Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 288 – Participate

Chapter 288: Participate

The weak, enchanting voice resounded within Xiao Yan’s mind, causing his body to feel an icy chill. The hand in his sleeves trembled slightly without being noticed. Xiao Yan slowly let out a breath and did his best to prevent the startled expression from surfacing on his face. He lowered his head slightly. A long while later, he gradually calmed down and calmly asked in his heart, “You want the medicinal formula?”

After the words were throught, however, all remained quiet. Queen Medusa did not give any response.

Xiao Yan slowly frowned. He once again shouted a couple of times in his heart. However, it was like a rock sinking into the ocean. After trying like this for a few times, he could only choose to give up. His fingers curled and flicked on the table surface as a thought began to rotate in his heart. The effect of the ‘Thawing Spirit Pill’ was to let the spirit and the physical body merge together. The reason for Queen Medusa to be so concerned was naturally because of her and the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. This was something Xiao Yan was clear of.

However… if Queen Medusa was really allowed to obtain the ‘Thawing Spirit Pill’, wouldn’t she be able to control the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ body? When that time comes… perhaps only with Yao Lao protecting him could Xiao Yan have some chance of escaping from a Dou Zong class legendary strong person. Although she said that she would not kill him, Xiao Yan still did not quite believe her.

However, if Xiao Yan did not comply with Queen Medusa’s request, his relationship with her may well grow even worse. During the initial period of time, the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ may be able to suppress Queen Medusa but Xiao Yan did not think that it could suppress her forever. Once Queen Medusa appears again in the future, Xiao Yan’s situation would really be extremely terrible…

Should he agree or disagree?

Xiao Yan pursed up his lips as his finger rubbed his forehead in distress. He mused for a long while before his finger abruptly tapped on the table surface. He raised his head and eyed Ao Tuo in front of him. With a sigh, he said, “Alright. I’ll participate.”

Regardless of what happened, he could only get his hands on the medicinal formula first. Once he had the medicinal formula, the next step was naturally to refine the medicinal pill. This refining route had to completely rely on Xiao Yan. Therefore, Xiao Yan would have the capital to converse with Queen Medusa when the time comes. Xiao Yan might be able to gain some conditions from Queen Medusa that would be beneficial to him by using this point of him refining the pill… Honestly speaking, Xiao Yan did not want to offend this person who will become a strong person of the legendary Dou Zong class the moment she wakes up. If he had the chance to reconcile their relationship, he would naturally be extremely willing to take it.

Hearing Xiao Yan’s agreement, Ao Tuo and Frank sighed in relief. Xiao Yan had registered at their branch. If they were to get him to represent the Black Rock City Branch when joining the Alchemist Grand Meeting, it would naturally add glory to their branch. In that case, they would gain a huge advancement in performance ranking for the branches next year.

“But I have a condition…” Xiao Yan suddenly said as he faced the two people who were full of smiles.

“Uh? Why don’t you tell us…” Hearing this, Ao Tuo and Frank were surprised as they immediately said with more smiles.

“Due to some reason, I will be using the appearance that you have seen earlier to participate in the Grand Meeting. I would also like to trouble the both of you to change my participant name from the old Xiao Yan to Yan Xiao. Is that possible?” Xiao Yan rubbed his face and said with a smile.

“Hey, if you are participating, just participate. Why are you doing all these shady things?” On one side, Ling Fei held her cheeks, rolled her eyes at Xiao Yan and spoke with curled up lips.

Xiao Yan smiled, but did not reply to her. He simply stared at Ao Tuo and Frank with his eyes, awaiting their answer.

“Changing your name is a small problem…” Ao Tuo nodded his head. He eyed Xiao Yan and said, “Looks like you appear to have gotten into some trouble. If you have anything that needs our help, you can tell us. If we can help you, we will do our best to.”

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He did not want to continue to be entangled by this topic. Instead, he said, “But you should all not place too much hope on me. The Jia Ma Empire is so large with an unknown number of people hiding their great skills. As someone of the junior generation, I would say that I am lucky if I could barely break into the finals. Back then, when Gu He participated in the Grand Meeting, he was a tier four alchemist. I am merely a tier two alchemist. I may be a little shabby if I were to stand up there…”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Ao Tuo shook his head and said, “Back then, when Gu He participated in the Alchemist Grand Meeting, he was nearly thirty. How old you are now? Moreover, it is not like we are asking you to fight for first. That spot is really far too difficult. According to what I know, the heaviest few groups this time around are coveting that spot. When that time comes, as long as you enter the top ten, it would naturally cause many people to be shocked.”

