Chapter 335: Nalan Yanran, Defeated?

Sensing the rise of strong Dou Qi on Xiao Yan’s body, astonishment flashed across Nalan Yanran’s pupils. This young man who had endured supercilious looks and ridicule in the Xiao clan back then was now really totally different.

As Nalan Yanran held the pale green longsword in her hand, a faint green-colored swirling wind rolled and drifted on her body. Sharp wind blades retracted and appeared within the swirling wind. Occasionally they would blast out, leaving numerous scars which were neither shallow nor deep in the tough green rock. The blades gradually moved up, pointing at Xiao Yan from far away. Under the reflection of the sunlight, the edge of the blades emitted dense and stern glows.

As the Dou Qi on the both of them soared, the atmosphere of the open ground instantly flew heavy. The surroundings had once again become quiet as all the gazes were thrown on the two people. Many of them wanted to know just how far the useless young person back then had actually reached after these three years of training?

In the square, Xiao Yan slowly closed his eyes and immediately exhaled a long breath. His eyes were suddenly shot opened and a green-colored flame flashed passed his dark black eyes. The Dou Qi on his body had once again become much deeper at this moment.

Xiao Yan’s palm tightly held the ruler’s hilt and sensed the heavy feeling that was repeatedly transmitted to him. He raised his eyes and stared at the lady with a willow like figure opposite him. The two exchanged glances in midair. Both of their gazes were somewhat complicated.

“Once the Three Year Agreement is complete, the grudges between the two of you will be completely settled. I hope that after today, all the disputes…” On the stone platform, Yun Leng eyed the two people who were giving tit for a tat. He coughed softly. However, before he could say all that he wanted to, his expression once again became ugly as he stopped his mouth. This was because Xiao Yan, who was on the open ground, had already ignored his words under the watch of countless of gazes. He was the first to break the stalemate of their imposing presences. Xiao Yan swung the heavy ruler and his body suddenly turned into a black shadow as he violently charged at Nalan Yanran.

“Let’s fight! Nalan Yanran! It has been three years!” As the black shadow charged, a low roar which had been suppressed for three years was involuntarily emitted from within his throat.

Under the gaze of everyone on the open ground, the black shadow was like an outraged Magical Beast. The Heavy Xuan Ruler gently nestled on the ground. Along the way, it left a long trail of sparks and a deep scar on the green rock surface.

Nalan Yanran’s expression was calm as she faced the black shadow which charged directly at her. Her Qi Method was of the wind affinity. Therefore, her speed and brisk agility were things that she was very good in. Just as Xiao Yan was about to approach a distance of ten meters from her, Nalan Yanran finally made her move. Her toes gently pressed against the surface of the ground and her body was like a falling leaf amidst a violent storm, drifting and evading. In the twinkle of an eye, she interlaced with the black-colored human figure rushing over as they passed by each other.

The moment they intersected, the longsword in Nalan Yanran’s hand slash horizontally in an extremely natural manner. Borrowing the rushing force from her agility, a few tiny wind blades had already taken the lead and left the sword ahead of her, cutting toward Xiao Yan’s neck.

The swiftly charging body abruptly stopped and a huge black ruler was lifted slightly. Following a ‘clanging’ sound and some tiny sparks, the wind blades completely disappeared without even creating the slightest obstruction to Xiao Yan’s attack.

After withstanding the wind blades, Xiao Yan gently lifted his eyes. His indifferent pupils glanced at the graceful body that brushed past him. With a wave of his hand, the Heavy Xuan Ruler carried a ferocious force as it smashed horizontally toward Nalan Yanran’s back. The pressure from the force caused the dress of Nalan Yanran to press tightly onto her skin, outlining her slim narrow waist.

Sensing the whirring sound of the heavy force behind her, Nalan Yanran’s eyebrows twitched gently. She appeared a little surprised at the acuteness of the other party’s perception. The longsword in her hand stabbed out violently, causing the pale green longsword to leave a green-colored arc within the empty air. The sharp tip of the sword appeared to pass through the obstruction in the air and with a clear ‘clang’ sound, the sword tip directly smashed into the heavy ruler. As the two came into contact, the strong and powerful force contained on the huge ruler caused the slender longsword to be forced to bend into an arc which was extremely soul-stirring. The alarmingly dangerous appearance of the sword being about to snap caused some astonishment to surface on the faces of those Misty Cloud Sect disciples. After having Dou Qi poured into the sword’s body, the sword was sufficiently strengthened to receive an extremely great and heavy force. Yet, in the very first contact, the longsword was forced to bend. From this, it could be seen just how terrifying the force contained on the black-colored large ruler was.

