have agreed to Xiao Yan’s instructions with their mouth, but Xiao Yan did not know just what they were thinking in their hearts. No matter what it was, however, Xiao Yan was rest assured with Medusa’s protection. After all, a Dou Zong class expert was sufficient to roam the Jia Ma Empire unopposed. Although this Magical Beast Mountain Range had many powerful Magical Beasts, they did not pose too much of a threat to Medusa.

Hence, despite knowing that the two of them were not people who would remain peaceful, Xiao Yan still entered the mountain cave with peace of mind. After which, he began his extremely burdened pill refinement assignment that any ordinary alchemist’s expression would pale upon seeing it.

Xiao Yan sat cross-legged on a rock within the somewhat dark, cool cave. There was a smooth mirror-like stone platform beside him. At this moment, many medicinal ingredients were neatly arranged on the stone platform. These medicinal ingredients were all stored within jade boxes. A rich medicinal fragrance seeped out from them. Finally, they gathered together and an unusual medicinal fragrance immediately spread throughout the cave.

Xiao Yan beckoned with his hand and a crimson medicinal cauldron suddenly appeared in front of him. After which, it landed heavily on the ground. Its heavy weight caused even the cave to slightly tremble.

Xiao Yan mused for a moment after summoning the medicinal cauldron. Among the two medicinal pill, refining the ‘Dou Spirit Pill’ was a little easier for him and he had a higher chance of success. The ‘Mighty Huang Pill’, on the other hand, was a genuine tier six medicinal pill. Even with Xiao Yan’s current strength, he did not possess over a fifty-percent confidence to successfully refine it. However, he was well prepared this time around. Not only did he manage to plunder a large amount of medicinal ingredients from the Primer clan but he had also found quite a number of them within this mountain valley. With this amount of medicinal ingredients, if he were to just ruthlessly use them up, attempting to smash out three ‘Mighty Huang Pills’ should not be too difficult even with a low success rate.

Xiao Yan chose to first refine the ‘Dou Spirit Pills’ after some thought within his heart. It was better to choose the one that was easier to refine while he was warming up. Although he was currently extremely well prepared, these medicinal ingredients were also extremely valuable. Even Xiao Yan would also feel heartache if he were to waste them for no reason.

After making up his mind in his heart, Xiao Yan slowly inhaled a deep breath and tossed out the distractions in his mind. He flicked his finger and a wisp of jade-green flame rushed out. Finally it entered the medicinal cauldron before transforming into a fierce flame that rose within it.

When the flame within the medicinal cauldron grew increasingly stronger, the temperature within the mountain cave immediately became hotter. However, this naturally did not have even the slightest impact on Xiao Yan. His eyes were staring intently into the medicinal cauldron. A moment later, his expression abruptly became solemn. Both of his fingers moved and a medicinal ingredient was grabbed between them. He gently threw it into the medicinal cauldron.

After delivering this medicinal ingredient into it, Xiao Yan’s difficult refinement session this time around had officially began!

Zi Yan and Medusa within the valley seldom entered to disturb Xiao Yan after he entered the cave. Initially, the two people were still fine. However, as the time that Xiao Yan used to refine pills increased, Zi Yan, who had an active character, could not sit still. This was especially after she had trained those Magical Beast in the valley until they were like pets which resulted in her becoming unusually bored. On a certain day, she succeeded in instigating Medusa. After which, the two of them secretly snuck out of the valley. Hence, this Magical Beast Mountain Range immediately became extremely chaotic.

With the help of her inborn special ability to sense those natural treasures with dense energy, Zi Yan’s sight each time around was thrown toward those treasures, which had the protection of many powerful Magical Beasts. However, most of these treasures were successfully obtained with the aid of Medusa’s might. Nevertheless, each time a treasure fell into their hands, it would stir numerous crimson-eyed Magical Beast to crazily chase after the two of them. The fiddling by one big and one small female demons caused the mountain range, that had always been quiet, to be repeatedly filled with roars each day, filling it with life.

An increasing number of natural treasures landed in Zi Yan’s hands with the flow of time. All of these things that she obtained were treated as sweets that she swallowed into her stomach without exception. After this kind of plundering action continued for nearly half a month, most of the powerful Magical Beasts in this Magical Beast Mountain Range had been visited by Zi Yan and Medusa.

This vigorous plundering naturally resulted in stirring up everyone’s anger. This Magical Beast Mountain Range did not lack some powerful Magical Beasts. Their intelligence was not lower to that of a human. Hence, many powerful Magical Beast began to gather together after suffering losses a couple of times. Thus an unusually large lineup was quietly formed within the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

This lineup with numerous Magical Beasts was met by Zi Yan and Medusa on the second day when they acted once again. A surging fury suddenly erupted!

When Zi Yan and Medusa looked at the countless number of Magical Beast that swarmed over like floodwater while carrying a roar that shook the sky, even Medusa could not resist feeling a numbness on the skin of her head despite her strength. She immediately grabbed Zi Yan and swiftly fled.

This chase and escape nearly involved this entire section of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. It was still a little better for Zi Yan and Medusa. Those mercenaries who were hunting Magical Beast within the mountain range suffered great misfortune. Everyone’s body turned icy-cold as they looked at the beast tide that had come swarming over like floodwater…

The wild retaliation of the beast tide caused this Magical Beast Mountain Range to boil unusually. However, it was fortunate that Medusa was cautious enough not to fly back to the valley. Instead, she brought Zi Yan along and took a big detour around the mountain range. Only after she was certain that she had got rid of all the Magical Beasts on her tail did the two of them hurry back to the valley.

The two of them did not dare to carelessly leave the valley for a couple of days after the event was over. Although the two of them were unafraid, it was likely that Xiao Yan, who was refining pills, would be disturbed if those crazy Magical Beasts were to discover this place. Should any accident happen at that time…

Even Zi Yan could only extend her tongue when she thought of this. She quietly stayed in the valley and played with those Magical Beast within the valley that had been tamed by her. Medusa also sighed in relief when she saw Zi Yan quieten down. If any accident were to occur, it was likely that that fellow would become mad.

The usually lively Zi Yan began to show signs of something being amiss after the two of them quietly remained in the valley for five to six days. At first, only her words were reduced. Gradually, her face turned unusually red and her body became boiling hot as though it was an oven.

The changes in Zi Yan naturally caused Medusa to pale in shock. However, she did not understand all of these things, and thus was unable to provide even the slightest help to Zi Yan. However, just when she was hesitating about whether she should call Xiao Yan out, Zi Yan suddenly descended into a slumber. A rich-purple glow surged out from her body while she slept. Finally, it transformed into a ten-foot-wide purple cocoon that wrapped around her body.

Medusa was startled after seeing this but ended up sighing in relief. It seemed that nothing was amiss. Instead, this little girl had consumed too many natural treasures during this period of time. The energy that was gathered within her body was enough for her to advance in rank!

A serene fragrance was hidden within the lush green mountain valley. Occasionally, there would be a good-sized Magical Beast passing through this place. A low roar would suddenly appear, causing the valley to be filled with life.

There was a rich-purple light hidden deep in a spot within the valley. There was an enormous bright cocoon that was over ten feet wide within the purple light. Although one could not clearly see the being within the cocoon, the majestic energy that was contained within it indicated that this thing was not ordinary.