Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 667: Ten Exchanges

Chapter 667: Ten Exchanges

Xiao Yan completely relaxed after he had settled ‘Pan’s Gate’ properly. Since Xiao Li still needed some time to gather the helpers on his end, the completely relaxed Xiao Yan did not make a move to leave the Inner Academy.

The news that Xiao Yan was about to leave was not spread around. This was because Wu Hao and the others knew that once this news was known by the people within ‘Pan’s Gate’, it was unavoidable that many people would become disappointed. In any case, Xiao Yan frequently disappeared. It was a common matter for him to be missing for a couple of months. Hence, hiding it would also be very easy. It might be better to announce this news in the future when the time was ripe.

Xiao Yan calmly remained within the Inner Academy during this subsequent period of time. He would occasionally refine some low-tier medicinal pill in public and treated them as gifts which he gave to the members of the ‘Pan’s Gate’ who formed an audience around him. Countless numbers of people would come and observe each time he refined medicinal pills. Although the number of alchemists the current ‘Pan Gate’ had recruited was not small, even the alchemists within ‘Pan’s Gate’ felt great curiosity toward this leader who held the title of the top alchemist within the Inner Academy. After all, most of the new students had never seen the frequently praised medicinal pill refining competition between Xiao Yan and the leader of the ‘Medicinal Gang’ back then.

Lin Yan came and find him with a face full of sly smiles during one of the days while Xiao Yan was waiting idly. After which, the former dragged him out of ‘Pan’s Gate’ and brought him to the ever noisy Fighting Arena of the Inner Academy.

The Inner Academy’s Fighting Arena was the most popular place within the entire Inner Academy. There were a countless number of people who wipe off their perspiration in this place. The victor would enjoy the cheers, honor, or ranking while the loser could only withdraw in hopeless dejection before holding their anger in to train, anticipating the day that they could get back at their opponent.

The enormous arena was, however, empty when Xiao Yan entered the place. The usual never-ending battles had disappeared. Instead, the surrounding high platforms were filled with densely packed human head. The private conversations were just like countless numbers of flies that were buzzing in the Fighting Arena.

This buzzing sound suddenly disappeared the moment Xiao Yan entered the area. Numerous gazes gradually became heated. A moment later a thunder-like cheer sounded beside his ear.

“You… what are you thinking of doing? Don’t tell me that you want to fight with me here?” The intense noise caused Xiao Yan to knit his brows as he helplessly spoke to Lin Yan beside him.

“I don’t wish to receive a beating. However, the one who wants to take a beating is someone else.” Lin Yan laughed out loud. He immediately raised his hands and clapped. A loud clapping sound appeared around the arena. Two human figures suddenly rushed out before flashing and appearing in the Fighting Arena below. Xiao Yan’s gaze drifted over. He was stunned to realize that the two people below were surprisingly Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing.

“These two fellows?” Xiao Yan asked in a stunned manner while observing Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing’s eager gazes as they raised their heads below.

“I know that you should require quite a number of helpers when you return to the Jia Ma Empire this time around. Hence, I have told these two fellows about your issue. Of course, I did not reveal any intention of inviting them. However, these two fellows volunteered by saying that they will also follow you to the Jia Ma Empire to experience the so-called Misty Cloud Sect if you could defeat the two of them.” Lin Yan shrugged his shoulders and spoke with a smile.

Xiao Yan was startled. He immediately looked down at the two people with some surprise. It was quite normal for Lin Yan to follow him to the Jia Ma Empire. After all, the latter had already mentioned it back then. However, these two fellows actually also…

“Hee hee, most of the old friends who were here back then have already left the Inner Academy. There is no longer much meaning to continue remaining here now. Actually, that group of fellows back then did admire you quite a bit. These two people may usually act very proud but they also possess the same thoughts toward you. From a certain point of view, they also think of you as someone they can befriend.” Lin Yan smiled and explained.

“If you also think that these two fellows are worth befriending, you should agree to their request. Moreover, you should not hold anything back and viciously give them a beating.”

“That’s right, Xiao Yan, beat these two fellows. These two people maintained the highest percentage of victory within the Fighting Arena. You are about to leave soon. Leave behind a mark that others will have difficulty exceeding. A young person should do some crazy things.” A laugh suddenly sounded from behind. Xiao Yan turned around and saw that it was actually Wu Hao, Xiao Yu, and a large group of people. From the looks of their expressions, it seemed that they were already aware of this long before.

Xiao Yan looked at the somewhat serious expression of Lin Yan and then the encouraging faces of Wu Hao and the others. He was dumbfounded. A moment later, he smiled and nodded before saying, “Since this is the case, I shall viciously flatten these two fellows. Actually, I had the desire to do this back then. However, I didn’t have the ability.”

Xiao Yan’s toes pressed on the ground after saying this. His body flipped over the guardrail and rushed down like a shadow, appearing in the arena in an instant.

