Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 325 – The end of the Grand Meeting

Chapter 325: The end of the Grand Meeting

The silence on the open ground persisted for a long time before it gradually recovered. This Old Mo had become well known in the Jia Ma Empire much earlier than Gu He, so his evaluation would naturally carry significant weight. Therefore, other than a small group of people, there were not many who felt that he was making irresponsible remarks.

Yan Li’s expression was green. The evaluation of Old Mo had undoubtedly indirectly confirmed that the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ that Xiao Yan had refined did not have the slightest problem. In this case, he had completely lost this time around.

Yan Li clenched his fists and waved his sleeves, storing the medicinal cauldron on the stone table within his storage ring. After which, he did not have the slightest hesitation as he turned around and hurriedly left under the watchful gazes of countless pairs of eyes. The dark iciness that was shot from the eyes of Fa Ma’s three man group had already let him understand that if he did not take the opportunity to leave now, it was likely that he would be done when Fa Ma and the others had completed everything here.

On the high platform, Fa Ma inserted both his hands into his sleeves and indifferently watched Yan Li hurry out of the open ground. He could not resist coldly laughing as he asked, “You are thinking of leaving now? Isn’t it a little too late?”

“Do we need to follow him since we are not needed here?” Hai Bodong smiled and asked.

“There’s no need to.” Fa Ma shook his head slightly and said with a smile, “I have already instructed Ao Tuo to attach a spiritual imprint on Yan Li’s medicinal pill while he examined it. He cannot run away.”

“The Chu Yun Empire’s Alchemist Association Will suffer a great loss this time around. It is not that easy to groom a tier four alchemist grandmaster.” Jia Lao smiled and said. His smile was somewhat gloating.

“Since they have come, they should naturally be prepared for such consequences.”

Fa Ma smiled. He eyed the open ground and coughed slightly. After waiting for all the gazes to turn toward him, he said with a smile and a clear voice, “Since the inspection has been completed, I will now announce that the champion for this season.”

Fa Ma’s hands were extended out of his sleeves and his finger pointed at the skinny, pale faced young man in the open ground. “That person is Yan Xiao!”

As Fa Ma’s voice landed, an excited ear-piercing howl suddenly sounded from the audience seats. Countless people were so excited that their faces turned red as they stood up from their seats and waved the things in their hands. In an instant, the entire plaza had descended into a noisy and excited ocean.

It was no wonder that the audience would become this excited and wild. The contest this time around was different from the other Grand Meetings. In the past Grand Meetings, it had always been the alchemists within the empire fighting for the champion spot. Therefore, the audience did not have an overly intense feelings of uniting against a common enemy. This time around, however, Yan Li, who had suddenly become a dark horse who had almost become the champion caused these Jia Ma Empire citizens to be stimulated by their feelings of not wanting to let people from other countries take the champion spot in their own country. After all, none of them wanted to see the Grand Meeting that their own country conducted end up allowing another country, especially an enemy country, to gain the honor of being the most accomplished.

This was because the honor that those people would gain would have been built upon the shame of the Jia Ma Empire!

Just as Yan Li was about to become the champion, Xiao Yan had once again made a come back and snatched back the champion spot that was about to leave the country. From the surrounding audience’s point of view, this action was undoubtedly a hope that was scattered down at a time when things were very bleak. Therefore, the Jia Ma Empire’s citizens in the open ground being unruffled by emotion was entirely normal.

Of course, Xiao Yan, who had followed the will of the people and defeated Yan Li to become the champion, would naturally and with great ease obtain the respect and attention of countless people. After today, the name Yan Xiao would resound throughout the entire empire!

From a certain point of view, Yan Li had contributed greatly to Xiao Yan being able to obtain this kind of unexpected fame. Without the former’s sudden appearance, Xiao Yan would at most be an ordinary champion in the people’s hearts even if he had won. The time between the Grand Meeting held every eight years was neither long nor short. It was natural for most of the people in the audience to see the event seven times within their lifetime. Therefore, the meaning behind winning with Yan Li versus without him would be entirely different.

Yan Li’s participation and failure had helped to improve Xiao Yan’s reputation. The latter may not be overly concerned about his reputation, but at the very least, when people would discuss the Alchemist Grand Meeting in the future, the young man called Yan Xiao, who had once turned the tide, would appear first in everyone’s mind, and their words would contain some well-deserved respect.

“Ha ha, I knew that this little fellow would become the final victor!” Nalan Jie could not resist and laughed out loud as he watched the countless respectful, worshipping, and even adoration-filled gazes pointed toward Xiao Yan, who was packing some of the remaining medicinal ingredients on the stone table, as though there was no one else around.

“Yes.” Nalan Yanran nodded her head slightly. Her pretty eyes stared at the young man who appeared large on the whole field despite being skinny in size. Her indifferent face could not help but display a strange smile, “He’s really outstanding!”

“He’s more than outstanding.” Nalan Jie smack his lips and said, “From today onward, it is likely that any groups or strengths with some ability will begin to extend an olive branch to this little fellow. The evaluation from Old Mo earlier has really entered many people’s hearts.”

