Chapter 310: Turning the tide, Temporary Suspension of the Grand Meeting

“Green colored flames?”

“Heavens, he actually possesses two kinds of flame?” Eyeing the green colored flame that was rising in Xiao Yan’s palm, waves of surprised noises immediately erupted from the seating stands on both sides. Although many people present were not alchemists, most of the them still knew the basic knowledge that different flames could not be merged. However, Xiao Yan in front of them had appeared to use reality to break their knowledge.

Compared to the audience on the seats around them, the alchemists on the open ground undoubtedly felt an even greater shock. As an alchemist, they had an even clearer understanding on how dangerous and incredible having two types of flame appear on one’s body was compared to anyone else. It must be known that a flame was a violent and wild thing. When two violent and wild things came into contact, the heat they released would be sufficient enough to incinerate their owner into a pile of ash.

Therefore, when they saw that Xiao Yan was actually able to once again summon out a green colored flame that was even more ferocious than the Purple Flame, shock covered all of their faces.

“Green colored flame. This fellow really still possesses a trump card.” While she eyed the green colored flame on Xiao Yan’s hand, the pretty eyes of Little Princess flickered as she muttered softly.

“This should be that ‘Heavenly Flame’ which he can control, right? How unexpected. It’s actually true.” Liu Ling said with a deep voice in his heart as he slowly inhaled the air that had become somewhat hot as a result of the appearance of the green colored flame.

“That is.” On the front stage of the VIP seats, Fa Ma was stunned as he watched the green colored flame which appeared a little elegant. A long while later, he narrowed his eyes and softly said, “That is a ‘Heavenly Flame’? This little fellow actually possessed such a thing?”

“Hee hee, didn’t I tell you not to underestimate him just now. He has so many trump cards that it would stun people.” Hai Bo Dong smiled and said while being extremely satisfied with Fa Ma’s shocked expression.

“He’s really not someone simple. At such an age, he actually possesses and has managed to tame this kind of thing that even Fa Ma and Gu He covet. He really surprises people.” The appearance of the Green Flame had similarly caused Jia Lao’s face to be astonished. As a Dou Huang, he was naturally very clear just what kind of terrifying force this kind of natural mysterious thing possessed. Back then, he had once fought with a strong person who possessed a ‘Heavenly Flame’. Although the other party’s true ability was far inferior to him, that ‘Heavenly Flame’ which had an infinite amount of power caused Jia Lao to suffer terribly.

“Hu.” Fa Ma slowly exhaled. He turned his gaze toward the grey robed young man and smiled as he said, “It looks like there will be some difficulty if that fellow still wants to obtain the best results in this round of the examination.”

“Green colored flame.” Ya Fei sighed and shook her head with her teeth biting her red lips. She really could not understand just what kind of things this tender young man had experienced in this short year. Why was he able to leap forward in such a short period of time and grow to a point where even Dou Huangs could not stop marvelling at him.

“Don’t tell me it’s because of her?” Ya Fei tilted her head slightly, stared at Nalan Yanran by the side and muttered in her heart.

“No wonder great-grandfather attached so much importance to him. He actually possesses such a trump card that shocks people.” Yao Ye’s long white right leg swayed slightly. The expression on her face felt a little relieved.

Nalan Yanran watched the young man who had appeared to be the focus of attention of the entire place. The current him had undoubtedly become the only one from the Jia Ma Empire who could contend with the mysterious grey robed young man. Using his own strength to turn the tide. This kind of pride was what a man, a hero should have. Nalan Yanran pursed her lips up and thought in this manner. After which she quietly moved slightly.

The different types of gazes in the outside world did not affect Xiao Yan in the slightest. At the moment, he was completely focused as he stared at the medicinal cauldron. The Purple Flame within the cauldron had already disappeared. Replacing it was that elegant green colored flame.

Xiao Yan’s hand swiftly swept across the rock table. Different kinds of medicinal ingredients were thrown into the medicinal cauldron all at once. However, the last medicinal ingredient on the medicinal formula, the ‘Thick-soil Ganoderma’, was excluded from the refining. Back then, Xiao Yan had already discovered the problem in the examination this time around; he had focused on sensing the ingredient merger during the refining process, and discovered the reason. The reason why so many alchemists failed to successfully coagulate it, and form a pill was all because the medicinal ingredient called ‘Thick-soil Ganoderma’ was basically superfluous. It was due to this extra unnecessary medicinal ingredient that caused the fusion to finally fail!

