Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 346 – Big Battle

Chapter 346: Big Battle

The sudden change that appeared in the sky caused everyone in the open ground to be startled. Their gazes watched that old human figure which had slowly appeared. The expressions of some of the people who knew him immediately changed.

“Old Hai? He… why did he take action?” Jia Xing Tian’s face was completely dumbfounded as he spoke.

Fa Ma’s expression was similarly a little stunned. He did not expect that Hai Bodong would actually take the risk of causing conflict with the Misty Cloud Sect, and step forward to help.

The two people faced each other, both of them sensing something strange. Given Hai Bodong’s character, he did not appear to be someone who would help another in doing something so reckless.

“Looks like Xiao Yan has a great allure toward Old Hai. It even reached the point where Old Hai is willing to take action to stop the Misty Cloud Sect. This fellow is really making me increasingly curious as to what type of person he may be.” Jia Xing Tian shook his head. His voice contained some shock that was difficult to hide. He was extremely familiar with Hai Bodong’s character. If there was no reward that could move him, then this ice-like fellow would definitely not do something as brash as this. Just what magic did that little fellow who was not even twenty years old rely on in order to move a Dou Huang?

Fa Ma nodded slightly. His gaze swept to the sky as he softly said, “Now, let’s take a look at what is going to happen next. Ah, how could something so unexpected happen.”

The sudden action taken by Hai Bodong had immediately caused the situation of the square to become a little strange. The weight of someone at the Dou Huang class was something that no one dared to look down on, not even the Misty Cloud Sect!

Seeing the manner in which Hai Bodong acted, it was clear that he was standing on Xiao Yan’s side. In that case, the Misty Cloud Sect had to carefully reconsider whether or not they wanted to capture Xiao Yan. If they were not careful, they might really cause a soul-stirring great battle.

Those in the square who knew Hai Bodong were a mere minority. Most of the Misty Cloud Sect disciples did not have much of an impression of this strong person who had hid his name and lived in isolation for decades. Therefore, when they saw that this old man with an unimpressive appearance was able to break the energy wall that the three elders had created together, shock and disbelief, which were difficult to hide, instantly covered their faces.

In the sky, the three elders who had retreated in a lightning-like manner, flapped their wings, and stopped their bodies. They lifted their heads, and eyed the old figure beside Xiao Yan. A seriousness involuntarily surfaced on their faces. Their gazes meticulously and slowly swept past Hai Bodong. A long while later, the oldest Misty Cloud Elder appeared to have suddenly recalled something. His expression changed drastically as he let out an involuntary cry, “Hai Bodong? Ice Emperor Hai Bodong? You are actually still alive?”

Hearing his cry, the other two old men at his side also recalled this name which had once shaken the Jia Ma Empire. Immediately, some changes occured on their faces. The strong Dou Qi in their bodies appeared to involuntarily circulate. Given their age, they were also of the same generation which Hai Bodong belonged to. The only difference was that Hai Bodong was already a strong person who had shaken the Jia Ma Empire, when they were merely an Deacon within the Misty Cloud Sect. Therefore, when they saw his appearance, their hearts immediately became alert.

Hai Bodong glanced the three of them before turning his head to look at Xiao Yan. He asked, “Are you alright?”

“If you still did not act, I was likely not going to be alright.” Xiao Yan waved the huge Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand and laughed bitterly.

“Ah, it is going to be troublesome today. I alone cannot stop all of them.” Hai Bodong softly said.

“Don’t fight with them head on. It will be enough as long as we can leave this place.” Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept across his surroundings. His expression changed slightly as he realized that when he was entangled with the three of them earlier. Nearly a hundred Misty Cloud Sect disciples with middle aged appearance had appeared on the top of the huge trees around them. Seeing the manner in which they were dressed, which was different from an ordinary disciple and their bodies which were filled with Dou Qi, it was clear that most of their strengths were not weaker than his own.

“There is no problem with me leaving, but it is a little troublesome bringing you along. The members of the other party are not ordinary people. Fortunately, however, Yun Yun is absent. Otherwise, it would be completely impossible to leave.” Hai Bodong gaze randomly drifted to his surroundings. A little joy seeped into his words.

