Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 324 – Evaluation

Chapter 324: Evaluation

Other than Xiao Yan’s somewhat weak yet bright laughter, the entire huge open ground did not have any other noise. Anyone who had heard of the name ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ stared at the young man in the competition ground with stunned expressions. Who would have expected that this young man with such an ordinary appearance was actually able to rely on his own ability and at the very last moment, snatch back the champion spot which was about to fall into another country’s hands.

“Heavens. He was actually refining the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’. No wonder he needed to change the flame a few times.” The Little Princess involuntarily covered her mouth with her delicate hand. Her voice was filled with a shock that was difficult to hide. As an alchemist, she had a clearer understanding than the audience about just how terrifyingly difficult it was to refine and how terribly high the chances of failure were.

“This fellow was actually hiding a third type of flame?” The corner of Liu Ling’s mouth twitched. His eyes were filled with an astonishment that was difficult to hide. In order to refine a ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’, one needed three different types of flames. However, the flames which Xiao Yan had used earlier were merely the green colored and purple colored flame. Clearly, the latter had hid his ability until the very last moment.

Since the situation had suddenly taken a dramatic turn and arrived at this moment, Little Princess and the others clearly knew that if the medicinal pill in Xiao Yan’s hand was really a ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’, the champion of the Grand Meeting this time around would definitely steadily land in his hand. Although the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ could be consumed twice, the intense attraction of ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ which could leap three stars forward was enough to cause anyone to be willing to take the risk!

If a ‘Two-Line Green Spirit Pill’ was to be compared to the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’, it was likely that many people would choose the latter as the price they had to pay for both were the different despite a similar ability to elevate one’s strength. However, if the former was changed to a ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’, the result would be entirely different. This was because the attraction of being able to leap three stars forward would cause many people to take the risk and give it a try.

Although there was merely a difference of raising a person’s strength by one star between the two pills, it should be known that the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ was also useful to a Dou Ling. On the other hand, the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ was merely useful to a Da Dou Shi. On this point, the latter was already much inferior to the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’. Therefore, the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ would undoubtedly obtain victory when comparing between the two types of medicinal pill!

Hence, Xiao Yan would be the final victor and the champion this time around!

On the high platform, Fa Ma had shrunk his eyes. However, anyone could see that a smile that was difficult to hide had appeared within those eyes which were usually filled with indifferentness. Fa Ma let out a hearty laugh and once again swept his eyes over the entire open ground. He stared at the pale faced Yan Li, who was seated with his butt on the ground. With laugh, he said, “I think that everyone should have heard of both the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ and the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’. In that case, I don’t think that I need to say anything regarding which of them is the more outstanding, do I?”

“Ke ke, since it’s like this, then I will announce that the champion of the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Grand Meeting this season is…”

“Wait a moment!” As he heard the voice sounding by his ears, the pale faced Yan Li suddenly lifted his head and cried out sharply.

As he was being interrupted, Fa Ma frowned slightly and stared at the pale faced and red eyed Yan Li. In a cold voice, he said, “Do you have something else?”

“I don’t believe that he has really refined a true ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill. I want to personally check it!” Yan Li pointed his finger at Xiao Yan and shouted.

“I’m sorry, according to the rules of the Grand Meeting, you do not have the right to check the medicinal pill that another competitor has refined.” Fa Ma shook his head and said blandly.

“Hei, what if he took out another medicinal pill whose appearance was similar to a ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ and made up the numbers? Don’t tell me that you would still allow him to be the champion? Humph, looks like you are making things difficult because I am not a citizen of the Jia Ma Empire. However, there are many people in this plaza today. I think that not long later, the news of you, the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association, abused your right as the organizer to prevent the examination of the medicinal pill, will spread to the entire continent. When that time comes…” Yan Li coldly laughed.

Just as Yan Li’s words fell, many people on the audience seats around the place began to whisper privately among themselves. According to common sense, this request of Yan Li was not too much to meet.

TL: Now imagine if the Alchemist Association forced Yan Li to eat a pill to transform into a middle aged man

Hearing the private conversations being transmitted from the surroundings, Fa Ma expression sunk. He did not expect that Yan Li was still this recalcitrant even at this moment.

“Once the Grand Meeting is over, it will be best if I can find a chance to… once he leaves the capital.” Both of Jia Lao’s hands were inserted in his sleeves as he softly muttered.

“If he is able to leave the Jia Ma Empire alive, I don’t need to continue being this chairman.” Fa Ma’s lips moved slightly. His soft voice was filled with a thick cold killing intent that was difficult to hide. It appeared that Fa Ma was truly angered by Yan Li in order for the usually good natured him to reveal his anger. “What do we do now? Do we really let him examine it? What if Xiao Yan’s medicinal pill really does have some problems? Although the chances of this are very small, the current situation doesn’t allow even the slightest mistake to happen.” Jia Lao hesitatingly asked.

Fa Ma was silent. Although he had some confidence in Xiao Yan, it was difficult for anyone to be certain that the interior of the medicinal pill did not suffer much damage from the medicinal cauldron explosion a moment ago.