Calling into question a part of the medicinal formula was something that required courage and boldness. Some of the traditional alchemists trusted the authenticity of the medicinal formula far too much. Therefore, no matter how they failed, they would not attribute the problem to the medicinal formula. They would only think that they had made a mistake in the control of their flame, or when refining the components. People who possessed such thinking would undoubtedly fail.

Xiao Yan did not lack courage or boldness. Therefore, he had discovered the problem with the medicinal formula. It was also due to this that he was able to hurry and compete against that mysterious grey robed person. The rest of the people, including Little Princess and even Liu Ling could only be reduced to being the audience.

On the huge open ground, there were only two spots where flames were rising. Everyone’s eyes focused on the competition ground moved to and fro, watching these two spots. Xiao Yan and the grey robed young man raced against time under the observation of these gazes as they refined the few medicinal ingredients.

Xiao Yan’s hand was currently completely removed from the medicinal cauldron. Around a foot away from the medicinal cauldron, his long ten fingers began to roll and jump in an agile manner in front of him, as though they were dancing. With his control ability over the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, it was completely possible for Xiao Yan to reach the stage where he could control the temperature from a distance. If one were simply comparing who was more elegant and filled with charm, Xiao Yan would undoubtedly be superior.

“Hurry up, hurry up.” As her gaze swept between both parties and observed their refining speed, the Little Princess repeatedly sent urges, within her heart, in the direction where Xiao Yan was at. As a member of the imperial family, she naturally did not wish for a person from another country to obtain the best result within the Jia Ma Empire’s Grand Meeting. That would undoubtedly be giving the alchemists from the Jia Ma Empire who were participating in this Grand Meeting a hard slap.

“That fellow’s refining speed is too fast. Although his flame is far more inferior than Yan Xiao’s, he appears to be extremely experienced and does not appear to even lose a second in any aspect. Compared to him, Yan Xiao is very much disadvantaged in this aspect. It is fortunate that he has the help of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, which results in him not lagging behind. As long as he is just a little faster, he should be able to surpass the other guy.” Liu Ling’s gaze stared intently at every single action of the grey robed young man. He then watched Yan Xiao before frowning slightly as he spoke. Although he was rather narrow minded, he was after all a person from the Jia Ma Empire. At this instance, he clearly knew what kind of ridicule would be directed toward the Jia Ma Empire’s alchemists who had participated in this competition if the grey robed young man were to obtain the best result.

Xiao Yan and the grey robed young man had undoubtedly turned into the focus of attention of everyone at this moment.


A muffled sound from a hand tapping the rock table was emitted. The corner of the grey robed young man’s mouth contained a cold smile as he flipped his palm. Different colored powders or viscous liquids were shot out of the cauldron and were poured into the neatly arranged jade bottles.

At the instance when the tapping sound grey robed young man struck the table sounded, Xiao Yan’s palm also abruptly slammed the rock table. Following the muffled sound, a wisp of green colored flame shot out from within the cauldon. Xiao Yan waved his sleeves and the flame suddenly shot into a jade bottle in front of him. When it was about to enter the bottle, it abruptly disappeared. Clusters of different colored powders and liquids immediately came spilling downward.

After the refinement was complete, Xiao Yan borrowed the time for which the ingredients needed to cool to tilt his head toward the direction of the grey robed young man and watch him.

Sensing the gaze that Xiao Yan had shot over, the grey robed young man raised his head and gave a mocking cold smile. “Hei, you are slow. What use is that flame being good while you aren’t?”

Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze in an expressionless manner. He did not reveal any emotion. After being quiet for a moment, he waved his sleeve once again. The jade bottles in front of him abruptly burst apart and the ingredients contained within them were sucked to the midair. After which, they were blown into the medicinal cauldron. The green flame suddenly rose and began the final coagulating process.

At the moment before Xiao Yan began, the grey robed young man had taken the lead and threw all the medicinal ingredients within the jade bottles into the medicinal cauldron.

The flames within the two medicinal cauldon rose and the numerous kinds of medicinal ingredients were slowly merged within the flame, waiting to finally form a pill.

