Chapter 301: Sudden Appearance of a Dou Huang’s Presence

“Did you purposefully act so intimate with me to turn me into a shield to block that fellow?” Xiao Yan suddenly said with a faint smile as he and Ya Fei came to a stop near the entrance to the hall.

“I’m sorry…” Having her intention exposed by Xiao Yan, Ya Fei’s pretty face became bright red as she softly apologized, “I have really become afraid of his pestering. He won’t leave when he is beaten up, he won’t listen when I lecture him, so I can only do it this way…”

“You… you aren’t angry, are you?” Ya Fei looked at Xiao Yan and timidly asked. Although acting like this could help her extricate herself, it ended up resulting in the innocent Xiao Yan being hated by Mu Zhan without reason.

“Anyways, it’s not the first time that I experienced this…” Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Hearing this, Yan Fei pursed up her red lips and smiled gently. However, she did not dare to speak, resulting in the atmosphere between the two of them to pleasantly become silent.

“*Cough*… why don’t you go and walk around. I need to go and help Grandfather Nalan to complete today’s poison removing session.” A long while later, Xiao Yan coughed softly and in an offhanded manner, lifted a cup of red wine from the silver plate a female servant was carrying passed. He tasted it a little before randomly pressing it into Ya Fei’s hand. With a smile, he then walked toward the side door of the hall.

Standing in the original spot, Ya Fei saw Xiao Yan off with her eyes. She gently shook the bright red wine within the wine cup. Under the reflection of the wine, her lovely face became even more red and more enchanting.

Ya Fei lifted the wine cup and headed out of the hall. She stood beside a pillar and shook the wine cup. As she recalled the aggressive and imposing manner that Xiao Yan had in the fight earlier, she become a little confused. It had only been over a year since they last saw each other. The innocent young man back then had actually transformed into one who had such confidence.

“Ya Fei, what are you thinking about?” An old laughter suddenly sounded behind her. Primer Tengshan then walked over with a smile and asked.

“Ah? It’s nothing.” Having her thoughts interrupted, Ya Fei was shocked and hurriedly replied.

“Ha ha…” Primer Tengshan smiled and slowly walked forward. He spoke with a deeper meaning in his words, “What do you think of that little fellow, Yan Xiao?”

“He’s not bad.” Hearing the words he said, Ya Fei’s comment immediately left her mouth. Quickly following it, however, she appeared to have sensed something and hurriedly stopped her mouth. Her eyes stared at Primer Tengshan and softly asked, “What is the meaning of First Elder’s words?”

“Haha, if you feel that he is satisfactory, you can become a little more bold. I don’t have any intention of opposing…” Primer Tengshan smiled and said.

Hearing the meaning behind his words. a bright red color immediately stained her cheeks, as though she was a drunk person from having too much wine. She waved her hand and hurriedly said, “First Elder, I don’t have those kinds of feelings for Yan Xiao. He is just an ordinary friend of mine.”

“If you don’t have feelings, you can cultivate them…” Primer Tengsgan smiled and said with a deeper meaning, “You should also know that as a member of a large clan like us, there is seldom any wedding agreement where both parties are willing. The clan is focused on interest. If one can find a person whom you don’t dislike and the clan doesn’t oppose, that is a very fortunate thing.”

“I will tell you something that will cause you to be quite sad. Before the appearance of Yan Xiao, if the clan’s internal elders were to vote to choose the person most suitable for you, I’m afraid that it would have been likely for Mu Zhan to receive the most of votes. This is because from the two large clan’s prospective, a marriage is something that benefits both parties…”

Hearing this, Ya Fei’s hand that was holding the wine cup suddenly tightened.

“Ah.” Following Ya Fei’s reaction, Primer Tengshan sighed. He patted her shoulder and walked back into the hall.

With her teeth biting on her red lips, Ya Fei lowered her head to eye the red wine in the cup. That face which was enchanting, stunningly creature-like, had at the moment, contained a faint sadness that would break people’s heart.

Ya Fei knew that Primer Tengshan was speaking the truth. Although being born in such a large clan would enable one to obtain a high status and position that countless people yearned for, some things could not be achieved, one would also lose many things at the same time. She did not have Nalan Yanran’s training talent or good luck. Due to her status in the Misty Cloud Sect, the latter could easily escape the restraints that the clan gave her. Therefore back then, she did not have any fear as she went to the Xiao clan to cancel the engagement. Ya Fei also knew that she did not possess such ability.

Ya Fei linked her hands in front of her chest. She gently sat on the stone stairs. The night breeze came one wave after another, causing her heart to feel a little cold.

She lifted her head and eyed the bright moon in the sky. A long while later, Ya Fei’s alluring eyes suddenly bent slightly, much like a fox’s eyes, flashing both shrewdness and temptation.

“If I don’t want to be controlled by the clan then… I can only control the clan…” Ya Fei softly whispered as her pretty eyes stared at the red wine in the cup. Within it, the enchanting and moving reflection appeared to quietly have something change from that moment…

“I don’t have the training talent of Nalan Yanran but the Primer clan is a business clan. With my ability, getting to the position of the person in charge does not appear to be too difficult…” Her delicate finger flicked against the wine cup. A clear sound that echoed. Being able to become the person in charge of the Primer Auction House Headquarters at such an age, Ya Fei’s talent in business and human resource management was something that could not be doubted.

After all, this world was not lacking people who had thousands or tens of thousands of loyal strong people as their subordinates despite not having even the strength to slaughter a chicken.

