Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 345 – Three Strong Dou Wangs

Chapter 345: Three Strong Dou Wangs

The majestic presence that was spread over the entire square directly caused Xiao Yan’s figure to quickly fall more than ten meters before he managed to remove the suffocating breath within his chest. He raised his head and eyed the three white robed old men in a serious manner. His heart felt that things were getting a little tricky. Three Dou Wangs had personally attacked him. They appeared to think overly highly of him, who had a tiny name.

All of the Misty Cloud Sect disciples in the square lifted their heads and eyed the aerial battle taking place above them. They similarly felt that the sect was making too big of a fuss over a small issue by sending three Dou Wangs to capture Xiao Yan. It should be known that the strength of the three Elders in the sky combined would be enough to not have much difficulty stopping someone of the Dou Huang level.

Of course, they were not the only ones who had such thoughts. Even Mu Cheng and the others on the huge trees felt it was incredible.

Due to the special position of the Misty Cloud Sect, the strong people within the sect seldom participated in the so-called ranking for the strong within the Jia Ma Empire. Otherwise, wouldn’t these old fellows take up more than half of the spots available? This kind of action would undoubtedly cause some of the strong people to feel dissatisfied within their hearts, something which the Misty Cloud Sect was unwilling to see. Therefore, other than the Sect Leader Yun Yun, there were no others from the Misty Cloud Sect in the ten strong rankings within the Jia Ma Empire. This also included these three old fellows.

However, if one were to discuss their strength, they were perhaps weaker than the Windwalker, Feng Li, and the other Dou Wangs who were renowned within the ten strong of the Jia Ma Empire, whom Gu He had invited to go with him to the desert to search for the Heavenly Flame. However, if they were to act in unison and use the special Qi Methods of the Misty Cloud Sect along with coordinated Dou Techniques, even a Dou Huang would have difficulty taking them down in a short while. This time around, the three of them actually acted together in order to catch Xiao Yan. It was no wonder that everyone in the square was speechless.

“It seems this little fellow is going to be in some trouble. With these three old fellows acting together, even if it was me, I would also be delayed for a while. If he cannot take out the same kind strength that he used to kill Mo Cheng, he would definitely have to stay at the Misty Cloud Sect today.” Jia Xing Tian eyed the battle in the sky and said faintly.

Fa Ma frowned slightly and nodded.

“Old Fa, aren’t you planning to take action? Hee hee, regardless of how one puts it, Xiao Yan is also an honored Elder of your alchemist association, no?” Jia Xing Tian suddenly turned his head toward Fa Ma and smiled as he asked.

“Seeing the situation now, Yun Leng appears to have made up his mind to hold Xiao Yan behind. Even if I step forward, I’m afraid that he would not change his decision.” Fa Ma shook his head and said, “You should also know the strength of the Misty Cloud Sect. I am the chairman of the Alchemist Association and represent the interest of the entire association. If I directly acted out to help Xiao Yan, that would damage the relationship between our two parties. Therefore, I can only find an opportunity to help him ask for mercy. As long as Xiao Yan is not the murderer of Mo Cheng, I think that Yun Yun will give me this face.”

Jia Xing Tian laughed. He naturally knew that it was impossible for Fa Ma to act at this moment and help Xiao Yan resolve this threat. Although their strengths were extraordinary, there were powers behind them and they couldn’t act as they pleased.

Hai Bodong, who overheard their conversation while standing behind the two of them, shook his head somewhat helplessly. It was really unexpected that the situation, which he was most unwilling to see, still happened. However, for the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill, even if the thing in front of him was this huge mountain called the Misty Cloud Sect, he could only harden his head and charge forward.

