Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 269 – Sharp Rise in the Degree of Compatibility

Chapter 269: Sharp Rise in the Degree of Compatibility

Sitting on the ground with perspiration covering his body, Xiao Yan intensely and roughly gasped for air. His sleeves rubbed the perspiration on his forehead and he shook his head with a bitter smile. These few minutes of facing off in such a manner actually caused more fatigue than his fight with a Da Dou Shi. Luckily for him, Queen Medusa’s strength was much weaker for some unknown reason. Otherwise, he may really have been killed by her today.

Xiao Yan still had some palpitations remaining in his heart as he sighed. He slowly stood up, shifted his gaze and suddenly stopped at the green colored flame which was like a flame snake, moving up and down his body as it danced. Immediately, he was at a loss and his mouth opened slightly.

This green colored flame shaped like a long whip was the one randomly pulled together by Xiao Yan when he had quickly jumped back from the bed. His relaxed manner in pulling it out appeared to have not caused him to use much effort.

After the long flame whip was pulled out, it separated from Xiao Yan’s palm. After which, it automatically moved along Xiao Yan’s body and rotated. That posture of it was as though it was a divine artifact, which possessed a spirit, protecting its owner.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the green colored flame long whip that was spiraling around his body. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. Although after twenty plus days of training, his control over the ‘Underground Green Lotus Flame’ was much more skilled, he knew in his heart that with the little flame controlling ability of his it was definitely impossible for him, at the moment, to control the flame until it was as nimble as his own hand.

However, the reality that appeared in front of him caused him to have his head filled with fog on top of being wildly happy.

After being at a loss for a while, Xiao Yan slowly recovered. He extended his palm and gently touched the green colored long flame whip that was spiraling around him. The moment his palm made contact with the green colored flame, it extremely obediently turned into a cluster of green flame that adhered above Xiao Yan’s finger, writhing slightly.

Xiao Yan’s ten fingers moved together and gradually pulled apart. Instantly, ten tiny green colored flame lines was being stretched out. His palm danced and the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ on it rose up and shrunk back occasionally. The agile manner was much greater when compared to what it had been when Xiao Yan was refining the medicinal pills a few days before.

“What exactly happened?”

Eyeing the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ that was following the change in his thoughts and repeatedly transforming into different shapes, the shock on Xiao Yan’s face grew increasingly apparent. When he was controlling the flame, he could clearly sense that the intimacy of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ with himself had obviously and suddenly rose by a few times compared to the past. The feeling of resistance that faintly existed in the past had also quietly become much weaker.

Xiao Yan frowned as he mused for a long time. Suddenly, a thought struck him. He softly muttered, “Don’t tell me… it is because of the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’?”

As this thought flashed through his heart, it caused Xiao Yan to somewhat comprehend things clearly. The ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ and the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ were born from one body. Now that he had absorbed the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’s’ energy essence into his body, he had accidentally caused the degree of compatibility between his body and the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ to become more perfect.

Following his analysis, the tight frown of Xiao Yan’s was slowly released. A joy surfaced on his face. He did not expect that consuming the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ would actually have such an unexpected and unique effect. This sudden increase in compatibility was something that caused Xiao Yan to get much more excited than he had been when his injuries were completely healed. After all, his injuries would be completely healed sooner or later, but the compatibility between his body and the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ could only rely on time adapt to each other in order to slowly raise it. Therefore, with such a comparison, the rarer and more practical one of the two would be known at a glance.

Carrying some joy on his face, Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the green colored flames on his ten fingers. The flames wiggled slightly. A moment later, they actually agglomerated at the peak of the his ten fingers, forming extremely sharp flame pricks. Due to the result of being compressed, the destructive force contained on the ten flame pricks was undoubtedly quite strong.

Xiao Yan gently flicked his fingers and the ten sharp flame pricks were abruptly shot out forcefully. The hot force formed a circle of tiny green colored light film around their bodies. As these flame pricks were about to strike the wall, Xiao Yan bent his finger slightly. Immediately, the flame pricks that had shot out forcefully appeared to have received a drag force and suddenly turned around and returned using the same path that they had used earlier, shooting back at Xiao Yan.

Smiling as he eyed those green colored flame pricks that were flying back, Xiao Yan extended his finger and the ten pricks shot directly into Xiao Yan’s finger.

The green colored flame on his hand slowly disappeared. Xiao Yan watched his hand, which did not contain the slightest injury. He nodded in amazement. In the past, his control of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ was obviously unable to reach the point of being able to release and recover it. Now, however, after he had absorbed the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’, his degree of control over the ‘Heavenly Flame’ was already able to allow him to complete this flame controlling action which was very difficult.

Each cluster of ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ required Xiao Yan to use quite a big amount of Dou Qi in order to mobilize it from the ‘Acceptance Spirit’ from within the vortex. If these ‘Heavenly Flames’ did not return after he shot them out, it would undoubtedly be an extremely wasteful and luxurious action…

If he were to use it in a fight, such squandering would be irresponsible to his own life. Therefore, being currently able to retrieve the ‘Heavenly Flame’ that he had shot out, Xiao Yan felt extremely satisfied in his heart.

