Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 262 – Merging the ‘Heavenly Flames’, Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!

Chapter 262: Merging the ‘Heavenly Flames’, Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!

When this nearly crazy thought appeared, it caused Xiao Yan to shudder involuntarily. However, no matter how he suppressed it, this thought continued to climb and surround his heart. No matter what happened, he could not disperse it, like a demon pestering him…

Under this futile attempt at expelling it, Xiao Yan unconsciously and gradually became obsessed by this thought. He muttered in his heart, “If it were possible for this to be successful, its terrifying destructive force would likely not be weaker than the ‘Flame Splitting Tsunami’, would it?”

During the time that Xiao Yan was struggling, Hai Bo Dong eyed him quietly. He assumed that the latter had given up. At that moment, he quietly sighed in relief. No matter what happened, this ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ was definitely a formidable opponent. Hai Bo Dong may have indeed held something back, but he and Qing Lin were not close. Therefore, he need not take such a risk because of a little girl. Xiao Yan being able to take the initiative to give up coincided with his desire.

On the opposite side, the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ slightly swung its huge tail. Each time the huge tail swung, it would create quite a strong wild wind in the sky. It could be imagined just what kind of terrifying force was contained within that huge tail.

“Hee hee, why? Are you finally giving up?” The triangle shaped huge eyes glanced at the two people opposite who did not make any move. The laughter of the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ was like rolling thunder that billowed throughout the sky without resting.

“It is just as well that you give up. It saves me from wasting my strength.”

With a smile, the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ turned his head around and eyed the distant horizon. He softly muttered, “That Lu Man woman should have reached a safe place already. My task to block them should have ended.”

Turning around, the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ eyed Xiao Yan. His loud laughed held a ridicule, “You two, if you take it too hard in the future, you can come and find me. I will wait for you anytime. Today, I will not play with the both of you. Otherwise when that woman from the Misty Cloud Sect and that old demon were to come together, I would really have a problem leaving.”

After saying this, that ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’s’ huge tail swing slightly. His gaze stared intently at every action the two made as his body slowly moved backward. Clearly, the cautious him was unwilling to expose his back to two Dou Huangs. Although he might be able to block two Dou Huangs, he could not really defeat both Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong.

Under the black robe, Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the gradually retreating ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’. The thought that Xiao Yan was struggling with in his heart was suddenly set down. His hands slowly extended out of the black robe. The long white hands of his were like that of a lady’s and appeared to not possess any strength.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s action, Hai Bo Dong at the side was at a loss. Immediately his face was uncertain.

“Hee hee, why, are you still not willing to give up? You may possess one type of ‘Heavenly Flame’ but looking at your manner it appears that you are unable to unleash its true strength!” Similarly sensing Xiao Yan’s action, the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ immediately stopped his moving body. His triangle shaped eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan and was somewhat irritated as he laughed coldly.

Ignoring the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ mocking words, Xiao Yan’s hands were placed in front of him facing the sky. He was slightly quiet. A thick white flame rose on his left hand. Its hot temperature burnt the air until it became somewhat distorted and illusory.

As his left hand slightly tightened, the ghastly white colored flame quietly writhered, emitting a ferocious energy.

As his enormous triangular shape eyes stared at Xiao yan while carrying some ridicule. the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ was not the slightest bit anxious. Although he was a little fearful of ‘Heavenly Flame’, the black robed person, for some unknown reason, seemed to be unable to freely unleash the strength that belonged to it. Therefore, the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ was totally not very afraid.

The cynical feeling in the triangular shaped eyes existed for a moment. However, when a cluster of green colored flame suddenly rose on Xiao Yan’s right hand, its enormous eyes abruptly shrunk. An unknown and extremely horrified emotion appeared in the serpent’s eyes in a human like manner.

“This is also a ‘Heavenly Flame’? Dammit, dammit! How can this be possible? How can you possess two types of ‘Heavenly Flame’ in your body?” Sensing the terrifying temperature that the green colored flame emitted , the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ was momentarily stunned. Immediately, his huge body curled up as though someone had stepped on his tail. His sharp voice was corrupted as he gasped in the sky.

Standing by Xiao Yan’s side, Hai Bo Dong eyed the white and green colored flame writhing in Xiao Yan’s palms with a stunned face. Being in such close proximity, he was naturally able to sense the terrifying temperature contained within the two clusters of flames much more clearly. At that moment, his footsteps involuntarily moved a distance away before he felt reassured and stopped his body.

“It is really unbelievable. This guy actually possesses two types of ‘Heavenly Flame’!”

