Chapter 331: Advancing to a Da Dou Shi!


The green-colored flame and the three-colored energy aggressively collided within the Qi Path. A soft ‘chi chi’ noise repeatedly sounded. The three-colored energy had begun to swiftly boil at this moment. Wave after wave of rich energy ripples were emitted from within the main body of the energy and collided into the Qi Paths to cause the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth to shiver. Fortunately, these few main Qi Paths of Xiao Yan’s were extremely tough and strong. Therefore, there was no serious problem other than feeling a little pain.

Xiao Yan forcefully resisted the pain as he ordered the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ to wrap around the three-colored energy. After which, he forcefully dragged it along and once again began circulating it through the Qi Method’s route.

The green-colored flame wrapped around the three-colored energy, whizzing past the Qi Method’s route. If one’s mind were to carefully observe it, one would be able to vaguely see the swiftly boiling three-colored energy within the flame.

As the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ repeatedly burned, the three-colored energy was completely merged into a green-brownish-colored liquid energy. Under the threat of the high temperature, the energy created from the merger this time around appeared to be even larger than it was in the past. However, even after becoming more powerful, it still did not possess enough strength to withstand the power of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’. When Xiao Yan once again deployed a wisp of green flame from the ‘Acceptance Spirit’, the green-brownish-colored energy’s resistance finally began to gradually weaken. As the energy was circulated, threads of hot green-brownish energy that had lost their wildness slowly left the main body and were completely turned into a pure green-colored liquid energy by the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ before being poured into the vortex…

With the threads of green-colored energy being poured in, the liquid energy within the vortex was abruptly expanded at a pace that would cause people to be shocked…

“It is indeed worthy of being the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’. The medicinal effect is actually so strong…” As he eyed this scene, Xiao Yan was somewhat surprised in his heart. He could sense that his current ability was about to break through to the eight star Dou Shi level. Although the distance from the eighth star to the ninth star or even breaking the Da Dou Shi barrier still required an even larger amount of energy, there was still more than half the medicinal strength remaining in the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’.

“It should be enough…” Xiao Yan calculated within his heart. He once again focused his attention and repeatedly exhausted his Dou Qi to pull out the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ from within the ‘Acceptance Spirit’. Finally, these new flames reinforced the flame that was burning at the green-brownish energy.

Although controlling the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ exhausted quite a bit of Dou Qi, the consumption was not even worth mentioning compared to the energy that was continuously and wildly pouncing over from within the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’.

The green-colored flame that was wrapped around the green-brownish energy swiftly cycled around the Qi Paths. Each time a cycle was completed, there would be a large amount of pure energy that had been completely refined. That energy poured into the vortex. Each time that happened, the size of the vortex would expand greatly.

Originally, the vortex was only half filled with green-colored liquid energy. Currently, however, the liquid within the vortex already occupied three quarters of its space. Based on this speed, when the vortex was completely filled, he would have reached the limit of the Dou Shi class…

As time slowly passed, the body of Xiao Yan in the outside word was covered by a pale green-colored glow. This green-colored glow covering his body formed the shape of a Dou Qi cloak. Currently, this green-colored light was being repeatedly distorted, almost like it was trying to transform into something new. During this time, the characteristics similar to a real substance actually appeared on the originally vague Dou Qi cloak.

At this moment, Xiao Yan was naturally unable to sense the changes around him. With the nerve calming effect of the green lotus seat, he could always maintain the greatest control over his mind. At this moment, all of his attention was completely placed on the Dou Qi vortex in his body which was about to be completely filled.

The vortex slowly rotated within his body. Within it, the green-colored liquid energy was like a flooded dam which was about to be discharged as it drifted around. It seemed that it would spill out of the vortex which would reach its limit at any moment.

Xiao Yan’s mind did not dare to relax even a little, as he watched the vortex that had been completely filled. In his Qi Paths, three quarters of the medicinal effect of the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’ may have already been refined, but the remaining medicinal strength was still quite a substantial amount of energy. However, the vortex was currently unable to contain even the slightest bit of additional energy. It’s capacity had already reached the limit. If he were to forcefully pour more in, the vortex may crack because of it, finally resulting in…

One had to change when one lacked resources. Therefore, the current Xiao Yan needed to take measures in order to avoid such a large tragedy. If he managed to avoid it, his strength would expand greatly. If he failed to do so and the vortex were to break, all of his Dou Qi would escape and he would end up becoming a cripple. Having once received such treatment, Xiao Yan naturally would not choose to receive it once again…

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled a breath of turbid air. The seal his hands formed, quietly changed. When each Dou Shi was about to breakthrough, he would choose the most appropriate action according to his ability. This was an action that countless people before him had proven through their success. It was very simple. The method was to suppress…

The gas phase energy could be compressed into a high-grade liquid energy while the liquid body could similarly be compressed into an even higher grade solid energy. This so called solid energy was also the secret behind the substance like Dou Qi Armor that a Da Dou Shi could summon.

