Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 267 – Queen Medusa Appearing Again?

Chapter 267: Queen Medusa Appearing Again?

In the spacious room, Xiao Yan, who was seated cross-legged on the bed suddenly and gradually opened his eyes. His clenched his fist tightly and softly said, “It is time to proceed with the final step.”

Xiao Yan gently rubbed the black colored ring on his finger. After which, he immediately gently used both of his hands to lift the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ relaxing from his thighs and placed it onto the bed. His finger pressed on its small head as he said with a smile, “Little Fellow, wait here quietly. Don’t create any trouble for me. If it is possible, you can help guard me. Don’t let anyone interrupt me, do you understand?”

After undergoing the first evolution, the current ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ had undoubtedly began possessing some intellect. Therefore, it was able to understand some of Xiao Yan’s words. It immediately blinked its pale-purple snake eyes and repeatedly nodded its little head. As it let out its snake tongue, it emitted a soft hiss.

Xiao Yan smiled and rubbed the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ ice cold body. He then moved his hand and a green colored Lotus Seat slowly appeared from within the storage ring. Finally, it was suspended in midair and emitted a faint green glow.

Xiao Yan lifted his body and leaped onto the lotus in a supple manner. He sat cross-legged, inhaled a deep breath and once again recalled the information that Yao Lao had left behind. His finger gently tapped on the storage ring and an item that was covered in a dense green light appeared on his palm. When one looked at it carefully, it was actually a small lotus seed.

“I wonder if this ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ known as the ‘Perfect Fire Spirit’ is as mystical as what Teacher had said?” Eyeing the emerald lotus seed in his palm, Xiao Yan whispered somewhat doubtfully. He had clearly remembered that Yao Lao’s evaluation of it under the magma was extremely high.

This ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ was a unique treasure that Xiao Yan had found while searching for the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ back then. It was really unexpected that the final treatment that Yao Lao had spoke of actually required it.

Xiao Yan gently held the somewhat soft lotus seed between his fingers. It was difficult for Xiao Yan to imagine that this small thing, that was not eye catching, would actually require a hundred years in order to agglomerate and form. What kind of huge amount of energy would actually be hidden within it?

Shaking his head in amazement, Xiao Yan swiftly formed the training seal with his hands. He closed his eyes and a moment later, gradually entered into the training mode. His mind also slowly descended into his body.

The moment he entered the training mode, Xiao Yan flicked his finger. The ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ at the tip of his finger was accurately shot into his wide opened mouth.

Once the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ entered his body, the pale face of Xiao Yan suddenly become as red as a volcano. From the tip of his head, a white fog began curling upward, giving him a frightening appearance.

At this moment, Xiao Yan had no time to bother about whether his outer appearance was appropriate. The moment the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ had entered his mouth, it swiftly turned into a hot energy. After which, it moved along his throat and with an arrogant manner, violently knocked downward.

The hot energy that was transformed from the ‘Fire Lotus Seed swiftly flowed into Xiao Yan’s Qi Paths. Immediately, the Qi Paths that Xiao Yan had toiled for over half a month to nurse back to health shrunk violently like a small snake which had been stepped on by someone. An intense pain caused treads of cold air to seep out between the gaps of Xiao Yan’s tensely clenched teeth.

Xiao Yan kept his teeth glued to one another. His body which was seated cross-legged on the Green Lotus Seat repeatedly trembled. All the pores in his body abruptly shrunk under this intense pain.

As Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and endured, that initial intense pain from his Qi Paths persisted for a moment before it gradually weakened.

At this time, Xiao Yan, whose forehead was filled with cold sweat, finally sighed in relief. He continued to stabilize his mind as he observed the situation in his body.

The hot energy that was transformed from the ‘Fire Lotus Seed was overbearing to a somewhat terrifying extent. Anywhere that it passed through, the surface film layer on the Qi Paths seemed to have been incinerated by the hot temperature. It should be known that this film was the fruit of Xiao Yan’s hard work, which was created from the careful consumption of over a hundred of the medicinal liquids made during a period of half a month.

The film was incinerated, however, the action of the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ that followed caused the bitterness on Xiao Yan’s face to disappear.

