Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 348 – The Tragedy of Yun Leng

Chapter 348: The Tragedy of Yun Leng

Two glowing figures instantly flashed across the horizon in the sky. Immediately, they met in a violent collision in front of a countless number of gazes.

At the moment of collision, furious, explosive thunderous roars resounded across the sky, causing some people below to be unable to resist covering their ears. Their faces were filled with shock as they watched the spot where the two forces met.

Perhaps it was because his Qi Technique was the type which was suitable for head on fighting, but Yun Leng had adopted the most ferocious and strongest close-ranged wild attacks the moment that he came into contact with the ‘Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Serpent’. As he moved, his attacks carried a sharp rushing wind sound as they borrowed the agility of his body to violently strike the eyes, nose, and other weak spots of the ‘Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python’.

Although Yun Leng was extremely agile, the ‘Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python’ was not slow either. Not only did its huge body not reduce its speed, it also gave it an extreme increase in strength. As its huge tail was agilely swung, the terrifying force emitted a vast momentum which appeared almost as though it wanted to break the space. A sound like an explosion blasted the surrounding air until it created numerous vacuum spots.

The two figures in the sky may have had completely different sizes, but they were both able to emit terrifying force and strength that was on par with each other.

Yun Leng’s expression was grave as he tightly held the rock sword in his hand. The pair of wings on his back repeatedly flapped and his body did not pause at any one spot for more than three seconds. Each time his body moved, the rock sword in his hand would carry a ferocious force that would draw out numerous afterimages that would cause people to be dazzled as it heavily hacked at the body of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. Unfortunately, after their earlier contact, Yun Leng had already discovered that this seven-colored Magical Beast of unknown origin had a strength, agility, and even a grasp of danger that was not inferior to any ordinary Dou Wang. Each time he unleashed his Dou Technique , the other party would instantly coil its body up. If it could dodge, it would do so. If it could not, it would use its incomparably hard snake scales to forcefully withstand the attack.

TL: The rock sword is a Qi sword, but because his attribute is earth it appears like a sword made of stone.

Therefore, despite the unceasing attacks of Yun Leng, just like the waves in the sea, he was unable to cause much damage to the other party. Moreover, the thing which caused Yun Leng’s heart to sink was that this seven-colored Magical Beast had great intelligence. It appeared to have far surpassed the wisdom that an ordinary rank five Magical Beast possessed. Its grasp of explotations in combat was like a strong person who had experienced numerous battles. Its combat experience did not appear to be in any way inferior to his.

This thought was swiftly calculated in his mind. At a certain moment, Yun Leng’s skin abruptly tightened. His body moved some distance left as a conditional reflex. The rock sword in his hand which was agglomerated from energy quickly pierced forward.


The rock sword was shot explosively out only to face a cluster of seven-colored liquid that violently swarmed over. A ‘chi chi’ sound was emitted the moment that the rock sword came into contact with the liquid. The hard rock sword which could withstand a full force blow from a Dou Ling, appeared to be like foam meeting fire, and was swiftly being incinerated and corroded. In an instant, merely half of it was left.

“What a potent poison.”

Yun Leng’s brows were knit together as he watched the corroded energy sword. The seven-colored liquid remained dissatisfied and it swiftly spread over towards his hand. Yun Leng immediately made the decision to abandon the rock sword. Having lost the Dou Qi needed to maintain it’s form, the rock sword which had left his hand swiftly became illusionary and finally slowly disappeared.

After the rock sword left his hand, Yun Leng did not have the time to do anything else when a low and deep explosion sounded suddenly above his head. He abruptly raised his head as a huge shadow came smashing downward, carrying an incomparably terrifying energy.

“Shoshonite shield!”

Yun Leng’s hands quickly formed some seals and the Dou Qi in his body flowed swiftly. There was some sort of energy in the surrounding air with similar affinity as the Dou Qi in Yun Leng’s body that instantly aggregated. A soft sound immediately followed and a huge rock shelf that was a few meters thick appeared above his head from nowhere.


The huge tail violently smashed downward and landed heavily on the rock shield. A force which was incomparably fierce directly caused numerous crack lines to spread on that thick shield. Once again, the tail violently pressed down and the rock shield, which appeared hard, burst apart!