“What he said is true. Although I cannot say for certain how Yan Xiao will develop in the future, being able to refine a ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ at this age is something that even elder Gu He back then could not achieve.” Nalan Yanran softly said. Her bright eyes rotated as she said with a smile, “If I am able to get him to join the Misty Cloud Sect, I’m afraid that his achievement in the future will be even greater than elder Gu He!”

“Hei, why? Are you planning to help the Misty Cloud Sect pull people in?” Hearing this, Nalan Jie rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t say that I did not remind you. This fellow’s relationship with Ya Fei from the Primer clan appears to be a little intimate. That girl is indeed a source of trouble that could cause men to undergo the most severe trials for her. It seems that there is quite a great amount of difficulty if you want to pull Yan Xiao over from her. Don’t forget what kind of attitude Yan Xiao has toward you.”

Hearing Nalan Jie’s words, Nalan Yanran knit her eyebrows slightly together. She was somewhat vexed and uncertain. “Ah, I am also unsure what’s the problem. I keep feeling that he seems to have a great prejudice toward me. When he sees me, he appears cold and indifferent, but when he is with Ya Fei or even Yao Ye, he is able to smile and chat a little. But once I join in, he directly turns into ice.”

Nalan Yanran was indeed a little dispirited. If one were to compare their status, hers was much greater than Ya Fei and even Yao Ye. If one were to compare beauty, she was confident that she would not lose to the two ladies. However, Yan Xiao just ignored her. Among those chasing after Nalan Yanran, there was no shortage of those who chose to pick a different approach and purposefully acted coldly toward her. Unfortunately, these people who tried to act cold were noticed by Nalan Yanran due to their poor acting and were blacklisted. Therefore, Nalan Yanran did have some experience dealing with those who pretended to be cold. However, when faced with Xiao Yan, she had truly and completely sensed the coldness and even hatred in the other party’s words.

“He hates me?” As she thought of this, a strange expression surfaced on her pretty face. This was indeed quite a massive blow to a person like her who was favored by the heavens.

“Hmm, I don’t seem to have offended him before, no?” Nalan Yanran bitterly smiled and shook her head as she muttered in her heart, “Forget about it. I’ll leave the sect elders or Teacher to settle this matter. This fellow… you can just tell me what I did that has offended you.”

I am also unsure why he treats you in this manner. However, when you are in contact with him in the future, try your best to soften your attitude. Don’t simply bring out your identity as the young Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect to suppress people. Some men who have ability and strong character usually keep a respectful distance from women like you.” Nalan Jie shook his head and said.

“When did I use my position as the young Sect Leader to suppress him?” Hearing this, Nalan Yanran could not help but feel some injustice. It seemed like she had been maintaining a courteous attitude ever since she met Yan Xiao in the Nalan clan’s home.

“How would I know.” Nalan Jie helplessly shook his head. He did not continue to be entangled with this question. Instead, his gaze turned toward the young man on the open ground who was being congratulated by the many people around.

Xiao Yan’s palm was supporting himself on the stone table. Joyous cries appeared like a flash flood as they were transmitted into his ear. This caused him to slowly exhale, turn around, and lift his head to look at Fa Ma, who was smiling at him.

“Mister Yan Xiao, congratulations.” Little Princess smiled as she walked over and spoke to Xiao Yan.

“I was merely lucky.” Xiao Yan smiled and said. Once again, he had used the same excuse that he had used a countless number of times.

“In what way was that good luck? This is your true ability. Ke ke, to be honest, even big brother Liu Ling and I admire you greatly.” Little Princess laughed softly.

Xiao Yan lifted his eyes and swept them at Liu Ling a short distance away, who was staring at the former. When Liu Ling saw that Xiao Yan had looked over, he was momentarily lost. Immediately, an ugly smile that could be barely considered as friendly appeared on Liu Ling’s face. The latter even cupped his hands together in a stiff manner. For the usually haughty Liu Ling to be able to perform such etiquette, it was likely that he had truly accepted Xiao Yan’s ability.

“This time around, there is no grievances in my loss. Once I return after this, I will focus entirely on learning from Teacher. I was really too arrogant in the past. I hope that I will still have the opportunity to compete with Mister Yan Xiao in the future.” Liu Ling walked toward Xiao Yan and softly said. After experiencing this Grand Meeting, his character appeared to have become less haughty.

“There should be such chances. This place if far too noisy. I will take my leave first. If we have the chance in the future, let’s meet again.”

Xiao Yan smiled and swept his gaze over the competition ground where he had experienced this soul-stirring competition. After which, he bid both the Little Princess and Liu Ling goodbye before walking out of the open ground as he pleased. Since the Grand Meeting was already over, it was pointless staying behind to receive the countless cheers and applause. He was still anxious to find Fa Ma and obtain the reward for the champion, the ‘Thawing Spirit Pill’ medicinal formula.”

“Ah, let us leave too.” As Liu Ling eyed Xiao Yan’s back which was slowly disappearing down a passageway, he helplessly shook his head and said to Little Princess. After which, he slowly followed Xiao Yan.

As the three people took turns to leave, the Alchemist Grand Meeting, which had already become the event that had attracted the most attention in the capital, finally came to a close.