Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 249 – Nalan!

Chapter 249: Nalan!

After passing through the somewhat deep and dark tunnel under the city wall, a piercing sunlight suddenly shined down, causing Xiao Yan to squint.

A moment later, when his eyes adjusted to the sunlight, Xiao Yan’s eyes widened. Bustling and seething sounds also began to fill his ears.

Once he had widened his eyes, the enormous interior of the city suddenly appeared in his sight. Standing at the exit of the city wall, Xiao Yan lifted his head and eyed the packed and luxurious looking shops by the two sides of the streets, as well as the flow of people coming and going. He could not help but praise the size of the city. This city was worthy of being the largest city in the eastern region of the Jia Ma Empire. This kind of crowd numbers and the extent of luxury could be compared to the numbers of the Black Rock City that Xiao Yan had previously visited.

Standing on the street, Xiao Yan rubbed his ears, which had swollen painfully because of the sudden explosion of noise. A tiredness that was difficult to hide rose in his eyes. He rubbed his temples, turned his head around and said with a smile to Hai Bo Dong at his side, “We have continuously rushed toward here for nearly two days. Shall we first find a place to rest for a while and inquire about information on the Mo clan?”

“Ok, it’s just as well.” Hearing this, Hai Bo Dong nodded his head slightly. Although his ability to withstand tiredness far exceeded ordinary people after he had entered the realm of a Dou Huang, the two days of non-stop flying had largely exhausted his Dou Qi. He would naturally not disagree with being able to rest for a moment.

Seeing Hai Bo Dong nodding his head, Xiao Yan smiled and led the way into the streets. After which, they followed the flow of people and slowly walked forward.

Along the way, the complicated shops around Xiao Yan that caused people to be dazzled only caused Xiao Yan to feel a little surprised. After walking to the end of a street, Xiao Yan smacked his lips with a ‘tsk tsk’ sound. He laughed softly, “I have been observing. This street has a total of a hundred and three shops. Among which, seventy four of them had a ‘Mo’ word written on the plaque on top of the shop. People have been saying that the Mo clan is the lord of this Yan city. Looking at this, it is indeed true.”

“Now, this Mo clan is indeed becoming better the more they muddle along. Back then, when I came here, there were quite a number of strengths in this Yan city who could contend with the Mo clan.” Hai Bo Dong’s gaze took a look at his surroundings before nodding his head and saying.

“Does the Misty Cloud Sect really have such great capability? A clan that was not very strong in the past could actually burgeon in this manner by relying on them.” Xiao Yan fondled his chin and asked, frowning.

“The strength on the surface of the Misty Cloud Sect is not very frightening. However, its hidden strength is extremely terrifying. You need to know that during these many years, there have been an unknown number of strong people who have walked out from the Misty Cloud Sect. These strong people are scattered all over the Jia Ma Empire. Some of them even extended out of the empire. Most of the strength that they have created for themselves is tied in some way to the Misty Cloud Sect. You can even use the analogy of them being a branch strength of the Misty Cloud Sect… Just imagine for a moment what would happen if one day the Misty Cloud Sect gathered all these strong people, or the strengths that they have created; just how terrifying would this enormously entity be? When that time comes, I think that even with that old ancestor of the Jia Ma Empire royalty staying guard, the royalty might well have to stand to one side.” A seriousness that was seldom seen surfaced on Hai Bo Dong’s face as he said blandly.

“It really is quite terrifying.” Hearing this, Xiao Yan gently sighed and muttered.

“I don’t know what kind of feud you have with the Misty Cloud Sect, but seeing that you can be considered to be an acquaintance of mine, I should give you some advice. If you can’t avoid provoking them, then try your best to provoke them as little as possible. A hornet’s nest cannot be randomly touched.” Hai Bo Dong mused for a moment before returning to silence.

Xiao Yan twisted his head gently and his palm patted his sleeves lightly. A long while later, his footsteps gradually started forward again. After some time, he turned his head around, smiled and said, “Perhaps what you have said is reasonable but there are some things that I must do. Even if I finally end up stabbing through the hornet’s nest, I will not change!”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Hai Bo Dong could only helplessly shake his head. He did not know why this young man who had a limitless future would insist on stubbornly provoking the Misty Cloud Sect. Did he not know that this kind of action was a little foolish?