Rocks shot in all directions. As the rock dust permeated the place, a figure suddenly shot out from within it. In an instant, it appeared on the head of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. A loud cry was emitted and a gray white glow suddenly soared on a fist. A rock glove that was over a foot thick appeared on Yun Leng’s hand in the blink of an eye. With an angry stare, he punched the head of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which could not dodge in time.

This furious attack by Yun Leng smashed solidly against the head of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. The seven-colored scales at the spot where the fist landed finally cracked. Threads of fresh blood seeped out.


A pain that was transmitted from the head caused the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ eyes to immediately become red. The ferociousness that was hidden within its bones also finally completely erupted. Its huge tail abruptly drew back and once again carried a dark shadow as it violently smashed toward Yun Leng, who was pulling back, but the tail moved at lightning-like speed that could not be dodged.

The dark shadow arrived in the blink of an eye, Yun Leng, who could not pull back in time could only hurriedly lift his arm which was covered by a rocky substance, placing it in front of his head. An instant later, the huge force abruptly penetrated into his arm. The huge force directly smashed Yun Leng into the ground. Finally, a loud ‘bang’ sounded and his pair of legs were like long pikes that were directly inserted into the hard square. Numerous crack lines began to spread out from where his legs were in front of everyone’s stunned gazes.

“What a terrifying force.” As they eyed the crack lines which had almost spread to the edge of the open ground, some Misty Cloud Sect disciples swallowed a mouthful of saliva and muttered extremely nervously.

Yun Leng’s legs shook, breaking free from the ground where his legs were stuck. He flapped his wings and once again soared into the air. His expression was a little pale. Only at this moment did he realize that he had truly underestimated this snake-shaped Magical Beast of unknown origin. His original hope of relying on his Dou Technique to swiftly push it back was already something that was impossible. His gaze swept over to the battle where Hai Bodong was at. There, the three elders had already been suppressed by Hai Bodong until they could merely retreat together and defend themselves. It appeared that the three of them would lose quite soon.

With a tight frown, Yun Leng once again swept his gaze toward the other side of the sky. At that spot, Xiao Yan was flapping his wings and watching their fight as though he was watching a show.

“I must capture him. But all those people who can use Dou Qi wings are already involved in a fight with the other party’s strong person. The rest of the people may have combat ability that is stronger than Xiao Yan’s, but they are disadvantaged in that they are unable to fly for an extended period of time.” Yun Leng furrowed his brows as he softly mumbled, “I can only try to get those Elders who practice wind type Qi Methods to try. As long as Xiao Yan is captured, all of these battles will naturally cease!”

After thinking of this, Yun Leng lowered his head and displayed a hand gesture to the few elders seated on the stone platform. Immediately, he turned around once again and headed toward the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’.

The ten plus elders on the high platform were slightly startled as they eyed Yun Leng’s gesture. They exchanged glances and four old men nodded. The four stood up and a pale-green-colored Dou Qi from within their bodies shrouded them. A gentle breeze suddenly surfaced around them and blew their clothes until they fluttered in the wind.

Borrowing the lift from the breeze, the four white robed old men actually rose slowly into the air. Immediately, they separated in a well coordinated manner as they began to surround Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan noticed this the moment the four white robed elders rose into the air. Immediately, he flapped his wings and carefully maintained a safe distance from these four elders. Although these four people were not as strong as the three elders who were holding off Hai Bodong, one could tell from their forceful Qis that they were strong people who were at least of the Dou Ling class. Xiao Yan did not dare to directly exchanged blows with them.

The four elders did not appear anxious upon seeing Xiao Yan pulling back. They still rose slowly in the air. The four of them formed a quadratic shape, hinting that they wanted to lock Xiao Yan in their middle.

Xiao Yan’s body was suspended in the air as he intently watched the white robed elders approach him from four different directions. As he had the experience of being nearly trapped by those three elders earlier, he paid more attention to the spots where these fellows stood. Therefore, when he saw that the positions where they stood was a little strange, he hurriedly moved his body and escaped the enclosure of the four of them from a lower height. He was like a housefly with no direction as he began to scurry around randomly in the air in order to prevent the four of them from forming a certain orderly position.

The four elders felt extremely helpless in the face of the crafty actions of Xiao Yan. Without the support of a pair of Dou Qi wings, their flying speed could not keep up with Xiao Yan. Therefore, they could only carefully move closer, waiting for the other party to reveal a certain opening before swarming in together.