A seal was formed as Xiao Yan’s hands changed positions, the vortex in his body was momentarily silent before numerous round ripples suddenly began to fluctuate its surface. The fluctuations became increasingly intense and they finally became like boiling water. Green waves emitted a fizzing sound as they repeatedly seeped out from the middle of the vortex.

The moment that the energy ripple fluctuated, the vortex which was originally slowly rotating began to quietly increase its speed. The time in which it accelerated was extremely short. In merely less than ten sounds, the vortex which was originally spinning lazily turned into a spiralling round object that was rotating at a wild speed. Numerous green-colored arcs appeared around the vortex due to the high rotation speed. The humming sound created by the rotation was slowly being transmitted within his body. The sounds which appeared to contain some sort of mysterious rhythm passed through his Qi Paths, seeped past the bones and seeped through the cells, finally arriving at his skin. It was then transmitted into the Dou Qi cloak which was repeatedly twisting on Xiao Yan’s body.

After the sound was transmitted into the Dou Qi cloak and the twisting on the latter ceased. An instant later, a green light suddenly flashed. The green-colored Dou Qi was swiftly mixed, aggregated, and finally fused together… The brightness diminished and a green-colored armor that possessed the image of a flame began to vaguely appear on the surface of Xiao Yan’s body at his chest area. Although this green-colored armor was merely at its infancy, the profound pale-green bright light and the appearing and disappearing forceful energy that spewed forth caused everyone to clearly understand that it could not be compared to the Dou Qi cloak from before.

This infant shape Dou Qi Armor was slowly formed without Xiao Yan realizing it. The interior of Xiao Yan’s body was also undergoing a soul-stirring change.

Xiao Yan’s mind was controlling the rotating speed of the vortex, preventing it from exceeding a certain limit which may bring some harm to his body. He could only carefully wait upon it, not daring to be even the slightest bit relax. Of course, besides this, he must do his best to delay the arrival of the medicinal strength from the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’. At this very moment, the vortex which had reached its limit did not require more energy to be continuously poured in. Hence, Xiao Yan also needed to split his attention to control the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ and hold it off.

Although removing the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ would halt the refinement, stopping the energy from continuously being poured into the vortex, Xiao Yan could not be certain if the latter would suddenly split apart again. If it was to split apart and a thread of unrefined energy were to force its way into the vortex, would it not end up breaking the equilibrium within the vortex that Xiao Yan had spent a great amount of effort to maintain?

Just thinking of the consequence of the equilibrium breaking caused Xiao Yan’s heart to shiver. This was something he did not dare try… At that moment, he used a part of his mind to repeatedly push the vortex’s rotating speed while another part delayed the medicinal strength of the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’ with all his might, causing it to be unable to complete a cycle…

Currently, the situation in Xiao Yan’s body was undoubtedly conducting a race against time. Xiao Yan needed to condense the liquid energy within the completely filled vortex into a solid form before the next wave of energy arrived. Only then could he avoid the danger of the vortex breaking up.

The wildly rotating vortex had already turned into a faint green-colored shadow. Following this high speed rotation, the liquid energy within the vortex was strangely being reduced at a speed visible to the naked eye. Although the energy had been reduced, Xiao Yan’s mind could clearly sense that there was a substance with a large amount of energy in the deep region of the vortex which was slowly being formed.

“I’m nearly there…” Sensing the substance which was being formed at a faster pace, Xiao Yan’s tensed feelings eased up. Immediately, he began urging it to form even more quickly.

Time slowly flowed by. The liquid energy within the vortex was swiftly being reduced. All of this appeared to be progressing in an extremely smooth manner.

The liquid energy within the interior of the vortex which hummed wildly, had already reached the point where it was about to be exhausted. A green-colored diamond crystal body, merely the size of a thumb, had suddenly and slowly become suspended in the middle of the vortex under the watch of Xiao Yan’s mind. It was quiet and did not move. The glow on its body which was varying in intensity represented the fragility of this newly formed object.

Xiao Yan’s mind was a little curious as he stared at the green-colored diamond crystal body that appeared to stand in the eye of the storm. The moment this crystal appeared, Xiao Yan could clearly sense the comfortable feeling emitted from deep within his spirit. This little thing was the most crucial object to becoming a Da Dou Shi. The strong people of the Da Dou Shi class normally called it: “Dou Crystal!”

