Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 259 – The Fight Between Three Dou Huangs!

Chapter 259: The Fight Between Three Dou Huangs!

On the top of the enormous pillars, there were three human figures standing. Their majestic and imposing manner exerted so much pressure that everyone had trouble breathing.

In the large hall, Nalan Yanran and Ge Ye eyed the three human figures on the pillar with shocked faces. Looking at the imposing manner of the three people, it was clear that all of them were of the Dou Huang class. These extremely strong people of such a class were something that Nalan Yanran rarely usually saw despite her status. Currently, however, three of them had suddenly appeared in the hall of the Mo clan. The shock that they brought directly shattered even Nalan Yanran’s mental strength, which was quite strong.

“I must report this matter to Teacher as soon as possible!” This thought flashed in Nalan Yanran’s heart. She exchanged a glance with Ge Ye. Both of them saw a seriousness that had never existed before in each other’s eyes. Three Dou Huangs were sufficient to turn the Jia Ma Empire upside down.

Standing on top of a pillar, Xiao Yan watched the green clothed lady intently. Although her face was covered by green yarn, which covered her appearance, her exquisite and lovely body under the green clothes gave everyone an understanding in their hearts that the lady’s appearance would not be too terrible.

At this moment, this mysterious green clothed lady gently flicked her hand on the repeatedly struggling Qing Lin whom she was hugging to her chest. Immediately, the struggling Qing Lin fainted.

“Hehe, Little Fellow, you can relax. I cannot bear to hurt you.”

The green clothed lady smiled softly as she gently rubbed Qing Lin’s small face. Her left hand gently hugged the latter to her chest before lifting her head up and watching Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong who had surrounded her from both sides. She smiled and said, “Had I known that two Dou Huangs would be attracted, I would have taken action much earlier. The transplanting technique of the Mo clan isn’t as mystical as I had thought, I even secretly learned a little. It really is a losing deal.”

Hearing the green clothed lady’s words, the expressions on Mo Ran and the others below changed drastically. The secret technique that the Mo clan was so proud of had actually been secretly learned by this mysterious woman without anyone knowing.

This was like the thief stealing a chicken and eating it. However, the thief later blamed the owner for rearing chicken that did not taste good. This bandit logic of the green clothed lady really caused many Mo clan’s members to be so furious that they rolled their eyes. However, regardless of how they rolled their eyes, they did not dare step forward and reason with the other party. After all, a strong person whom even a Dou Huang had to treat seriously was someone that their Mo clan did not have the ability or qualification to reason with. Therefore, their faces could only darken and swallow this bitter fruit without making any noise.

“Who are you? Why are you trying to abduct Qing Lin?” Xiao Yan stared at the green clothed woman and the eyes under his cloak winced.

“Is this Little Fellow named Qing Lin? Haha, it’s quite a good name.” The green clothed lady laughed. Her delicate fingers carefully pulled apart Qing Lin’s eyelids and stared intently at the faint three little black dots around the pupil. She then nodded her head with satisfaction and softly muttered, “It really is the ‘Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils’. Looks like Bai Ya’s senses did not go wrong.”

TL: Bai Ya also means White Teeth

The green clothed lady’s act of pulling open Qing Lin’s eyelid caused the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth to tremble a few times. Now, he had also understood that this mysterious lady had also come targetting Qing Lin’s ‘Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils’.”

After the green clothed lady revealed herself, Yao Lao continued to remain quiet. It appeared that he was worried that if he continued to communicate with Xiao Yan, his existence would be discovered. Xiao Yan clearly understood this. Therefore, he did not inquire about the other person’s identity in his heart.

“When your Qi erupted earlier, why did I sense a familiar feeling? Don’t tell me that we have come into contact in the past?” The green clothed lady suddenly lifted her head and stared at Xiao Yan. Her eyebrows were slightly vertical as she asked in a doubtful manner.

“Is that so?” A noncommittal careless reply was given.

Xiao Yan’s cold voice said, “Regardless of who you are, please return Qing Lin to me. Otherwise, my friend and I will have to snatch her by force.”