“Xiao Yan, give up resisting. Before we have fully investigated the truth, we will not harm you. All we ask is that you stay at the Misty Cloud Sect for a short period of time.” Yun Leng placed both his hands behind his back, raised his head and cried out loud.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was smacked together as he let out a cold laugh. His gaze slowly swept across his surroundings, searching for an opportunity to break through. A moment later, however, he gave up this extravagant hope in disappointment. The three old men opposite him far surpassed him both in terms of combat experience and strength. Their defense was almost flawless, while their presence, which was spread throughout the open ground, had suppressed the altitude of his flight to a certain limit. If he were to go any higher, the united imposing presence of the three Dou Wangs would cause Xiao Yan to vomit blood and retreat.

Eyeing Xiao Yan who appeared to have ignored his words, Yun Leng’s face shook. He slowly released a breath and did not say any nonsense. With a sudden wave of his hand, he cried out in a deep voice, “Capture him!”

Just as Yun Leng’s voice fell, Xiao Yan, who was in the sky, suddenly shot wildly down toward the Misty Cloud Sect disciples who were seated cross-legged in the square. In this kind of situation he would only have the chance to escape if he created a commotion.

“Humph, little fellow, cease putting up a resistance!”

Unfortunately, Xiao Yan’s intention did not escape the eyes of the three Elders of the Misty Cloud Sect. A white haired old man in the middle flapped the pair of wings on his back. He turned into a wild wind and when he reappeared, he was actually in the path which Xiao Yan was using to plunge downward.

“Che!” Xiao Yan frowned intently as he watched the white haired old man who blocked his route. He softly cursed and flapped his wings, forcefully turning his body. His body had just turned when a white robed old man strangely flashed to a spot not far from his body. His withered palm aimed at Xiao Yan and he let out a faint cry, “Binding Wind.”

As the voice fell, a wild wind that came from all directions surged violently out of the his palm. Immediately, numerous substance-like ropes began surrounding Xiao Yan in a lightning like manner.

The wind ropes were extremely swift. In the blink of an eye, they had enveloped all the space around Xiao Yan. The palm of the old man suddenly clenched and the wind ropes swiftly constricted. Immediately, it wrapped Xiao Yan within it just like a silkworm’s pupa shell.

TL: Also known as the cocoon.

On the open ground, those Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples had their mouths wide opened as they watched the white robed old man who had managed to capture Xiao Yan in his first move. They could not resist marvelling at the sight. It was really unexpected that a Dou Wang would actually be strong to such an extent. Xiao Yan, whom even Nalan shi-jie could not defeat, had been captured in merely one exchange. The difference between the two was indeed extremely large.

The white robed Elder in the sky who had displayed the ‘Binding Wind’, had just kept the wind pupa when his expression changed slightly.


A soft sound appeared. The pupa which was densely covered by the wind robes suddenly spat out a green-colored human figure. At any spot where the human figure passed, the wind robe which was sufficient to endure the attack of a Da Dou Shi was instantly turned into nothingness.

“The ‘Heavenly Flame’ huh, it is indeed very strong.”

The three Misty Cloud Sect’s Elders were startled as they eyed the human figure which had shot out of the wind pupa. They exchanged glances before taking off once again. In an instant, the sound of rushing wind spread throughout the sky. It was difficult to see the three human figures clearly. Everyone could only see Xiao Yan who was wrapped within the green-colored flame as he repeatedly fled in all directions, trying to escape the bindings of the three Elders. From his appearance, he looked to be in somewhat terrible shape.

After the disorderly fleeing continued for another five minutes, the three Misty Cloud Sect’s Elders finally became a little impatient. Immediately, they ceased acting carefully because of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ on Xiao Yan’s body. The three human figures flashed in unison and they formed a triangle formation, trapping Xiao Yan within the area of the triangle which did not exceed five meters in length.

“Wind Fire Wood Wall!”

The three people let out a low cry. Their palms faced each other from a distance. Three different-colored Dou Qi which appeared like film surged out from them and immediately began to move toward each other in a lightning-like manner. In the blink of an eye, they came into contact with each other at the center. A triangular-shaped energy film was formed between the three of them, with Xiao Yan being in the middle of it.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the light film which had covered all directions. He waved his palm and a wisp of green-colored flame surged out. It adhered to the energy wall and its hot temperature caused the light film at the spot to tremble slightly. Each time a certain amount of light film was incinerated, however, another large amount of energy would immediately surge out, repairing it until it was even thicker.