In the eyes of many strong people, only when one possessed a Dou Crystal could one be considered to have truly stepped into the hall of Dou Qi training. This little thing was a crystal formed by all the Dou Qi contained within one’s body. Within it, it contained a large amount of energy that would shock people.

Xiao Yan’s mind was a little intoxicated as he eyed the green-colored diamond shaped crystal body which had just been formed. Before Xiao Yan had the chance to catch his breath, however, a soft sound was suddenly emitted from within his Qi Paths, causing his heart to leap slightly. He moved his mind and swiftly swept across his Qi Paths. Immediately, his expression changed drastically…

Within the Qi Paths, the medicinal strength of the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’, which was originally extremely resistant to the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ had for some reason chose to suddenly completely give up its resistance, allowing the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ to completely refine all the remaining medicinal strength. After which… the flame carried a surging energy and rushed to the vortex while roaring away.

Xiao Yan’s face was pale as he watched the flood of energy similar to a flood transiting from one point to another as it ignored the attempts to obstruct it by his mind. A shock overflowed Xiao Yan’s heart. If he allowed this energy to rush into the vortex, the weak Dou Crystal which had only been born a short while ago would immediately be completely shattered. Once the Dou Crystal was shattered, not only would it be impossible for Xiao Yan to advance to a Da Dou Shi, but his strength would also greatly decline due to an energy deficiency!

All of these were disastrous aftermaths of consuming medicinal pill to advance one’s strength. If he had relied on his own body’s strength to steadily charge at the Da Dou Shi class, it would naturally be impossible for such a dangerous scenario to occur. Relying on an external object ultimately had a potential danger that was enough to destroy oneself.

Of course, the current Xiao Yan didn’t have the mood to think about these drawbacks of using an external object. He was now using all of his strength to focus on controlling the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ which was wrapped around the energy, wanting to pull away this cluster of energy. Unfortunately, the charging force of energy this time around was overly large. Moreover, due to it having been refined, this pure energy already had Xiao Yan’s sign on it. Therefore, the high temperature burning of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ had already lost its effect…

TL: Xiao Yan’s sign = part of Xiao Yan

After trying many different futile measures, Xiao Yan could only be horrified as he watched the large amount of energy come increasingly close to the vortex. He felt somewhat dispirited, having not expected that he would actually destroy himself before he went to the Misty Cloud Sect and before he had beat Nalan Yanran…

In a trance, an image once again flashed in his mind. It was a flashback to the Xiao clan’s hall back then. A young lady with a slim figure carried some unhappiness and arrogance on her face. In the hall, everyone had a different expression. Ridicule, mocking, regretful, anger… the faces of each one of the flashed by. Finally, he arrived at the leader’s seat when a middle aged man whose face was an intervening green and red.

“I believe that my son will not be a useless person forever…” Back then, Xiao Zhan forcefully endured the anger and embarrassment he felt within his heart upon being forced to end the engagement as he softly spoke in this manner to the young man who was kneeling in front of him.

A warm laughter slowly sounded, causing Xiao Yan, who was sitting cross-legged on the green lotus seat to slowly lower his head…

“Father, thank you very much…”

Xiao Yan softly muttered. His throat emitted a powerful roar like that of a cornered beast. A ferocious Spiritual Strength erupted at this moment.

The moment the Spiritual Strength rose, the green-colored flame within the vortex suddenly began to erupt like that of a volcano.

“Go back!”

The green-colored flame which had rushed out like that of a volcano violently collided with the surging energy which was about to enter the vortex. The powerful force directly shoved the energy into the Qi Paths around the edge of the vortex. Finally, it moved along the Qi Paths that had been opened up and violently shoved all the energy out.

“Chi, chi…”

The ‘chi chi’ sound once again sounded within the room. Xiao Yan’s body trembled abruptly. Over ten energy pillars were shot out from within his pores. In an instant, the intense light covered the entire room.

“Ding…” As the energy light pillar which threatened the crystal body left his body, the wildly rotating vortex in Xiao Yan’s body slowly came to a stop. The brightness of the green-colored diamond shape crystal body within it abruptly surged!

Within the room, Xiao Yan’s eyes abruptly opened. A green-colored glow shot out from within his eyes.With a gentle press of his toes, his body softly landed on the ground. Xiao Yan’s gaze swept around. His presence was completely different from what it was yesterday.

“I have succeeded…” Xiao Yan slowly exhaled the stuffiness that had been present in his chest for a long while. He sensed a surging feeling which he had never sensed before in the past. Xiao Yan mumbled softly before a wild joy could not help but immediately appear on his face. A loud laughter of one who had experienced great relief sounded within the room.

Underneath the loud laughter, there appeared to be an old gratified sigh that quietly sounded. However, it was immediately covered by the laughter and faded into nothingness.