However, the four of them had underestimated the degree of caution Xiao Yan possessed. Even if this fellow had to use all his strength and repeatedly use Dou Qi, he did not come into any contact with any of the four of them. After this completely meaningless chase persisted for a while, the four elders finally felt a little impatient. Immediately, a huge blanket of never ending wind blades appeared in the empty sky and shot wildly toward Xiao Yan. They aimed to use this as an attempt to create an opening which they could use to carry out their capture.

Unfortunately, however, Xiao Yan, who had the protection of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, was not too concerned about those wind blades. He even summoned out the Dou Qi Armor. Even if some of those wind blades passed through the defense of the green flame, it would merely leave a white-colored scar on his armor.

Xiao Yan’s body repeatedly flashed and dodged. He borrowed the gap in the time between the attacks to glance all over with the corner of his eyes. At Hai Bodong’s side, the three Dou Wangs of the other side had already fought to the point where they did not have the strength to resist. Their combined defense was also becoming increasingly weak under that seemingly wild attack of Hai Bodong. From the looks of it, the three of them should not be able to last much longer.

On the other side, Yun Leng’s strength had clearly far exceeded those three elders if one were to compare them individually. Therefore, even though the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ was very strong, it had some difficulty defeating him. Currently, both parties had entered into a tough battle where neither could do anything to their opponent.

With narrowed eyes, Xiao Yan glanced at the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which was locked in a bitter battle with Yun Leng. He held the heavy ruler tightly in his hand and he moved his body once again to dodge the wave of wind blades while waiting for an opportunity.

The fierce fighting in the sky continued for a few minutes. Finally, as an intense energy explosion sounded, three human figures, in extremely terrible conditions, slid down from the sky. Finally, they smashed into the ground, leaving behind three deep indentions in the hard ground.

Everyone quickly swept their eyes over only to find that the three people who had fallen were actually the three Dou Wangs who were fighting Hai Bodong. Currently, the expressions of the three were a little green from the low temperature. Cold air curled upward as it began to seep into the air above their heads. Their bodies repeatedly shivered.

“There is my icy cold Qi within your bodies. If you quiet down and expel them, you will be fine after an hour. However, if you continue to use Dou Qi during this period of time, the cold air will corrode your Qi Paths. When that time comes, your internal injuries will have reached a point where they cannot be recovered without at least ten days to half a month’s time.” Hai Bodong slowly exhaled while he was in the air before glancing at the three of them and speaking faintly.

Hearing this, the expressions of the three Misty Cloud Sect’s Elders changed. They exchanged glances with one another and could only hurriedly sit cross-legged in a bitter manner. They circulated their Dou Qi and began to expel the cold air from their bodies.

“Tsk tsk, Old Hai’s icy cold Qi is not any weaker than it was back then.” Jia Xing Tian smacked his lips and laughed as he eyed Hai Bodong which was able to temporarily cause three Dou Wangs to lose their ability to fight within a short ten plus minutes.

“Ah, the strength of those three fellows is only around that of two to three stars Dou Wangs. Although they managed to delay Hai Bodong for a period of time by borrowing the effect of their merging Dou Techniques, they did not last long.” Fa Ma nodded slightly. His gaze swept toward where the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ was and said frowning, “What species in this Magical Beast? Why have I never heard of it? Its strength is quite good and is actually able to reach a stalemate with Yun Leng.”

Jia Xing Tian’s face was similarly a little lost. His gaze stared at the huge snake shaped body and muttered, “For some unknown reason, This thing keeps giving me some sort of familiar feeling. But after thinking carefully, I have also never met such a seven-colored snake shaped Magical Beast.”

Fa Ma let out a sigh. In his heart, he felt that Xiao Yan was someone whom he couldn’t figure out. He really did not know where Xiao Yan had gotten this mysterious and strong Magical Beast.

After Hai Bodong managed to defeat and force back those three Misty Cloud Sect’s Elders in the sky, his body instantly began to move. He swiftly appeared at the edge of the energy cover. With a sudden wave of his hands, waves of incomparably powerful cold energy surged out and repeatedly collided against the energy cover. Each time they collided, they would cause the faces of one or two among the nearly one hundred deacons of the Misty Cloud Sect to instantly become pale as their bodies immediately swayed, reaching the point where they were about to fall.