Although Xiao Yan had the advantage of having a ‘Heavenly Flame’, it was unfortunate that the difference between their strengths was far too large. Moreover, the other party was actually three Dou Wangs who were acting together. If it were not because of the the ‘Heavenly Flame’ which caused them some fear, they would have long since captured Xiao Yan.

“Dammit!” Xiao Yan eyed the indestructible energy prison, clenched his teeth and cursed softly.

Outside the energy prison, the energy on the palms of the three Misty Cloud Sect’s Elders slowly moved. As the energy surge, the triangle shaped energy prison actually began to shrink.

As he eyed the energy prison which was slowly suppressing him as it moved closer, Xiao Yan’s expression drastically changed. He flapped his wings and swiftly flashed toward the front side of the energy wall. Green-colored flame rushed out of his palm and violently smashed against the energy wall, as Xiao Yan wanted to borrow the ‘Heavenly Flame’s’ power to break it. Although this thought of his was good, it was unfortunate that it was an energy wall which the three Dou Wangs had created in unison. With just his own strength, how could he break it?

When his fist struck the energy wall, only circular ripples spread out. However, there was no sign of the energy wall being shaken.

The Xiao Yan at this moment was like a bird being trapped in a cage. No matter how he flapped his wings, he could not escape this heaven’s dragnet.

While the countless number of people below watched, the triangular shaped energy wall become increasingly small. At this moment, its original size which was tens of feet, was merely around two to three meters from Xiao Yan’s body.

Everyone on the huge trees faced each other while Xiao Yan was about to be captured. However, there was not one person who took action. Only Nalan Jie’s body moved a little. His foot stepped forward, but ultimately, he could not place it down. The expression on his face repeatedly changed. A long while later, he let out a sigh and slowly pulled back his step.

Within the triangle energy wall, Xiao Yan, who appeared to know that it was hopeless to escape, ceased his useless resistance. The green-colored flame on his body gradually retreated into his body. He indifferently glanced at the three elders outside the energy wall before slowly closing his eyes.

“Is he giving up?”

The brows of the three Elders of the Misty Cloud Sect twitched as they watched Xiao Yan who had closed his eyes. They waved their hands and the energy wall which was repeatedly shrinking by small amounts began to shrink much more abruptly.

The triangle energy wall became increasingly small in front of the eyes of countless number of people. Just as everyone thought that Xiao Yan would have difficult time escaping from this calamity, however, a change suddenly occurred!


A somewhat helpless and faint sigh suddenly reverberated slowly across the sky. As this sigh fell, an icy cold air caused the temperature of the entire open ground to swiftly decline.

Sensing the temperature that had suddenly fallen, the three Misty Cloud Elders were startled. Immediately, their expressions changed wildly. Their gazes swiftly swept into the energy pillar, only to find an old back slowly appearing just like a ghost.

Once the old back appeared, cold air soared within the energy wall. The energy wall which was swiftly shrinking appeared to have received some sort of resistance that they could not withstand. Not only did it not continue to shrink, but it also began to expand swiftly under that soaring terrifyingly cold air.

The expressions of the three elders instantly became extremely ugly as they watched the energy wall which was becoming increasingly inflated. They hurriedly cried out, “Be careful, retreat!”

Just as the cry fell, a terrifying cold air suddenly erupted once again. Immediately, the energy wall which was about to reach its limit ceased to be able to resist this huge burden. With a huge explosion that resounded throughout the sky, the energy wall which was created from three Dou Wangs was actually forcefully shattered!

Countless number of stunned gazes watched the three elders in the sky who were swiftly retreating. A moment later, their gazes instantly shifted toward the spot where the energy pillar was shattered. Two figures were partially visible there.

On the ground below, Yun Leng’s expression had turned extremely ugly at this moment.