“Then I will trouble Old Hai.” Xiao Yan nodded his head and laughed bitterly.

“I will try my best.” There was little smile on Hai Bodong’s face. Using his own strength to contend against the numerous skilled Misty Cloud Sect personnel was something that even he as a Dou Huang, would not feel good doing.

“Hai Bodong, it is really unexpected that we can still see each other again after the farewell back then.” Yun Leng’s ugly expression slowly recovered significantly. He raised his head and eyed Hai Bodong in the sky. Not long after the latter had entered the capital, he had already gotten accurate news of his appearance. Therefore, his expression was not too shocked when he saw Hai Bodong this time around. It was only unexpected that he would actually make a move to help Xiao Yan.

“Hee hee, Yun Leng, your position has risen after all these years. The you back then appeared to have only entered the Misty Cloud Sect’s Elder’s Council. It is really unexpected that you have actually become the First Elder now.” Hai Bodong said faintly.

“Ke ke, this is all because the Sect Leader trusts these old bones of mine.” Yun Leng smiled. Immediately, his expression became serious as he stared at Hai Bodong and said, “We can reminisce about the past later. You should know of our intention to hold Xiao Yan back. This matter concerns our Misty Cloud Sect’s reputation. Therefore, I hope that you will not randomly interfere in order to avoid damaging the relationship between the Misty Cloud Sect and the Primer clan’s relationship.”

Hai Bodong simply smiled with regards to the warning that Yun Leng had issued. He slowly said, “I’m sorry. Due to some reason, I must ensure Xiao Yan’s safety today. Therefore, I hope that you will let him leave on account of this thin face of mine. In the future, I, Hai Bodong will not forget this favor of yours.”

Hearing this, Yun Leng’s eyebrows were immediately knit together. In a deep voice, he said, “Hai Bodong, you know that this is something impossible. As a member of our Misty Cloud Sect, Mo Cheng’s contribution to it over the years is something that everyone in the sect had witnessed. If we remain indifferent when such a contributor were to die in such a dubious manner, how can we ensure that our disciples will have peace of mind in the future?”

“Ah, I also have my own difficulties.” Hai Bodong sighed and shook his head. From Yun Leng’s appearance, it seemed that it was impossible to bring Xiao Yan away by relying on those few words of his. He immediately ceased speaking nonsense. After taking a glance at his surroundings, he abruptly grabbed Xiao Yan. However, before he could make any move, Yun Leng, who had been staring intently at him, let out a stern cry, “Yun Li, the three of you stop him! All deacons of the Misty Cloud Sect, form the ‘Misty Wind Fog Array’!”

As Yun Leng’s cry fell, the three elders in the sky began to move. The three people formed a semicircle shape, completely locking Hai Bodong in. Those nearly one hundred deacons of the Misty Cloud Sect on the huge trees surrounding the open ground let out an ordered loud cry in unison. Powerful Dou Qi erupted from within their bodies and numerous white-colored, fog-like energies began spitting out of their palms like waterfalls. Over a hundred fog-like energies began to intertwine around each other before swiftly spreading. In merely an instant, it formed a bowl-shaped energy cover which was just sufficient enough to completely encase the entire square within.

“Bang, bang!”

At the moment that the energy encasement was formed, Hai Bodong protected Xiao Yan with one hand while using an extremely violent and unreasonable manner to ferociously break through the defence of the three elders. In a lightning like manner, they flashed to the bottom of the energy cover. He waved his hand and an icy energy pillar around ten feet in height shot out violently and heavily smashed on the energy cover. The energy cover wobbled slightly, but it was strong enough that it was not immediately shattered.

“Dammit, what a hard tortoise shell.”

(TL: Not literally a tortoise shell but a tortoise is a sort of insult.)

Hai Bodong was about to continue attacking the energy cover after letting out a soft curse when three ferocious forces came at him from behind. As the three force flew, they actually began to merge and their power soared after that. This forced Hai Bodong to have no choice but to turn around. With a wave of his hand, a tough, cold, icy mirror was swiftly agglomerated in front of him, blocking the soaring force.