Although the longword was bent into an alarming arc, it ultimately did not break because of this. Just as the tip of the sword was about to press on Nalan Yanran’s arm, the latter pressed her feet gently on the ground. The green glow on the longsword skyrocketed. The sudden energy surge flicked the heavy ruler aside with a ‘bang’. Borrowing the pushing force from between the two of them, Nalan Yanran soared up into the air. Her pretty face was serious. The longsword in her hand suddenly trembled rapidly. Immediately, it began to slowly spin. Each time the longsword moved by a little, it would leave behind a sword shadow afterimage that seemed substantive.

“Wind Spirit Fractal Sword?”

“It is really unexpected that Nalan shi-jie actually managed to successfully learn a Middle Xuan class Dou technique like the ‘Wind Spirit Fractal Sword’. She is really a source of admiration.”

TL: shi-jie – an older female of the same generation who shares the same teacher or is from the same sect

“I heard that Nalan shi-jie has managed to reach the point of creating five sword images after learning ‘Wind Spirit Fractal Sword’ for a year. Ah, I have trained for nearly two years, but I can only create four of them.”

“It has only just begun yet Nalan shi-jie has actually used a Dou Technique of this class. I think that she wants to quickly end this, no? That fellow from the Xiao Yan is really unlucky.”

When Nalan Yanran displayed that strange Dou Technique, those Misty Cloud Sect’s disciple below could not resist whispering privately among themselves in their shock. Seeing their manner, it appeared that they recognized the background of the Dou Technique that was displayed. Moreover, this Dou Technique was likely something that was regarded as something difficult to be proficient at. Not only these disciples, but even a few of the ten plus white robed elders on the stone platform nodded their heads slightly.

The heavy ruler inserted in the ground as Xiao Yan lifted his head. With narrow eyes, he watched the energy after images that were slowly appearing following the movement of Nalan Yanran’s longword. Relying on his outstanding perception, he could sense that the few afterimages contained a huge amount of energy within them.

“She is worthy of being called the junior sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect. She is able to use such a strong Dou Technique as she pleases.” Xiao Yan held the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler tightly in his palm. He slowly rotated half a circle while being on the ground. Immediately, he stomped heavily on the ground and an energy explosion blasted from where his foot was, pulling over all the gazes on the open ground.

Following the explosion, Xiao Yan borrowed the reflected energy from it and his body suddenly shot violently and directly at Nalan Yanran in midair. The green-colored Dou Qi surged forth and threads of flame seedlings strangely twined around the ruler’s body. However, they were hidden under the green-colored Dou Qi and one would have difficulty discovering them if one did not perform a careful inspection.

Nalan Yanran knit her eyebrows slightly together as she glanced at Xiao Yan who was violently shooting toward her from below. The movement of the longsword in her hand did not stop because of this. Her feet stepped on empty air and a pale green-colored Dou Qi spewed out from her feet. Instantly, it formed huge sharp wind blades and viciously cut toward Xiao Yan.

Sensing the rushing wind sound of the wind blades from above his head, Xiao Yan raised his hand and nothing happened for a second. Then, a pushing force that shot above Xiao Yan surged from Xiao Yan’s palm. The huge group of wind blades disappeared completely by this pushing force before they could be anywhere near Xiao Yan.

Due to this pushing force, Xiao Yan’s charging figure had also become slightly slower. Xiao Yan was about to once again borrow a timely force as he prepared to block Nalan Yanran from completing her Dou Technique when a clear cry suddenly sounded from a spot not far above him.

“Wind Spirit Fractal Sword!”

As the cry fell, the longsword in Nalan Yanran’s hand abruptly pointed at Xiao Yan below. Her feet pressed gently on the empty air and a faint breeze appeared under them. Borrowing this breeze, Nalan Yanran swiftly moved backward. The five blurry energy sword after-images that were left behind in mid air trembled slightly. One after another, they shot violently toward Xiao Yan below.

The blurred swords made up of energy appeared to have torn space as a pale green-colored energy arc began to spread out from the tip of the sword. Five sword shadows that had their tips linked to the other’s hilt much like a falling star from the sky.

With a slight frown, Xiao Yan’s palm randomly discharged a force. His body borrowed the pushing strength of the force to retreat swiftly. The five blurry energy swords coincidentally cut past the surface of his body and their sharp wind caused Xiao Yan’s skin to feel a keen pain.

Nalan Yanran’s pretty figure turned half a circle in midair. Immediately, she became like a white-colored lotus as she landed on the ground in a light and agile manner. She suddenly waved her hand horizontally. As she did so, the blurred energy swords which had missed actually turned around and once again violently stabbed toward Xiao Yan who was in midair, without any point to pivot himself.

Eyeing the blurry energy swords which had once again come to pierce him, Xiao Yan was a little startled. Immediately, he frowned slightly as the corner of his gaze drifted around him. Being in mid-air, he really had difficulty avoiding the swift and sudden attacks of these blurry energy sword this time around unless he used the Purple Cloud Wings.