Everywhere that the hot energy passed through, droplets of emerald like, tiny liquid that were smaller than the size of a thumb were actually left behind. The liquid drops adhered to the walls of the Qi Path and squirmed like a living creature. After which, they began to melt into the Qi Path walls at a pace that was visible to the naked eye. Following the merging of the emerald liquid filled with large energies, the naked Qi Path walls that had been burnt by the high temperature until they were completely red, began to swiftly dissolve into a layer of pale green colored unknown liquid. These liquids covered the walls of the Qi Paths and an instant later, it was actually solidified into a green colored cuticle after being grilled by the energy of the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’.

These cuticles firmly covered the walls of Xiao Yan’s Qi Paths. The defensive strength of it was many times stronger than the film layer of Xiao Yan’s from before.

Following the appearance of the green colored cuticle, the feeling of intense pain that Xiao Yan’s Qi Paths emitted finally completely disappeared. Clearly, after the strengthening of the ‘Fire Lotus Seed, the degree of toughness in Xiao Yan’s Qi Paths had even exceeded what it was before he was injured!

After completely covering most of the important Qi Paths with a layer of green colored cuticles, the hot energy released by the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ had also been somewhat reduced. It looked like the emerald colored liquid, which had a simple appearance, was actually the essence of the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’.

Once the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ had covered the Qi Paths with a defensive layer, it remained like a wild bull whose eyes were covered as it went on a rampage. Although Xiao Yan’s mind had tried to direct it to move, he remained helpless. This energy was far too large. His hopes to drag it and control it undoubtedly appeared somewhat difficult.

The hot energy circulated tirelessly within Xiao Yan’s Qi Paths. As the circulation increased in intensity, threads of pale green gas were slowly released. Some slightly moist gas strangely passed through the obstruction of the cuticle layer and successfully entered the weakest Qi Paths within. After which, it slowly repaired the injuries that the Qi Paths had received.

As these gas bodies grew increasingly numerous, some moist gas bodies even passed through the Qi Paths and randomly floated within Xiao Yan’s body without any destination.

Seemingly having sensed the bodies of gases floating around was a great tonic, the interior of Xiao Yan’s body, his muscles, cells, bones, etc… all the organs that had been injured seemed to have been suddenly resurrected. They wiggled slightly and greedily swallowed the moist gas.

At this moment, the exterior and interior of Xiao Yan’s body was like a bottomless pit as it greedily absorbed the green colored fog that was unceasing in its effort to be released from within the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’.

Following this insane swallowing, Xiao Yan could clearly sense that his body was continuously moving toward his peak condition from before at a somewhat frightening speed. According to this speed, recovering to this point of being in the condition he was in before he was injured appeared to be only a matter of time.

Within the Qi Paths, the hot energy circulated an unknown number of times before Xiao Yan tried to control the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ energy with his mind. After over a hundred attempts ending in failure, he finally successfully dragged the energy from the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ into the ‘Flame Mantra’ route.

The energy circulated along the route for the ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Mehod, Each time this huge hot energy completed a cycle, some portion that was filled with green colored fog would be poured into that somewhat shriveled vortex.

The huge amount of energy tirelessly followed the Qi Method route and circulated. With the pouring of energy one after another, droplets of green colored energy liquid in the vortex finally began to form again. After which, it began dripping into the vortex. In the blink of an eye, the shriveled vortex’s interior had once again become plentiful.

The training did not have a provision or a restriction of the time taken. While Xiao Yan’s mind was circling in his inner body, he did not know how long had passed in the outside world. He only knew that his body which had suffered a terrible injury was already completely healed by the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’.

Although the repairs had been completed, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to feel somewhat stunned was the hot energy that was still repeatedly circulating within his Qi Paths.

A large amount of its energy may have been consumed, but the remaining energy that the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ still caused Xiao Yan to be somewhat stunned. According to his guesses, the repairing of his nearly dilapidated body had likely only used one third of its energy. Simply terrifying.

Within his Qi paths, that hot energy appeared to be inexhaustible as it repeatedly released portions of green energy and allowed the cells and muscles to greedily absorb it.

Despite Xiao Yan’s body gradually returning to its peak level from before, his muscles, bones, and cells, still did not stop. Instead, in Xiao Yan’s stunned senses, it continued to greedily swallow without shame. Clearly, it was like an unreasonable troublemaker which seemed intent on not ceasing until it had absorbed all of the energy.