“Haha, this little girl is far too important to me. It is impossible for me to hand her to you.” The green clothed lady laughed and shook her head. Her gaze floated passed Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong as she softly laughed, “Although the two of you are also Dou Huang, it is somewhat impossible for you to stop me.”

“Do it!”

Hearing the previous words of the green clothed lady, Xiao Yan did not hesitate by even the slightest bit. A low cry sounded and the turbulent thick white flame suddenly surged from within his body. Immediately, the temperature of the hall was suddenly rose.

Xiao Yan’s toe suddenly stomped on the top of the pillar. Instantly, numerous crack lines began swiftly spreading from his toes. Finally, it actually spread all the way to the ground. The huge pillar had become unstable in an instant.

Borrowing the launching force, Xiao Yan’s body shot toward the green clothed lady like a bullet leaving its shell.

The moment Xiao Yan’s soft cry fell, Hai Bo Dong also acted in a lightning like manner. His palm swiftly formed hand seals to transfer energy. Immediately, the cold air in front of him agglomerated. Ten plus sharp icicles that were as thick as a person’s thigh formed in the empty space. On the tip position of the ice pricks, there was a spiraling glyph, causing it to appear to have an even greater killing strength.

Hai Bo Dong waved his hand gently. Ten plus huge icicles shot out in different directions. It was spread all over the area and completely covered all the space that the green colored lady could dodge to.

As his body rushed into midair, Xiao Yan’s fist that contained the thick white flame was accompanied by a sonic boom and heat as he violently smashed it at the green clothed lady.

With Xiao Yan at the front and Hai Bo Dong at the back, the green clothed lady, who was attacked from both directions, mused for a moment. She then stamped her foot on the ground. Following a rattling sound, a huge wooden wall suddenly shot out from the wooden pillar under her feet. At the same time, the green clothed lady’s right hand expanded outward. Five emerald colored thorny energy whips shot out from her fingertips. As the long whips danced, it shielded her entire body within it. Those icicle that were swiftly piercing over were knocked aside.

Xiao Yan shattered the wooden wall with a punch. His knee bent slightly and his body turned into the shape of a bow. An instant later, he was suddenly lifted higher. In a lightning like manner, he was above the head of the green clothed lady who intended to break through the roof and escape. Xiao Yan’s body rolled in the air. His foot used the force from rotating violently and accompanied by a howling breaking wind sound, heavily smashed onto the shoulders of the green clothed lady


Xiao Yan hit the target on the first blow. However, the expression of his face under the black robe did not have the slightest joy. This was because he sensed that the thing that he struck was not a human body. Instead it was like a section of soft rotten wood. Moreover, the rotten wood actually reflected some of the the force erupted from him, causing Xiao Yan’s body to become a little unstable.

“The people in the Jia Ma Empire really don’t seem to like to be reasonable. Such tendency toward violence. No wonder the strong people on the continent all say that you people are rough.” The green clothed lady was somewhat dissatisfied at being struck by Xiao Yan as she spoke. Her right fist was curled up and a majestic green colored energy targeted Xiao Yan’s chest and shot forward.

Both of Xiao Yan’s hands crossed in front of his chest as the thick white flame rose, withstanding most of the energy pillar. Although the other party’s attack did not cause Xiao Yan any injury, the force contained in the energy pillar still managed to push Xiao Yan away.

“This is within the boundaries of the Jia Ma Empire, so I don’t wish to fight with the both of you. Although it is impossible for me to kill the both of you in this short amount of time, you aren’t good enough if you want to block me.” The green clothed lady laughed in a spoiled manner as she eyed Xiao Yan who was pushed aside. She lifted her head slightly and a force that was even stronger than Hai Bo Dong’s suddenly swarmed out of her body. Immediately, the thick ceiling of the hall burst open. Wood fragments and tiles were scattered, revealing the blue sky outside.

“Haha, goodbye. The two of you can be rest assured that I will not hurt this little girl. I will also not be using anything similar to the disgusting transplantation technique of the Mo clan.” The green clothed lady laughed. Emerald colored Dou Qi wings swiftly formed behind her and after which, she shot toward the sky.

