Chapter 256: Vicious Means

In the quiet hall, everyone were staring blankly at Mo Cheng whose neck was easily grabbed by the black robed person. Everyone involuntarily swallowed their saliva at that moment. Just ten minutes ago, the latter was planning the outline of a great plan to dominate the north-eastern region of the Jia Ma Empire. However, ten minutes later, even his life was easily kneaded in someone else’s palm. The way everything had changed so quickly caused everyone in the hall to have an extreme disbelief of the turn of events.

However, regardless of how unrealistic the feeling was, the truth that appeared in their eyes told everyone in quite a brutal manner that this Mo clan First Elder, Executioner Mo, who had quite a strong reputation in the north-eastern region, was a toy in someone else’s hand this time around.

Hearing the thick chilling words emitted from under the black robe, everyone in the hall suddenly felt an inexplicable delight in their hearts. Regardless of what happened, if the Mo clan was to really lose Mo Cheng, this central pillar, then these small scale strengths would be able to take the opportunity to extricate themselves from the Mo clan’s control in the future. Although the Mo clan had quite a number of allies in the hall, but there was still not one person who came out to provide assistance.

“Sir, please have mercy!” Just as the black robed person was preparing to knead the Mo Cheng in his hand to death with his palm, a cry suddenly sounded in the hall.

Hearing this cry, everyone in the hall followed the sound and shifted their gazes, finally stopping on Ge Ye who had stood up. Immediately, their expression began changing irregularly.

Being the focus of everyone’s attention, a bitter smile surfaced on Ge Ye’s old face. Honestly speaking, after witnessing Mo Cheng’s utterly helpless fate, he naturally did not want to stick his head out. However, regardless of how one said it, the Misty Cloud Sect was the backing of the Mo clan. This was something that everyone knew. If this mysterious black robed person of unknown background only wanted to teach Mo Cheng a lesson, Ge Ye would not come out to stop him. However, looking at the situation now, the black robed person was clearly intending to kill. Having come to this point, Ge Ye could no longer simply sit down. After all, if he allowed Mo Cheng to be killed in front of him, he would unlikely to be escape being reprimanded when he returned to the Misty Cloud Sect in the future.

Ge Ye’s cry did indeed cause the black robed person’s action to pause. The black robed person turned its head around and glanced indifferently at Ge Ye seated on the high platform. A pale thick white flame repeatedly leaped on his left hand.

After staring at Ge Ye for a long while, the black robed person turned his head around again. Under the black robe a pair of thick cold eyes were fixed on the pale faced Mo Cheng as he said coldly, “Hand Qing Lin over!”

“S…Sir, I really don’t know what you are saying.” Mo Cheng lips trembled as he said. His face felt a little painful as it was pierced by the icy cold gaze.

Underneath the black robe, the human figure clearly sighed and shook his head. His hand was abruptly lifted vertically with the thick white flame shrouding it. After which, he suddenly cut down and went through the base of Mo Cheng’s right arm.

After the palm passed through, a severed arm fell!

The palm of the black robed person was like a sharp blade. It did not face even the slightest resistance as it cut through the base of Mo Cheng’s arm. Instantly, his arm was detached and fell from Mo Cheng’s shoulder. Finally, it fell onto the bright red carpet in a manner that pierced the eye.

There was no fresh blood flowing out of the arm that had been cut off. It only had traces of being completely charred black. Clearly, the instant when the black robed person’s palm cut passed, the high temperature contained on it had already completely cauterized those blood vessels.

The sudden pain from the missing arm caused Mo Chen’s face to suddenly twist in agony, appearing extremely savage and terrifying. A sharp shrill that carried a pain that was difficult to hide resounded loudly and clearly from his mouth, causing a cold to surface in the hearts of everyone in the hall.

“How vicious!” The gazes of everyone shivered as they swept over the detached arm on the ground. They swallowed their saliva and their expressions were somewhat pale-white. In just the blink of an eye, this strong person, Mo Cheng, whose name shook the eastern region of the Jia Ma Empire had actually become a cripple. This kind of fall caused people to somewhat feel that they were in a dream.