Xiao Yan could neither laugh nor cry as he sensed the feeling of his body becoming increasingly filled with energy. He could only sigh quietly in his heart that it was really a blessing in disguise. If he had not received such a serious injury some time before, with Xiao Yan’s condition, it was definitely difficult for him to break through the peak level from before in such a short time. The serious injury this time around had instead given him this opportunity to break through his previous peak condition.

The vortex was also becoming increasingly filled with liquid energy. The pure energy that was emitted from the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ did not have any misgivings as it was all stuffed inside it at once.

No matter what, everything had its limit. A human body was no different. Therefore, when this unbridled absorption persisted for a period of time, Xiao Yan finally began to feel some panic as he realized that his muscles and other organs in his body had ceased absorbing. The vortex was also faintly emitting a swelling pain and no longer turned the gaseous energy into liquid energy. Clearly, his body has currently reached a saturated condition.

Although his absorption had already reached its limit, the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ continued to proceed as it pleased and emitted large amounts of energy without caring if Xiao Yan was able to completely endure it.

Sensing the change in his body, Xiao Yan’s expression also became slightly ugly. He wanted to forcefully stop the hot energy from circulating but it was like a mayfly trying to shake a huge tree. It was totally futile.

A panic gradually surfaced in his heart. Xiao Yan immediately clenched his teeth and slowly suppressed it. He knew that the current him did not have the guidance from Yao Lao. Therefore, during such a time, he must not panic. Once he panicked, it would be completely over.

Xiao Yan opened his eyes. His palms were being tightly held together. A moment later, he clapped his hand suddenly and said softly, “Since I cannot continue to absorb, then I need to convey these remaining energy out.”

“Converting it out? Who do I send it to? This energy was not something that not just anyone could endure.” Xiao Yan panic eyes swept one round around the interior of the room. Immediately, he stopped abruptly at the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ on the bed that was staring at him with its purple colored snake eyes.

“Little Fellow, it will be you…”

Seeing the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’, a joy swiftly flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. His heart sighed in relief. With its strength, it should be able to consume the remaining energy.

As he thought in this manner within his heart, Xiao Yan’s palms gently pressed on the Lotus platform. His body volleyed and rolled down from the lotus platform. After which, he hurriedly rushed to the bed and grab the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which was at a loss in his hand. After which, he used all of his mental energy to drag the huge energy of the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’ toward the Qi Paths on his hand.

Following the pouring of the energy from the ‘Fire Lotus Seed’, Xiao Yan’s arm was swiftly covered by a green glow. His middle finger was lifted vertically and a portion of the lush fire type energy rendered his finger into something like a green jade.

Being suddenly grabbed by Xiao Yan, the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ was initially at a loss. When it saw the energy within the former’s finger which was strong to the point of being somewhat terrifying, it suddenly struggled intensely. Clearly, it had become a little uneasy being in such close proximity with this kind of strong energy.

“Be obedient. Don’t struggle. I will not harm you.” Xiao Yan smiled gently at the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. He then forcefully opened its mouth and extended his finger into it.

At the moment that Xiao Yan had reached his finger into the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ mouth, it suddenly ceased struggling. An intense glow suddenly surged out from its body. After which, the stunned Xiao Yan instinctively narrowed his eyes.

The glow flashed and disappeared. However, the instant after the glow appeared, Xiao Yan’s face suddenly changed drastically. This was because he could clearly sense that the body of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ that he grabbed in his hands was suddenly becoming bigger. At the same time, it appeared to become softer.

The empty feeling of his right hand was embracing had already disappeared. Replacing it was a softness that was filled with flexibility…

After his palm touched the soft thing that was like a lady’s delicate body, Xiao Yan appeared to have remembered something. Immediately, his expression became extremely ugly. His neck was somewhat stiff as he slowly lowered his head. He saw a pair of bright pretty eyes filled with anger and watching him somewhat icily.

Eyeing that perfect pretty face that was rated at a bewitching level, all the hairs on Xiao Yan’s body stood up as though he had been struck by lightning. His throat rolled slightly as he swallowed his saliva. His voice was hoarse and dry.

“Queen… Queen Medusa?”