“Mysterious Ice Shield! Form!”

Eyeing that green clothed lady who wanted to flee from the hall, Hai Bo Dong cried out softly. Immediately, the energy around the ceiling swiftly fluctuated. The cold air began agglomerating in a lightning like manner that frightened people. Finally, it actually agglomerated into an ice shield that was at least tens of meters wide. In front of the shocked gazes below, it precisely covered the ceiling.

“Ke, what a powerful ice Dou Qi. However, with just your two star Dou Huang strength, it is insufficient to stop me.” The green clothed lady laughed faintly when faced with the ice shield that was vast to the extent of being somewhat frightening. Her right hand formed hand seals in a lightning like manner. As she displayed the seals, the space around her swiftly fluctuated and in the blink of an eye, over a hundred green colored sharp wooden pillars appeared in the air. After which, they carried an incomparably ferocious force and crashed violently onto the ice shield.

“Ka cha…” Under unceasing waves of green colored wooden pillars colliding with it, crack lines gradually spread on the tough ice shield. Finally, it burst apart with a bang.

“Goodbye!” The moment when the ice shield was broken, the green clothed lady tilted her head to face Xiao Yan who was charging over and laughed in a pampered manner. She flapped her pair of wings and rushed out.

With a dark face, Xiao Yan stared at the woman who was swiftly rising into the sky. His pair of large Purple Cloud Wings were extended. He turned around, faced Hai Bo Dong who had rushed up onto a pillar and softly cried, “Chase!”

Once he said that, Xiao Yan took the lead in flapping his wings. Like a huge bird, he shot to the skyline and chased after the green colored human figure.

“Uh.” Standing on the top of a wooden pillar, Hai Bo Dong eyed Xiao Yan who had quickly given chase and could not resist shaking his head helplessly. He hesitated briefly in his heart. Although the green clothed lady was a little haggard when handling their pincer attack just now, Hai Bo Dong clearly understood that the strength of the lady was stronger than either of the two of them!

If it was in the past, given Hai Bo Dong’s character, he would definitely not help Xiao Yan go against a mysterious strong person with extremely great strength. However today, Xiao Yan had took out a ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ and completely placed him, who was once the Ice Emperor, completely by the former’s side and had become Xiao Yan’s private fighter.

Therefore, if Hai Bo Dong wanted to quickly recover his peak strength, Hai Bo Dong had no choice but to closely follow Xiao Yan. Therefore, after hesitating slightly in his heart, Hai Bo Dong could only smile bitterly and summon out his pair of ice wings before following.

As Hai Bo Dong shot to the air, the majestic force that had spread throughout the hall finally began to gradually disappear.

In the hall, everyone had numb faces as they eyed the solid hall that was destroyed until it was a complete mess. Their faces twitched involuntarily. Was this the damaging force from a battle between Dou Huangs? Was this… not far too terrifying?

Everyone in the messy hall exchanged glances. A fervent heat gradually rose in their hearts. After today, the matter of these three mysterious Dou Huangs fighting would likely be spread throughout the entire Jia Ma Empire in an instant.

As for them, they were the first group who personally witnessed the fight between the Dou Huangs! No matter what happened, they would have the capital to boast to others in the future.

Nalan Yanran lifted her pretty face. Her expression was repeatedly changing as she eyed the blue sky. A long while later, she waved her sleeves gently, turned around and walked out of the hall.

“Let’s go, Uncle Ge. There is no longer a need for us to remain here. We should immediately go and report this to Teacher and get her to investigate the identities of these three mysterious strong people.”

Eyeing Nalan Yanran’s tall back, Ge Ye hesitated for a moment. He lifted his head to look at the broken ceiling. The fleeting glance under the black robe from before once again flashed in his mind.

“It definitely, definitely cannot be the brat from the Xiao clan!”

Ge Ye clenched his teeth violently as he inhaled a deep breath. He tightly suppressed the somewhat ridiculous thought that was in the deep region of his heart. After which, he turned around and walked out of the hall.