Hai Bo Dong inhaled a deep breath of cold air as he stared at Xiao Yan’s hands. His heart was in total chaos. In his rich experience, he had never heard of anyone who could possess two types of ‘Heavenly Flame’ at the same time. One should know that the nature of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was overbearing and they possessed a great destructive ability. Two ‘Heavenly Flames’ were basically like enemies and they were usually extremely incompatible. If two types of ‘Heavenly Flame’ were to exist in one person’s body, Hai Bo Dong could only think of one type of ending. That would be an ending where the two extremely unstable bombs collided with each other. The final result was to be completely destroyed in a brilliant explosion.

Hai Bo Dong was uncertain why Xiao Yan could possess two types of ‘Heavenly Flame’ at the same time. However, he could clearly sense that at the moment the two types of ‘Heavenly Flame’ appeared, the originally docile energy seeds in their bodies suddenly became much more irritable.

“What is this guy thinking of doing by summoning two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’?” Hai Bo Dong was at a lost as he thought in his heart. He eyed the slightly lifted black robe. The delicate and handsome face that was revealed there, appeared to be faintly holding a somewhat insane smile.

As he watched the smile on Xiao Yan’s face, Hai Bo Dong trembled coldly. An uneasy feeling involuntarily surfaced in his heart. As his pair of wings flapped slightly, icy cold Dou Qi formed a round shaped ice cover that wrapped around himself.

Opposite Xiao Yan, the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ continued to swear as he gasped rapidly. Clearly, he had received quite a blow from the reality that Xiao Yan could possess two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’.

Ignoring the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ that was leaping randomly like a loach, Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the two cluster of different colored ‘Heavenly Flame’. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. A moment later, he clenched his teeth. His hands carried the two kinds of the ‘Heavenly Flames’ and slowly drew them together towards the center.

“Damn! Lunatic, lunatic! This person is definitely crazy!”

Watching this action of Xiao Yan with shocked gazes, Hai Bo Dong and the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ appeared to strangely scold together. After they scolded, the two of them pulled back a large distance in harmony. After which, they eyed Xiao Yan from a distance.

“Bastard, if you were to die, who is going to refine the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ for me.” As Hai Bo Dong was pulling back, he scolded helplessly in his heart. In his opinion, even though Xiao Yan was able to simultaneously possess two different kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ in his body, it would be impossible that he could allow the two kinds of violent ‘Heavenly Flame’ to come into contact with each other and remain safe.

The cursing from the two of them did not cause Xiao Yan to have any hesitation. In his insane thought, he thought that since the ‘Flame Mantra’ could swallow many different ‘Heavenly Flame’, it should not be too difficult to merge these ‘Heavenly Flame’ together.

The strength of one ‘Heavenly Flame’ could cause a Dou Huang to fear. If two different kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ were to blend together, the energy that would be erupted when they came into contact would definitely be inflated by several fold!

This was a crazy experiment. Of course, despite possessing great danger, if Xiao Yan could really succeed, he would really possess a terrifying killing skill that even a Dou Huang would greatly fear.

“Dammit, if this thing were to really succeed, this could be considered a unique Dou Technique that I have created myself, right?” Xiao Yan muttered somewhat nervously in his heart. His hands were trembling as the green colored flame and the thick white flame slowly began to make contact.


The instant when the flame seedlings made contact, a muffled thunder like roar was erupted from within Xiao Yan’s palm. Immediately, his hands were horrifically hurt. Fresh blood flowed uncontrollably. Looking at his posture, if it was not for the Dou Qi protecting his hands, they would likely be blown apart on the spot.

Xiao Yan forcefully withstood the intense pain that was being transmitted from his hands. A white colored flame shrouded his left dark black eye while the other side was shrouded by a green colored flame. The green and white alternated with each other, appearing extremely strange and ghastly.

Clenching his teeth together, Xiao Yan ignored the terrifying energy released from the collision between the two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’ which had caused the air to begin to become distorted. His hands were entirely focused on moving together toward the center.

The distance between the two palms was but half a centimeter. However, this half a centimeter caused Xiao Yan to completely call upon every thread of energy within the cells of his body in order to maintain the slow progress.

The ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ stared intently at Xiao Yan who was like a mad person. Although he knew that under such a situation, it was somewhat inappropriate for him to remain, his jealousy that Xiao Yan was able to possess two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ at the same time, insisted on staying behind. He wanted to see for himself just how this arrogant fellow would play with himself until he would not be able to leave a corpse behind! In this Dou Qi Continent, he had never heard of anyone who could use the ‘Heavenly Flame’ in such a manner.

