Chapter 653: Gathering Medicinal Ingredients

The three leaders finally nodded and agreed under the allure of the ‘Mighty Huang Pill’ which they could not resist. Xiao Yan naturally sighed in relief in his heart when he saw that he had achieved his motive. After discussing some simple measures with the three of them about their accommodations in Feng City, he allowed them to bid him goodbye and leave.

The large hall immediately became empty after that large menacing group of people that was led by the three leaders left. Seeing that everything had been agreed upon, Xiao Li waved his hand and indicated for his subordinates to stand down.

“Third brother, although these fellows have already agreed to our condition, we should still watch them carefully. It is only too common for the people of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to go back on their words.” Xiao Li slowly walked to Xiao Yan’s side. His gaze vaguely glanced at Medusa before he frowned and spoke in a deep voice.

“Ke ke, this is only natural. Were it not for Medusa being here today, it is likely that they would not have agreed with our conditions so easily.” Xiao Yan laughed and said.

“Medusa?” Xiao Li was startled when he heard this name. He immediately seemed to have recalled something. His face was shocked as he immediately cried out involuntarily, “She is the Queen Medusa from the Snake-People race within the Vast Tager Desert?”

Xiao Li and Xiao Ding had muddled along at the edge of the desert for quite a long time back then. Hence, he was extremely familiar with this Queen Medusa who was extremely renowned for her beauty and ferocity. However, he had never expected that the Queen Medusa whom the entire Jia Ma Empire was extremely afraid of was actually this bewitching beauty beside him.

“Keep it a secret.” Xiao Yan smiled and waved his hand. After which he cupped his hands toward the cold and indifferent Medusa by his side and said with a smile, “This time around, thank you very much.”

“You want me to help you fight Yun Shan?” Medusa’s pretty eyes glanced at Xiao Yan as he coldly laughed, “Why should I help you? Yun Shan is currently also an elite Dou Zong. I don’t need to provoke such a powerful opponent.”

Xiao Yan carelessly smiled as he softly spoke, “We have agreed to the terms of our collaboration back then. You cannot reject my request at crucial moments. Your majesty, you won’t forget the words you spoke before right?”

“You are cheating me again?” Queen Medusa’s eyebrows were vertical as a cold bone-numbing voice that contained some fury sounded.

Xiao Yan sighed and shook his head. A moment later, he spoke in a faint voice, “Relax. When the time comes, you can just sit idly by the side if you don’t want to intervene. I will not force you.”

Medusa knit her brows slightly as she snorted, “Don’t think that such words will work on me. I will naturally decide after watching the situation when the time comes. I, Medusa, will not just simply become a weapon in someone’s hand.” After the cold snort, her body trembled as she once again strangely disappeared from the hall without waiting for Xiao Yan’s reply.

Xiao Li knit his brows intently as he stared the spot where Medusa had disappeared from. A moment later, he could not resist speaking, “Third brother, it looks like it is not very sensible to rely on her.”

“I have never placed my hope on her. This woman may be extraordinary strong, but her character is too rebellious. No one could subdue her. If it was not because I could take out something that attracted her, it is likely that she would still continue to relentlessly chase after me with the intent to kill.” Xiao Yan shook his head and voiced his thoughts.

“What do we do then? Without her help, our chances when dealing with Yun Shan arn’t very high.” Xiao Li was somewhat worried as he spoke. He was similarly aware that Yun Shan was the greatest trump card of the Misty Cloud Sect. If this old fellow did not fall, the Misty Cloud Sect would forever stand in the Jia Ma Empire.

“Relax, leave Yun Shan to me.”

Xiao Yan waved his hand and slowly sat back into a chair. He held his head with his hands and descended into deep thought.

At this moment, Xiao Yan finally felt that taking revenge was not a simple matter. If he really did possess a strength that no one could match, destroying the Misty Cloud Sect would naturally be extremely simple. However, he currently did not have absolute confidence in defeating Yun Shan even though his strength had soared greatly. Moreover, there were still many experts from the Misty Cloud Sect below Yun Shan as well as the thousands of low level disciples. He had personally tasted the formation of the Misty Cloud Sect back then, and naturally knew how powerful it was.

From the looks of it, the most important thing now was to quickly increase his strength…

Xiao Yan sighed. His gaze was suddenly thrown to the dark-black ring on his finger as he became slightly startled. A little joy immediately surged into his eyes. He had nearly forgotten this ultimately fighting strength… other people addressed Yao Lao as Yan zun-zhe. In other words, the old Yao Lao was definitely an expert at the Dou Zun class. Even though he was currently in the form of a spirit, he would be able to gain the upper hand in a fight with an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class with the help of the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’…

Xiao Yan’s fighting strength would undoubtedly soar greatly if Yao Lao could reawaken!

Moreover, Xiao Yan had currently already merged two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’. It was likely that he possessed the ability to help Yao Lao refine a body that could accommodate his spirit. Once Yao Lao’s spirit possessed a place to reside, his strength would definitely also return to his peak. At that time… a mere Dou Zong like Yun Shan was not someone to be afraid of in the eyes of an elite Dou Zun.