With his palm holding the region where his arm was broken, Mo Cheng’s body repeatedly shivered. A madness and perniciousness flashed through his lowered eyes and he softly roared, “People from the Mo clan, kill this bastard!”

Hearing Mo Cheng’s soft roar, the surrounding members of the Mo clan glanced at each other. They might have been terrified in their hearts, but under the remaining power of the past Mo Cheng, they could only clenched their teeth together and charge at Xiao Yan with fierce faces and angry roars.

The black robed person ignored the Mo clan’s members pouncing over and simply continued to eye Mo Cheng indifferently. The Mo Clan’s members charged into a region five meters from the black robed person. However, when they lifted their legs again, a thick white colored ice layer strangely spread out from the bottom of their feet and wrapped their bodies into ice rods with a shining pale-white glow.

In less than a minute, the interior of the hall had an additional ten plus realistic ice sculptures that appeared out of nowhere. Immediately, the atmosphere in the hall had once again become much more quiet. An icy cool feeling shrouded the entire hall, causing everyone to be afraid to even exhale.

Eyeing the ten plus Mo clan members who were frozen into ice carvings without any warning, Nalan Yanran and Ge Ye on the high platform inhaled a breath of cool air. The black robed person’s strange attacking methods and his viciousness caused them to feel somewhat shocked.

After a wave of an attack had left behind nearly ten plus ice scuptures, all the members of the Mo clan hurriedly fell back. No matter how Mo Cheng continued to scream, they were so perturbed that they did not dare to enter Xiao Yan’s attacking region again.

“Do you want to hand her over? Or not?” Ignoring Mo Cheng’s crazy screaming, the voice of the black robed person was still that young and smooth one. That indifferent attitude was as though the massacre from before was not done by him.

“Who exactly are you?” Mo Cheng panted intensely and coarsely. He lifted his face that was covered with a sinister look and his gaze stared intently into the black robe while speaking with a hoarse voice.

“You are wearing out the little patience I have left!” Mo Cheng’s untamed character did not cause any admiration to form from the black robed person. His low voice seeped out an impatientness and coldness of a person whose patience was about to be completely worn out.

His palm was lifted slowly until it was vertical, forming into a hand shaped knife. It trembled slightly and the thick white flame was leaping and soaring on it.

“If you kill me, that little girl will definitely die with me immediately!” Eyeing the hand that was slowly lifted with tightly shrunk eyes, Mo Cheng’s face swiftly became distorted. A moment later, he finally could not bare it any longer as he cried out.

“Qing Lin is actually still alive!” Hearing Mo Cheng’s cry, the black robed person sighed gently in relief while he muttered softly in his heart.

“Someone from your Mo clan who can speak for the clan, step out. Hand over the little girl that you have captured. Or else, today, I will wash the Mo clan in blood!” The black robed person turned his head around and said softly toward the group of people from the Mo clan.

Although the black robed person’s words were extremely calm, the Mo clan members who had witnessed the viciousness of his attacks did not dare doubt the truth of what he had said. Immediately, there was someone who leaped to the back and disappeared from the hall.

“It’s no use, there is no one in this Mo clan who dares disobey my orders!” Mo Cheng panted coarsely. He twisted his neck, wanting to escape the palm that was grabbing his neck tightly. However, his movement did not help the slightest bit.

“Say one more word and I will incinerate your tongue.” A long hand moved back and forth in front of Mo Cheng’s eyes. The thick white flame that was covering it caused a cold glow to be reflected in Mo Cheng’s eyes. It resulted in him swallowing the following words that had reached his mouth.

Not long after the member of the Mo clan disappeared, a large group of people with alarmed faces swarmed into the hall. When they saw the dire state Mo Cheng was in, their expressions became dull. Who among them could have guessed that the First Elder who usually had the posture of a strong person would actually turn into this manner.

“This sir, I am the Head of the Mo clan, Mo Lan. May I know in what way the First Elder has offended you?” A middle-aged man wearing fine clothings took two steps forward and said in a deep polite voice.