“The Grand Meeting does not have an age limit?” Xiao Yan asked in surprise. If there was no age limit, who among the younger generation could compete against some of those old fellows who participated?

“Ke ke, there is naturally a limit. This Grand Meeting is only open to alchemist below thirty years old. Back then, Gu He barely met the requirement, as he was almost thirty. Therefore, he gained quite a bit of advantage in terms of experience. However, that fellow’s training talent was indeed rarely seen in alchemists. His flame controlling ability stunned the whole audience. He was really the most dazzling star during that season’s Alchemist Grand Meeting.” Frank clicked his tongue and praised. He recalled how Gu He, who was still a young man back then, energetically demonstrated a controlling flame feast that could be called perfect. The Gu He then had become the object of admiration for countless of young ladies hearts in the Jia Ma Sacred City.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly and he asked with a smile, “When will the Grand Meeting begin?”

“Three days later.”

“Three days later, I will come here to find you. I will trouble you two grandmasters to settle the formalities needed to participate in the Grand Meeting.”

“Yes. During this period of time, we will remain here. If you have any problems, remember to come and find us.” Frank nodded and smiled as he reminded.

Xiao Yan smiled and stood up. He bowed to the four people in the room. After which, he covered his face with the icy silk mask and directly walked out of this spacious room.

Eyeing the back that was gradually disappearing behind the door, Frank sighed, “I wonder if that little fellow can force his way into the top ten.”

“In previous seasons, the top ten participants were all tier three alchemist. He seemed to be only at tier two, right? It looks like it will be difficult, but given his age, he might well be in the limelight in the next Alchemist Grand Meeting. As for this season… it appears to be quite difficult. Those abnormal fellows were all unleashed by their teachers. This season is going to be a fierce competition.” Ling Fei played with the wine cup on the table and said.

“It is indeed a little difficult, but it is not impossible… don’t look down on Xiao Yan. Becoming a tier two alchemist when he is not even twenty. This kind of training talent is something that even Gu He could not compare with back then. I don’t think it would be impossible for a miracle to happen with him.” Ao Tuo said with a faint smile.

“Hopefully that’s so. If some miracle was to happen, then the reputation of our Black Rock City’s Alchemist Association Branch would naturally also shake the empire. He he, we can also ask for an exorbitant sum for our funds next year from the headquarters.” Frank laughed.

“And those rare medicinal ingredients…” Ao Dou smiled sinisterly.

“These two old fellows only know to care about the things in their own association…” Seeing the sinister smiling manner of the two of them, Lin Fei and Xue Mei helplessly shook their heads and secretly muttered.


Xiao Yan walked directly out of the Alchemist Association. He stood on the street and looked in all directions. After musing for a moment, he lifted his feet and headed to the Nalan clan in the middle of the city. Today’s poison expelling session had yet to be conducted. After discovering that the ‘Searing Poison’ had actually remained in his body yesterday, Xiao Yan wanted to once again confirm just how this thing had actually come to him today. If each time he expelled the poison would result in an increase of the ‘Searing Poison’ in his body, then this thing seemed to be a little…

Xiao Yan sighed and shook his head. His footsteps walked into the human crowd and gradually disappeared in the human flow.

In the waiting room at the Primer clan’s headquarters, many old people whom were usually seldom seen were jittery while seated on their chairs. They ignored the stunned eyes of the younger generation next to them as they threw a respectful gaze at a white haired old man seated at the Leader’s Seat in the waiting room.

“Old Hai, I did not expect to still be able to see you today. Back then, when you left and never returned, I had almost mobilized all our strength but we still failed to find the slightest trace of you.” Below the Leader’s Seat, an old man wearing a gorgeous robe said with a somewhat agitated expression.

“Back then, something happened, so I have lived in isolation for so many years. But it is fortunate that everything is alright now…” The old man on the Leader’s Seat was shockingly Hai Bo Dong who had split up with Xiao Yan awhile ago. Currently, he held a warm teacup as he glanced at the agitated old man. The indifferent expression on his face also melted significantly as he explained.

“Tengshan, after having not seen you for so many years, you have also become a Dou Wang. You have carried this heavy burden of the Primer clan quite well. In the future, you will continue to be in charge of the Primer clan. Currently, I also don’t wish to intervene too much. I think that the news of my return will soon be known by the old demon in the palace.” Hai Bo Dong nodded his head and softly said.

“Haha, Old Hai being able to return is naturally the Primer clan’s greatest joyous event.” The old man who was addressed as Tengshan was naturally the one in charge of the Primer clan. At the same time, he was also one of the Ten Strong in the Jia Ma Empire, Primer Tengshan.

