Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 741: Strange Mountain Valley

Chapter 741: Strange Mountain Valley

Ka Gang throat rolled as he watched Xiao Yan leave in an unusual manner. He lowered his head to look at the jade bottles in his hand. Suddenly, he fell to his knees and did his best to kowtow three times toward the spot that Xiao Yan had disappeared from. After which, he pulled Ling Er and rushed in the direction where the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company was located. His instincts told him that as long as he did as Xiao Yan had said, this danger that they faced would definitely be resolved!

A wild wind blew over the vast sea of trees, causing a wave to sweep through it. A whistle rumbled and spread over the entire mountain range.

The rushing sound of wind suddenly appeared above the sea of trees. Three black figures immediately flashed over from a distant. Finally, their figures shook and paused in the sky while their eyes repeatedly swept over the place under them.

Due to some changes in the terrain after not having returned for many years, the position of the small mountain valley appeared to have become a little different. Hence, Xiao Yan wasted a lot of time while he searched for the location.

Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept over the dense forest below. His eyes brightened a moment later. Those fire wings on his back were flapped and he suddenly flew toward an area that was located between a couple of mountains. Finally, Medusa and Zi Yan quickly followed after observing their surroundings for a little while.

A moment later, Xiao Yan’s figure appeared in the sky above the mountain peak. His gaze swept over the place below, and he immediately sighed in relief. All he could see was a mountain valley without any route leading to it. It was surrounded by mountain peaks that appeared in his eyes through the cover of the dense forest.

Xiao Yan’s body slowly drifted down. He inhaled a deep breath. Despite being such a great distance away, he was still able to sniff a dense serene fragrance.

“The scent of medicine is even stronger here compared to the past. Looks like it is indeed a treasure spot…” Xiao Yan’s eyes revealed a joy as he looked at the mountain valley. He turned his head and waved to Medusa and Zi Yan. After which, he flapped his fire wings and landed in the mountain valley.

His body slowly landed on one of the walls of the mountain valley, and was just about to descend into the valley when a shady wind that contained a sharp scent suddenly shot over.

Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly. He flicked his finger and a powerful jade-green Dou Qi rushed out from his finger before heavily colliding with that figure.


After the two hit each other, the black shadow let out a cry and quickly flew backwards. Xiao Yan looked over and saw that it was a jet black Magical Beast with two wings.

Although the Magical Beast was forced back by Xiao Yan, it was unwilling to withdraw. Instead, it paced back and forth in the sky and emitted waves of sharp hissing noises that were filled with threats toward Xiao Yan.

“It is unexpected that a rank 4 Magical Beast has actually appeared in this place. Don’t tell me that it was attracted by these rare medicinal ingredients?” Xiao Yan raised his head and looked at the suspended Magical beast. He muttered before immediately shaking his head. Xiao Yan ignored it, moved his body, and transformed into a black figure that rushed to the interior of the mountain valley.

The eyes of the Magical Beast that lingered in the sky immediately turned red when it saw this action of Xiao Yan. It charged at him.

“Get lost!”

Xiao Yan’s feet gently landed on the ground. He frowned intently before waving his hand. A powerful force broke out of his body before ruthlessly smashing against the head of that Magical Beast, causing quite a lot of its fur to fall.

“Hiss!” That Magical Beast began to panic after receiving such a heavy blow. It hurriedly flapped its wings and flew up high. However, it still did not leave. Instead, it stayed suspended high in the sky while repeatedly flying in a circle.


Xiao Yan’s gaze began to slowly sweep over the interior of this mountain valley after forcing the irritating Magical Beast back. However, his gaze was still observing it when waves of low roars were suddenly emitted from the mountain valley. Numerous agile figures flashed immediately and many dark-green leopard-shaped Magical beasts, with extremely fierce appearances and evil and ferocious auras, rushed out. They instantly surrounded Xiao yan.

“They are actually rank 4 Magical Beast, the Wind Leopard Beast. They are unable to fly. How can they enter this valley? Moreover there are so many of them…” Xiao Yan knit his brows tightly as he looked at the fierce and evil-looking Magical Beasts that had completely surrounded him while he spoke doubtfully. What exactly happened to this small mountain valley during these few years?

Two human figures rushed down from the sky and appeared beside Xiao Yan while the latter was deep in thought.

“Hee hee, this is indeed a good place. It is unexpected that such a small place actually possesses so many natural treasure… Moreover, the density of the energy here is also much better than that outside.” Zi Yan’s gem-like pupils swept all around her before she laughed with a face filled with yearning. She had a special ability to sense these rare medicinal ingredients that possessed powerful energy. This was something that even Xiao Yan could not do.

Medusa’s gaze swept indifferently around her and immediately paused on the Wing Leopard Beast around them. Her eyebrows turned vertical as she coldly said, “Get lost!”

The clear, cold cry contained an unusual pressure as it spread out. Any Wind Leopard Beast that was struck by it would reveal fear within its crimson eyes. Their eyes struggled for a moment before they let out a soft roar a moment later. They glanced at the couple of them once again before slowly withdrawing.

