Chapter 277: Stopped

“Uh… selling myself?”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan was momentarily at a loss. Immediately, he laughed bitterly and shook his head. He turned it around, faced Hai Bo Dong and waved his hand, “You settle it yourself. I am only responsible for refining the medicinal pill. The matter of medicinal ingredients ought to be something that you should worry about.”

Seeing the situation, Hai Bo Dong helplessly shook his head. He stood up and drew out an extremely exquisite purple-gold card from his storage ring. After which, he randomly threw it on the table and said, “Little Girl, go and quickly gather the medicinal ingredients for me. You are actually thinking of keeping him here with this one million of yours? That is really looking down on his value.”

Ya Fei was stunned as she stared at the purple-gold card that had seven silver colored lines on its surface. Astonishment flashed across Ya Fei’s face. Having frequently come into contact with countless strong people, she was naturally extremely clear that this kind of purple-gold card was something that only those who at least had the strength of a Dou Wang had the qualification to use. Was it possible that this seemingly humble looking old man was actually a Dou Wang?

The smile on her pretty face was slowly withdrawn. Her eyes held an extremely complex look as she turned to Xiao Yan, who was seated on a chair and was picking at his fingernail in boredom. This little fellow had been muddling along quite well during these three years. He was actually able to interact with such a strong person. It should be known that a Dou Wang class person was a VIP that no one would dare to slight or neglect even if he came to the strong Primer clan.

Ya Fei carefully picked up the purple-gold card as her finger slowly rubbed over it. Its special texture caused her to swiftly discern that it was real. Immediately, she gently clapped her hands and a lovely, pretty looking female servant quickly walked in from outside the door.

“Go and properly pack these four medicinal ingredients and bring them over as fast as possible once you are done. Hurry.” Ya Fei handed a piece of paper to the female servant as she ordered solemnly.

“Yes.” The female servant respectfully responded before striding out of the room.

“Old sir, please wait for a moment. The medicinal ingredients will immediately be brought over.” After seeing the female servant leave, Ya Fei respectfully told Hai Bo Dong.

Hai Bo Dong nodded his head slightly before returning to sit on his chair. He lifted his teacup, but did not speak as he continued to wait there in silence.

Having suddenly found out that this humble looking old man actually possessed such a powerful identity, Ya Fei no longer dared to tease Xiao Yan, whom the old man had quite a significant relationship with. She sat quietly on the chair. Occasionally, her somewhat strange gaze would drift toward the bored young man.

Following the silence of the three of them, the atmosphere in the room gradually became depressing. Xiao Yan finally frowned slightly as the time elapsed. He was just about to open his mouth to speak when a somewhat flustered female servant hurriedly walked in from the door and was first to break the depressing atmosphere.

“Where are the medicinal ingredients?” Hearing the anxious footsteps, Ya Fei raised her head. When she saw the empty handed female servant, her eyebrows were knit slightly together as she asked in a deep voice.

“Ya Fei xiao-jie, the medicinal ingredients… the medicinal ingredients were forcefully taken away by Elder Lei Ou. He said that these medicinal ingredients had already been reserved by someone and cannot be sold to another person.” The face of the female servant had some panic as she timidly said.

TL: xiao-jie – means the young lady / miss. In this case, it is use respectfully as the young lady of a clan.

“Bang!” As her face suddenly became gloomy, Ya Fei’s hand heavily smashed onto the table surface. She clenched her silver teeth and said, “This old fellow. These medicinal ingredients had been sitting in the warehouse for at least a few months. Why have I not heard that someone has reserved them?”

“What happened?” Seeing the sudden turn of events, Xiao Yan frowned and softly asked.

As Ya Fei slowly inhaled a breath of air, her voluminous round chest slightly rose and fell. Her hands gently rubbed her temple while she said with a bitter smile, “That Old Fellow Lei Ou is the grandfather of Lei Lei whom you had beat up and made vomited blood earlier. He is also an elder in the Primer clan and has quite some power.”

“Is he using his authority to avenge his personal feud?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and said with a faint smile.

Beside him, Hai Bo Dong, who was slowly sipping his tea, twitched his white eyebrows. He did not speak but the tea within the teacup held in both his hands had solidified into ice by the shrouded by cold air in the blink of an eye.

“Ah, that old fellow. This time around he really went overboard. He actually did something like that.” Ya Fei stood up. Her pretty face was slightly dark and gloomy as she said addressed the female servant at the side, “Lead the way. I will personally go and reason with him.”

Hearing this, the female servant could only humbly obey and nodded her head. She was just about to turn around when an old cold snort was transmitted into the room, “Find me to reason with? Hmm. alright. I also want to see just who in here actually dared to injure my grandson.”

When Ya Fei heard this cold snort, the iciness on her pretty face became denser. Her hands were pressed on the table surface as she coldly eyed the few people swarming into the room from the door. Leading the group was an old man dressed in a magnificent robe with a somewhat overcast face. Following behind him was the pale-faced young man and a few guards. At this moment, the young man was using a pernicious gaze to viciously stare at Xiao Yan who was seated on a chair.

“Elder Lei Ou. What is the meaning of your action? Although you are an elder in the clan, when did you have the right to interfere with the matters of the auction house? Moreover, you actually dare to block the medicinal ingredients that a customer has ordered. Are you trying to cause our Primer Auction House to lose its reputation?” Ya Fei’s pretty face was filled with coldness as she angrily glared at the old man. She violently put a huge hat on him.