“What a fierce competition that races against time.” Seeing the two people whose gaps were no more than five seconds apart, Fa Ma and the others could not resist shaking their heads and sighing. Eliminating the commotion caused by the grey robed young man, this contest between people of similar strength had undoubtedly caused the heated blood of many people in the seats at both sides to boil.

“Old Man Fa, who do you think will be the fastest to form the pill?” Hai Bo Dong smiled and asked. At this moment, he had also stood up after being attracted by the intense competition in the open ground.

“It’s difficult to say. Although Yan Xiao has the advantage of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, his experience seems to be far inferior to that strange fellow due to his age. Therefore, the two offset each other. It is really difficult to predict who will win.” Fa Ma shook his head and sighed.

“That fellow seems to be very tough.” Hearing this, Hai Bo Dong shook his head. He muttered in his heart, “But this little fellow Yan Xiao won’t really lose, will he? Even if his Spiritual Strength was seriously damaged, he was after all an alchemist grandmaster who could once refine a tier six medicinal pill. He wouldn’t decline so quickly, would he?”

On the open ground, Xiao Yan and the grey robed young man stared intently at the writhing flames within their cauldrons. The two different colored flames painted their faces with a green or yellow light respectively.

“Faster, faster. go for it, go for it.” The hands of the Little Princess twisted slightly. Her gaze repeatedly swept past the two cauldrons. Using her excellent eyesight, she was able to discover that the medicinal pill within the two medicinal cauldrons were slowly being formed.

“The medicinal pills are about to be formed.” As they sniffed the faint medicinal fragrance that was emanating from the medicinal cauldrons, Liu Ling and the others, who clearly knew what it represented, began to feel an instant tension in their minds.

At this moment, countless people’s’ hearts were hung in their throat.

“Yan Xiao is about to succeed.”

Fa Ma’s shrivelled palm tightly held the guardrail. He frowned and softly said, “But the other party is following closely and could surpass Yan Xiao at any time.”

Xiao Yan tightly pursed his lips. A green colored flame was dancing within his dark eyes. From the reflection of the flame, a round medicinal pill was spinning rapidly as it rotated on a different axis.

“If I continue like this, I cannot close the gap between us.” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. In an instant, Xiao Yan suddenly smashed his palm heavily on the medicinal cauldron. Immediately, the medicinal pill which had yet to complete the final stage of being kept warm, suddenly shot out of the cauldon along with a cluster of green flame.

“Foolhardy! Although it is the last step, how can he allow the medicinal pill to leave the cauldron in advance. Once a medicinal pill that has just been born comes into contact with the air, the contents within it that have yet to completely solidify might be dismantled!” Seeing this sudden action of Xiao Yan, the guardrail that was being held by Fa Ma abrupt cracked apart as he angrily said.

“Reckless fellow!” Seeing Xiao Yan’s action, Little Princess and Liu Ling were similarly stunned. A moment later, they could not help but shout.

Xiao Yan ignored the surrounding gazes. His feet pushed off the ground, and his body shot up. He extended his hand, and grabbed the medicinal pill that was wrapped by the green flame into his palm. The moment the medicinal pill entered his palm, an even greater incomparably ferocious green flame suddenly rose from within Xiao Yan’s palm. The medicinal pill, which had yet to finish the last step of being heated, instantly solidified.

As Xiao Yan’s body descended, his finger flicked gently. His medicinal pill turned into a ray of light as it was shot into the jade bottle. Immediately, the green colored light roused the people’s spirit as it took the lead in shining from the jade mirror in front of Xiao Yan.


In a remote corner of the open ground, the expression of the grey robed young man, who originally held a cold smile, suddenly turned green. He did not expect that Xiao Yan would actually be so crazy. If the medicinal pill that had not yet solidified came into contact with the air, all his earlier efforts would have instantly turned into nothingness. This kind of bold and crazy action was merely to get rid of the person that was competing for time with him.

With a grey face, the furious grey robed young man smashed the jade bottle in front of him into powder with one palm. A long while later, his expression was gloomy as he patted the medicinal cauldron. The medicinal pill shot out and was immediately thrown into another jade bottle. At the moment, however, a full minute had passed since Xiao Yan’s success.