Xiao Yan parted his mouth and smiled as he looked at the somewhat excited faces of the two of them. He clenched his fist and the sound of beans cracking began to appear.

A cheer that could move mountains and flip the seas sounded from the viewing gallery as Xiao Yan entered the arena. A single person fighting against two Dou Wang class Inner Academy Elders. This extremely exciting line-up was something that rarely appeared within the Fighting Arena. The three people who had appeared were all the most outstanding people from the ‘Strong Ranking’ back then. Xiao Yan’s current legendary hue within the Inner Academy was something that no one could match. Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing were also in the top three on the ‘Strong Ranking’ back then. Now, these two were among the Elders and their strength could not be underestimated. With the two of them joining hands, it was likely that they could barely fight against an elite Dou Huang.

“Xiao Yan, don’t hold anything back this time around. Liu Qing and I will also unleash all of our strength.” Lin Xiuya looked at the smiling face of the black-robed, young man who was standing straight in front of him as he laughed.

“We will be your fighters if you defeat the two of us!” Liu Qing said. His gaze was wild and hot as he observed Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled. He immediately extended a hand sign toward the two of them and laughed, “Ten exchanges. If I am unable to dispatch the both of you in ten exchanges, it can be considered my loss!”

“Hee hee, how arrogant. Even the First Elder is present in this fight. Don’t end up biting your tongue.” Lin Xiuya pointed at a certain part of the viewing gallery as he chuckled.

Xiao Yan’s gaze followed the direction that Lin Xiuya was pointing at and looked over. He did indeed see Su Qian and the Inner Academy’s Elders sitting and waiting at that place. They smiled while looking at the arena below.

“You fellows… are you all so free?” Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head and turned around to look at the two people. He spoke with a grin, “However… it is still ten moves.”

Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing raised their brows when they heard these words. They immediately laughed. Powerful Dou Qi suddenly surged out from their bodies. Each of them took one step to the side. Although this seemed like a random step, it caused surprise to flash across Xiao Yan’s eyes. With this standing position, these two fellows could simultaneously deal with attacks that the opponent unleashed from any angle. When had the cooperation between these two reached such a great degree?

“No wonder they dare be this arrogant. They have some cards up their sleeves.” Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. Dark-green Dou Qi seeped from every part of his body. After which, it galloped through his Qi Paths in a torrent-like manner. A powerful energy feeling filled every cell under Xiao Yan’s skin.

The cheers of the people in the surrounding viewing gallery became much louder as they experienced the three powerful auras that suddenly surged out. Many people’s faces were flushed from the excitement of witnessing a fierce competition.

“Are you ready?” Xiao Yan faced the other two and softly asked.


Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing used their actions to reply to Xiao Yan’s question. The two figures shook and turned into two vague outlines which could not be separated. Finally, they turned into a somewhat mysterious arc as they rushed toward Xiao Yan.

“Quite a good speed.”

Xiao Yan smiled as he glanced at the two blurry figures that had rushed over. His body did not move. An instant later, two winds suddenly reached him. The sharp force carried an air-tearing ear-piercing sound. One came from above and the other below as they attacked Xiao Yan.

Lin Xiuya’s and Liu Qing’s attacking position were somewhat tricky. With one above and one below, they were attacking two spots which Xiao Yan would have difficulty managing. If Xiao Yan only defended against one location, he would definitely be struck from the other spot.

Under the focus of a countless number of gazes, the body of the statue like Xiao Yan suddenly shook as the wind from both fists were about to reach him. Immediately, everyone was stunned as they saw two illusionary feet drifting toward both sides. The two illusionary feet appeared to become substance-like just as it was about to collide with Lin Xiuya’s and Liu Qing’s fist and instantly unleashed an extremely frightening energy.

The first exchange!


A low, deep muffled sound appeared in the arena. A powerful force vented out in a torrent-like manner at that moment, causing Lin Xiuya’s and Liu Qing’s figure to explosively withdraw by over ten steps. They each left behind deep footprints each time their feet touched the ground.

“This fellow, what frightening speed and strength…” Liu Qing stabilized his body as a thought flashed across his heart. The pores all over his body suddenly shrank. Immediately, a black line abruptly flashed in his eyes as though it had shuttled through the gap in space.

Liu Qing’s reaction was similarly quick when the black shadow surfaced. His feet stepped forward and his tall, strong figure swiftly withdrew.

The black figure surfaced and Xiao Yan smiled. His feet spread toward the swiftly withdrawing Liu Qing. Immediately, an invisible wild suction force surged out. Liu Qing swiftly withdrawing body immediately slowed under that fierce, wild suction force. However, without waiting for him to increase his strength to pull back, the suction force suddenly disappeared. A powerful pushing force quickly followed, shaking the figure until it moved back quickly. His feet also drew a long scar on the ground.