Hearing the clear sound, a faint arc formed on the corner of Ya Fei’s mouth. She was enchanting and moved with a natural charm. At this moment, she was undoubtedly even more beautiful compared to before.

Just as an unknown thing was sprouting in Ya Fei’s heart, a black robe gently covered her from her behind. A familiar gentle voice caused the heart of this woman, which was most sensitive at this moment, to secretly move a little.

“The weather is cold. Aren’t you afraid of getting sick…”

Ya Fei abruptly turned her head around. She blankly eyed the face which had appeared extremely ordinary after a change in appearance. In her trance-like state, the tip of her nose felt a little sour.

Ya Fei gently sniffed. Her hands pulled at the black robe and her delicate body was squeezed into it. A faint warm feeling shrouded her spirit which had turned cold with one sentence from Primer Tengshan.

Her long eyelashes blinked a little as she smiled and asked, “Have you finished?”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, his gaze swept across the enchanting and moving, pretty face. He felt somewhat strange. For some unknown reason, he realized that the current Ya Fei seemed to have something more compared to earlier… moreover… it caused people to be even more reluctant to shift their gazes…

“Are you alright?” Xiao Yan asked doubtfully.

“I’m very well…” Ya Fei blinked her eyes saucily at Xiao Yan as she smiled and said.

“Oh.” As he nodded, Xiao Yan lazily let out a yawn. He glanced at the hall which had remained noisy and could not help but shake his head. These people can really endure such a torment…

“Forget it, I cannot take it any longer. I am going back, are you coming?” Xiao Yan yawned once again and randomly asked Ya Fei.

“Ah…” Hearing this, Ya Fei was about to shake her head to reject him. However, when her hand gently stroked the black robe on his body, she hesitated for a moment before nodding her head and agreeing.

Ya Fei stood up. The two of them had just planned to leave when Xiao Yan’s somewhat weary expression suddenly changed. He immediately turned his head and eyed the north-west direction of the capital. There were two terrifying presences that had suddenly shot up to the sky.

“Hai Bo Dong? This old fellow has been missing for two days. Why is he fighting with someone? From the other person’s Qi, it appears that his strength isn’t lower than Hai Bo Dong…” Having fought together with Hai Bo Dong, Xiao Yan was quite familiar with his Qi. Immediately, he managed to identify it. The reason that his expression changed further was that there was another terrifying presence that was not weaker than Hai Bo Dong.

During the time that Xiao Yan was mumbling, two figures abruptly shot out from within the hall. Those two that had immediately appeared in front of Xiao Yan, were Nalan Jie and Primer Tengshan who had similarly sensed something.

Behind Nalan Jie, Mu Zhan, Nalan Yanran and the others also came filing out. Their expressions were filled with shock as they eyed the north-west direction.

“Dou Huang?” Nalan Jie’s and Primer Tengshan’s expression were filled with seriousness as they eyed each other.

Hearing Nalan Jie’s and Primer Tengshan’s voices, the faces of Nalan Yanran and the rest became shocked. Dou Huang? People of that level were basically at the peak of the empire. It was unexpected that there would be two of them that suddenly appeared.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Nalan Jie and Primer Tengshan spontaneously shot up into the sky. Two pairs of gorgeous Dou Qi wings swiftly agglomerated behind them. After which, they turned into two flowing lights and swiftly flew toward the spot where the aura had erupted from. They could not help but carefully handle this matter where strong people of such class had suddenly appeared in the imperial city.

“Hee hee, let’s also go and take a look. Dou Huang…”

Mu Zhan’s face let out a fanatic heat as he eyed the spot where Nalan Jie and Primer Tengshan disappeared. His feet stepped off the ground and his body swiftly shot to the roof. Immediately, he became like a grasshopper as he began leaping and charging on the roof of the buildings. Behind him, Nalan Yanran, Liu Ling, and the others exhibited their respective great powers and followed closely.

A fight between Dou Huangs was not something that one could see just because they wanted to…

TL: Something that didn’t occur at one’s whim

Xiao Yan frowned slightly. Hai Bo Dong was his protective charm while he was making the trips to the Misty Cloud Sect. Therefore, nothing can happen to him before make the final trip. Otherwise, if Xiao Yan had to go to the Misty Cloud Sect, that huge being, alone, it would be something that would cause him quite a headache.

“You remain here and be careful. I will also go over and take a look…” Xiao Yan mused for a moment before turning around and told Ya Fei by the side. The latter also knew the seriousness of the matter and obediently nodded her head. She did not say anything to stop him.

Xiao Yan’s feet pressed gently on the ground and leaped up onto the roof in a supple manner. His back trembled slightly as he summoned the Purple Cloud Wings in front of everyone’s stunned gazes.

With her red lips opened slightly as she watched Xiao Yan call out the wings, Ya Fei’s pretty eyes were filled with disbelief…

The wings flapped and Xiao Yan’s body instantly turned into a ray of light. After which, he used all his effort and shot in the north-west direction.

“Dou Qi Transformation Wings?”

When Mu Zhan, who was leaping on the roof, heard the breaking wind sound from behind him, he hurriedly turned his head around to take a look. Immediately, he foolishly watched Xiao Yan who was flapping his wings, swiftly fly passed.

“That fellow is of the Dou Wang class? How can it be?”

Mu Zhan was like an idiot as he stood on the rooftop, eyeing Xiao Yan blankly as the latter disappeared. A long while later, he turned his head around, only to realize that Nalan Yanran and the others behind him also had stunned faces.

“We’ve seen a ghost…” In the dark black night sky, the few young people uncertainly and angrily scolded themselves.