The silent atmosphere on the open ground that was caused by Xiao Yan’s insanity persisted for a full minute before overwhelmingly joyful cries suddenly shook the entire plaza until it trembled, much like a torrent.

As he held the jade bottle, Xiao Yan slowly exhaled. He raised his head and watched the seats on both sides that had started boiling. A faint smile appeared on his calm face.

“Ha ha, little fellow, very good!” On the high platform, Fa Ma rubbed his chest and let out a long breath. Although he was very angry at Xiao Yan’s earlier action, the current Xiao Yan had indeed obtained victory regardless of the process. Moreover, this victory was done by tossing his opponent far behind him. Immediately, the excited Fa Ma could not help but laugh loudly as he spoke to Xiao Yan on the open ground.

“What a crazy fellow.” Ya Fei and Yao Ye exchanged glances. In addition to being relieved, they gave an endless bitter smile at the gambling like character of Xiao Yan.

“Although it was insane, it was not simply being completely rash because of his heated blood. At that moment, it was likely that he had only dared to perform such an action because he had the confidence to do so.” Nalan Yanran gently said with a simple smile as she watched Xiao Yan, that calm and joyful young man, who was smiling faintly in the plaza under countless of cheers. Although this was only the second round of the examination, the great atmosphere that he had created had already far surpassed the last round of the previous Grand Meetings.

“Mister Yan Xiao. Congratulations. But please refrain from performing such an insane act in the future. If it fails…” Little Princess cupped her hands together and spoke to Xiao Yan in an annoyed manner.

“This time around, you were indeed very outstanding. But I will also hold nothing back in the final round.” Liu Ling shrugged his shoulders. His current expression could be forcefully called somewhat friendly.

Xiao Yan smiled, but did not speak. He turned his head over and threw his gaze at the gloomy faced grey robed young man. His thumb which was lifted up was facing downward. His usual calmness and imposing manner finally revealed an arrogance that belonged to a young man.

With a green face, the grey robed young man eyed Xiao Yan’s actions. He coldly and darkly snorted as his lips wiggled, “Don’t be so pleased. In the final round, we will compete once again! At that time, I will hold nothing back!”

Facing this threat of him, Xiao Yan unconcernedly spread his hands apart. He withdrew his gaze and watched those alchemists who were still throwing their gaze at him. He hesitated a little bit before quietly picking up the remaining ‘Thick-soil Ganoderma’ on the table and carelessly threw it aside.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s action, the surrounding alchemists were at a loss. A little while later, some of them appeared to have understood what the problem was. A wild joy gradually appeared on their faces as they threw a gaze that was filled with gratitude toward Xiao Yan. After which, they hurried to use the remaining time to begin refining.

Seeing the participants who had begun rushing to refine, the corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced at the sand in the hourglass on the opposite wall that was about to completely fall. He shrugged his shoulders, lowered his head and packed up the different things on his stone table. Whether they were able to successfully refine the ‘Wind Walking Pill’ at the last moment was something that he need not worry about.

As time slowly passed by, the deafening cry of joy throughout the plaza had also gradually weakened. After this great excitement the audience finally had enough as they threw their gazes at the busy alchemists on the open ground. Besides this, the gazes of many young ladies on the gallery were sneaking glances at Xiao Yan, who had his head lowered as he randomly cleaned up the rock table in front of him. His earlier performance had already moved these young ladies’ passion-filled hearts. Currently, even the ordinary face of Xiao Yan after he had changed his appearance, had suddenly become extremely handsome in their eyes.

Half an hour later, the green light of the Little Princess and Liu Ling were the first to light up. The two of them placed their medicinal pills into their bottles, exchanged glances and sighed in relief.

Behind these two people, there were also more green lights flickering one after another. However, most of the glow throughout the plaza was still red. The open ground was overly big and the alchemists who had received the clue from Xiao Yan were merely restricted to those lucky few alchemists who surrounded him. Those competitors who were outside of Xiao Yan’s sight range could only stare at the ingredients on the rock table, feeling at a loss. Without knowing where the problem lay, they could only continue to forcefully refine it. By adding the ‘Thick-soil Ganoderma’, their refinements all failed in the end without any exceptions.