TL: wearing a huge hat – means pinning a big offence onto a person

Under this heavy big hat that caused people to have difficulty breathing, the face of the old man called Lei Ou could not help but change slightly. Immediately, however, he laughed coldly, “Hei, what great official presence. Ya Fei, don’t think that you are now a real elder. When you manage to remove the ‘acting’ from the Acting Supervising Elder, you can come and talk to me like this.”

“But I think that you may not have such an opportunity. As the Acting Supervising Elder for the Primer Auction House, you actually privately brought outsiders into our clan’s important areas without authorization and even injured a fellow clan member. When the next House of Elder’s meeting begins, I will seriously demand the other elders to remove your position for these offences.”

After entering the room, Lei Ou’s dark and vicious gaze swept across Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong. The young Xiao Yan did not cause him to pay much attention. Only the tier two alchemist badge on his chest resulted in his heart feeling a momentary surprise. However, it was merely a surprise. With his status, he had interacted with far too many tier two alchemists. Therefore, most of his line of sight was focused on the expressionless Hai Bo Dong. However, with his discerning ability, he could naturally not see through Hai Bo Dong’s foundation… Immediately, the ignorance in his heart let himself become fearless.

If the other party was of the Dou Ling or a Dou Wang class, he should have been able to detect some energy fluctuations. Currently, however, Lei Ou sensed that Hai Bo Dong’s entire body did not have the slightest trace of energy flow. There were only two possibilities for this. One was that the other party was someone who surpassed a Dou Wang, a Dou Huang. The other was that the other party’s strength was so weak that it caused people to have difficulty sensing the Dou Qi present in his body.

Although Lei Ou did not have the qualifications to get to know all the Dou Huangs in Jia Ma Empire, he still got the opportunity to see all of them. Unfortunately, those few Dou Huang were not the Hai Bo Dong in front of him. Then, the only explanation remaining was the second one…

“Elder Lei Ou, perhaps you have forgotten some of the latent rules of the auction house. Some of the big clients do have the qualification to walk into this place. As for the matter regarding Lei Lei, it was entirely his own fault. One cannot blame others for acting to teach him a lesson.” Ya Fei coldly said.

“A razor tongue girl. Big client? Hei, alright. You come and tell me just what is the identity of these two people and let me judge just how big they actually are. Have they reached the qualification like you have said?” Lei Ou pressed his lips together and replied darkly. His connections were quite good within the Jia Ma Sacred City. He knew some of the somewhat large strengths in the city as well as quite a few of those strengths which were overlords of other dominating cities. However, he had never seen Xiao Yan or Hai Bo Dong before.

Hearing Lei Ou’s words, Ya Fei was a little sluggish. She knew Xiao Yan’s identity, but Xiao clan was far from being able to cause Lei Ou, who was famous in the clan for being arrogant and domineering, to fear. As for the other Hai Bo Dong, she did not have the slightest clue of his background.

Seeing the speechless Ya Fei, Lei Ou’s face appeared very pleased. He said darkly, “Looks like niece isn’t very clear about the identity of the other party either. You actually dare to bring these strangers into our clan’s important grounds. Looks like you are really unsuitable to take this position.”

Being forced by Lei Ou in this manner, Ya Fei’s face immediately became somewhat livid. She clenched her silver teeth and said, “I shall not argue with you about this. Those medicinal ingredients were first bought by them. They have already paid for it but you stopped the goods on their way. Once this matter spreads and hurts the reputation of the Primer Auction house, I want to see how you will give the First Elder an explanation!”

Once the two words ‘First Elder’ entered his ears, Lei Ou’s expression clearly changed. This name obviously had a deterrent effect on him. However, when he tilted his head to glance at his precious grandson’s pale-white face, a fury surged. He coldly smiled and said, “Those medicinal ingredients had already been reserved by someone. It is just that I don’t want the case where we cannot take the thing out to account to him in the future when he comes and collects them.”

“You… you, bullsh*t!” Ya Fei’s face was vivid. Faced with his irrational argument, Ya Fei’s hand slammed onto the table’s surface. She was actually angered until she directly used vulgarities.

“If there was someone who had reserved such a big bill, how could I not know? Elder Lei Ou, this method of doing things really isn’t fitting of your position as an elder!” Ya Fei angrily said, “I will definitely personally report this matter to the First Elder!”

As she spoke, Ya Fei stood up furiously. Eyeing her action, Xiao Yan, who had been maintaining silence finally let out a slow sigh. He stood up, walked to the table side and pulled Ya Fei. After which, he pressed her on the chair, patted her head and said with a smile, “It is clear that these matter cannot be settled through reasoning. Let me take over…”

“Don’t try anything funny. That old fellow is a Dou Ling. Regardless of how abnormal you are, you definitely cannot beat him.” Xiao Yan’s intimate actions caused Ya Fei’s pretty face to become slightly red. She struggled slightly for a moment, but she did not get the slightest response. Staring at the smiling delicate and handsome face, she said somewhat hurriedly.

“Indeed, I will not do anything…” Xiao Yan smiled, turned around and looked at Hai Bo Dong in the chair. He said blandly, “Old Hai, Ya Fei is in this state because of your matter. Don’t just sit there and watch the show. Do what you think is necessary…”