There were quite a number of outstanding people from the younger generation seated within the hall. They were the new blood of the Primer clan. As they eyed the First Elder, who usually had a severe face and treated people strictly, reveal such a respectful expression, their faces were completely dull. Their hearts repeatedly guessed the identity of this white haired old man. Hai Bo Dong had not gone to the Primer clan for a few decades and this was sufficient to let the younger generation forget his existence.

“Lei Ou, get your a*s over here!”

Primer Tengshan suddenly turned his body around and sternly cried at the human crowd. Immediately, a panicked looking human figure hurriedly squeezed his way out. His entire body trembled as he knelt on the ground and said with a quavering voice, “First Elder.”

“For offending Old Hai, I ought to directly chase you out of the clan. However, in consideration of your merits to the clan, I will remove your ‘elder’ position and assign you to a border city to manage our branch there. For the next three years, you are not allowed to return to the headquarters!” Primer Tengshan said with an indifferent tone.

Hearing this, Lei Ou’s face immediately became the color of dirt.

Under the stern voice of Primer Tengshan, silence reigned in the hall. No one dared to interrupt. Only Hai Bo Dong on the Leader’s Seat calmly sipped his tea.

“Ya Fei.”

Turning his gaze toward Ya Fei. who was sitting uneasily on a chair in a corner, Primer Tengshan’s tone gradually became gentler. He said with a smile, “You have done very well this time around. In the future, you will begin to formally manage the auction house at the Primer headquarters.”

“Ah! Thank you very much First Elder.” Ignoring the surrounding gazes which had suddenly become heated, Ya Fei forcefully acted calm as she nodded her head slightly. Her hands under her sleeves, however, were tightly clenched.

“Old Hai, haha, I think you should come back to the clan to stay. Your room has always been cleaned.” After handing out the punishment and rewards in front of Hai Bo Dong, Primer Tengshan turned his body around and eyed him fervently.

Hai Bo Dong shook his head slightly and said with a smile, “I am unable to do so for this short period of time. According to an agreement, I have to follow behind a little fellow and be a bodyguard for a period of time.”

“Bodyguard?” Hearing this, the expression on Primer Tengshan’s face changed. In his heart, he muttered somewhat doubtfully, “That young man called Xiao Yan is actually able to get Old Hai to lower himself and become a bodyguard? How is it possible for him to have such a great capability of power?”

With the Primer’s clan ability to gather intelligence, it was natural that Primer Tengshan knew quite a bit about Xiao Yan’s details. However, this was merely restricted to when Xiao Yan resided within Wu Tan City.

“Don’t underestimate him. This fellow is not someone simple. Even the me back then suffered a loss quite a few times at his hands… This kind of person hides his ability far too deeply. If you can’t become friends with him, then you should definitely not make him your enemy. Otherwise, I’m afraid that even I would have difficulty protecting the Primer clan.” Hai Bo Dong’s expression was extremely serious as he said. Every time the current him recalled the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ that Xiao Yan had created back then, he would feel fear rise up in his heart. That strength was really too terrifying.

Watching the rarely seen grave expression of Hai Bo Dong, a dismay involuntarily surfaced in the hearts of the elders and Primer Tengshan in the hall. Knowing the former’s character, they naturally knew that there would not be more than five people in the entire of the Jia Ma Empire who had the qualification to be treated in this manner by Hai Bo Dong. However, those people are some old fellows who just would not die despite being so old. However, that young man called Xiao Yan was not even twenty years old…

“Old Hai, you can be reassured that I will severely instruct the members of our clan not to form grudges with him.” Primer Tengshan nodded his head heavily as he solemnly said. In the face of such a big matter, he did not dare to randomly do as he pleased.

“Yes.” Hai Bo Dong nodded his head and stood up. He said, “If it is possible, try your best to give him the help that he needs. In the future, you will rejoice at the decision you have made today. I need to return. If you have any problems, you can get someone to find me. You should already know where I am staying.” After saying these words, Hai Bo Dong did not linger any longer. He directly walked out of the hall and slowly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“Hu…” Eyeing Hai Bo Dong who had disappeared, Primer Tengshan sighed in relief. His stern gaze swept around the hall before saying deeply, “All of you have clearly heard Old Hai earlier. You better not go and provoke that young man called Xiao Yan. Otherwise, Lei Ou is the precedence!”

Everyone in the hall hurriedly nodded.

Watching Primer Tengshan’s grave face, Ya Fei pursed up her red lips. Her heart shook as she smiled bitterly and muttered, “Who would have expected that the young man who was called a ‘cripple’ three years ago is currently being feared to such an extent by one of the three large clans in the empire, the Primer clan… Nalan Yanran, you really have made a grave mistake…”