The second exchange!

Dou Qi surged out from Liu Qing’s body and eliminated the chest tightness that was caused by the suction and convulsing force. He turned his head and took a glance at the boundary line, only two to three meters behind him. Some cold sweat involuntarily surfaced on his forehead. He was nearly thrown out of the boundary line.

“Now is not the time to rejoice.”

A slight laugh was suddenly transmitted over just as Liu Qing sighed in relief. A faint thunder-like roar sounded and the black figure appeared in front of Liu Qing in a manner that once again caused everyone to be stunned.

“Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw!”

Liu Qing’s expression sank upon seeing that Xiao Yan was about to approach him. His hand that was brewing Dou Qi was suddenly extended out. Dou Qi wrapped around his hand and dyed it into something like a metal-hand claw. It carried an air fluctuation as it violently clawed at Xiao Yan’s chest.

Xiao Yan did not dodge as he watched Liu Qing who had displayed his best move. His finger extended out in a strange manner. After which, it flicked a couple of times. The air that was carried by the flicking finger were like invisible cannonballs that struck repeatedly against Liu Qing’s hand claw, completely neutralizing the frightening force that it carried.

The third exchange!

Piercing pain was faintly transmitted from Liu Qing’s hand as he was continuously attacked by the air that Xiao Yan flicked over. However, he did not show any intentions of withdrawing his palm and pulling back. He carried a fierce aura and instantly pounced to the side of Xiao Yan’s hand. His claws suddenly changed it stance as he extended and firmly grabbed both of Xiao Yan’s hands.

“Do it!”

Liu Qing suddenly let out a low roar after grabbing both of Xiao Yan’s hands.

A wind blew passed Xiao Yan’s back as Liu Qing’s roar sounded. Lin Xiuya’s body flashed and appeared. His hands were clenched tightly as pale-green blades rotated around them unceasingly. Immediately, they became like sharp long spears that furiously smashed toward Xiao Yan’s back.

The sudden unexpected turn of events within the arena caused waves of exclamations to immediately appear in the viewing gallery. Now that Xiao Yan’s hands were being bound, it was likely that he would have difficulty escaping Lin Xiuya’s attack.

Lin Xiuya’s blade-like hands were finally about to reach and heavily smash against Xiao Yan’s back in front of a countless number of gazes. However, the moment he was about to strike, his hand strangely passed through the interior of Xiao Yan’s body.


The strange scene caused an uproar to immediately appear in the entire arena.

“This fellow actually practiced the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ to such an extent huh…” Su Qian was surprised as he watched the strange scene below. He could not help but softly mutter under his breath.

Liu Xiuya’s and Liu Qing’s expressions changed drastically the instant that the former’s hand passed through Xiao Yan’s body. Liu Qing was the person who found it most incredulous. This was because he had clearly sensed that Xiao Yan was indeed firmly restrained by him an instant earlier. However, Xiao Yan had strangely disappeared an instant later.

“This should be the fifth exchange right?”

A somewhat icy hand had unknowingly and quietly pressed on their chest and back while the expression of the two were undergoing a drastic change. The faint iciness emitted caused all of the pores on the bodies of the two people to suddenly open wide. If a force was emitted in this position, it was likely that Liu Qing and Lin Xiuya would at least be seriously injured even if they did not die.

Lin Xiuya’s and Liu Qing’s body instantly stiffened as their fatal points were restrained. Perspiration flowed wildly from their foreheads. That fellow’s speed… had already reached such a frightening level.

A gentle force suddenly erupted and shook Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing out of the arena. After which, their bodies miserably rolled a couple of times before stabilizing.

“Is it over?”

The viewing gallery was completely silent. Only Xiao Yan’s soft laughter sounded. Many people were unable to see what actually occurred in this battle. However, the unusual speed of Xiao Yan where he strangely appeared and disappeared in a flicker caused everyone to quietly feel shock.

The silence continued for a long time before it was eventually broken by an applause. Following which, a thunder-like applause which could move mountains and overturn the seas resounded like a bang!

Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing climbed up from the ground. They exchanged looks with each other, smiled bitterly, and shook their heads. The gap was too huge. There was basically not the slightest chance of comparison. They did not have the slight possibility of winning in front of such frightening speed.

“This fellow… is really too terrifying. Back then, I was still able to go all out until both of us were defeated with serious injuries. Now…” Liu Qing laughed bitterly.

Lin Xiuya’s face was also filled with a bitter smile. Although Xiao Yan was outstanding then, he was merely able to cause Lin Xiuya to view him a little seriously. Who would have thought that in a mere two to three years, Lin Xiuya himself would have to look up to him…

“No wonder even an outstanding girl like Xun Er likes him… From the looks of it now, he does indeed have the qualification…” Lin Xiuya sighed softly in his heart as he studied the young man on the stage who was displaying a warm smile.