Additionally, even if one were to exclude the reason mentioned above, this ‘Wind Walking Pill’ was after all a tier three medicinal pill. Therefore, there was only two to three alchemists whose abilities were around tier two were luckily able to pass. Even some of the competitors who had just entered the tier three level had also failed because of their carelessness.

Under these two somewhat harsh conditions, the number of competitors in the Grand Meeting was being reduced at a swift pace. Perhaps there was not even three hundred remaining out of the original thousand plus people. Watching the situation develop, it appeared that the reduction would continue.

When the sand within the hourglass on the wall completely fell, there was actually only a little over a hundred people still remaining on the open ground. The rest of the people had already been completely expelled during these two rounds.

The moment that Fa Ma’s laughter sounded in the open ground, Xiao Yan slowly raised his head. His gaze was thrown toward the old man who was at the spot where the VIP seats were located. Sensing Xiao Yan’s gaze, Fa Ma revealed a friendly smile toward the spot where Xiao Yan was at.

After the time for the examination was over, the next event was to once again conduct the test for the pills. As Xiao Yan had the help of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ this time around, it was natural that Xiao Yan’s medicinal pill would have the most outstanding effect in this test. The second was the grey robed young man. Following behind him was the Little Princess, Liu Ling and the other tier three alchemists whose abilities were quite good.

Once the test was completed, the sky had already gradually darkened. A crescent moon slowly appeared at the edge of the sky, shining on the well lit capital.

“Everyone, we will stop here for today’s Grand Meeting. All the competitors, please have a good rest for the night. Tomorrow will be the final round for our Grand Meeting. It is also the important round which decides who will be the champion. Therefore, everyone should not end up failing to appear because of various events. Otherwise, you will regret it for life.” Fa Ma laughed clearly.

Hearing Fa Ma announcing that today’s examination had ended, everyone in the open ground, including Xiao Yan, immediately heaved a sigh of relief. After the two rounds of examination, everyone was indeed a little tired.

As Xiao Yan stored the medicinal cauldron, he suddenly raised his head and glanced around. He noticed that after Fa Ma spoke those words, the grey robed young man packed up his things and walked out of the open ground. Before he left, he did not forget to throw an icy cold gaze at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan rubbed his forehead while faintly watching the back of the grey robed young man who was slowly walking out of the plaza. After packing his things, he also followed the crowd of participants and squeezed out of the place.

After exiting the plaza, Xiao Yan raised his head and inhaled a breath of fresh, cool air. His tense mind become a little more relaxed. Xiao Yan lowed his head and watched those people around him who were coming out from the audience seats. He noticed some of the young ladies were staring at him with glittering eyes and shook his head with a bitter smile. When he was about to raise his leg and walk away, a sweet gentle voice was suddenly transmitted from behind him, “Congratulations, Mister Yan Xiao.”

Xiao Yan turned his head over and eyed the large group of people that had just come out from the passageway behind him. At the front of the group of people was naturally Nalan Yanran, Ya Fei and Yao Ye. Behind them, Nalan Jie and the rest were conversing with a smile.

Glancing at Nalan Yanran, whose smile was like a flower, Xiao Yan shook his head and said, “I was merely lucky.”

During this period of time, Nalan Yanran had already gotten used to Xiao Yan’s humility. She smiled, pulled Ya Fei and Yao Ye along as she said to Xiao Yan, “Princess Yao Ye had said that she wishes to give a feast to help you, Liu Ling, and Little Princess celebrate. Are you…”

Nalan Yanran’s group of three ladies could be considered to be the top beauties within the entire capital. Now that the three of them stood together, their beautiful figures set-off each other’s and it could be said that they were prettier than flowers. Therefore, there were already many young people currently at the entrance to the competition ground who had shot their gazes over.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan was momentarily at a loss. He immediately smiled bitterly and shook his head, apologizing, “I‘m sorry, Princess Yao Ye, I really am far too tired tonight. There is still the final round of the examination tomorrow. Therefore, I’m afraid I cannot find the time to attend the banquet. My heart appreciates Princess’s intention. Good night.”

Once he said those words, Xiao Yan faced Princess Yao Ye and cupped his hands together. Without waiting for her reply, he turned around and strode toward the street. After which, he squeezed into the human flow and disappeared in front of the shocked gazes of the women he had just rejected.