Xiao Yan once again played with the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ that had become obedient before he slowly returned it completely into his body. His palm faced the Green Lotus Seat suspended in midair and beckoned it. Immediately, the latter turned into a green glow that floated into his storage ring.

Once he had stored it properly, Xiao Yan stretched his lazy waist. The bones all over his body pressed against each other, emitting a wave of cracking sounds. The relaxed and energy filled feeling caused Xiao Yan to comfortably exhale. He clenched his fists tightly and violently threw them forward. As he flipped between his fist and palm, vigorous winds were created, giving him an impressive posture.

Sensing the terrifying force being erupted from the tightening of his muscles, Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head. Although he had endured great hardships because of the serious injuries this time around, the fighting ability that his current body could unleash was definitely greater than in the past. Looking at it in this manner, he did not lose out by being seriously injured this time around.

Standing in the same spot, Xiao Yan closed his eyes slightly. His mind descended into his body and swiftly inspected it for one round. After which, he opened his eyes, tightened his fist and softly laughed, “After the infusion of the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’, I think that I should already possess the strength of a six star Dou She…”

Xiao Yan gave a gratified smile and slowly walked toward the side of the bed. He eyed the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ that was on the blanket and laughed.

The ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ watched Xiao Yan slowly walking over. Its pale-purple snake eyes glanced at the smiling face once and immediately ignored him. Turning its head around, it lay its body feebly onto the soft bed. Clearly, the earlier sudden action of Xiao Yan to pour in energy had caused the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which possessed an initial intelligence to feel somewhat angry in its heart.

Seeing the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which was acting like a young child feeling upset, Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He extended his hand and gently rubbed its body. When he saw that it still did not have a reaction, he could only smile bitterly and extract a bottle of Amethyst Essence from within his storage ring. After which, he opened the bottle cap. A hot breath that contained a faint fragrance slowly rose.

Almost immediately after the Amethyst Essence was removed from the storage ring, the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ that was lying feebly on the bed suddenly stood up. It turned its head over, eyed Xiao Yan’s smiling face and then glanced at the Amethyst Essence that was emitting a pale-purple fog. A craving flashed across the snake’s eyes. After hesitating for a moment, it could no longer resist the greed in its heart. It swayed its tail and swiftly slithered in front of Xiao Yan, letting out its snake tongue and emitting a hissing sound.

Xiao Yan lowered the bottle with a smile. The ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ swayed its tail and turned its body into light and appeared in front of the bottle in a lightning like manner. It extended its head and reached its snake tongue into the bottle, greedily drinking.

As Xiao Yan had the intention to remove the resentment in the little fellow’s heart this time around, Xiao Yan did not stop it from greedily drinking in this manner. He only eyed the slowly falling Amethyst Essence within the bottle and pain flashed across his face.

After around one-tenth of the Amethyst Essence in the bottle was swallowed by the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’, it finally ceased to continue drinking. Its head was slightly confused as it pulled out from the bottle. A tipsy appearance actually flashed across its pale-purple snake eyes.

Eyeing the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ that was shaking its head, Xiao Yan laughed bitterly and did the same. He carefully stored the Amethyst Essence and his palm rubbed its somewhat warm body. In a helpless voice, he said, “Little Fellow, are you satisfied now?”

The mouth is shorter when one eats something of others. This time around, the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ did not avoid Xiao Yan again. It shook its long neck and a purple glow suddenly swarmed into its snake eyes. Widening its snake’s mouth, it let out a muffled ‘bang’ and a purple colored flame was suddenly spit out from its mouth. In an instant, the turbulent flame incinerated the wooden beam on the ceiling of the room into a pile of dark black wooden ashes.

TL: The mouth is shorter when one eats something of others – Chinese idiom – meaning when you take something that belongs to others it is difficult to reject the person’s request

Xiao Yan slowly raised his head and eyed the dark black charcoal pillar that emitted a cracking sound. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. A moment later, he lowered his head and looked at the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which was repeatedly spurting clusters of fire seedling as though it was having a hiccup. Xiao Yan did not know if he should cry or smile as he shook his head. Did this fellow think that the Amethyst Essence could be randomly eaten? The richness of the purple flame energy in it could cause people’s hair to stand on end. It could easily agglomerate into Purple Flame which possessed quite a strong damaging power. That flame was something that even Yun Zhi was afraid of back then .

Helplessly watching the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which occasionally spat out clusters of flame seedling as though it was playing, Xiao Yan sighed. He was just about to get up to pack up the messy room when his body abruptly paused. His gaze stared intently at those purple colored flame. A thought quietly rose from deep within his heart.

“If I were to use the Purple Flame created by these ‘Amethyst Essence’ to merge with the ‘Green Lotus Flame’, the strength of the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ that would be created would definitely not be comparable to the original but it should also not be too weak, shouldn’t it? Moreover, with my current strength, I think I should be able to control it.” Xiao Yan’s palm slowly fondled his chin as he softly muttered.