“Moreover, if they really intend to act like hornets in the future and desperately come to me to find trouble, then, I will let them know that I, Xiao Yan, am not some soft clay. If they dare to come, I dare to kill. I am still young, with a large amount of time to squander. With just the strength of a Dou Huang, I may not be able to knock down the Misty Cloud Sect. In this case, I will work hard toward Dou Zhong. If Dou Zhong is insufficient, then Dou Sheng…, even Dou Di!” The faint words that Xiao Yan who had suddenly turned around and said, caused Hai Bo Dong’s footsteps to pause slightly. His face was stunned as he eyed that delicate and handsome face which was tightly pursing up his lips and appearing extremely stubborn and vicious. A long while later, a thought that caused him to helplessly smile bitterly suddenly appeared in his heart, “Maybe, the Misty Cloud Sect has really provoked a hornet, one which is somewhat insane.”

“Oh, right. Who is the Jia Ma Empire’s old ancestor that Old Mister Hai spoke about?” Xiao Yan suddenly asked doubtfully.

“An old monster. You can go and get to know this Old Monster yourself when you have the opportunity to go to the capital in the future. That Old Thing is the protector of the Jia Ma Empire’s royalty. His strength is frighteningly strong. After having not seen him for so long, I wonder how much his strength has increased by?” Hai Bo Dong stroked his beard. The expression on his face was somewhat fearful. A long while later, he laughed, “Back then, he had also fought with Queen Medusa. However, he was better than me and actually managed to come to a draw with Queen Medusa. He also managed to withdraw without any serious injuries.”

Hearing this, shock swarmed over Xiao Yan’s face. Queen Medusa was a strong person standing at the peak of the Dou Huang. Being able to fight with her without losing, this Old Monster was likely at least a six star Dou Huang or greater.

Xiao Yan exclaimed and shook his head. His footsteps came to a slow stop and his gaze swept towards a luxurious inn at the side of the street named ‘Mo Suo Garden’. He faced Hai Bo Dong and asked, “Shall we temporary rest here?”

“Ok.” Hai Bo Dong nodded his head.

The two of them walked into this luxurious inn and swept their gaze over the interior. They were slightly surprised to realize that the hall of this inn actually had quite a number of people seated. After raising their ears and hearing the conversation of these people, Xiao Yan learned that these people were actually those who had rushed over from other places preparing to celebrate the birthday of the First Elder of the Mo clan.

Xiao Yan shook his head slightly and walked to the counter. When he said that he wanted two rooms, the female servant who was slightly beautiful sized them up and sweetly said, “Sir, may I inquire if you have the Mo clan’s invitation card?”

“Invitation card?” Xiao Yan was at a loss. He frowned and shook his head, “No. Must we actually have an invitation from the Mo clan in order to come to Yan City?”

“I’m sorry sir. For these few days, all of the inns in Yan city have been booked by the Mo clan. These inns will only receive the Mo clan’s guest.” The female servant’s smile was extremely courteous as she replied.

“Chi, it seems that the Mo clan is rather overbearing?’ Xiao Yan laughed softly. He then played with an ornament on the counter as he lazily said.

Hearing this, the female servant’s expression stiffened. This was the first time that she had heard someone who dared to say something bad about the Mo clan in Yan City. At the moment, she could neither smile nor not smile. Her face was extremely embarrassed.


Seeing the female servant’s embarrassed face, Xiao Yan felt bored. He turned around intending to leave. However, a black shadow suddenly swung over viciously and smashed on the huge counter with a ‘Pa’ sound.

“Where has this country bumpkin come from? How dare you reprove my Mo clan for being overbearing in Yan City?” Behind the black shadow, the female’s cold laughter quickly sounded from Xiao Yan’s left side.

Hearing this tone that obviously belonged to the unruly female from before, an impatientness flashed in Xiao Yan’s eyes. He turned around and eyed the group of people a short distance away.

This group of approaching people was clearly quite young. The leader was wearing a tight red dress. Her bountiful figure protruded where it ought to and sunk in where it ought to, appearing quite attractive. On her lower body, a skin tight skirt that gathered at her thighs exposed her naked long snow white legs to the air. In the hall, there were numerous men’s gazes who would occasionally sweep across this pair of beautiful legs. A yearning flashed across their eyes.

