Chapter 682: Rush to the Capital!


Blades that were dyed in fresh blood collided, erupting into waves of sparks. Human figures flashed and the low, deep sound emitted when the blade cut across flesh creepily sounded outside of this mansion, which was filled with the sounds of killing.

After a couple of rounds of charging and killing, the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples had endured a couple of waves of counter attacks by the Primer clan. The true close combat collision erupted the moment they began to charge into the outer yard of the mansion!

Although the Misty Cloud Sect had recruited a large number of disciples during these few years, they were naturally unable to train them into very strong individuals within a short period of time. The Primer clan, however, was different. Most of the clan’s guards were elites who had been specially trained for many years. Hence, even though they were outnumbered when the close range fight erupted, the Misty Cloud Sect could only fight in the outermost part of the manor regardless of how wildly they charge around. They had difficulty charging into the inner part of the manor.

At this moment, this enormous manor was impregnable under the tight defense of the Primer clan. Although the Misty Cloud Sect had come charging menacingly, they were still repelled outside of it.

The external surroundings of the manor had already been completely turned into a bloody meat grinder. Knifes and swords came and went. Sharp miserable cries sounded incessantly. Fresh bright-red blood scattered in all directions. It dyed the tall manor walls into looking as though it was covered by a red curtain. A pungent bloody scent slowly spread before diffusing throughout the city!

A countless number of observers who were on the tall points around this battleground had already descended into silence amid this miserable killing. They watched both parties repeatedly fall into the pool of blood like wheat being cut. Despite this, that white-colored wave-like attack did not show any signs of stopping. The members of the Primer clan within the manor also repeatedly surged out with fierce faces. Finally, their eyes turned blood-red as they violently collided with the white-colored wave!

At this moment, these people, who were observers, could clearly sense just how cheap human life was.


An intense energy explosion suddenly sounded in the sky. All the gazes in the city looked over and immediately saw Primer Tengshan being forced back by Yun Fu and Yun Xu. From the looks of the situation, it seemed that Primer Tengshan was struggling a little to deal with two expert Dou Wangs given his strength.

The wings on Primer Tengshan’s back were flapped. Only then did he stabilize his figure. He wiped away the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth after having suffered a slight injury in the intense battle earlier.

“Tengshan, stop puttingup a stubborn resistance. Although, the two of us are no match for you based on individual strength, you will only end up losing when the two of us join hands.” Yu Fu slowly stabilized the shocked Dou Qi in his body and cried in a deep voice after seeing Primer Tengshan forced back.

Primer Tengshan was not concerned about Yun Fu’s cry. He turned his head and his gaze looked to the battle circle of Hai Bodong. At this moment, the fight at that spot was even more intense than the area he was currently in. Blurry human figures flashed in the sky, emitting earth-shaking energy ripples when they occasionally collided.

Although an ordinary person had difficulty clearly observing the fighting situation, Primer Tengshan was able to clearly see it. At this moment, the fight between the three people might be extremely intense, but it was still somewhat difficult to tell who would end up victorious.

Although Yun Du and Yun Sha’s Dou Huang strength was not very pure, their strength would naturally be multiplied since the two of them had joined hands. Moreover, it was not the first time that the both of them had collaborated as shown by how their collaboration was very much in sync. In fact, they were able to maintain a situation where they were not losing despite their individual strength being much weaker than Hai Bodong’s strength.

At this moment, the fight between Hai Bodong and the other two had clearly entered a white-hot stage. Any activity in the outside world was unable to distract them. Their eyes only watched the other party’s flashing figure.

“It is really unexpected that Yun Du and Yun Sha have already become so strong that they are able to avoid being defeated when fighting Old Hai…” Primer Tengshan’s heart sank slightly when he saw the situation where it was difficult for a victor to be decided. From the looks of it, Old Hai might need quite a long time in order to defeat those two fellows. Moreover, the situation on his side was not favorable. If he were accidentally defeated, Yun Fu and Yun Xu might well enter that other battle. At that time, the situation might well become one-sided.

“I must delay these two fellows and give Old Hai sufficient time!” Primer Tengshan clenched his teeth. He took the opportunity when the breath of the two were not too stable to glance at the extremely intense killing below.

At this moment, the external part of the manor below had been completely dyed in fresh blood. The disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect and the guards of the Primer clan had engaged in a miserable fight for every inch of land. Although the strength of the guards of the Primer clan was a little stronger than these ordinary disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect, the latter won in terms of numbers. Their torrent-like attack from all directions charged at the defensive line of the Primer clan with all its might. More than half of the external yard of the manor had already been lost under this kind of all out charging.

The situation was somewhat unfavorable but it was fortunate that there was Ya Fei and the others giving commands within the manor. Hence, it did not appear too chaotic. Numerous clearly distinct defensive line covered this enormous manor. It was likely that the Misty Cloud Sect would have to suffer quite the losses in order to destroy all of these defensive lines!

“What face do I have to live if I were to lose the family’s property left behind by my ancestors?” Primer Tengshan withdrew his gaze from the ground and laughed toward Yun Fu and Yun Xu.

Yun Fu and Yun Xu once again shook their heads when they heard this. They immediately ceased giving Primer Tengshan the opportunity to rest and reply. With a flap of the wings on their back, they drew two arcs across the sky and once again attacked the latter from both the left and right!

The sounds of energy explosions in the sky grew increasingly clearer as the three people once again exchanged blows. The hearts of a countless number of people in the city were gripped following this rolling-thunder sound. They were afraid that Dou Qi would fall from the sky and blast them apart.