Under this wild attack of Hai Bodong, that thick white-colored energy cover was repeatedly becoming blurred at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Hai Bodong, you better not go too overboard!” As his anger-filled eyes watched the energy cover which had become shaky and about to fall, Yun Leng, who could not extract himself from the entanglement with the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ could only cry out angrily.

The furious cry had just fell when Yun Leng’s expression changed. One could see that the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ had took the opportunity of him being distracted to once again abruptly spit out a huge cluster of seven-colored liquid from its huge mouth.

“Dammit!” Yun Leng let out a soft curse. He hurriedly pulled back while his hands danced and numerous thick rock walls repeatedly appeared on the path which he was using to retreat.

The seven-colored liquid destroyed everything in its path as it corroded past. The hard rock wall appeared to have very little effect. However, as Yun Leng was pulling back in a somewhat flustered manner, he did not notice that his distance from Xiao Yan was growing increasingly close.

“If I find an opportunity to force Yun Leng back, it is likely that there will be no one left in the Misty Cloud Sect to prevent me from leaving!” As Xiao Yan did not need to put in much effort to keep the four elders in check, he had been paying close attention to the battles in the sky. That Yun Leng, who was pulling back in a panicked manner was also noticed by him.

Xiao Yan’s palm abruptly held the ruler’s hilt tightly. He suddenly turned his body and he actually directly flew toward Yun Leng under a countless number of gazes.

“Is this fellow allowing himself to get caught?” As they watched Xiao Yan’s action, nearly everyone’s hearts began to mutter in this stunned manner.

Ignoring those puzzled gazes, Xiao Yan held the ruler’s hilt tightly with both hands. He slowly lifted it and inhaled a deep breath. At this moment, the Dou Qi in his body was like boiling water as it abruptly began to fluctuate. The dark black ruler’s body had suddenly become fiery red, much like superheated iron.

A flush also instantly swarmed up Xiao Yan’s face following the change in the Heavy Xuan Ruler’s color. The diamond shaped ‘Dou Crystal’ within the vortex of his body quavered gently, emitting waves of enormous Dou Qi energy. After which, the energy moved along his Qi paths and completely poured into the Heavy Xuan Ruler!

“First Elder, be careful!”As they eyed the heavy ruler of Xiao Yan which had suddenly become fiery red, the four elders who had been chasing Xiao Yan in the air hurriedly let out a warning cry.

“Humph, a little fellow who doesn’t know the immensity of the Heaven and Earth!”

Yun Leng had sensed Xiao Yan when the latter was flying toward him. However, most of Yun Leng’s attention was placed on the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’, which was chasing after him. In the face of Xiao Yan’s attack, he randomly summoned a rock wall that was around half a foot thick. He thought that with Xiao Yan’s strength, this rock wall would be enough to block any fierce attack of his.

A cold smile surfaced on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth as he eyed that rock wall which was not considered very thick. The Dou Qi in his body poured unceasingly into the ruler’s body. Following the pouring of the Dou Qi, the temperature around it also grew increasingly hot. Finally it caused the surrounding air to become a little blurry.

At a certain moment, when Yun Leng was placing all his attention on the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which had broken through the last defence, his expression suddenly changed. He abruptly turned around and eyed the huge ruler in Xiao Yan’s hand which was emitting an intense red glow. His eyes suddenly shrank. The energy contained on the ruler had already far exceeded his estimation!

“First Elder Yun Leng, try this!”

In an icy cold manner, Xiao Yan watched Yun Leng, where panic had finally surfaced on his face. The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth parted while the heavy ruler in his hand was violently smashed downward like a setting sun!

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

In an instant, that rock wall was blasted apart!

Under the countless number of shocked gazes below, the red-colored huge ruler carried a hot fire wave and smashed ferociously toward Yun Leng’s head!

At this moment, the entire square was completely quiet!

At this moment Nalan Yanran, who was in the square, had a face which was shocked and disbelief. She did not expect that Xiao Yan was actually able to display such a strong attack. From the looks of it, he had actually hidden his strength in the battle with her earlier?

Her red, sleek, small mouth was slightly open. A long while later, Nalan Yanran finally lowered her head in a listless manner. She admitted that this strong attack of Xiao Yan was something that even she could not withstand!

“What a terrifying fellow.”

She softly mumbled as a bitter expression surfaced on her pretty face. That useless person back then had repeatedly displayed many miracles in front of her at this moment. These kinds of blows caused a sour, painful feeling to appear in Nalan Yanran’s heart.