“You should step aside first. Be careful. Give me ten minutes!” Hai Bodong waved his hand and skillfully sent Xiao Yan behind him out of the battle circle while he said in a deep voice.

After sending Xiao Yan away, Hai Bodong’s expression gradually became colder. Icy cold Dou Qi gushed out from his body. Immediately, one could see the water vapor contained in the surrounding air immediately begin to solidify into countless of tough ice grains. He flicked his hand and the ice grains carried the whistling wind sound and violently smashed toward the three Misty Cloud Sect’s Elders from all directions.

The three Elders did not dare to underestimate this person who was once known as the Ice Emperor. The Dou Qi in their body simultaneously surged out and the three different elemental Dou Qis began to merge together, forming an indestructible defence.

In the distant sky, Hai Bodong’s figure flashed. He carried an extremely cold air as he began to launch waves of continuous attacks against the three Elders in a tyrannical manner. Although the three of them could merge their Dou Qi to fight their opponents, they were still forced to retreat in defeat under Hai Bodong’s strong attacks. If it were not for the great coordination between the three of them, they would have long since been someone who was defeated.

Cold wind continuously blew through the sky which was covered by a white-colored energy The sounds of explosions from the contact of energy repeatedly sounded in everyone’s ears. The battle, which was extremely intense, caused the Misty Cloud Sect disciples below to be completely stunned.

Yun Leng narrowed his eyes and watched the three elders who were suppressed until they repeatedly retreated in defeat. He then glanced at Xiao Yan, who was floated on another corner of the sky. A cold smile involuntarily left his mouth. His shoulders shook and a pair of Dou Qi wings slowly sprung out.

With a flap of both wings, Yun Leng’s body began to swiftly rise into the air under everyone’s gaze. Finally, he directly charged toward Xiao Yan.

When he heard the sound of rushing wind from below, Xiao Yan hurriedly lowered his head. Immediately, his expression changed. The pair of wings on his back flapped and his body was swiftly pulled back.

“Hei, you want to leave? Regardless of why Hai Bodong wants to protect you, as long as I take you down first, he would likely not dare do anything.” Yun Leng let out a cold smile as he spoke while watching Xiao Yan swiftly pull back. His toes pressed on the empty space and his speed once again soared. In the blink of an eye, he approached Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan eyed Yun Leng approaching and hurriedly flapped his wings to escape.

In the sky, two figures were flying, one chasing and one fleeing. The figure behind, however, was quickly narrowing the distance between the two. At one moment, he had finally entered into an attacking range. Yun Leng violently stomped his feet on empty space. His body turned into blurry lightning. When he next appeared, he was actually blocking the path that Xiao Yan was using to flee. His body charged forward and the shriveled hand of his grabbed at Xiao Yan’s throat like an eagle claw which was carrying a sharp aggressive force that caused Xiao Yan’s skin to feel a piercing pain.

The speed at which Yun Leng acted was as fast as lightning. When Xiao Yan had just noticed it, his hand claw was already less than half a meter in front of him!

Within those dark black pupils, the hand claw which carried a sharp force was swiftly magnified in size.

The hand claw which was carrying a sharp force cut through the empty space and directly pointed at Xiao Yan’s neck!

In the distance, Hai Bodong had also noticed the situation happening to his side. His expression immediately changed drastically. He wanted to quickly rush forward to assist Xiao Yan, but the three Misty Cloud Elders appeared to have gone crazy. They took the risk of being seriously injured and used all their might to perform a union attacking Dou Tecdhnique, forcefully delaying Hai Bodong, causing him to be unable to pull away.

At this moment, the gazes all around were paused on the spot where Xiao Yan and Yun Leng were at. If Xiao Yan was captured, the big fight this time around would completely come to a stop.

“Looks like it is about to be over. It is difficult for Hai Bodong alone to successfully bring Xiao Yan away from the Misty Cloud Sect.” Jia Xing Tian smacked his lips together and sighed.

Fa Ma nodded slightly. He was about to say something when his expression suddenly changed. His gaze abruptly turned toward the direction Xiao Yan in, “That’s not right! What’s that?”

At this moment, another change once again occurred on the battleground!