“These rank 4 Magical beast are actually able to endure for a moment after receiving my pressure. They seem a little strange…” Medusa softly spoke in a somewhat doubtful voice as she eyed the Wind Leopard Beast that took a moment to withdraw. Compared to the strength of a Dou Zong, forget about these rank 4 Magical Beast, even a Magical Beast that was one rank higher would also flee miserably under her pressure. Yet, these Wind Leopard Beast only chose to flee after struggling for a moment.

“This place did not even have any Magical Beasts in the past. It is unexpected that it has turned into such a dangerous place after having been absent for a couple of years.” Xao Yan smiled. Although his heart felt surprised that there were suddenly so many more Magical beast within this small mountain valley, he did not think deeper into it. His eyes wandered all around him. He immediately lifted his feet and headed deeper into the mountain valley. In his memory, there was a small cottage hidden away here.

Medusa and Zi Yan slowly followed behind him. The former’s gaze was repeatedly sweeping all around her. For some unknown reason, she had the feeling that something was amiss.

Xiao Yan and the other two entered the deep part of the valley after walking for around ten minutes. They swept their eyes over and saw the little straw cottage seated within. The few years did not appear to cause any damage to it.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the straw cottage. He felt somewhat sad as he sighed. The things that had occurred in this place a couple of years ago were still vivid in his mind. However, that white-dressed lady had already disappeared.

Xiao Yan finally calmed the emotion within his heart a moment later. He slowly walked toward the small straw cottage. When he approached, numerous furious roars once again sounded in the mountain valley. Soon after, many Magical Beast rushed over before surrounding the small cottage. They faced Xiao Yan ferociously as they unleashed many roars.

The smile on Xiao Yan’s face also slowly faded when he saw the actions of the Magical Beast. Currently, he had also began to feel that something was not quite right. These Magical Beasts did not appear to to be here for food. Instead, they seemed to be reared by someone in this place to occupy this small valley.

“Has this place been discovered by others?” Xiao Yan frowned intently as this thought flashed across his heart.

“These little fellows are really irritating. Leave it to me!” Zi Yan’s little face was frowning as she looked at the Magical Beasts who were repeatedly emitting threatening roars. She snorted coldly and took a stride forward. The purple glow in her gem-like eyes brightened and an unusual pressure was suddenly unleashed!

This pressure was different from the pressure that Medusa had released by relying on her strength. Instead, it appeared to be one that surged out from one’s blood and spirit.

Xiao Yan’s and Medusa’s eyes were flickering with an unusual glint as they sensed the pressure that was being emitted from Zi Yan’s body. They exchanged looks with one another and could see the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Under the pressure Zi Yan emitted that originated from both blood and spirit, the Magical Beasts whose eyes were filled with a fierce glint immediately became silent. They seemed to be like a mouse who had seen a cat as they fled in all directions without any hesitation. They no longer dared to stay in this place.

Zi Yan raised her small face toward Xiao Yan proudly when she saw this.

Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes stared intently at the little straw cottage before slowly walking closer to it. The jade-green flame was partially visible on his hand that was hidden under his sleeves.

“Be careful.” Medus softly said from behind him.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He walked toward that small straw cottage. A moment later, he actually walked to the front of the cottage without any unexpected events happening. Uncertainty flashed across his eyes. His hands were just about to push open the door when Medusa’s expression behind him changed slightly. She rushed forward and grabbed Xiao Yan’s hand.

Xiao Yan was startled. He turned his head toward Medusa who revealed some iciness on her pretty face.

“There is a lethal poison on the door…” Medusa’s long pretty eyes were narrowed into a dangerous arc. Being Medusa, she specialized in poison attacks. Hence, she was much more sensitive to these things compared to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s expression also changed when he heard this. He hurriedly withdrew while his gaze swept all around him in surprise. His eyes had become increasingly darker. It seemed that things were really as he had thought. This mountain valley might have changed owners during these few years.

Medusa lowered her eyes slightly. A seven colored energy wiggled slowly on her long fingers as she made preparations to handle any unexpected turn of events.

“Be carefully…” Xiao Yan pulled Zi Yan to his side and softly spoke with a gloomy face. He immediately lifted his head to look at the small cottage while his eyes narrowed. His sleeves moved and a wild wind came out from an angle and forced open the door.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over it once the door was forced open. However, the small cottage was empty without even a single person.

“Don’t enter the cottage. The person here seems to specialize in using poison. Moreover, the poison is extremely potent. Even with your strength, it would be extremely troublesome if you came into contact with it.” Medusa glanced at the empty cottage before slowly speaking.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His gaze swept all over the place before he suddenly laughed coldly, “If sir does not reveal himself, I will destroy this mountain valley now!” A cold laugh reverberated throughout this mountain valley. Due to the mountain wall reflecting the sound, the echo was even louder than the original.

The cold laugh slowly ceased. However, the human figure whom they had expected to find did not appear. Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and solemn. A dark-green flame suddenly appeared on his palm.

A hoarse voice suddenly sounded in the valley when the flame appeared.

“If you destroy this place, the three of you can remain here today forever…”

Their eyes shrunken, Xiao Yan and Medusa turned around and looked at the mountain wall fall away. There, a figure covered in a black cloak strangely appeared.