Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 260 – Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor

Chapter 260: Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor

High in the blue sky, three majestic and imposing beings flew past. Under this terrifying and imposing manner, a commotion was immediately stirred within Yan City below. Numerous people who were of the Dou Shi class or higher lifted their heads with dull faces and eyed the human figures flying past in the sky like falling stars. Their feet could not help but tremble. The imposing manner from these three Dou Huangs was very rarely seen in the Jia Ma Empire. Very few people who had yet to reach a certain level had the qualification to feel the pressure from such force. Under the pressure of these three imposing force, an unrest swiftly began spreading within the city.

On top of the unrest, an even greater number of people who were quite strong shot up to the roofs with frenzy and excitement after they were stunned for a moment. After which, they were as excited as fleas, shuttling on the roofs of the city as they followed the three majestic and imposing presences from far behind.

Many people felt great respect in their hearts towards extremely strong people of such class. A fight between people of such high level undoubtedly possessed a great attraction toward people of the Dou Shi or Da Dou Shi class.

Within the spacious city, a few hundred black shadows chose to move quickly. That momentum was somewhat frightening and spectacular.

In the sky above, Xiao Yan’s face was dark as he was locked onto the green colored human figure in front of him. The pair of wings on his back flapped quickly and a wild wind blew from his front, cutting like blades onto his body and causing him to feel a little pain.

Not far behind Xiao Yan, Hai Bo Dong was following closely. Currently, an icy cold white colored Dou Qi was shrouding his body. On his shriveled hand, white shining sharp icicles covered the tips of his fingers. As it curled slightly, waves of thick cold force was emitted. He lifted his head and frowned as he eyed the green clothed lady whose flying speed was very quick. After musing for a moment, his palms suddenly began forming seals. The ice cold Dou Qi in his body swiftly flowed, surged out of his body and began to control the ice type energy that were in the air a hundred meters away in the distance.

When one reached the Dou Huang class, one could already use the Dou Qi in one’s body to resonate with natural energy during battle. After that, one could control these energies and unleash an incomparably terrifying force. This was also the reason why only Dou Huang possessed a destructive force that horrified people.

The training of a Dou Zhe started off with training the body first. After the body was trained until it reached the pinnacle, the Dou Qi in one’s body would be able to resonate with the natural energy of the same affinity and finally achieve the aim of controlling it.

All Dou Zhe, nearly without exception, felt both respect and yearning in their hearts toward this realm. Before entering this realm, one person may be able to block ten, block a hundred, block a thousand, but the strength of a person would always reach a point when it was exhausted. Only by reaching the realm of controlling the natural energy could the idea of one person taking on ten thousand not be an illusion like the moon in the water of the flower in the mirror.

According to legend, when one’s strength reached the Dou Zhong or Dou Sheng class, one could cause the sky to collapse, the land to crack, the mountains to topple and the sea to flip by just raising one’s hand. This did not appear to be just an illusion. When one reached that realm, one could summon the lightning and raise magma with a single thought.

Ending as it began, tens of thousands of soldiers would all turn to ashes!

Of course, nothing was ever absolute. There were also some strong people who gave up the opportunity to resonate with the natural energy. They chose to repeatedly strengthen their own flesh. Once they had trained their physical flesh until it transformed, their punches and kicks could break the land and shatter space. Their destruction strength would not be smaller than controlling the natural energy. Instead, it could be even greater. However, just by strengthening one’s flesh, the extent of difficulty of the training would be even greater than that of the former. Moreover, the intense pain that training one’s flesh created made it really difficult for people whose mind was not firm to persist on.

“Mysterious Crystal Thorn Wall!”

The low cry sounded in midair. Quickly following it, the space tens of meters in front of the green clothed lady began to become somewhat distorted. Immediately, a white colored fog swiftly appeared and in a lightning like manner, agglomerated in the air into a thick ice layer that was around seventy to eighty feet wide. Moreover, icicles that were a few meters long were densely packed on the surface of the thick ice layer. One could imagine that if one were to smash into it, one would likely not feel good about one’s fate.

The sudden appearance of the huge ice layer in the sky also caused the numerous people who had continued to follow below to voice waves of shocked gasps. Their faces immediately became even more frantic. This was the respect and the yearning every Dou Zhe had toward strength.

“Hmph!” Eyeing the ice layer that had suddenly appeared, the green clothed lady was somewhat angry as she snorted. Clearly, the two people closely chasing behind her caused her to be a little impatient.

“Break for me!”

With her left hand hugging the unconscious Qing Lin, the green clothed lady suddenly used her right hand to violently push at the empty space in front of her. An emerald glow soared suddenly to the skyline. Green colored vines strangely surfaced all over the place. After the vines appeared, they began to twist and twine around each other. In just ten plus seconds, countless vines actually twined into a green colored fist that was around forty to fifty feet in size.

The enormous fist was covered by an energy glow. After which, it carried a howling sound as it abruptly smashed at the thick ice layer. Any place that it passed, the sharp icicles broke with a bang.

“Bang!” High in the sky, an explosion sounded. The huge ice layer was smashed by the emerald colored huge fist until an enormous hole appeared.

Hearing the explosion that sounded high in the air and the falling cold fragments of ice, the people’s heart below trembled a couple of times. Each of them vaguely estimated in their hearts. Immediately, they were shocked to realize that the energy contained within the huge fist could likely directly break the city’s gate of Yan City with just a punch!

“What terrifying strength…”

The group of people below as well as Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong high in the sky groaned in surprise in the hearts as they eyed the shattered ice layer.