After sweeping his eyes over this red clothed lady holding a long whip, Xiao Yan recognized her. She was the one called the Second Young Lady of the Mo clan who had rode the bolting horse at the city entrance earlier.

Xiao Yan’s gaze indifferently glanced at this arrogant lady once before he completely lost interest. He shook his head, turned his body around and headed out.

“Brat! You are asking to die!” Seeing Xiao Yan’s disregarding manner, the red clothed lady who had always been held previously in everyone’s palm like a treasure immediately lifted her eyebrows vertically. With a ‘Chi’ sound from the long whip in her hand, it transformed into a black shadow and violently flung toward Xiao Yan.

When the long whip was about to reach Xiao Yan’s body, a green colored flame suddenly and strangely surfaced. Not only did the hot temperature incinerate the long whip into nothingness, but a faint green colored flame also suddenly shot toward the red clothed lady.

When the green colored flame appeared, the temperature in the hall suddenly rose.

There were a number of people who were well informed in the hall. When they saw the green colored flame, they involuntarily cried out in dismay, “Heavenly Flame?”

The wisp of tiny green colored flame was shot straight at the red clothed lady’s head under everyone’s dismayed voice. In the event that she was struck, even if she was lucky to escape with her life, her beautiful face would become scrap.

Shock surfaced in her beautiful eyes. The red clothed lady was startled as she eyed the green colored flame that was unceasingly becoming bigger in her eyes. She wanted to dodge but with her strength, how would she be able to avoid it? At that moment, she could only foolishly stand on the spot and allow that green colored flame to shoot over as it pleased.

Just as the green colored flame was about to hit that red clothed lady, a shadow abruptly flashed in from outside. It grabbed the lady and quickly shot aside, dodging the green colored flame.

The green colored flame attack missed. Having lost its target, it coincidentally knock against a green colored rock carving behind the spot where the red clothed lady was standing. Immediately, the tough rock carving turned into drops of liquid in an instant under everyone’s eyes.

“Hiss.” Seeing that the wisp of flame was actually terrifying to this extent, everyone in the hall inhaled a cold breath of air. Immediately they turned their shocked gazes toward the blacked clothed young man by the counter who had an indifferent expression.

“This Little Brother, please stop!” From a spot in the hall, a middle-aged man hurriedly walked out. Behind him was that pale white pretty face lady in the red dress. Clearly, the one who saved her earlier was this middle-aged man.

Watching the middle-aged man who was standing a distance away and not willing to take another step forward, Xiao Yan tilted his head slightly. His long hand was slowly extended from under the black robe. A wisp of green colored flame once again naughtily shuttled onto the tip of his finger.

“Little Brother, just now, Ling Lin was too impulsive. On the account of the Mo clan, can you please not lower yourself to her level.” The middle-aged man eyed the green colored flame on the tip of Xiao Yan’s finger with numb skin on his head as he cupped his fist together and courteously asked.

“Chi, Mo clan?” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth pulled slightly. He glanced at this middle-aged man whose strength was at the Dou Shi class and coldly laughed, “Discipline the people in your clan properly. Don’t think that the Mo clan need not worry about anything just because of the Misty Cloud Sect’s support. You never know if one day you end up offending someone whom you should not offend. Even the Misty Cloud Sect would not be able to protect you.”

The cold laughter of the young man reverberated in the hall. Everyone was shaken by these somewhat presumptuous words. Their gazes glanced at the terrifying green colored flame on Xiao Yan’s fingertip. After which, they glanced at the indifferent faced and totally silent Hai Bo Dong behind Xiao Yan. They were all extremely wise to remain quiet. Being able to possess such a terrifying green colored flame at such a young age, definitely no one would believe that there was no extremely strong person helping behind him. If there really is a strong person of such a level behind the young man’s back, then the words that he said earlier could not be considered as presumptuous words.

“Ke ke, Little Brother is correct. After I return today, I will definitely ask the clan leader to punish Ling Lin properly.” This middle-aged man was clearly not a fool. Therefore, he did not immediately become furious because of the words. Instead, he laughed along.