“In ten minutes, I want to see the little girl called Qing Lin that your Mo clan has captured. Otherwise, there is no longer a need for the Mo clan to exist.” Under the black robe, the icy cold voice as well as the terrifying force that had suddenly surged caused the faces of everyone in the hall to be filled with horror.

The black robed person stood on the same spot. Under the pressure from his majestic force, countless of tiny crack lines were spread out on ground under his feet while a ‘Ka Cha’ sounded.

“Dou Huang!” Eyeing the crack lines that had spread out, Nalan Yanran and Ge Ye who had experienced a force of such strength more than once cried out involuntarily as their expressions swiftly changed.

The two people’s voices were like angry thunder that violently struck on the top of the heads of everyone in the room. At the moment, even that pernicious faced Mo Cheng could not help but become dull. He did not expect that this mysterious black robed person would actually be a Dou Huang!

Shivering repeatedly under that terrifying force with a soil colored face, the corner of the mouth of the head of the Mo clan who was called Mo Lan twitched quickly for a few times. “Little girl? Don’t tell me it is the one whom the First Elder had brought back? God. Who exactly did this old fellow offend? He actually caused a Dou Huang to come here.”

“Sir, please wait. I will immediately go and release this person.” Under the pressure of a Dou Huang, Mo Lin acted in a straightforward manner. He understood clearly that he and the others did not possess even the slightest qualification to discuss conditions. Therefore, he immediately and hurriedly nodded his head.

“Mo Lan, stand still! Who allowed you to release her?” Mo Cheng suddenly raised his head and angrily cried.

“First Elder, why do you want to put our Mo clan in such a dangerous position because of a little girl?” Being stopped by Mo Cheng, Mo Lan’s frowned deeply as he said with some fury. From his manner, it appeared he was not aware of the manner regarding Qing Lin possessing the ‘Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils’.

“What do you know, that little girl is definitely…” Mo Cheng’s face was savage. However, before his cry had completely fell, the black robed person suddenly turned around. A foot that carried a terrifying force was accompanied by a sharp, explosive, sound as Xiao Yan violently kicked on Mo Cheng’s lower abdomen. Immediately, the words that reached Mo Cheng’s mouth were forcefully swallowed. With his left hand holding his lower abdomen, a mouthful of fresh blood was violently vomited. Mo Cheng’s legs kneeled on the ground and continued to rub on the ground while moving backward from momentum until he knocked heavily on a strong platform pillar. Only then was this terrifying force resolved.

The black robed person appeared to have reached the limit of his patience towards this Mo Cheng who was as noisy as a housefly. After violently giving him a kick, the tip of the black robed person’s feet gently pressed on the ground. His figure was once again like a ghost as it shot towards the pale-faced Mo Cheng. On his fist, the thick white flame swiftly agglomerated. Clearly, he intended to really deal the killing blow this time around.

“Sir, on the account of our Misty Cloud Sects thin face, please let Mo Cheng off!” Sensing the suddenly killing intent of the black robed person, Ge Ye’s expression changed drastically as he hurriedly called out.

The black robed person appeared to have not heard Ge Ye’s call.

Seeing that the black robed person did not show the slightest sign of stopping, the old face of Ge Ye became ugly. After musing for a moment, he clenched his teeth wildly. His body flashed passed and shot towards the black robed person.

“Get lost!”

Sensing Ge Ye shooting over, a cold cry was emitted from under the black robe. The robed person’s body suddenly rotated strangely in the air. After which, he turned into a shadow that was like a ghost as he rubbed against Ge Ye’s shoulders as he passed him.

The moment that the two came into contact, the palm of the black robed person was bluntly imprinted on the other party’s chest. Instantly, a pale-whiteness surfaced on Ge Ye’s face. His body was like a kite with its string cut as he shot backward.

As the two intertwined with each other, a gentle breeze lifted the cloth covering the black robed person’s face. Half of a delicate and handsome face was exposed and a vague image was coincidentally captured in Ge Ye’s eyes. Immediately, his body stilled. His face was filled with shock.