Fresh blood repeatedly flowed out from Xiao Yan’s palm. The green and white colored flame began to be gradually compressed. However, it was clear that at the same time they were being compressed, Xiao Yan was withstanding the backlash from the two ‘Heavenly Flames’. At one instant, Xiao Yan finally let out a muffled groan in his heart. A mouthful of blood was shot out and fell into the flame. It was instantly incinerated into nothingness.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and stubbornly eyed the two ‘Heavenly Flame’ that were wrapped around each other. He understood clearly in his heart that this action of him was undoubtedly extremely foolish. However, after musing for an instant, he still continued to go about in his own way and continued. His heart possessed an obsession that belonged to him.

Since he began having contact with Yao Lao, Xiao Yan would always rely on Yao Lao’s strength whenever he met an opponent he could not defeat and finally escape from death. From Xiao Yan’s point of view, he did not like this kind of feeling. Perhaps Yao Lao did not say anything with his mouth, but Xiao Yan vaguely knew that Yao Lao seemed to also be unwilling to see Xiao Yan relying on his strength to flee or fight whenever the latter met a strong opponent.

Xiao Yan was a persistent person. Sometimes, this persistence could also be considered an extreme stubbornness. Currently, Xiao Yan who appeared at a dead end had descended into this extreme stubbornness.

Under this condition, Xiao Yan really wanted to try whether he, with his own strength, could create something of a terrifying strength that even Yao Lao would be startled.

In Xiao Yan’s body, other than the ‘Flame Mantra’ and the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, there was nothing else which possessed such a qualification or potential.

Each time both the green and white colored flame made contact until a critical point, they would refuse to continue to merge regardless of how Xiao Yan compressed them. Instead, following Xiao Yan violent pushes that stemmed his unwillingness to accept the situation, the energy within the two clusters of flame would gradually become violent.

Another muffled explosion sounded. The part of Xiao Yan’s hand between his thumb and index finger jumped and split open. Lowering his head to eye that electric sphere like cluster of flame that repeatedly flickered green and white colored light, Xiao Yan’s eyes shrunk slightly. He knew that this was the omen just before the violent energy was about to explode.

“Xiao Yan, dammit, quickly dissipate them. If you continue like this, it will explode!” Sensing the violent natural energy around Xiao Yan, Hai Bo Dong hurriedly called out.

“Ha ha, a fellow who overestimates his own abilities!” Sensing the violent energy seeds, the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ laughed loudly in an extremely gloating manner.

Xiao Yan did not listen to Hai Bo Dong’s opinion. His eyes stared intently at the violent green white flame cluster. His attention was completely gathered within it. At one instant, the heaven and earth seemed to suddenly become quiet. Even the sound of the wind had disappeared.

At this instant, a loss suddenly swarmed into Xiao Yan’s eyes. However, his fingers had become become agile, seemingly able to bypass the leaves and pick a flower. His ten fingers swiftly moved around the flame cluster. Threads of Dou Qi that were circulated from the ‘Flame Mantra’ poured into it.

TL: Bypass the leaves and pick a flower – Chinese Idiom

Following the pouring in of the Dou Qi from the ‘Flame Mantra’, the violent cluster of flame actually became gradually quiet. The two colored flame wiggled slightly. Finally, it slowly merged into a green-white lotus seat the size of Xiao Yan’s palm in front of the shocked gazes of both Hai Bo Dong and the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’.

The instant when the lotus seat was formed, the whole of Xiao Yan’s body trembled. He lowered his head and stared at the green-white lotus seat in his hand. In a soft voice, he muttered, “Have I succeeded? Angry Buddha Lotus Flame?”

As his voice fell, Xiao Yan’s face swiftly became pale. The loss on his face suddenly disappeared. At the same time, he violently and instinctively threw the green-white lotus seat in his hand toward the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’, who was still in shock.

The green-white colored flame lotus seat quietly shot through the empty air. Along the way, it did not even pick up a wind as it floated. However, this floating manner caused all the scales on the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ to stand inverted.

The green-white two colored lotus seat swiftly shot toward the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’. However, when it was about to reach a twenty meter radius from the latter, the quiet lotus seat abruptly began to riot. The lotus seat slowed and shrank. Immediately afterwards, it swelled up and closely following this ——

——An uncontrollable, world-shaking explosion reverberated through the empty air.

A destructive like energy spread out from the spot where the cluster had been. At this moment, waves of ripples surfaced in the empty air. The ripples spread and passed through the towering peak of a mountain in the clouds not far away. The peak of the mountain suddenly burst apart and the part where it cracked off from the main mountain was as smooth as a mirror.

In an opposing direction around five hundred kilometers from Yan city, two flashing figures abruptly stopped in the sky. They suddenly raised their heads and eyed the place where their sight could not reach. An old face that was like tree bark and a graceful and noble looking beautiful face were covered with shock and disbelief.