After glancing at the middle-aged man, Xiao Yan’s gaze shifted towards the pretty red dressed lady. Seeming to have sensed Xiao Yan’s gaze sweeping over her, this lady who was acting arrogantly a moment ago immediately hid her pale white face behind the back of the middle-aged man, afraid that the wisp of frightening green colored flame would once again launch a surprise attack. Her timid manner did not have the slightest arrogant or despotic feeling.

Xiao Yan’s palm slowly withdrew into the black robe. He was just about to turn around when that middle-aged man hurriedly took a step forward and courteously said, “Two sirs, during these few days, all the inns have been booked by the Mo clan. Therefore, even if the two of you were to walk through the entire Yan city, you would not be able to find a resting place. Ke ke, how about this. As an apology to the two of you, I will order this place to immediately prepare two of the most luxurious rooms, May I know if you are willing to accept our Mo clan’s apology?”

Xiao Yan’s footsteps paused. He turned his head around and eyed the middle-aged man who was extremely sleek in the way he did things. After exchanging glances with Hai Bo Dong, he did not have any courteous words. He turned around, walked toward the staircase and said faintly, “Lead the way!”

“Uh.” Eyeing Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong’s decisive manner, the middle aged man was at a loss. Immediately, he hurriedly recovered his senses. He pacified the lady in the red dress behind him and hurriedly caught up.

Eyeing Xiao Yan that slowly disappeared at the end of the staircase, the tense atmosphere in the hall gradually eased a little. Soft private whispers began to be heard. It appeared that they were all guessing the background of this mysterious old man and mysterious young man.

Some rosiness slowly surfaced on the pale white pretty face of the red dressed lady after Xiao Yan disappeared. The back of her hand rubbed the fog in her beautiful eyes. This was the first time she had received such a treatment after all these years.

Beside the young lady, the young men who had been stunned by the events hurriedly began to say comforting words.

The red dressed lady’s character may be spoiled, but she was at least a child of a prominent family. After some time, she managed to stabilize her emotion. The spoiled attitude of the current her had clearly weakened. Although her smile was still somewhat forceful, a beauty was always a beauty. No matter what happened, those surrounding males would flatter her greatly.

“Ling Lin, that guy from before is really too abominable. You can rest assured. Tomorrow, I will definitely find some people to help you take revenge.” The young men who were mere frozen statues before had at this moment hurriedly and enthusiastically displayed their courage and determination in front of this beauty.

“Ke ke, Ling Lin mei-mei, why are you crying so pitifully? Don’t tell me that there’s someone who dares to bully you in this Yan City?” As the young men were displaying their courage in front of the lady in the red dress, a clear laughter that was like an ethereal old bell suddenly transmitted from outside the door.

A soft laughter that was as ethereal as the deep mountains was transmitted into the hall, causing everyone’s hearts to quiver. Immediately, numerous gazes hurriedly turned toward the entrance.

Not long after the faint laughter of a lady sounded, an elegant moon white colored dress slowly appeared in front of everyone’s sight.

With gazes watched the lady elegantly walking into the main door, within the hall, all the men’s breathing was stagnant. Those eyes where curiosity originally surfaced were immediately filled with amazement.

The lady was wearing a broad sleeved, tight body moon white long robe. Her extremely huggable waist was tied with a silver colored belt which exactly and perfectly revealed her narrow waist.

The lady’s hands were extremely soft. Her skin was creamy and her small eyebrows revealed a faint otherworldly elegance as she smiled artfully. The smile was seemingly gentle but it had an indifference seeping out that held everyone far away.

A pair of green colored jade earrings hung on the lady’s delicate earlobes. The soft ‘clink’ sound as the jade earrings swayed was like moving music created by the performance of the mountain springs and reefs.

The white dressed lady who had suddenly appeared had a temperament and a beauty that was far from what the red dressed lady could compare with. When the two of them stood together, it caused people to feel somewhat humbled.

In the hall, numerous heated gazes moved on the lady’s perfect and exquisite pretty body. However, when their gazes abruptly shifted to the cloud shaped silver colored long sword drawn on the lady’s spacious sleeves, the heat in their eyes was suddenly drenched by a pot of cold water. As their gazes scattered away, they faintly held a reverence.

The red dressed lady’s pretty face was dumbfounded as she eyed the smiling noble-like woman who walked into the main door. After being shocked for a moment, she hurriedly leaped over and let loose happy laughter filled with love, “Sister Nalan, why have your come?”