“Chairman Fa Ma, since he needs to examine it, why don’t you let him do so? Otherwise, it would appear that we are guilty.” Xiao Yan suddenly raised his head and smiled at the Fa Ma’s group who were full of hesitation.

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Fa Ma was at a lost. He eyed the smiling face and mused for a moment. Finally, he helplessly spoke, “Alright. Then we will examine it. However, the person doing the examination cannot be Yan Li himself. According to the rules of the Grand Meeting, a competitor does not have the right or authority to examine the result of other people’s refinements.”

“According to the procedure, a few elders in the association will be chosen. Of course, it would naturally be inappropriate for the people doing the examination to be made up of entirely members of the association. Therefore, we will also choose a few renowned grandmasters who are independant alchemists within the Jia Ma Empire and allow them to come together and examine the results of the pill refinement. Everyone, this should be sufficient to gain your trust, no?”

Hearing this, Yan Li’s expression became gloomier. Although he wanted to say something again, he forcefully controlled himself. The current him only managed to cause Fa Ma to send people to create an examination group because he had borrowed the audience to exert pressure. However, if he were to continue making things difficult, the surrounding audience would also likely be able to see through his tricks. When that time came and everyone was roused into action, the one who suffer would be himself.

“I don’t believe that your medicinal pill did not suffer the slightest bit of damage after experiencing a medicinal cauldron explosion!” Yan Li clenched his teeth and ferociously stared at Xiao Yan a short distance away. His manner was like a desperate hungry wolf.

Not long after the rules for the examination were decided, an inspection team consisting of seven people descended from the high platform. Most of these seven people were alchemist grandmasters who had quite a great reputation in the Jia Ma Empire. They were basically around tier four. Therefore, there were hardly any objections to them becoming the inspectors.

Under the observation from a countless number of gazes, the seven people slowly walked closer to the open ground. Xiao Yan swept his gaze over them and was somewhat stunned to discover that the one leading the group was actually Ao Tuo.

The inspecting group first came to Yan Li’s side. They took the ‘’Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ from his hand. After which, they formed a circle and used their Spiritual Perception to probe the medicinal pill tier and to check if there were any defects.

After the inspection persisted for nearly five minutes, Ao Tuo took back the medicinal pill and threw it back to Yan Li. He then raised his head and said faintly toward the seats on both sides, “The ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ was successful refined and there were no defects!”

“Humph. Do you still need to say such unnecessary things? Hurry up and go and examine that fellow’s ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’!” Yan Li held the medicinal pill as he urged in an impatient manner.

Ao Tuo coldly stared at him. The corner of his eyes drifted passed the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ that Yan Li held in his hand. A strange arc that no one could detect was suddenly formed from pulling at the corner of his mouth.

After completely examining Yan Li’s medicinal pill, Ao Tuo and the others checked all the medicinal pills that had been refined by the competitors who were willing to take them out. This included Little Princess and Liu Ling. Other than the color of their medicinal pill being not very pure, there was not too much of a problem with them.

Once they had checked the medicinal pill of the Little Princess, the inspection team finally came to the front of Xiao Yan’s table in front of tens of thousands pairs of eyes.

Xiao Yan gave Ao Tuo a smile and handed over the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ that was in his hand. Ao Tuo received it with both hands and softly said, “Very good little fellow. You have done well.”

After receiving the medicinal pill, Ao Tuo’s seven man team once again formed a small circle. Under everyone’s gazes they took turns to carefully examine it. The expressions on their faces appeared somewhat grave.

“Old Mo, why don’t you announce the result this time around.” After the medicinal pill was passed once around, it once again returned to Ao Tuo’s hand. Ao Tuo suddenly smiled and spoke to an old man whose head was snow white.

This old man who was addressed as Old Mo did not belong to the alchemist association, but his reputation in the Jia Ma Empire was quite great. This was because he was coincidentally the champion of one of the previous Alchemist Grand Meetings.

“Ah, it is impossible not to admire him. After seeing so many Grand Meetings, this season’s Grand Meeting is the most soul-stirring one.” The white haired old man sighed and shook his head. He suddenly turned toward the audience seats behind him. After being silent for a moment, he finally laughed faintly, “The examination has been completed. Although it is a little embarrassing saying this, I don’t mind doing so. This ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ that young friend Yan Xiao has refined has reached a perfection that even I cannot achieve.”

“Although this little fellow is still young, his potential is limitless. I think that surpassing Gu He in the future is entirely within reach!”

This sudden unexpected evaluation from the white haired old man directly caused the entire open ground to instantly become totally silent. Everyone’s faces were astonished as they eyed Xiao Yan whose face was similarly shocked because of the old man’s evaluation. Pill-King Gu He’s position within the Jia Ma Empire was nearly at the peak. In the eyes of countless fledgling alchemists, he was like a huge mountain that was insurmountable!

However, at this moment, in front of tens of thousands of people, the old man had actually seriously announced that a young man who was only around twenty would surpass this huge mountain that was difficult to climb!

Regardless of what the reason was, the name ‘Yan Xiao’ would from this moment forth, shake the whole Jia Ma Empire!