However, Yao Lao had fallen into a slumber. Xiao Yan was also totally unaware of how to refine a body, as well as the various ingredients that one needed to do so. Therefore, the first thing he needed to do in order to refine a body was to wake Yao Lao from his slumber.

Once Yao Lao awakened, not only would Xiao Yan’s fighting strength soar, but he would also be able to avoid many unnecessary detours given Yao Lao’s extremely great experience.

With Xiao Yan’s current ability, he would naturally not act like he did a couple of years ago in order to wake Yao Lao’s spirit who was in a slumber. At that time, he had stumbled around blindly in order to luckily wake Yao Lao up. Now, as long as he was given sufficient medicinal ingredients, he would be able to think of two to three methods to wake Yao Lao’s spirit.

Xiao Yan’s hand suddenly slammed onto the table. The sudden sound shocked Xiao Li by the side. The latter raised his head and was stunned as he looked at the sudden joy on Xiao Yan’s face.

“Second brother, can you help me gather a couple of medicinal ingredients?” Xiao Yan smiled and said. The medicinal ingredients he needed were all quite rare. If he were to go and look for them alone, he would not know just when he would be able to gather all of them. Therefore, it was naturally most appropriate to hand this matter to Xiao Li who was managing a city.

“No problem. Feng City coincidentally has a couple of medicinal ingredient stores that possess quite the strength in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Currently, they are all trying to curry favor with us. We can look for them if we need medicinal ingredients.” Xiao Li nodded his head and asked, “What kind of medicinal ingredients you need?”

Xiao Yan turned around and picked up the pen that lay on the table. After which, the pen swiftly danced across the paper. A moment later, he handed it over to Xiao Li and instructed, “It is best if we can find all of these medicinal ingredients. Send someone to other big cities in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to purchase them if they aren’t available in Feng City. It is best that they can all be obtained within half a month.”

“Dark Immortal Flower, Fiery Sun Spirit Leaf…” Xiao Li’s gaze swept over the paper and studied the numerous foreign medicinal ingredients’ name on it he had normally not heard of… He let out a bitter laugh and carefully stored the paper. He said, “I will try my best. It is likely that it won’t be easy to find these medicinal ingredients. The price to purchase them will also not be cheap. However, it is fortunate that those big shops in the city have paid some gold as tribute to us during this one month. However, it might not be sufficient to use this money to purchase the ingredients…”

Xiao Yan only recalled that he was no longer in the Inner Academy after hearing Xiao Li’s words. All of his ‘Fire Energy’ did not have any use as a currency in this place. In other words, they had once again fallen into financial distress.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He waved his hand and over ten jade bottles appeared on the table. “These medicinal pills are all things that Han Feng refined in the past. They are of quite a high-tier. They should fetch a large amount of money if you try to sell them. We will first settle the urgent needs. During this period, I will remain in Feng City and use the medicinal ingredients that Han Feng left behind to refine some medicinal pills. This will continue until you have gathered all the medicinal ingredients that I need.”

Xiao Li also sighed in relief upon hearing that Xiao Yan would remain in Feng City. With the latter’s medicinal refining ability that was not inferior to Han Feng, it was likely that the reputation of ‘Xiao Gate’ would swiftly become renowned throughout the ‘Black-Corner Region’. A high-tier medicinal pill was something that an unknown number of people would foolishly chase after.

Xiao Li stored the jade bottles on the table into his storage ring and voiced his thoughts, “Given Han Feng’s ability, these medicinal pills should be able to support us for a period of time. You can relax and refine. Leave the matter of the medicinal ingredients for me to settle. I will gather all of them even if I have to resort to robbing.”

A wild ruthlessness surfaced on Xiao Li’s face after he spoke. He clearly understood that these medicinal ingredients were extremely important to Xiao Yan. Otherwise, Xiao Yan would not tell him about it in such a serious manner given the former’s character. What he needed to do was to try his best to help Xiao Yan. He would not care even if he ended up sacrificing his life!

Back then, the words that Xiao Ding had spoken to him when he headed for the ‘Black-Corner Region’ still remained in his heart.

“You can die, but third brother cannot!”

Xiao Yan’s nose felt a little runny as he studied the bright redness that had suddenly surged into Xiao Li’s eyes. His father’s disappearance, and the destruction that the Xiao clan’s face. These two brothers were a great distance from the empire, muddling along in a lonely and difficult manner in this foreign place. All that they desired was to merely be able to obtain sufficient strength to take revenge on the Misty Cloud Sect.

For this aim, Xiao Yan did not hesitate in training for one year within the academy and suffer two years of pain underground.

For this goal, Xiao Li did not hesitate to travel over a great distance to the ‘Black-Corner Region’, and to swallow the ‘Life Devouring Pill’ in order to exchange his life for strength.

For this goal, Xiao Ding had led the remnant members of the Xiao clan, making them endure in the Jia Ma Empire. His motive was to wait for their return.

This was because all the members of the Xiao clan believed that a Xiao clan young man, who had been creating miracles, would definitely be able to shock their hearts and create a miracle just like he did many years ago!