A fight erupted once again!

With the flow of time, the killing sound that resounded across the Jia Ma Sacred City had gradually diminished a little. Clearly, this true all out blood fight exhausted both parties.

The stubborn resistance of the Primer clan had indeed caused the Misty Cloud Sect to pay a bloody price. However, signs of reinforcements being unable to keep up began to appear under the torrent-like attack of the Misty Cloud Sect. Within a short ten plus minutes from when the sign appeared, the outer yard of the Primer clan manor was completely occupied by the Misty Cloud Sect. Although attempting to attack and occupy the inner yard was still extremely difficult. The destruction of the Primer clan was only a matter of time in the face of such exhaustion.

However, there was an unexpected change in the air while the Primer clan was doing its best to stubbornly defend below. This caused the hearts of all the clan members of the Primer clan to sink.


After an intense battle in the sky, Primer Tengshan was unable to block Yun Fu and Yun Xu as he had intended. Instead, the two of them had seized the opportunity while he was momentarily distracted to unleash a truly heavy blow!

Primer Tengshan’s face turned pale as he received the complete force of Yun Fu’s and Yun Xu’s attack. A mouthful of bloody fog was involuntarily spat out in front of a countless number of gazes. His body had also swiftly descended and was only received by a member of the Primer clan, who had reacted quickly, just before he hit the ground.

“First Elder!”

The defeat of Primer Tengshan immediately stirred waves of exclamation within the manor. At this moment, the hearts of everyone began to fluctuate. If Ya Fei had not stepped forward to suppress it in time, it was likely that this defeated panic would have burst out from the their inner core.

Yun Fu and Yun Xu did not remain still after defeating Primer Tengshan. Although they had greatly exhausted the Dou Qi in their bodies, they could not recuperate at this moment. Hence, once Primer Tengshan had landed on the ground and lost his fighting ability, these two people immediately moved their bodies and charged into the battle circle where Hai Bodong was located amid the exclamation of the entire city.

Everyone knew that if two Dou Huangs and two Dou Wangs were to join hands, even someone of Hai Bodong’s strength would definitely be unable to fight them. Defeat was only a matter of time!

What they had predicted was not wrong. Not long after Yun Fu and Yun Xu joined the battle circle, Hai Bodong, who was originally attacking and defending well, swiftly descended into a disadvantage and threatening signs appeared!

The expressions of some people within a few parts of the capital also completely sank as they watched the situation in the sky. The miracle they had hoped for did not happen…

Jia Lao’s gaze was firmly watching the one-sided battle in the sky from the tall tower of the imperial city. His shriveled right hand under his sleeves emitted a cracking sound. An instant later, however, when he recalled the frightening fellow in the Misty Cloud Sect, Jia Lao’s body once again became feeble. His face had become much older at this moment.

He really did not have the slightest confidence to defeat that old roan within the Misty Cloud Sect. If he were to intervene and help Hai Bodong today, it was likely that the Misty Cloud Sect would turn its blade on the imperial family tomorrow!

Yao Ye, who was wearing a purple-black gown while standing behind Jia Lao, was also looking at the battle in the distant sky. The back of her teeth clenched tightly on her lower red lip. She knew in her heart that once Hai Bodong was defeated, the Primer clan would have completely lost its ability to resist today. This leader of the three large clans in the empire would be completely eliminated. Once the Primer clan was destroyed, who in the empire would dare to step forward and contend with the Misty Cloud Sect since they would become more arrogant because of this?

“Hai Bodong is about to lose!”

Suddenly, Jia Lao began to slowly speak with bitterness. He gradually shut his eyes. In the future, this Jia Ma Empire would belong to the Misty Cloud Sect!

The distant sky appeared to have become silent the instant Jia Lao spoke these words. Four human figures attacked one after another. The monstrous energy that merged together was something that would cause Hai Bodong to be seriously injured even with his strength. Moreover, as his fist moved, that aura was completely locked onto Hai Bodong. Hence, the combined attack of these four people was something that he was no longer able to escape from!

At this moment, all the gazes in the entire city were gathered on the sky. Even the fight in the manor had paused at this moment…

During this momentary standstill, some sharp-eyed people were faintly able to see the helplessness and despair that was contained on Hai Bodong’s face.

Yao Ye’s entire body turned ice-cold as she looked at the scene in the sky. This Primer clan was completely finished today. Soon after, it would likely be their turn…

The entire city was completely silent. The fist aura in the sky which contained the combined strength of the four people completely wrapped around the city. That feeling of pressure caused one’s pores to open wide.

Suddenly a clear whistle rolled over from afar while a countless number of people were absent-minded. The whistle was initially extremely vague, appearing intermittently as though it did not exist. An instant later, it suddenly arrived and a thundered within the entire city like a thunderclap from the heavens!

This thunderclap roar caused the fist aura of Yun Du and the three others that had enveloped the entire city to immediately fall apart!

Jia Lao, who had originally shut his eyes in despair on the tall tower suddenly opened his eyes at this moment. His eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked in the direction the roar had come from. An aura that caused even him to feel somewhat pressured at that location was drawing through the air and heading over at a lightning fast speed. Moreover, the thing that caused his heart to suddenly billow was that this aura had a familiar feeling to it!

Jia Lao was startled for an instant. His eyes suddenly widened as his body trembled with great force because of his excitement. Even his voice carried a quivering tone.

“This aura… is him? That fellow… has that fellow really returned?”