The body of the green clothed lady shot out from the empty hole in a lightning like manner. At the same time, her hand abruptly waved backwards. Instantly, an enormous green colored energy fist shot out from the hole and violently smashed toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly as he personally experienced that intense pressuring force. His right fist abruptly pushed forward. Nothing happened for a short while as he aimed at the fist smashing towards him before an enormous thick white flame pillar shot out.

The thick white flame pillar heavily collided with the energy fist. When the huge energy fist closed to be within ten meters to Xiao Yan, a thick white ice layer swiftly spread and wrapped the fist within it.

Xiao Yan’s flying body shot passed. His feet gently pressed against the huge fist that had turned into ice and a hidden force was transferred over. Immediately, the huge energy fist burst with a bang.

While the cold ice shot in all directions, Xiao Yan’s body charged out of the ice layer hole in a lightning like manner. Immediately, he came to an abrupt stop as he quietly eyed the green clothed lady who had suddenly stopped flying.

After Xiao Yan came to a stop, Hai Bo Dong behind him also caught up. He came to a stop beside Xiao Yan’s shoulders and watched the woman in front. The cold air was being swallowed and spit out between his palms.

Staring at the green clothed lady, Hai Bo Dong tilted his head and eyed Xiao Yan. He asked in a soft voice, “Why has she stopped fleeing?”

“I don’t know?”

Xiao Yan shook his head. His gaze had never shifted from the green clothed lady. After he was silent for a moment, he opened his mouth and said, “Your strength is indeed very great. With just any one of the two of us, it may be difficult to hold you back. Unfortunately, however, there are two of us…”

“Hand Qing Lin over. We also don’t wish to come into conflict with you.” Xiao Yan said deeply.

“That won’t do. In order to find the ‘Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils’, I have searched for decades. Now that I have luckily met one, forget about the two of you being Dou Huang, even if there were a couple more, I would definitely not let go.” The green clothed lady shook her head. Her tone did not suggest that there was any room for discussion.

“Get her!”

As he eyed the green clothed lady gloomily, Xiao Yan’s patience was also gradually worn out. At that moment, he did not procrastinate. With a low cry, the two of them prepared to once again launched ferocious attacks.

“Were it not for me being worried that staying here for any longer would attract the strong people of the Jia Ma Empire, with just the two of you, you might not be able to beat me even if we face each other head on.” The green clothed lady was somewhat haughty as she laughed.

“Unfortunately, we are indeed in the Jia Ma Empire.” Xiao Yan coldly smiled as he retorted. In his palm, the thick white flame was writhing with increasing ferocity. His body leaned forward and was already preparing the force to attack.

“That’s right, now we are in the Jia Ma Empire… therefore, I also won’t be conceited and fight with the two of you alone.” The green clothed lady shook her head regretfully and placed her delicate finger into the green yarn and her mouth. Immediately a somewhat sharp whistle which carried a strange sound wave spread out in the sky.


Not long after the whistle sounded, a roar suddenly replied from a distant forest. Immediately, an enormous huge beast that was nearly a hundred feet long suddenly soared into the sky and flew over to their area of the skyline. Its enormous dark shadow covered a large portion of the ground.

The huge beast’s body was extremely long. At one glance, it seemed to be similar to a snake-shaped Magic Beast. The flying speed of this Magic Beast was so fast that it shocked people. As its enormous tail twisted and swung, the beast appeared to be teleporting. In just a few movements, it was quite close to the green clothed lady.

As the huge beast moved nearer, its entire appearance was finally absorbed into Xiao Yan’s and the others’ eyes. Immediately, they involuntarily and gently inhaled a breath of cold air.

The huge beast should perhaps be called a huge serpent to be more accurate. Its body was extremely huge and completely dark black. Amidst the dark black, there were numerous bright lines with a strange appearances. On the two sides of the huge serpent’s body there were actually eight black wings that carried traces of purple. On its head there was a dark black spiral patterned horn as a faint purple glow flashed on the tip of the horn. Clearly, it concealed a lethal poison. Faint bright colored lines on its head vaguely formed a crown shape. Within the triangular shaped eyes, it did not have a beast-like character. Instead, it was filled with the shrewdness and cunningness, like a humans.

“Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor?” Eyeing the enormous black serpent appearance, Hai Bo Dong’s face changed as he cried out involuntarily.

Hearing Hai Bo Dong’s somewhat shocked cry, Xiao Yan’s heart trembled slightly. Information rose from within his heart.

“‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’, a type of extremely gifted unique beast. It is the evolution of the rank three Magic Beast, ‘Two-Winged Black Serpent’. Starting from the third rank, each time it rose a rank, it would have an additional pair of wings. When it achieved eight wings, it would be the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ whose fierce name is renowned throughout the Dou Qi Continent!”

“Dammit. A rank six Magic Beast? I didn’t expect that this woman would actually have a companion.” Xiao Yan heart suddenly sank as he eyed the enormous black serpent with a gloomy face. He did not think that this Dou Huang class ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ was the steed of the green clothed lady. Once it reached a certain class, the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ already possessed an intellect that was not below that of a human. Its emperor like haughtiness naturally would not allow it to yield to a human who was merely the same class as it.

In the distant sky, the green clothed lady and the enormous ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ gradually came closer together. Immediately, two frightening forces shot to the skyline, causing the lazy clouds to be shattered into pieces at this moment.

“This time, it’s going to be troublesome…”

Sensing these two frightening forces, the expressions of Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong suddenly became extremely downcast.