“Since I cannot dodge, then I will forcefully receive it.” As this intention fell within his heart, the green-colored Dou Qi on the heavy ruler in his hand abruptly soared. That huge energy that was suddenly released caused countless of people below to have astonished faces.

The green-colored flame seedlings flashed and rose. As the heavy ruler was swung, it carried a powerful force as it viciously smashed at the blurry energy swords in front of the shocked gazes under him.


As the two came into contact, a ferocious energy explosion sounded in the empty space above the open ground. The intense green light caused some people to involuntarily shut their eyes.

Nalan Yanran quietly stood in the same spot while she raised her head to watch the sky. The piercing green light did not appear to be much of an obstacle for her as her bright pupils stared at the spot where the explosion occurred. She understood only too clearly just what kind of power the ‘Wind Spirit Fractal Sword’ possessed. The blow earlier was something that even a seven star Dou Shi would have great difficulty completely withstanding. If Xiao yan was able to resist this strike, Nalan Yanran would also be able to roughly estimate just what extent he had reached during these three years.

The green light was gradually being reduced in the sky. A black-colored shadow abruptly shot explosively toward Nalan Yanran who was standing on the ground. A powerful sound of wind compressing caused one’s eardrums to feel pain.

The speed of the black-colored shadow’s violent attack caused Nalan Yanran’s pretty face to change a little. Her toes pressed on the ground as she instantly pulled back nearly ten meters with her body appearing as though it was gliding over the ground.

“Bang!” The black-colored shadow violently landed on the ground and heavily smashed at the spot where Nalan Yanran had landed earlier. Immediately, an intense sound reverberated throughout the square. Rock fragments flew around and numerous crack lines began spreading around the spot permeated with dust.

Nalan Yanran’s retreating body slowly came to a stop. She faintly eyed the spot which was pervaded with dust. With such an attack speed, it was not quite possible for it to pose much of a threat to someone like her who trained in a wind affinity Qi Method.

Nalan Yanran gently waved her spacious large sleeves. A breeze appeared out of nowhere and blew over the square, lifting off the dust around. The moment before the dust was lifted, Nalan Yanran’s eyes shrunk slightly. The Dou Qi all over her body abruptly skyrocketed. At the same time, her body swiftly retreated, she repeatedly swung the longsword in her hand. Numerous sharp sword fragments appeared on the route which she used to pull back.

“Chi.” At the very moment when Nalan Yanran was pulling back, a black figure from within the dust once again shot explosively forward. This time around, the speed appeared to have instantly become many times higher than what it was earlier. The terrifying speed caused the black shadow to appear as though it were flickering. A few illusionary shadows surfaced before he approached Nalan Yanran. The wind blade blockade which she had placed earlier was completely shattered by the former in the most violent method.

“Quite a good speed, but how can it suddenly increase by this much?” A seriousness and some uncertainty surfaced on her pretty face as Nalan Yanran mumbled quietly within her heart. Her eyes glanced at the black shadow which appeared formidable as it charged over. She was just thinking of taking offensive measures when a cold feeling suddenly rushed out from her skin. She suddenly turned her head. A black shadow had appeared behind her just like a ghost.

The black shadow raised its head, revealing Xiao Yan’s indifferent face. The current him had his hands tightly clenched into fists. The huge black-colored Heavy Xuan Ruler had already completely disappeared. His fist borrowed the force from his half-rotated body as it viciously smashed at Nalan Yanran’s back while carrying a terrifying force. The space where the fist passed by actually emitted an ear-piercing energy explosion. This blow was actually this strong.

“Octane Blast!”

A low roar sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart. The force contained in the fist once again soared. Finally, it smashed solidly on Nalan Yanran’s back in front of those stunned gazes of the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples around them.

The terrifying force directly caused Nalan Yanran’s pretty body to be thrown into midair like a kite whose strings had been cut off. She was like a weak flower that was being scraped away by a violent wind.

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled. He gradually spread his fist and beckoned with his hand. The black shadow which had shot toward Nalan Yanran a moment ago flew over. Immediately, it was inserted heavily into the green rock surface in front of him. The large shadow which had attracted Nalan Yanran’s attention earlier was actually this Heavy Xuan Ruler.

“Nalan shi-jie has been defeated?”

Countless of stunned gazes eyed Nalan Yanran who fell from midair like a butterfly which had lost its wings. Their faces were filled with disbelief. This junior sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect had actually been so easily defeated?

On the stone platform, Yun Leng and the other elders merely calmly watched Nalan Yanran who was slowly descending. If one thought that she would lose so easily, one would have really underestimated the training of the Misty Cloud Sect.